Angel Of Justice Chapter 23 Final Chapter

After Katlain had lunch with her friends and since Declan was out of town making a run. She decided to search the 2014 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. She wanted to make sure it wasn’t bugged or had a remote cutoff function. She finds that it was equipped with a GPS tracking device so the owner could locate their car. She disables it and installs her own GPS tracker.

“There, that’s done.” Katlain knew she should sell the car, but she didn’t want too.

Besides, the real owner wasn’t going to be able to use the car. He was going to be in jail for a while. Katlain changes into a pair of tight shorts and a camisole. She grabs her aviation sunglasses and the keys to the Roadster. She was going to take it out and enjoy it.

She opens the garage door and backs the Roadster out. Once she has cleared the garage door, she presses the remote and watches as the garage door closes. She drives off and goes on a nice drive and enjoys the Roadster.

After she was done enjoying the Roadster, she heads over to Donald’s house. When she goes up to the door and knock, it is answered by his wife.

“Katlain, it’s nice to see you. Come in dear.” She steps aside to let Katlain pass.

“Thank you.” Katlain walks in.

“Did your operation go alright?”

“Yes ma’am, I am officially a girl now.” Katlain looks at Courtney.

“Good, Donald isn’t home, and I wouldn’t mind helping you break it in.” Courtney leans in and gives Katlain a kiss.

“Before we start anything, Courtney. I want you to know my fiancée has said he doesn’t mind if we keep our relationship, as long as he can
take part.”

“I don’t see why not. Bring him by one night, so we can talk about it more.” Courtney slips her hand down the front of Katlain’s shorts.

“I will, let's take this upstairs to your room.” Katlain pulls her hand out of her shorts and kisses her fingertips.

They go upstairs to Courtney’s and Donald’s bedroom and begin some foreplay. Katlain finds out during their lovemaking, Courtney likes to be tied up and dominated. Since Katlain was no longer equipped as a guy. Courtney shows her where her collection of strapon’s and dildos are located.

For the next couple of hours, Courtney and Katlain have hot and heavy sex. Katlain leaves in the middle of the night. She looks down at a very worn and sleepy Courtney. She places a kiss on her cheek, before leaving. She was sore from their lovemaking, so she moves slowly to her car.

She drives back to her other garage and as she is pulling up to the garage door, she spots a box blocking her way. She gets out of the car and walks up to it. There was blood on the box and she could hear a crying sound coming from it. She kneels next to the box and opens it. She was surprised by what she spotted inside the box, resting on top of a bunch of blood soak newspaper. There was a newborn baby inside with its cord still attached to the placenta. It looked like the baby was just delivered. She spots some blood leading away from her garage door. She picks the box up off the concrete driveway and follows the blood trail. She finds a dead woman in the back alleyway near her garage. The woman looked to have been a drug addicted. Katlain had never seen her before. Katlain calls the police and rushes the newborn baby to the hospital.

Several Weeks Later:
Julie, Faith, Charlotte and a few other friends of Katlain gathered around the baby girl Katlain had found and adopted. They were throwing Katlain a baby shower.

“Oh, she looks so cute, Katlain.” Charlotte was smitten by the baby girl.

“That she does. She’s also a fighter.” Katlain looks down at the little girl.

When Katlain took her to the hospital, they discover she had the shakes and was going through withdraws. According to the doctor, she was underweight and premature. There wasn’t much they could do to ease the withdraw.

“Well, I’m glad she managed to live through the withdraw.” Julie lowers her hand into the crib and smile as the little girl grasp her finger.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind being her godmother, Julie. Because if anyone can understand what happened to her, you can.” Katlain looks at her friend.

Julie looks up at Katlain “I would be honored to be her godmother, Katlain.” Julie hugs Katlain.

Katlain returns the hug and holds Julie to her. She knew Julie has had a hard life and now she was doing better. Since she has gotten out of the hospital.

Katlain arranged for her to work up at the auto parts store. She releases Julie after a while and could see Julie had started crying.

“Hey, none of that.” Katlain takes a tissue out of a nearby tissue box and wipes the tears away.

“Sorry.” Julie wipes the tears away.

“So, are you breastfeeding your daughter or formula?” Faith was curious.

“I’m breastfeeding her. My doctor has had me on the drugs I need to produce my own milk and believe me, I need them. She’s a hungry little girl.” Katlain looks lovely down on Kathrine.

“How does Declan feel about being a father now?” Charlotte has met him and loved having sex with him.

“He is as proud as a peacock. This little girl is going to be spoiled rotten.” Katlain remembered his reaction when she told him what happened.
At first, he was concerned when she told him that she wanted to adopt the little girl. He backed her 100 percent. He even had his name added to a new birth certificate for Kathrine.

“I wonder what the guys are up too?” Julie looks at Katlain.

“They are currently up at George’s bar and Grill watching football and drinking beers.” Katlain knew because she knew several waitresses that work there.

Charlotte looks towards Katlain “what do you know about her mother?”

“Katherine’s birth mother has been arrested and jailed several times for prostitution, drug possession, and several other crimes. According to the medical report, she died from excess bleeding after she gave birth to Katherine. Even if she had gone to the hospital, she would have ended up dying on the table.”

“Do you know who Katherine’s biology father is?”

“Actually, we do. I asked Detective Harrison to run her DNA and it matched a drug dealer over off 36th street. He’s been arrested and put in jail for selling tainted drugs. I also had him terminate his rights to Katherine as well.”

“Good, she’s better off with you and Declan.” Charlotte turns back around and entertains Katherine.

By 10:00 o’clock everyone has gone home. Declan had come home from being out with the guys. When he came into the house, he found
Katlain sitting in the rocking chair that has been in her family for centuries. Her mother had rocked her in the same chair when she was a baby. She had Katherine, resting against her shoulder as she rocked slowly in the chair.

“You look like a proud mother, sitting there.” Declan comes over and sits down on the sofa near the rocker.

“I never thought I would.” Katlain looks over towards Declan.

“You know, you’ll have to be more careful, for now on. You have me and now a little girl to come home too.”

“I know and I will be more careful. I don’t want her to lose another mother.” Katlain gets up and heads towards her bedroom and lay Katherine down in her crib. She tucks her in.

Declan followed behind her. He liked to watch her walk and to see what she was doing. He stands by the door and watches as Katlain lays their new bundle of joy down in the crib.

“Are you going to expand the house or look for a new one?”

“I’m going to expand the house. I’m turning the spare bedroom into a nursery and I’m going to have two more bedrooms and an office added on. The office will be for your trucking business.”

Katlain walks over towards the bed with a little wiggle to her walk and moves the blankets aside. She glances back over her shoulder and smiles towards Declan.

“We need to be quiet if you want her to sleep.” Declan strips out of his clothes and lays down on the bed.
Katlain joins him and kisses him “I think I can be quiet.”

Declan gives Katlain what she wants and holds her sleeping form against his body afterwards.

Three Months Later:
“Here you go, guys.” Katlain comes walking out back with a tray loaded with ice teas and homemade subs for the construction crew.

“Thanks, Mrs. Zane.” The crew gathers at the picnic table they built for her in the backyard. Each guy grabs a sub and ice tea from the tray.

While the construction guys ate lunch. She inspects the new additions to her house. She knew the crew working on her house. They do work for her cousins. She checks her cell phone and peeks in on Katherine, to make sure she was alright. The image showed her that she was sound asleep in her crib.

Once she was done inspecting the additions and Katherine, she walks back over to the picnic table.

“Was everything okay guys?”

“Yes, ma’am. If you keep feeding us food like you have. We’ll keep having a food coma.” Jerry liked the lunches Katlain has been serving them.

“Well, tomorrow will be hot wings and tater logs.”

“Beer as well?”

“Yes, since tomorrow is Friday, beer, and whiskey as well.” Katlain liked spoiling the guys.

“After you guys finish eating, let’s get as much done as we can, so we can take a longer lunch tomorrow.”

The guys all cheer.

As Katlain heads back inside the house with the empty tray. Her cell phone rings. She checks the number on it and notices it was detective Harrison.

“Katlain, I have another assignment for you. Can you come in on Monday?”

“Sure can, Detective.”

“Alright see you on Monday.”

“Bye.” Detective Harrison ends the call.

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