School Life Chp. 22

Lindsey opens her eyes and couldn’t believe how much fun she had last week. She made a bunch of friends at the two Steampunk events the band played at. She also made friends with some of the bands she met in Los Angeles. The band had gotten word of places that beginning bands go and play in the Los Angeles area. So, as a group, they decided to check the places out.

Some of the bands they listen too, sounded extremely good. The rest they listened too, would sound a lot better if they practiced more or switched up their players. A few of the participants recognized her and the other band members and invited them to play on stage with them.
They jammed with them most of the night.

As for the conventions, they did extremely well. They ended up playing encores each time. She also met some of the other famous steampunk artists like Steam Power Giraffe, Abney Park, Vernian Process and The Cog is Dead. She loved their Airship Pirate song and Steampunk Revolution.

Each of the group she loved some of their songs. Abney Park and Steam Power Giraffe, she loved the concepts they came up for their group. The one member of Steam Power Giraffe was transgender like her. As much fun as she had visiting California, she was happy to be home.

Lindsey checks the weather forecast for Portland, Oregon since they had a gig out there to do. She was going to have to go through all the new clothes she bought out in California and brought back with her. While she is going through her clothes and getting her suitcase ready. The doorbell rings. Lindsey checks who was at the door with the ring app. On her phone. Barbara had decided to installed the ring doorbell since the band was becoming popular. She spots Ian standing at the front door. She heads towards the door and opens it. She was listening to some of Abney Park’s music while she was packing.

“Hey, Ian, what brings you around?”

“I wanted to see you. Do you mind if I come in?”

“Sure, come on in.” Lindsey was still in her house robe.

“Thanks.” Ian comes walking in.

“I was just packing for our gig in Oregon this weekend. Would you like anything to drink?”

“Nope, I’m fine.” Ian was looking around the house as he walked in.

The place had a warm and homey feel to it. A place where you could come home and relax from the troubles of the day. Ian notices there were pictures of the band. Even though Lindsey was front and center in them, he could see all the band members. There was one where she had been dancing and he was raising his hands and coming down on the drums. He could recall when that even took place.

“So, what brings you over here?” Lindsey didn’t mind, because she liked being around Ian.

“I was home alone, and I figure you might like some company.” Ian was bored being home. He practiced for a while on his drums.

He turns to look at her and notices she was still in her night clothes. He wonders what she was wearing under her house robe.

“Thanks, I was just packing and listening to Abney Park music.”

“I can hear. Those guys were friendly and fun to be around. Robert Brown is a lot like you, Lindsey he loves music and has a lot of other interest.”

“I know, I got a chance to talk with him. He said he loved some of our songs and that he would love to collaborate with me on a few songs.”

“Well, I hope you take him up on his offer. What did you think of the Guitarist Cherry Bomb of The Bloody Axe?”

“She was good. The problem was, the rest of the members of the band need more practice. None of them could carry a tune or play their instruments as well as we did. She, on the other hand, was amazing on her guitar. She would make a good addition to our band.”

“I know what you mean. I think Dan might move on. He had been talking with a heavy metal band from New York. They offered him the lead guitar position in their band.”

“How did you find that out?” Lindsey was curious.

“You forget, we all share the same hotel room. Plus, he has been thinking that the type of music we play, isn’t what he wants to do.”

“Well, he doesn’t ever contribute anything like the rest of us. So, if he wants to leave, that is fine.” Lindsey had seen how disappointed Dan had been lately.

“Well, if he leaves, we’ll need to get a company vehicle for the band. We have been using his SUV to get to our gigs.”

“Mom and I have been talking about that. I wouldn’t mind a tour bus, but they cost too much. So, maybe an RV like an airstream or something?”

“Whatever we get, is going to cost us, plus it needs to be able to sit all of us.” Ian figures their finances weren’t too bad.

“We could buy a decommission school bus and fix it up to our self.” Lindsey had seen some nice pictures of some done by others.

“That would work. How much would it run us?”

“We could get a short bus for around $7,000.00 and according to some of the figures I have been seeing. We could convert it for under
$4,000.00 if we do the work our self.” Lindsey had been searching the web on how to convert a bus into a touring bus.

“Do you think a short bus would be good or would a bigger one be better, so we can add a toilet to it?” Ian figure most of their travels take them within a day’s ride from their homes.

“I think a short one would be better for now. Anything bigger and it would cut into our profits for gas and insurance.”

“Boy, maybe you should be the band manager. Your sounding like you and Brenda have been talking.”

“We have. I wanted to know how much money we had so we could purchase a band vehicle. I know she has her job and the more I knew about how she does things. The more I could help her out.”

“That makes sense.”

“Thanks.” Lindsey walks over and sits down next to Ian.

Ian smiles and gives Lindsey a kiss. Lindsey loved it when he kissed her. Her stomach felt like it had butterflies in it. She returns the kiss. The
two of them kiss and feel each other up, but when Ian’s hand goes two low. Lindsey stops him.

“I don’t want you touching me there.” Lindsey felt self-conscious about her birth defect, even though the doctor tucked it away for her.

“No problem.” Ian and Lindsey enjoy kissing each other for a while.

Lindsey finally gets dressed after a half-n-hour. Ian gets a chance to see her bedroom and couldn’t believe how girly it was. He had seen other girls bedrooms, but theirs wasn’t as girly as Lindsey’s.

While she was getting dress, he heads into the spare bedroom where all her instruments and synthesizer was set-up. He was amazed at the recording devices she had in there. He spots a music sheet he had seen her use before sitting on her synthesizer. It looked like she was working on a new piece of music.

“Do you ever stop writing music?”

“Nope. I hear the tune in my head and start writing it down right away, so I don’t lose it. I’m working on four new songs for our group. One is
very heavy for you on the drums. It's going to push your talent playing it.” Lindsey comes walking out of her bedroom in a nice flowery
sundress and white wedges. Her toenails were painted a nice rose color that matched the flowers on her sundress.

Lindsey picks a piece of paper up and writes a note for her mother, just in case she stops by the house. She texted her favorite taxi driver and he was on his way to the house.

“Come on. Let’s go mall shopping and catch a movie.”

“How are we getting to the mall?”

“I texted my favorite taxi driver and he’s on his way.”

Just as she says that they hear a horn honk outside.

“Time to go.” Lindsey grabs her purse and locks the house up, before getting in the cab and head for the mall.

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