S-Idol - Part 9


S-Idol - Episode 5 (The Babies)  


Standing outside S-House:


Welcome to S-Idol. We started with 10 boys. Last week Reece was voted out. We now have 6 boys left in S-idol. 
For this weeks challenge, The boys are staying home. But they will find that they will now be treated like babies. For some boys this is no problem, For other boys it will be confusing. S-Idol now takes this one step further. How will the boys cope. It seems as if they have gotten used to being sissies, but what about Sissy Babies

This week, you are allowed to ask the boys questions. There is a link under each boys picture where you can do this. Remember to vote who you want to leave S-Idol

To write your comments on your favourite boy, what you hope the boys will experience, your advice to them or how you think you are performing, write them here. You do not have to register to be write

Its time to hear about the boys own experiences right here in the Pink box, where each boy tells what they experienced and how they felt


Welcome to S- Idol





I was now a sissy. The more I stay in S-Idol, the more I can live in a dream that I am a sissy and no one minds. No one teases or laughs because i want to wear girls clothes,
When i was taking a shower I realised how happy I was. I started kissing Rose. I think he is just finding out that he is gay. But he is so cute that I love him. I don't think I made him gay. II don't think you can make people gay or not. We started kissing in the shower and feeling each other over everywhere. I tried telling him that it was a French kiss, but he kept on saying that he was not French. Who cares, he was a good kisser. 
Then our room was locked. The Nanny told us to go in the other room. I protested saying that it was only cribs. She said from now on their our cribs and to march right in there now so she can help me get changed. What did she mean by get changed. I could get Changed by myself now. I didn't need any help from her or anyone else. 
When I finally did go in the room, she told me to lie on the Changing table. I was going to be changed like a baby. Once again i said no way. I started running around the room and she started chasing me. Finally she did catch me and put me over her knee. I was spanked 10 times because I would not listen to her. Let me tell you this much, that spanking hurts you. After she stuck a pacifier in my mouth. I suppose it was so I wouldn't cry so hard. 
She laid me on the Changing table and said that If I kicked or tried to hit her, I would be strapped down. I promised that i wouldn't. I didn't know how she could understand all this when I had a pacifier in my mouth. She put this huge pampers on me and then a baby dress, that showed most of my diaper. 
We were told that we were babies from now on. I felt like throwing up. Later I was playing with Rose when I felt my diaper getting wet. I wet myself without knowing it. It was a cool feeling. Then I felt happy because I knew I was going to like being a baby. 


I Don't think people likes me. Once again I was nearly kicked out of S-Idol. The way things are going, this will be my last week here. 
We started as we usually do by taking a shower. I suppose sissies have to be very clean. Of course Rose and Taylor were kissing and even Chrissy tried feeling me up. I said I was not gay!. I really felt like teasing them, but something said that I shouldn't. I Laughed at them, But I didn't tease. I like taking showers now. Besides we always get a gay show, but the soaps and the shampoo always smell so nice. Like perfume. Its strange that I like the smell of sissy prissy things now.
After I took a shower, The room was blocked. We were told to go to another room. I seen Taylor come out he had a short dress on and you could see that he was wearing pampers. It was once again hard for me not to tease, But i couldn't help laughing at him. He looked like an over sized baby. 
I walked in and seen the Nanny. She told me to lie on the Changing table. I was in shock. There were cribs in the room and she told me that this would be our bedroom for now on. I nearly screamed. Then she said that it was time to put my diaper on. Then i did scream. I started screaming and kicking. No way was I going to look like Taylor. Then before I knew it she had me strapped down and I was getting a diaper on. She put a dress on me that was even shorter than Ashley's. 
I walked out to the room with the others. She said that if I removed my diaper that I would be spanked. Then she put a pacifier in my mouth
I bet that this will get me kicked out of S-Idol. The people that votes expect the cute boys that says yes to anything. They don't understand that sometimes you have to get used to it. 





I was so happy that i was not kicked out of S-Idol. Someone told me that many wants me out because they think my aunt is mean and that I shouldn't be here. If you said that to me three weeks ago i would have agreed. but now I love it here. Maybe I am a sissy and I know I have a boyfriend. When i am dressed up in girls clothes and look in the mirror, I think that this must have been how my mother looked when she was a girl. 
When we were taking a shower, i was next to Taylor. I looked at him and my heart started pumping quickly. We started kissing. He told me it was French kissing. I don't know what he meant by that, because I am not French. Whatever it was, I was so happy. I really loved him. Of Course the other boys started laughing but I didn't care. I was in love. 
Then we had to go in our new room. Paris was coming out. He seemed like he was crying. I wondered why. When I went in, I found out. Nanny told me we would be sleeping here from now on. I Thought it was a joke and started laughing until she told me to lie on the changing mat. I asked her do I really need a diaper and she said everyone was babies from now on. I started laughing again. This was the funniest thing that I heard about. Who thought of this show. Then I thought it was only a game and It would be fun being a baby.
When we went in the sitting room we were given a bottle of milk and Nanny told everyone that we would be babies from now on. I looked at Taylor. He looked so pretty as a baby. He was also sucking a pacifier. We kept on trading them. We joked and called it pacifier kissing. 
Later I thought about being a baby for the next few weeks. Then I remembered my mother. I was a baby when she was alive. I really missed her. I started to cry and then Taylor gave me a hug. I fell asleep on his lap. 




I am still here. Every week you notice when one boy leaves. Last week was Aaron's turn. I really miss him. He was so funny and small. He wasn't afraid what people thinks about him. Sometimes I am afraid. I mean how many boys do you know that really thinks they are a girl and has the wrong body. Sometimes I feel like I should be locked up somewhere and throw away the key. But in the last elimination I spoke with my Dad and he said that I would get some help. 
This morning we took a shower. I feel sort of strange in the shower. I mean if I close my eyes, I really do think I have a girls body. So I blush a lot when I see the other boys. Then I look down and I see that I have the same body. Then I feel like crying. But then i realise that in S-idol I can be a girl and after I know that Dad will get me some help.
After the shower, we went in to our new room. This was what the cribs were for. She put me on the changing mat. I sat there thinking if I wanted to be a baby or not. I started crying. I don't know why she did it, but she tied my hands down. Maybe she thought I was going to hit her. She put the diaper on me and then a short baby dress that showed half my diaper. 
I went out to the others. I kept the pacifier in my mouth. As the nanny told is that we would be babies from now on, I started smiling. I thought that this would be cool. Being a baby is like I am being reborn. This time I am reborn as a baby girl. 





We had to take showers today. When I was taking a shower I noticed how cool Paris was. As I washed my hair, I thought if I had a crush on him. I blushed when I thought that I did have a crush on him. How was I going to let him know that I had a crush on him. I decided to start washing his back. He didn't say much. So i decided that I would go to step two and move my hands down toward his bum. Then he must have jumped a half a meter and told me to stop and he wasn't gay. I felt so bad. I felt like I raped him. I quickly said I was sorry and I would never do it again. 
As I stood there in the shower, I remembered the boy last week that pretended that he was in love with me and then it was just a joke. Now I tried to get Paris to be my boyfriend. Does anyone at all love me?
I went into the room where we were were sleeping from now on. The nanny could see that I was crying. She asked me why I was and I said that no one loves me. She said that there are millions of people that thinks like that. If I didn't love myself, no one else would. She sat and rocked me on her lap while she sang some songs. 
I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up, I was in a crib. I just lied in the crib and noticed that there was a pacifier in my mouth. I must be like a baby. They suck on pacifiers and do not know that they are only rubber. But i didn't think about that, I thought it was so soothing. 
I looked down and seen that I was wearing a diaper and a short dress. Before I had to find excuses for wearing diapers. Now I could do them without any one laughing or teasing. The day started crappy but finished good. 




We are only 6 left. I was shocked that Aaron was kicked out, because after I tell you what happened today, he would have loved it. 
When we got up today, we were told to take a shower. I am getting used to taking showers with other boys. But something freaked me out. Chrissy started washing my back and told me how pretty I was. I let him wash my back until his hands started going lower and lower. Then I realised that he probably fancied me. I Know people in S-Idol thinks I really don't care about anything, but I am not gay. Maybe I don't mind wearing girl clothes, but I am totally not gay. I turned around and told him to stop. Of course he started crying. Then I felt sorry for him and gave him a hug. It was an innocent hug, but the other boys thought it was more than this.
When we came back into our room. It was locked. The Nanny told us that we would be getting a new room. When we seen this, then we were shocked. Our beds were gone and now there were only cribs and changing tables. 
Nanny called me over to the Changing table. I asked her why there were some straps. She said its for boys that kicks and fights. I decided not to fight so I just lied down with my legs in the air. I bet Chrissy was looking at my butt. She put on this huge pampers and then put a dress that barely covered my diaper. 
When i walked out, some of the boys were coming from the showers. They were laughing at me. Of course they were. I looked like a baby girl. I just smiled back. Pretty soon, they would be wearing the same. 
After we all had diapers on, we were given a bottle and a pacifier. I started drinking the milk. I was thirsty. It was hard drinking from the bottle. The Nanny told us that S-Idol was half ways finished, and now we will be treated as babies for the rest of the time. I Didn't care because i wet my pants before when I was watching TV or something and was too lazy to go to the toilet. 
While the others were playing with baby things, I thought what the next few weeks would be like. I was now a baby girl and that didn't bother me that much. I started sucking the pacifier and it must have been that or the milk, because when I feel asleep. When I woke up I was in a crib. I tried to come out, but it was like a jail. I started crying and then nanny came and helped me out. I sat on her knee and put my head against her boobs. They are nice pillows. Even as a baby girl I was happy. 



Thats the 6 remaining contestants in S-Idol. Now You have an important mission. You have to vote who will be sent home next week in S-Idol. Note that the vote is not who you want to stay, but who you think should go home.

 Voting see next episode


Thats it this time for S- Idol. Next week, we say good bye to one boy. The Boys will also wake up and find a big surprise. They all seem to be accepting that they are sissies. Now we will show them the next part of being a sissy. They will be sissy babies. We hope to see you next week.

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