Crazy Girl 5 Final Chapter

Sam looks at his reflection in the mirror. She was finally free of doing Lady’s Justice job for those girls. She had killed the last one a few weeks ago and when she woke up the next day. She was no longer mad as a Hatter and her face had changed, so she couldn’t be recognized any longer by the police.

She was surprised that her face had changed, but also her whole body as well. She no longer looked like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, but a normal girl. Her whole body had undergone some sort of metamorphosis at night. She didn’t look like any of her relatives, but someone different. She had all the money, jewelry and motorcycles she had stolen still.

She could start a new life without being hunted. There was something else for her sitting on the dresser. It was her new identity for her new life. In the package was a note, that said thank you.

Sam looks at the identity cards, her name on them was Samantha Ann Griffin, 2900 West Buttermilk Road, Aspen, CO 81611. Sam wonders where this place was. She packs up everything and set the GPS with the address on the driver license.

She puts her helmet on and drives off. She follows the GPS to the address on her driver license. After several hours, she arrives at the address that was on her driver license. Her way was blocked by a set of gates. She checks her purse and finds a remote that opens the gates.
Once she was passed the gates she takes the long winding blacktop road to the top of a small hilltop and comes to a beautiful looking home.

It had a three-car garage and was two stories tall. She pulls another remote she found out for the garage door and pulls her motorcycle inside. There were a nice convertible Mustang and a Ford 4x4 pick-up truck. She parks her motorcycle near the Mustang and walks towards the door leading inside the place.

She hears a beeping sound and rushes to the security panel and taps in the code to disarm it. She has no idea, how she knew the code. For the next few hours, she takes her time exploring the place. By the time she finishes exploring, she realizes she never has to leave the place, except to buy groceries. The closet in the main bedroom had clothes that fit her.

Sam wonders why she was being given this place. Why did she deserve it?

“Because you completed the task I set before you.”

“Who said that?” Sam looks around for the origin of the voice.

A woman appears dressed in a white Toga and holding a sword in one hand. In her other hand was an old fashion scale. She had black long
black hair and fair skin. There were stars where her eyes should be.

Sam looks at the woman and couldn’t believe what he was looking at. She knew Lady Justice wore a blindfold because Justices was supposed to be blind, but this woman wasn’t wearing one.

“I am The Goddess Iustitia and you have done justice for yourself and for those girls. As a reward for the sacrifice you have made for those girls to get Justice. This house, the land it sits on are yours. Don’t worry about your birth certificate or your background. People will see what I want them to see.”

“Thank you.”

“No thank you, Samantha Ann Griffin.” As she fades away.

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