I, Jennifer Ch. 02

I, Jennifer
Michele Nylons

Chapter Two: Fuck Puppet

They came for her early. The Captain of the Cybertronics Tactical Response Squad crouched down and hissed final orders to his team outside the door of Mason’s apartment.

All large corporations have their own Special Operations Units or SOU, which function as para-military police forces; and Cybertronics had the largest and most extensive. This was reflective of the power that mega-corporations like Cybertronics wielded.

Jennifer Model Four serial number J47347 was noted as missing during an early morning data security scan by the Cyber Security sub-department of the Cybertronics Special Operations Unit. J47347 was a ‘special order’ and should never have been forwarded to Distribution. She had bypassed QC as soon as she came out of Production and should have been diverted directly to the Special Products Division.

The fallout from the Jennifer being forwarded to the Distribution Section had already bought about the demise of Brent and Nathan, the men on duty when she arrived. They perished as a result of a staged vehicular accident. Mason Livingston would be next, as would be the skin job that had been released without final ‘special programming’.

There was some debate at first about trying to bring the Jennifer back to Cybertronics, erasing her recent memory, providing her with special programming and releasing her to the person who had originally ordered her through Cybertronics clandestine Special Products Division. Max Middleton, head of both the Special Products Division and the Special Operations Unit had vetoed the idea.

“If the existence of this one Binominal gets out; then the whole Special Project Division is compromised and along with it Cybertronics Incorporated. Terminate the bitch!” Max Middleton ordered.

The Captain held up his gloved hand and silently counted down from three to one using his fingers. A squad member passed an Omni with a pre-programmed universal access code across the sensor on the wall outside of Mason’s Livingstone’s apartment.

The door slid open and the team entered the apartment with military precision. Mason and Jennifer stared open mouthed at the heavily armed uniformed men.

The Captain had been briefed to try to take Mason and Jennifer into custody if possible and dispose of them somewhere quietly, but he had orders to execute them on the spot should they resist.

“Mason Livingstone you are to accompany me to Cybertronics Incorporated Headquarters to respond to allegations that you illegally obtained the Hominoid known as Jennifer J47347. Jennifer J47347 you are to also accompany me,” the Captain waved his ion phaser at them.

Mason and Jennifer were seated at the small table drinking coffee having just consumed a sparse breakfast. Mason was dressed in t-shirt and shorts and Jennifer was still wearing the oversized t-shirt, panties and bra that she had worn to bed.

The look of resolve on the Captain’s face gave away his intent and Mason knew that he and Jennifer would never make it to Cybertronics Inc alive.

Because of the altitude of the super-high-rise buildings in the twenty-third century, they were equipped with high-speed, low-impact, pneumatic escape tubes so that the occupants could escape instantly and safely in event of a fire, earthquake or other disaster. The door to the escape tube was subtly recessed into the wall behind where Jennifer was sitting.

“Sure. Just let us get dressed and we’ll come with you at once; I can explain everything,” Mason replied.

None of the four members of Response Squad trusted Mason and they kept him covered with their phasers as he stood and then helped Jennifer to her feet. He took the backpack from the sofa and shoved it into her hands.

As soon as they were standing he pushed Jennifer behind him and backed up to the wall with his hands raised.

“We’re not going to Cybertronics are we? At least not alive,” Mason asserted.

The flicker in the Captain’s eye as he glanced at the rest of his team gave away his intent.

The team all raised their phasers and pointed them at Mason. Mason stepped back, forcing Jennifer against the wall behind him.

“Don’t!” the Captain flicked the safety on his weapon.

“I love you Jennifer,” Mason said and spun around and pressed his wrist against the almost indiscernible sensor on the wall.

Jennifer shook her head, her face a picture of shock and despair as Mason pushed her into the chasm that had opened up in the wall.

Four phasers fired at once and Mason Livingston ceased to exist, he fell to the floor dead.

The opening snapped shut as soon as Jennifer fell into it; the mechanism designed to prevent smoke, fire or other noxious substances entering the escape tube. Jennifer plunged down the smooth circular tube, her t-shirt flew up into her face and she struggled to push it down then she felt a cushion of compressed air dampen her fall as she landed on the ground floor. The exterior door opened and she fell to the ground outside the apartment building.

Jennifer was stunned and she scrambled to her feet dazed and confused. A SOU Response Squad vehicle was parked at the curb and a uniformed member of the Squad witnessed Jennifer tumble from the escape tube. He had been stationed to prevent Mason and Jennifer from escaping in the event they somehow evaded the Response Squad in the apartment.

He smiled to himself and began unholstering his weapon as he strode over to Jennifer when a passerby sidled up to him and pressed a hand to his neck. The Squad member collapsed on the pavement. An attractive young woman wearing tight black leather pants and matching long tailed coat lifted Jennifer to her feet and steered her over to a vehicle idling at the curb. She pushed Jennifer into the back seat and climbed in beside her. The passerby, dressed similarly to the woman in black climbed into the driver’s seat and the vehicle sped away.

“We should have let the fuckers kill it! Save us the job,” the woman hissed from the back seat.

“Shut up Christina. You know why we need her. Keep an eye out for anyone following us,” the man replied over shoulder.

“This skin job is an even bigger abomination than most of them. Three races, three castes, two sexes; nothing else is tolerated. This thing is a freak,” Christina poked Jennifer in the side and then turned to look out the rear window.

Jennifer was still in shock. Dealing with the death of Mason Livingston, the first and only man she had come to care for was one thing, but the attack by the Response Squad, her escape, and then her rescue by these two leather-clad humans on top of all that was overwhelming.

“Who are you? Where am I going?” Jennifer asked, dazed and confused.

“We are from The Movement and where you’re going is not important right now. You need to shut up and do as you’re told. I’ll explain everything to you when we get to where we we’re going,” the driver replied.

“Christina, the Omni please,” he grunted.

Christina pulled an Omni out of a bag on the floor. The Omni was the type that you could attach to your wrist like a large wristwatch. She snatched Jennifer’s forearm and yanked it out straight.

“Keep still you fucking skin job!” she gripped Jennifer’s arm to keep her from struggling.

With her other hand, Christina attached the Omni to Jennifer’s wrist and pressed a small button. A blue LED lit up on the Omni.

“Done,” Christina let go of Jennifer’s wrist.

“That Omni will block any attempt by Cybertronics to track you but still allows you to access your cloud,” the driver explained.

“Why do you talk to them like that Mark? Like they’re human? Like they matter?” Christina spat at the driver whilst poking Jennifer in the ribs again.

“Because we are human. Because we have compassion,” Mark replied.

“You won’t have any compassion when it comes time to terminate it though will you?” Christina spat back.

Mark remained silent and Christina slumped back in her seat and sulked.

Across town in an Elite luxury apartment building William Faraday checked his Omni outside the door to the penthouse suite. He grunted and drew his phaser and his badge and then opened the door and strode inside the opulent abode.

“Cybertronics Special Operations officer,” he yelled holding his badge up high and his pistol out straight.

On the huge bed in the centre of the room a woman was kneeling. Naked except for black stockings and high heels, she was being serviced by a colossal Combat model Hominoid. The muscles on the back of the ‘battle bot’ rippled and sweat ran down his back as he ravaged her; holding her hips and slamming his enormous phallus in and out of the whimpering woman.

When the Hominoid heard Will yell he spun around, a look of intense anger and hatred on his face. He lunged at Will. The Combat model would have torn Will apart had he layed his hands on him but Will calmly shot the Hominoid through the forehead as soon as he lunged. The Hominoid fell on the bed, which nearly collapsed under his weight. His engorged prick, at least 12 inches long and of considerable girth, continued to palpitate and dribble pre-ejaculate.

“What did you do that for Will?” the attractive looking, recently fucked, woman pouted.

“Athena. How many times do I have to tell you that it is illegal to binominal a Hominoid? That fucking battle bot would have torn me to pieces,” Will replied, exasperated with the woman.

“And you should know better Clive!” he turned to look at Athena’s husband who was sitting in an overstuffed chair.

He had been watching his wife being ravaged by the Combat model Hominoid whilst being fellated by a Model One Jennifer who was similarly dressed in stockings and heels, kneeling on the floor at the man’s feet. The less sophisticated model Jennifer continued to suckle Clive’s penis, ignoring the kafuffle in the room.

“You going to blast her too?” Clive pointed at the fellatrix lapping at his manhood.

“No! She’s only doing what she’s been programmed to do by Cybernetics; unlike that freak there,” Will pointed at the deceased Combat Hominoid.

“If you want a ‘battle bot’ to fuck your wife into insanity while you watch then you should contact Cybernetics Special Products Division and they will design and ship you one. One that won’t attack humans,” Will holstered his phaser.

It was illegal for any company to manufacture Hominoids capable of harming human beings. Combat Hominoids were developed and manufactured mainly to fight against alien lifeforms in the off world colonies, although some fought each other in bouts of gladiatorial combat in Elite funded purpose-built arenas where huge amounts of credit were wagered.

It was also illegal for citizens to binominal a Hominoid; that is to effectively re-program a Hominoid and re-purpose it. The process involved in binominaling the subject usually caused irrecoverable damage to the Hominoids core processors designed to prevent them from harming humans or committing illegal activities.

Elites such as Clive and Athena Holbrook had the money and the resources to illegally binominal Hominoids and had been guilty of the crime before. Their Elite status and immense wealth kept them from being bought to justice.

“We’ve had off the shelf Combat jobs service Athena before but they’re just too gentle; their pre-programming won’t allow them ravage her like we both want,” Clive pushed the Jennifer off his penis and closed his robe.

Athena had lit a cigarette.

“And if we get Special Products to provide us with one it will pretty much be the same. Besides, it’s not the same as being violated by something that could kill you on a whim…that’s such a turn on,” Athena grinned maliciously.

“Last warning,” Will warned and frowned when his Omni vibrated, indicating an incoming call.

Cybertronics Special Products Division was a clandestine part of the company responsible for manufacturing ‘special orders’. These special Hominoids were made to order for persons, companies and organisations that could afford them. The covert Special Products Division bypassed the Quality Control and Distribution Sections and dispatched their products clandestinely to their customers.

The head of Special Products, Max Middleton, operated almost autonomously and personally approved each Hominoid or batch of Hominoids before they were manufactured.

There were rumours amongst the few who knew about Special Products’ existence that the three races, three castes, two sexes laws were often circumvented, as were other laws governing Hominoid manufacture and programming.

Unbeknownst to her, the transsexual Jennifer was a creation of the Special Products Division and built to order for an Elite with eclectic peccadillos when it came to sexual gratification. She should have received ‘special’ pre-programming so that she would serve only her master and keep her gender secret no matter the consequence. That she was out and about without this special programming endangered the very existence of Special Products and indeed Cybertronics Inc itself.

Will Faraday took the video call on his Omni and was bought up to date on the ‘Jennifer issue’.

Will worked as a Special Operative for the Special Products Division and he was their problem solver. Be it a rogue Hominoid or rogue human, Will would fix the problem. His favourite movie was the ancient classic, Blade Runner. He liked to think of himself as a modern day Rick Deckard, although he was certain he was no Hominoid himself.

“Last warning you two!” Will disconnected his consciousness from his Omni and glared at Athena and Clive Holbrook.

Athena had kicked the limp corpse of the battle bot off the bed.

“You sure you don’t wanna take his place?” she patted the bed beside her and gave Will a seductive pout.

Will shook his head, irritated, and exited the apartment, he tasked his Omni to find and direct him to Mason Livingstone’s apartment.

Jennifer was thrown into a windowless room that resembled a cell. She had been dragged though a nondescript, dilapidated building that looked like it had been abandoned for years. Concrete and plaster were cracked and crumbling and pools of steaming water added to the cloying atmosphere of the vastitude that had once been the first floor of the derelict building site.

Other members of The Movement, armed and indignant came out to meet their comrades and to look at their captive. They too were dressed in black leather and most of them looked young and zealous. They pawed and yelled abuse at Jennifer as she was dragged through the coterie of angry insurgents.

The usual prejudicial slurs were hurled at her: ‘screw job, fuck puppet, love doll, shag android, bonk bot’, Jennifer was well aware of the slights and insulting labels that disapproving humans used to describe Companion Hominoids.

“Mark, she’s exactly what we’ve been looking for right?” an older man, obviously a leader of some sort pushed his way through the crowd.

Mark and Christina halted and held Jennifer still; they held her between them, gripping her by one arm each to keep her on her feet. She was barefoot, still dressed only in her t-shirt and underwear, dragging the backpack Mason had pressed on her.

The man lifted her chin and scrutinised her.

“These Model Fours are so lifelike,” he ran his fingers down her neck and squeezed her breast.

“You sure she’s binominal? She doesn’t look any different to the other Jennifers we’ve captured and disposed of,” the man looked sceptical.

Christina lifted Jennifer’s t-shirt and roughly pulled down her panties to display her genitals. The small crowd roared. Some laughed but most were disgusted and angry.

“Abomination! Freak! Kill it!” they shouted.

Mark pulled Jennifer’s panties back into place and smoothed out her t-shirt to cover her groin. The older man turned and faced the crowd and held up his hands. The crowd fell silent.

“I understand your anger and disgust. All Hominoids are an abomination and should be destroyed but this one…this one is even more of an abomination. It is binominal. It has been manufactured not only against the laws of nature, but against the laws of the land. This miscreation is proof that Cybertronics is manufacturing illegal Hominoids,” the man preached.

“So we will keep this one alive for now, it is a tool for us to use. An exhibit, a piece of evidence, nothing more,” the man lowered his hands and the crowd began to disperse.

“Simon, we have to do more than just keep her alive. We need to make sure she’s kept in a suitable state so that we can use her to infiltrate Cybertronics, she has information embedded in her identity chip that even she isn’t aware of. We can’t rip it out of her because it’s connected to her central nervous system by mitochondrial synapses unique to her,” Mark explained.

Simon gave Christina a quizzical look.

“He’s right Simon. We need to prove that Cybertronics manufactured it and we need proof that they are producing other binominals illegally. It can get us into Cybertronics, but we will have to hook it up to our mainframe and manipulate some of the data on it’s chip first,” Christina explained.

“We usually just throw pleasure bots to the young men to use before we terminate them, but in this case we should keep her in good condition and try not to upset her primary companionship and affection programming too much,” Mark added.

Simon lifted Jennifer’s face again and scrutinised her.

“God she’s beautiful. Shame she’s deformed otherwise I’d keep her for myself; just for a little while,” Simon chuckled.

“We need to start working on her now Simon, no time for fun,” Mark gritted his teeth.

Simon turned away and followed the dispersing crowd into the gloom.

“Now you’ve got Simon using personal pronouns to describe this thing!” Christina shook Jennifer and gave Mark a scornful look.

“Let’s go,” Mark and Christina led Jennifer to her cell.

Jennifer looked around the room and was surprised to see that it was quite comfortable. There was a lounge suite, a coffee table, a large bed with what appeared to be clean linen on it and a small kitchenette and ensuite bathroom.

They had taken her Omni and her backpack before they locked her in and she soon became bored. She’d heard what Mark and Simon had said so she knew what lay ahead for her. She was trepidicious and scared but her programming did not let her think of harming anyone to facilitate her escape. Besides where could she go? Even if she escaped, Cybertronics would be on her in a heartbeat and she knew what they had planned for her.

The door opened and Mark entered the room and closed and locked the door behind him. He had her backpack and Omni. He held out the backpack.

“There’s nothing sinister in there; you can have it and make yourself look decent,” he held out the backpack and Jennifer took it.

She looked in the backpack. The clothes she worn to escape the Cybertronics building were bunched up and she tumbled them out onto the lounge. She unwrapped a fresh pair of sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and black hipster satin panties and matching brassiere. The pencil skirt and blouse were made of wrinkle-free materials and they recovered their shape when she smoothed them out. She put her high-heels on the floor and the makeup kit and jewellery on the table.

“What now?” Jennifer looked quizzically at Mark.

He waved a hand at the ensuite bathroom and she understood.

As a Companion Model she would normally be quite comfortable stripping naked in front of a man but because she had been binomially altered she felt ashamed of her body and she blushed and looked pleadingly at Mark.

Mark was vaguely aware of how pretty Jennifer was but now he had an opportunity to study her properly. She was quite filthy having been dragged through the grimy first floor of the building through mounds of soot and puddles of muddy water. Also her hair was dishevelled and her makeup was a mess from her constant weeping.

But mark could see that she was beautiful. Green eyes, jet-black shoulder-length hair, full red lips, her breasts were small but firm and her skin was blemish-free and milky-white; she had a slim waist, bountiful hips and buttocks, and her legs seemed to go forever.

He turned his gaze from her and offered her his back.

“Thank you,” she said, genuinely grateful for him respecting her modesty.

She shed her t-shirt and underwear and padded over to the little ensuite and turned on the water in the shower. The warm water felt luxurious and she stepped into the shower recess and began to lather herself.

“Can I ask you some questions?” she called out over the noise of the spray.

Mark turned around. He could make out her silhouette through the befogged glass of the shower cubicle.

“Why not? You don’t seem very scared,” he replied.

“Why should I be? From what I understand, you need to keep me alive and cared for until you accomplish your task. Then you will terminate me,” Jennifer soaped her breasts.

“I know that you have emotions and that you feel pain. Aren’t you terrified that we are going to kill you eventually?” Mark was surprised by her candour.

“The men at the Cybertronics Distribution Section sent me to Recycling to have me terminated and recycled, a SOU Response Squad was sent to terminate Mason and myself. The Movement wants to use me for a scheme of their own design, and then dispose of me. I don’t know why I’ve been made like I am but I know that just about everyone wants to terminate me because of it. I don’t think there is much I can do but to try to savour the sparse amount of time I have remaining,” Jennifer opened the door to the shower recess and exited in a cloud of steam.

She wrapped a towel around her body and stepped out of the ensuite and approached Mark who stood still, just staring at her.

Jennifer stopped inches short of Mark and stared him in the eyes. He breathed in the scent of soap and shampoo and gazed into her green eyes. She touched his shoulder.

“You talk to me like I’m a person not a machine. I know that your friend Christina would have liked to hurt me more than she did but she didn’t because you were there. You prevented Simon from taking me for himself,” she met his gaze.

“I think you care for me more than you let on,” she smiled.

“You’re nothing but a Hominoid robot, made of flesh and blood and programmed to look and act like a human. Even worse, you’re not even useful. You’re a pleasure bot! A fuck puppet!” Mark was trembling.

“Yes but I’m your fuck puppet now,” Jennifer whispered and pressed her lips softly against Mark’s.

Mark didn’t move so she gently bit his lip, she raised herself on her tippytoes and pressed her damp body against him, the towel fell away from her and Mark pulled her to him and kissed her.

Jennifer kissed him back.

“Gak! What am I doing?” he whispered through muffled lips.

Mark wrapped Jennifer in a warm embrace and kissed her; he held her close against him and his tongue began to explore her mouth. He snaked a hand between their bodies and found her firm breast and squeezed her erect nipple. Jennifer groaned into his mouth and squirmed in his embrace.

She felt him thicken through his tight leather pants and she lowered her hand and squeezed his girth. It was mark’s turn to moan.

Mark broke the kiss and lowered his head to her chest; Jennifer coddled his head as he began to nuzzle her breasts, taking them into his mouth one at a time, flicking his tongue across her nipples. She freed her hands and began to unbuckle Mark’s shirt but he became impatient and pulled it over his head then he began to shuck out of his tight leather pants and kick off his Engineer boots.

Jennifer giggled.

“Oh my, we are impatient.”

Mark was finally naked, his body muscled and smooth, his erect penis standing out proud from his groin.

Jennifer immediately became self-conscious about her own semi-erect member and she cupped her hands across her genitals.

Mark pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

“Look I don’t know how this works, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to work at all if you keep doing that,” he smiled down into her eyes and eased her hands away from her groin.

She smiled up at him sheepishly and kissed him again.

“I’ll show you how it works,” she blushed and pulled him with towards the lounge.

When she felt the cushions on the back of her legs she leant back and allowed Mark to fall on top of her. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed him harder, she could feel his erection poking at her belly and her own erection pressed against his warm, soft skin.

She snaked a hand in between their bodies and stroked his smooth-skinned phallus, driving her tongue into his mouth and pressing her breasts on his muscled chest. Mark found her breasts again and caressed them, tweaking the nipples and making her gasp into his mouth. She reciprocated and squeezed his manhood, working her fingers up and down the shaft and sliding them across his glans until he was moaning with desire.

She bucked and hunched underneath him so that she could guide his penis to her puckered anal bud. She’d lubricated herself with hair conditioner in the shower and when she pushed her torso up to meet Mark’s thrust he slid inside her easy.

Jennifer gasped with pleasure and Mark sighed with delight.

“Is this right? Are you ok?” Mark looked down into her beautiful face and she smiled up at him.

“Well it seems to be working,” she giggled and wriggled her bottom.

Mark grinned down at her and lowered his face, crushing her lips with his as he began to slowly thrust himself in and out of her tight passage. Jennifer locked her legs behind him and rose to meet his thrusts, she sighed with pleasure and kissed him passionately.

They climaxed together, he came deep inside her and she screamed with gratification at the sensualness of it. He bit her shoulder; the intensity of his orgasm, the most profound and stimulating he had ever experienced.

Jennifer sobbed with passion as she orgasmed beneath him; her hot spend scalding his smooth belly.

They kissed, nibbled and pawed at each other at the ascendancy of their passion.

After, they lay in each other’s arms. Jennifer tried to reach for the towel so she could put it between their lower bodies, still self-conscious about her sex.

Mark slapped it away and hugged and kissed her.

“I’m still your prisoner though right?” Jennifer smiled up at him.

“You bet you are,” Mark smiled down into her pretty face.

He kissed her playfully on the nose.

“I fucking knew it! I knew you had the hots for that fucking sex bot!” Christina hissed sarcastically.

Neither Jennifer nor Mark had heard her enter.

“Well you better wash off her stink and get dressed, Simon want’s to see you. There has been a development,” she looked at them both with disgust.

“Development?” Mark began to disentangle himself from Jennifer.

“They’ve sent a Special Operative from their Special Operations Unit to find your girlfriend. William Faraday,” Christina said dramatically.

“Gak!” Mark began to reach for his clothes.

“What’s a Special Operative?” Jennifer asked gathering the towel around her.

“He’s a fucking killing machine sugar-tits. A fucking heartless killing machine,” Christina couldn’t keep the vindictiveness out of her voice.

“Get dressed Jennifer. Get dressed now!” Mark ordered, pulling on his pants.

To be continued.

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