Night Fox Chapter 19 Final Chapter

Cora stretches as she gets out of bed. She could hear the rain as it hit the roof of her trailer. She looks outside and notices it was coming down pretty good. She fixes herself a nice cup of coffee and watches the morning news. Trevor McAdam arrest was in the news along with his girlfriend Liu Gaochao.

She hopes the US Marshals makes him have a few accidents for what he did to their own. She liked Marshal Leonard and his partner Deputy US Marshal Delaney Johnson. She got revenge for them, but she hopes the Marshal service makes McAdam pay for their deaths.

George was still in ICU. She had checked on him last night before she went to bed. According to his doctor, he was going to be in the hospital for a while recovering.

She went back to the site that George had taken her and summoned the spirits. They told her that he was fine where he was and that they were already watching over him. She had done a good job in bring justices for several people and now it was time for her to heal and rest before her next quest comes along.

She sits down at her desk with her coffee and finished up the file on the case she started. She Had taken all the information she had gotten from the portable drive and the tablets, phones and such and encrypted it on a thumb drive design for read-only. Once the all the information is finished and organized. She places it in a special design file cabinet. There was no way anyone could get in it.

Cora pulls a CD out and put it in her CD player and listen to some nice relaxing music. She closes her eyes and listens to the rain pitter-patter against her roof. The downtime will do her abused body some good. It will allow her to heal the bruises she still had.

Cora just listens to the music and the rain. She was grateful to the spirits for giving her a second chance in life, but there were times she wishes they didn’t especially when she got shot. She wonders what Katey was doing at this moment.

Katey’s Place:
Katey stares down at the empty wine bottle laying on the floor near her bed. She had drunk the whole bottle last night. She had just gotten home from packing up all Ralph’s stuff and helping his parents load it in the moving truck they had gotten.

She had gotten drunk last night because she blamed herself for the death of Ralph. McAdam had hired people to kill him in retaliation for losing his breeding stock. Ralph had nothing to do with her transporting them to different hospitals. As she gets up and stumbles towards the bathroom. She hears her cell phone ring.

Katey looks at the number as she sits down on the toilet and notices it was from Coconino County, Arizona. She has no idea who it could be.

“Hello?” Katey’s curiosity got the best of her.

“Hello, this is Sara Marshal with Aero Flight Industries. Is Katey DeNoon available?”

“This is Katey DeNoon, what can I do for you?”

“Ms. DeNoon, our R&D director, Bud Chartwright was wondering if your services are available, for a long-term contract?”

Katey couldn’t believe Aero Flight Industries was calling her. Normally, they didn’t use freelance pilots.

“Yes, I’m available. Can you tell me what this assignment will be?”

“No ma’am, only the R&D director is authorized to talk about it. What day and time are you available for an appointment?”

“I’m available Monday the 25th. Will 11:00 am be okay?”

Sara checks the time and day for Mr. Chartwright. She notices that the time slot was opened.

“That will be fine Ms. DeNoon. Mr. Chartwright will be expecting you on the 25th at 11:00 AM. Have a nice day ma’am.”

Katey hears the call go dead. She finishes her business on the toilet and sets the day and time for the interview on her calendar on her phone. She washes her hands and cleans her phone, before heading into the kitchen to make some fresh coffee for herself. As she is brewing the coffee, she wonders why they called her.

She’ll have to ask some of the pilots that hang around down at Archie’s. She notices it is raining outside, which meant no flying today unless it was a true emergency. As she is fixing her coffee, she hears her phone beep, letting her know a text message had appeared.

Katey looks at the message and who it is from.

“Hey, cousin. I wanted, you to know me and Charlotte are adopting two beautiful girls from here in England. I want them to meet you. So, I was wondering when I come back if you can come to the ranch?” Bart

“I’ll be damn. He is finally going to start a family.” She looks at the pictures he sent of the two girls.

“They are cute.” She knows Charlotte is going to be happy as a clam having two young girls around her. Charlotte has always wanted kids but
couldn’t conceive. Her and Bart had talked about maybe asking her sister to be a surrogate for them.

She met her new cousin Dakota, Bart’s little sister. Now she’ll have some new cousins. She couldn’t wait to meet them. Since it was raining outside, she heads out to her garage to clean up out there.

Several Weeks Later:
“You’ll be going home soon George.” Cora looks down at George as he laid in the hospital bed.

“Thanks for bringing Running Springs buffalo stew to me.”

“Any time. I know how much you hate hospital food.”

“Only the food they serve the patients. The food down in the cafeteria is pretty good.”

“Well, its good to hear you talking. Doctor Connors said that you still can’t be released. The guys who worked you over, did a number on your organs.”

“I know. Did you get them?”

“Do you really have to ask that question? You know the spirits wouldn’t let me rest till I did. I’m just sorry you got hurt and Katey’s friend was murdered.”

George could tell that Cora was feeling bad about what happened to him and Ralph. He holds her hand and looks into her eyes. He could see the fox spirit glancing back at him.

“There would have been nothing you could have done to stop it, Cora.”

Cora squeezes George’s hand gently. She wishes she could trade places with him. He has become like a father to her.

“Go home, Cora and get some rest.”

“Yes, sir.” She places a kiss on his cheek before leaving.

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