The Devil's Chamber Part 10

Detective Cartwright looks at the Hi-Tech car she was sitting in with Terry. She couldn’t believe that Terry and her group had such vehicles and supplies at their disposal.

“Are you guys really working for MI 5?”

Terry smiles and looks at Detective Cartwright “yes, we are legally working for MI 5.”

“How come I’ve never seen them with a vehicle like this?”

“Because Wraith is used for special assignments. Tonight were acting on some information from a perp that we came across. An Isis cell is convincing young girls to leave their family and come here, they are taken to Turkey, Syria as brides for their fighters.”

“So, that’s why we are here?”

“Yep, I and my team want to find out who else is involved. The thing is, they are going to get surprised when they opened those doors on that container.”

Detective Cartwright knew what Terry was talking about. The sensors on Wraith allowed them to watch the occupants inside the container. They were waiting for the trap to be sprung.

Twenty Minutes Later:
A dark color van comes pulling up to the container and two men exit from it. One head over towards the container door and the other one opens the van door. The one at the van opens the door on it and cause the occupants inside to get out.

Detective Cartwright and Terry watches were four figures get out of the van. Terry sends a message to Leslie in Black Knight. Terry figured when they came up with the plan that they were going to need the Black Knight as well.

Leslie saw the message appear on the console inside The Black Knight. Bobby was back at the dojo helping Ginja with the girls they removed earlier from the container. She volunteered to stay with Terry and her friends. Since, she wasn’t much of a fighter, yet. They put her in The Black Knight Terry normally drove around. Terry showed her how to use some of its functions.

The person that was opening the container, was surprised when a cloud of smoke rolled out from inside. The next thing he was surprised of, was getting hit and dropping to the ground. The person at the van drops, as two figures come walking out of the container. They had been waiting for the men to show up.

Hatter came skipping out of the container after hitting the guy with her needler. Dakota hit the other one, with rubber bullets from her guns. As much as she wanted to kill these guys. They were going to need to stand trial for what they did.

Detective Cartwright gets out of Wraith and walks over towards the van and notices there were four more girls huddled inside the van. She looks towards Hatter and Dakota.

“There are four girls inside.”

“We have two guys here for you to take care of Inspector.” Dakota went back and cuff the unconscious form of the first guy that Hatter took

Hatter looks inside the van and over to the four girls, still huddle inside. She notices their hands were bound. She hops inside and palms one of her throwing knives into her hand.

“I’m here to help you. I’m going to cut your hands free.” Hatter starts freeing the prisoners.

“Leslie, bring The Black Knight over here, please.”

“On my way Terry.” Leslie drives the taxi cab over towards their location.

Leslie unlocks the door and gets out to help the girls from the van to the cab. She felt sorry for them.

“I’ll take them to Ginja’s Dojo.”

“Go ahead, we’ll be behind you.”

Dakota switches places with Detective Cartwright, so she could take the van to the police station.

“I’ll come by and pick you up Inspector after we drop the girls off at the Dojo.” Leslie heads towards the Dojo with the girls.

Hatter had joined her in the cab, to help keep the girls calm and safe. She could tell the girls were still scared and frighten.
“We’re going somewhere safe. Once your feeling better. We’ll contact your folks.”

Lazy Dragon Dojo:
Kantha was looking after the girls that Dakota and Hatter had freed earlier. She looks at the poor things as she poured them more tea. The tea was a blend her mother made that would help the girls.

“Here, drink up. The tea will help you recover.”

The girls drink the weird tasting tea. It warms their insides and removes the fuzziness they had. The girls look around where they are and could see the room they were in, must be the exercise room. They could smell the scent of food cooking.

Bobby walks into the workout room with a tray filled with food for the girls. Ginja had whipped up some nice vegetable stir fry for the girls, along with some fried rice. He sets a plate of food down for each girl.

“You can trust the food ladies. Ginja figures you might be hungry.” Bobby watches as the girls slowly pick the foods up and take a tentative bite of the food. After a few bites, they trust the food.

Bobby smiles as he heads back towards the kitchen, where Ginja was cooking for everyone.

“The girls are eating the food and drinking the tea you made?”

“It will do them some good.”

Ginja looks up as Kantha walks out of the kitchen with a teapot to refill their teacups. Her daughter was doing better since they got home. She
knew it was going to take time for Kantha to feel comfortable around orders.

Thirty Minutes Later:
Leslie pulls up in front of the Dojo. She had called ahead to alert them they brought four more girls to them. Bobby and Ginja come outside and help Leslie and Hatter bring the girls into the Dojo. They see the other four girls that they brought earlier eating food.

The four girls look at the other girls as they enter the Dojo and they could see that they were being taken care of. Their stomachs rumbled when they smelled the food.

“Here’s is a place for you girls to sit and relax.” Bobby motions them to an area of the exercise room.

The girls sit down and relax. They could see, that whoever owned the place, took good care of it. Some of the places they had been waiting at or taken to when they arrived. Wasn’t very nice and the men treated them badly.

Once they were comfortable, a younger girl comes out with teacups and a teapot. She pours them some tea.

“Drink it. It will help you.” Kantha knew the tea would calm the girls.

“Mmmmm!! Something smells good.” Hatter walks into the kitchen and notices Ginja making food.

She picks a plate up and hands it to Ginja. She loved oriental food. Ever since she got a taste of it from Lottie.

Ginja just smiles as she dishes up some food for Hatter. She could tell that Hatter has had a hard life.

“Thank you.” Hatter picks up some chopsticks and starts eating.

Leslie parked the cab and goes inside to help everyone. She notices Bobby was serving the girls they brought in some food. Kantha was serving them tea.

Terry and Dakota show up later and join everyone. They help to get the girls to settle and set-up for the night.

“I can stay and help you out with the girls, Ginja.” Leslie helps herself to some fried rice.

“That is kind of you, Leslie. Thank you.”

“Hey, if she is staying, I’ll stay.” Bobby had fixed himself a plate.

“How are we going to get the girls back home?” Kantha looks at everyone.

“I’ll handle that Mrs. Kimiko.” Shigeko comes walking into the Dojo.

Terry and Dakota look towards Shigeko “how did you get here?”

“I called her.” Hatter looks towards her teammates.

“It’s a good thing Hatter called me. You need someone to help get these girls back into the states.”

Shigeko looks towards Ginja “I’m Shigeko Somwan.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Somwan. I’m Ginja Kimiko, owner of the Lazy Dragon dojo.”

“I know Ms. Kimiko, I looked your place up before coming over. I figure I could help you out with your current situation.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Here’s my card.” Shigeko hands Ginja her business card. “If you have any problems or need help. Please call me. As for the
girls you have taking shelter here, I can help to get them back to their families.”

“Thank you.” Ginja notices how late it was getting.

“Your team is welcome to stay here.”

Kantha comes into the kitchen dressed in her night clothes. She had checked on the girls in the exercise room and all of them were sleeping.
Leslie and Bobby had laid down as well.

“Thank you, Ms. Kimiko, but I think my teammates should head towards their place. We have another case we are working on.”

“Well, if I can help you with your other case. Please feel free to ask.”

“There might be something you can help us with. Have you heard anything about a new gang around here?”

“I don’t think I have, but I could ask two of my students. They might know.”

“Well, if they do. Please call me.”

“I will. You have a nice night.”

Terry, Dakota, and Hatter leave with Shigeko.

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