The Bunny Journals, Journal Entry 5

July 5, 2018

Okay, my 4th of the July was Awesome! I went to the beach with my family and cousins. We played in the surf and had fun. The kids loved me and watched as I played volleyball against a few guys that joined us. No one really ruined my 4th because of my looks.

Now, the fireworks, on the other hand, did bother me. It was the loud ones we launched up into the air that sounded louder then I remembered. The firecrackers and bottle rockets didn’t bother my hearing. I had to shake my suit out a few times. Sand got into places like it did last time I came to the beach.

I did manage to sneak a bottle or two of wine coolers without my parents finding out. It was interesting drinking them. I didn’t know what effects alcohol would have on my body. However, I do think they affected me more than they should have.

Me and my friends did hear back from Warner Bros and they wanted to hire us to help with the merchandising of their toys and cartoons. They also said that they were trying to get the Harlem Globetrotters to let me travel and play with them on their exhibition games. The higher-ups at Warner Bros. liked the idea of me playing with them. No pun intended.

The higher ups did ask if I have heard if there is a Bugs Bunny because it would be great if the two of us could play together. I told them, as far as I knew there wasn’t one. My friends have been keeping eyes and ears out for any sign of one.

I’m getting better at behaving like a normal girl. I was getting the mannerism down and behaving like I should, thanks to my mom and Lexi. Secrets are another thing that hard to keep form me. I and Mom discovered I can hear when people whispering to one another. So, if you are near me. Don’t try to whisper.

I wear a flea and tick collar to keep them off my body. The doctor said it wouldn’t hurt me. Thank goodness too. Having fine fur and fleas don’t mix.

I went to the salon and had my nails and hair done and believe me. That was an adventure. The people doing my nails and toenails didn’t know what they were doing. However, after a while, they managed to figure it out.

I feel in love with the massage I got at the health spa. My mom, aunt and all my female cousins went to the spa, while the guys went to the sports bar. It was so much fun to experience. My whole body was turned to mush and the person giving me my massage wanted to know how I kept my fur so silky soft.

After the experience at the spa, we went shopping for buying a few new pieces of clothing for all of us. We did pick up something for the guys.
So far, being bunny hasn’t been so bad.

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