K&P Services Chapter 4

Valentina sat quietly in the passenger seat as Kat drove them over to Pauline’s place. They pull up in front of a nice three-story townhouse. Kat parks her car behind a nicely restored Blue 1970 Pontiac GTO.

“Your friend lives here?” Valentina uses to have a nice place like this Townhouse.

“Yep. Her father left it to her when he died. She was the only one of his kids that gave a damn about him. so, he left his car and house for her.
Her younger brother is a truck driver and is always away from home. Her older sister is married to a rich Texan and hates coming to Knoxville.”

“Damn! What a selfish family.” Valentina follows behind Kat up to the door of Pauline’s townhouse.

Kat presses the doorbell. She notices Pauline has gotten around to planting flowers in the front of the townhouse.


Pauline was in her kitchen when she heard her doorbell ring. She checked her cell phone to see who it was and notices it was her friend Kat.
She takes her coffee with her as she heads towards the door and let them in.

“Kat, what brings you my way and who is your friend?”

Kat walks in followed by Valentina “I want to hire you for a job and allow me to introduce my employee Valentina Knight. Valentina, this my dear and best friend Pauline Holloway.”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Knight.” Valentina had a pleasant smile.

“And it's nice to meet you as well, Valentina.”

Pauline directs everyone to the living room “please have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?”

“We’re fine Pauline.” Kat watches as Pauline sits down across from them in a matching love seat.

“So, what’s the job you want to hire me for?” Pauline looks towards her best friend.

“I have to transport a valuable and dangerous person and I was wondering if you’ll be willing to drive the vehicle that I’m transporting them in?”

“What type of vehicle is it, first off and who is the person?”

“The vehicle is a Terradyne Gurkha RPV and the person. I can’t tell you right now. Let’s just say I’m expecting some trouble and you’re going to have to wear full body armor.”

“This job is sounding extremely dangerous. Are you going to tell me before we leave your office?”

“Yes, but until then, I can’t tell you. So, will you come and work for me for a few days?

Pauline thinks about it. She was off work for the next two days. The extra money wouldn’t hurt. She could use it to fix the patio.

“Alright, I’m in. when do you want me to show up?”

“Tonight at 11:00 pm. At my office. Do you still have your gun, or do you need one?”

“No, I still have my .357 Magnum. I’ve picked up some new ammo for it. Why are we meeting at eleven tonight?”

“Because I want to get a head start on this job. It’s going to take us a day and a half, because we're avoiding all major roads and interstates. We’re taking back roads.”

“Where are we heading?” Pauline takes a sip of her coffee.

“Colorado Supermax. We’re transporting a prisoner there.”

“Alright, that answers my question.”

“Good. You can still use a P90, can’t you?”

“Yep, I can still use a P90.”

“Valentina, you’re riding with Pauline. I’m putting Sam with Paul.” Kat figures this would be better.

Pauline looks towards Valentina “how much experience do you have handling a gun?”

“I have some experience, but I haven’t used a P90 before.”

Pauline was wondering where Kat got this girl. She could tell she wasn’t street harden like herself and Kat.

“Do you think you can kill someone if they try to kill us?”

Valentina didn’t have to think about that question “Yes! I have no problem killing someone trying to kill me.”

“Alright. Where were you heading after here?”

“To the gun range to train Valentina in how to use a P90.”

“You don’t mind if I join you, do you?”

“Nope, the more the merrier.”

“Good, give me a few minutes to get ready.” Pauline gets up and heads upstairs to her bedroom to get dress.

Valentina looks over towards Kat “how long have you two known each other?"

“Since High school. Most of the kids use to love to tease me, but not Pauline. She would act as my protector when people started teasing me. I
couldn’t join any of the after-school sports because people said my strangeness gave me an advantage. So, I would watch my sister and brother as they took part in any sports. If I wasn’t with them, I would be with Pauline and the two of us would be getting into all sorts of trouble. Since our fathers were police officers, we knew how far we could push things.”

“Oh, I bet you fathers loved that.” Valentina could imagine what their fathers were like.

“Yea, they loved some of the mischief we caused. The thing is, we knew when to stop. Some of the people we use to hang with didn’t know
when to stop.”

“You mean like Joey Andrew?” Pauline comes walking back into the living room fully dressed in a tight pair of faded blue jeans and a black KISS t-shirt.


“What happened to him?” Valentina was curious.

“He lost a leg, doing something we told him not to do.” Pauline felt sorry for him.

“What does he do now?”

“He’s an accountant. He could have been a famous football player, but because he had his accident. He lost his leg and ruined his chance.” Kat remembered how good he was.

“Well, enough of the past. Let’s go down to the gun range and shoot some targets.” Pauline pulls her .357 magnum out and checks it. She grabs two spare speed loaders to take with her.

The three of them drive out to the gun range. Kat brings the two P90’s in and takes them down to the last stall. All of them had their shooting glasses and earplugs on.

Kat shows Valentina how to hold the P90 and how to select the different firing modes. She shows her how to hold it properly when she goes to fire it. She has her fire a three round burst at a target all the way down range. They were using the medium size targets.

Kat does buy smaller targets and has Valentina practice them. Pauline was in the next stall to theirs and was firing her .357 at targets down range. When she fires it the first few times, Valentina jumps. She has never heard or felt a .357 before.

“Ignore the cannon next door. Concentrate on what you are doing.” Kat keeps correcting Valentina.

They spend a few hours down at the gun range and by the time they leave. Valentina is competent enough to use the P90.

“I need something to drink.” Valentina stops at the soda machine and buys a soda.

“Do you guys want anything?” As she opens her soda.

“Water, please.”

“Same here.” Kat wanted water as well.

Valentina purchases two bottles of water for Pauline and Kat. She hands them to them.

“Thank you.” As Pauline accepts hers.

“You’re welcome.”

“Thanks.” As Kat accepts hers.

“You’re welcome.”

“Let’s get back to the office.”

11:00 pm.:
Pauline shows up at Kat’s office and could see two black SUV’s and the Terradyne. Pauline walks over to the Terradyne, after Valentina helps her put the full body armor on.

“Sam, you’re riding with Paul. Valentina is riding with Pauline and Crystal you’re riding with me.” Kat looks at each person.

Paul didn’t ask his wife why she changed the line-up. He looks towards Sam and points towards the lead SUV. The Terradyne takes up the middle position and Kat brings up the rear as they head towards the police station.

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