Blood Moon Part 19

“Come on Kairi, you can do it. Just go with the change, don’t fight it.” Maria watches her adopted daughter as she goes through her first change.

Carolyn was standing nearby with Sanjay, watching her adopted daughter change. Sanjay had gotten used to the fact she was surrounded by Were-Wolves. Kairi was experiencing her first shift since Maria found her.

Kairi has never experienced anything like this before. She could feel her bones shift and her skin starts tearing as she starts sprouting grayish color fur. Her face elongates to form a muzzle as her ears shift and change. After a while, the pain stops as she lays on the ground panting from her experience.

“The first change is always the worse.” Maria kneels next to Kairi and gently pet her. She remembered what it was like when she first changed.

“She’s a wonderful color, Maria.” Carolyn walks around Kairi looking at her coloration. She had motley gray color fur covering most of her body and legs, but the tips of her ears and tail were black.

Sanjay was even walking around Kairi, running her fingers through her new sister’s fur. It was soft to the touch.

“Mom, Kairi’s fur is so soft.” Sanjay loved how it felt.

“That’s because it's her first change. The next time she shifts, her fur will still be soft, but not as soft as it is now. This is her baby fur.”

“Will I have fur like hers when I change?”

“Yes, just give it time.” Carolyn knew Sanjay wanted to shift like her and Maria, but Hoke had told her it will take time for her.

Carolyn changes forms after stripping and Maria does as well. Sanjay climbs on top of Carolyn, as Kairi stands up on wobbly legs. Maria helps
Kairi as they start walking out in the field in front of the manor house. Sanjay watches from on top of Carolyn as Maria helps Kairi learn about her wolf form.

Hokee watches her aunts and cousin as they walked around in the field. She wishes she could change forms as they could and like her brother could. She feels Sheamus rub against her. She reaches down and scratches her brother in his favorite spot.

“You don’t need to shift sis. You’re special like mom.” Sheamus looks up at his older sister.

“Thanks, little brother.” She hugs him.

Sheamus runs off to join his aunts and cousins. His pitch-black fur made him stick out like a sore thumb, however, when he stepped into a
shadow, you couldn’t spot him.

As Hokee stood there watching her brother, a little yellow piece of paper drifts down in front of her. She kneels and pick the piece of paper up and looks at it. She knew it was for her and it had the name of the guy that wanted to claim Kairi as his own.

Hokee turns around and runs towards the front door and up the flight of stairs to her mother’s and father’s office.

“Mommy, Daddy look what I got.” Hokee holds up the yellow sticky note for her parents to see.

Daigh looks over towards his daughter and knew one day she would get the same sticky note her mother gets. He glances towards Sparrow to see how she felt. He could already feel her emotions, through their link. She was proud and nervous about their daughter getting her first assignment.

“Well, it looks like Death has chosen Hokee to represent him. What is your assignment, sweetie?”

Hokee skips over to her mother and hands her the sticky note. She stands there watching her mother.

Sparrow accepts the sticky note and looks at it. Her jaw nearly drops when she sees that it is Braxton Braedon. Death was sending her daughter to take Braxton Brandon's soul. As she is holding Hokee’s assignment, a yellow sticky note, drifts down on to her desk. She looks up to see where it came from but notices nothing.

Sparrow picks the new one up to look at it. It had the name of Jared Brinkerhoff on it and it was at the same time as Braxton Brandon.

“Who is yours for, sweetie?”

“Jared Brinkerhoff and it is at the same time as Hokee’s is. Also, at the same address as well.”

“I’m coming with you. I know you don’t need protection, Hokee might need protection.” Daigh could feel his wolf agreeing with him.

“Fine, you can come along to protect Hokee.”

Hokee was about to say something when her mother looks at her.

“Your father is coming with us, young lady. He will stand by and let you do your job.”

“Yes, ma’am. Mom, can I wear a cloak like yours and have my sickle like yours as well?” Hokee wanted to dress like her mother.

“Well, only one person can grant that request. Are you ready to be a Grim Reaper?” Sparrow stands up and walks over towards her daughter.

“Yes, ma’am.” Hokee knew this was what she was meant for.

“Daigh, me and Hokee are going to take a trip. We’ll be back in a few hours.”

“Okay, be careful.” Daigh knew where Sparrow was taking their daughter.

“Give me your hand Hokee.” Sparrow holds her hand out for her daughter.

Hokee takes her mother’s hand. She feels her mother’s hand close around hers. They start walking into the nearest shadow. Hokee gets goosebumps when she passes into the shadow. When they exit from the shadow, Hokee notices her mother was wearing her Grim Reaper cloak and had her sword on her side.

Hokee looks around and notices they were among some ancient ruins, high up on a plateau. She shivers from the cold chill in the air. She wonders where she is and why she couldn’t see anything. Like she normally could.

Sparrow gives her daughters hand a little squeeze, before letting go.

“If you want a sword like mine, you’ll need to go inside and ask the guardian for one. He gave me mine. However, he always asks for
something in return for his gifts. Be careful what you agree to Hokee.”

“Aren’t you coming with me, mommy?”

“No baby, I can’t. This strictly for you to accomplish. I know you can do it. Remember, be careful what you offer to the guardian. He will make
you honor what you offered. Now go.”

Hokee walks into the ruins. She avoids large broken columns and large cracks in the floor. As she goes deeper into the ruins. It gets darker and darker as she goes deeper. She hears creatures and feels things reach out to her.

Hokee wasn’t scared, she was the daughter of a Grim Reaper and a powerful Alpha Were-Wolf. She could handle anything this place threw at her.

“You clowns don’t bother or scare me. I’m more afraid of my father and mother than you.” Her eyes flash bright pink.

The sounds stop, and she could see light straight ahead of her. She walks forward towards the light and when she comes to the source, she notices it looked like it was something out a storybook. There was a large pile of gold and other valuable items and a huge Black Dragon was curled around the huge pile. The room itself was made of gold and was reflecting the light from the crystals in the room.

“Excuse me, are you the guardian?”

Bedlam opens his eyes to look at a young girl with blonde and red streak hair standing before him. He could sense she was powerful and had a destiny to fill. He raises his head up and looks down at her.

“I am the guardian. What do you want?”

“I wish for a sword like my mother’s Sparrow.”

“Ah, you are Sparrow’s little girl.” He looks closer at her.

“Yes, my mother is Sparrow and my father is Daigh Axson.”

Bedlam looks at Hokee and could tell she was Sparrow’s daughter. Sparrow might not have given birth to her, but Sparrow’s blood course through her veins.

“Why do you want a sword like your mother’s you’re just a little girl.”

“I am not, just a little girl. I am a Grim Reaper like my mother. I set people’s souls free and take the souls of bad people.”

“Why do you say, bad people? What makes you judge, jury, and executioner?”

“Faith does. Faith decides who must go and who can say. Faith has the final say over people and creatures. The Grim Reapers might be agents of Death, but even Death takes his orders from a greater power and Faith is the greater power. She holds every one's destiny in her hand.”

“What are you willing to give me for a sword like your mother’s?”

“Your life.” Hokee had a serious look on her face.

Bedlam lowers his head down till he was looking directly into her eyes. He notices they were a pink color like her mothers were.

“What makes you think you can take my life, little girl?”

In a growling voice, as her eyes flash a bright pink “because I can take it right now if I want too. You forget who my parents are.” She grabs his muzzle with her hands and draws on his life energies.

Her energies slams against him like a giant hammer. She was unleashing the power she got from her mother and her father. No one told her, she couldn’t do something except three beings.

Sparrow looks up when she feels her daughter pull on her power. A smile appears on her face. Bedlam should have known that anyone she gives birth too, has access to her power and to her husbands power. She was a Grim Reaper and Death showed no mercy to anyone.

Hokee releases Bedlam “now, I have given you your life.”

Bedlam falls backward. There wasn’t anything he could do to stop her. He felt death clawing for him. There was only one other person who had ever done something like that to him. He reaches into the huge pile of gold and silver and pulls out a batter, ratty looking case.

“Here’s your damn sword. Now go, before I change my mind.” He was still feeling the effects of her power.

Hokee just smiles at him and turns around to walk back the way she came. She hadn’t realized it, but it was extremely hot where she had been, but when she walks outside of the ruins, where her mother was waiting for her. She felt the cold again. It had gotten dark as well.

Hokee takes her mother’s hand “let's go home mommy.”

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