S-Idol - Part 8


S-Idol - Fourth Elimination  

Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. Another elimination. We started with 10 boys, tonight only 6 will remain. Now the boys have figured out that this is Sissy idol. So they will hear everything. 

This show ends with a vote. This is right. You will give one boy the opportunity to give a boy that was kicked out of Sissy Idol a second chance to enter Sissy Idol. The Voting is at the end. Lets start by deciding who will stay and who will go.  


Mother speaks: It was a sad show for Chrissy. I know accept that fact that he is gay, but he has to learn that not all boys are genuine. He was loved and then pushed aside while being made fun about.I think everyone that watched the show wanted to hit that boy. I feel more proud of Chrissy than I do with that boy that has treated my son like shit. 

Question to Chrissy: You have long hair, do you want to cut it? 
Chrissy: No. My hair is part of me and I like it. Many feel that it is girlish, but I still like it. I will not cut my hair to look normal, I want to be myself. 

12% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol



Aunt:The Last episode showed something that I didn't expect. Ashley said no twice. He said no to a costume that he did not want and then he stood up against that girl at the end. I was so proud of him. He defended himself. This is something that we have not seen before. I was so happy! I can now see that S-Idol is making him change his views  

Question to Ashley: Do you want to win S-idol 
Ashley: Yes. I know It means I would be the best Sissy and probably be teased in school and all that. But I have come to far, and I think that I can prove that I can do what ever I am asked and still think its fun 

15% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol


Sister: He decided that he wanted to be a sissy baby in the last episode. He even found a mother that would take care of him. I don't know, If it was me, I would have been so embarrassed. The last time he dared to try to be his age, now he feels more secure that he is a baby. I feel a bit sorry for him. 

Question to Aaron: Do nappies feel nice on you? 
Aaron: Yes. When I wear them I know that I can't get wet. I don't wet myself on purpose, and this doesn't make me a sissy. I really don't care if people thinks I am a baby. I would rather have dry clothes than wet clothes 



Father: It is obvious that thinks that he is a girl. This is a bit better than being a sissy i suppose. I was so mad when that man started spanking Nicolas at the end. First I thought what was Dauphins producers going to do about it. It is good that they sent the security guard in. I was so happy that Nicolas stood up for who he believes in. 

Question to Nicolas: My question for you Nicolas, is do you have a girl's name picked out for you? If you do, could you let us know what you want to be called?
Nicolas: Some of my friends call me Nicola. It is the girls name of Nicolas. Others call me princess because I like beautiful things. I think that I want to be called Nicola. I hope my Dad will help me see if there is something wrong with me. Sometimes I feel crazy. Its hard for some other people to believe but this is the way I am

12% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol



Aunt: Great, now he has a boy friend. I always knew that he was a gaybo. Below the nice boy facade, he is a sinner. I am happy that everyone can now see that him and his mother are not saints 

Question to Rose: You have now a boyfriend. Are you afraid what your aunt will say?

Rose: Last week, I said no to some adults when they wanted me to wear nappies. I can say no. I also heard that my Granny will take care of me when I leave S-Idol. This is great. Then i don't have to listen to my aunt on how bad I am. 

8% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol




Aunt: I was so proud of him after the last show. He has helped that girl that was being bullied. A few weeks ago he would have helped the boys bully her. No he was like a prince on a white horse and he was so nice. It shows that trying to be someone else opens your eyes.  

Question to Paris: It seems that you are no longer a bully, do you think that you will loose friends

Paris: I have learnt a lot. I have learnt that bullying hurts someone else. If I loose friends over this, then they are not worth it. I am sure I will find other friends.  


Father: he is no longer afraid to show who he is. He is a sissy and not only that he is a sissy slut. I mean why did he want to wear a thong, and now he has a boy friend. What is the next we will experience? 

Question to Taylor: Do you love Rose, Is he your new boy friend?
Taylor: This is so embarrassing. I love a boy. This means I am gay. Yes I really do fancy him. He is so cute. 


4% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol


S-Idol in the Media

Church Critisises S-Idol: Churches have criticised S-Idol for being immoral and urging children to sin. In a statement the Church said, "S-Idol is making boys being girls. This is not Gods will. They also let boys kiss each other and walk around in thongs. This is also unacceptable. When these boys are finished with S-Idol, they will see nothing wrong with being sissies.". Dauphin, S-idols producer said that some boys feel as if they are sissies, and it is when people like the Church looks down on them and calls them sinners, then these boys feel worthless and full of shame. 
Reece misses S-idol: Reece has told the Media that he misses S-Idol. " I understand why I was kicked out. People thought that I could not deal with the pressure and this is true. I do miss S-idol though" 



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27% has voted that he should go home 23% has voted that He should go home

Vote one Back

We are now giving a twist to S-Idol. When the last 5 is decided, we will be inviting one back that will have an extra chance to continue in S-Idol. Maybe you thought the wrong boy was voted out. Now is your chance to give him a second chance.

 Voting over





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