A Girl for Halloween Part 12: A Lonely Girl, Reborn

The Monday back at school was probably the least focused I had ever been. It wasn’t just that thoughts of Michael consumed me; those were happening last week. These thoughts were grounded in fear for the first time. I feared losing him.

Yesterday’s hook-up was a beautiful moment and certainly a big step for me, but I took arguably my greatest risk since I began as Jacie. Michael might have discovered my secret manhood.

Yet I continued! My Jacie alter-ego practically didn’t care! Sure, it concerned me that he may have felt my erection beneath the swimsuit bottoms, but I was so engaged in my first private, intimately sexual moment with Michael, that I remained on his bed, kissing him.

But perhaps he didn’t notice anything was awry, and he was simply tired. Regardless, if I have any hopes of continuing on with Michael, I desperately need to be more open with him, even if it endangers our relationship.

I thought it best not to text him that night. I went up to my room and relaxed the rest of that Sunday night, brushing off Julia’s attempts to get the scoop of the party.


I pulled up to Merlin’s making sure to change into a somewhat girly outfit that I had stored in the car from Julia. Just a simple white tank and sweatpants, with my hair in a messy bun. I didn’t even feel like putting makeup on.

It felt like ages since I went to work. It was business as usual, but this time with more emphasis on business. This was the final week before the actual date of Halloween on Friday, and the store was packed. My manager, Sandy, ran up to me in a sweat.

“Thank God you’re here, Jacie. I need you to throw on a costume real quick and get to helping customers. We’re gonna be down a worker all week.”

And just like that, Sandy split off to the register. Down a worker? What did she mean?

Towards the back of the store was Val and Autumn. Val had on a boxy Spongebob Squarepants costume, and Autumn was dressed as Snoopy. Both looked like they had bad news to share.

“What’s going on? Why is Sandy saying we’re down a worker?” I asked impatiently.

“Michael quit,” said Val, “He didn’t even give an explanation. Is everything alright between the two of you?”

That right there practically validated any fears I had about Michael. He probably realized I was a boy and wanted nothing to do with me! So much so, that he quit his job just so he didn’t have to look me in the eye.

I filled Val and Autumn in on the pool party, learning about Michael’s bad breakup with Leslie, hooking up, and the possible exposure of my manhood.

Autumn was quick to console me. “That’s not necessarily the case. He could just be sick, or he could have gotten in an argument with Sandy. There’s literally a million possibilities.”

She’s right. I don’t know any of that. For all I know he could have a really difficult week of tests coming up, and he couldn’t handle working at Merlin’s this week. Who knows?

“Girls! Get to work!” Sandy yelled from the front.

That snapped us back in. I threw on a pirate hat and an eye patch to complete the weakest looking costume ever, and began assisting the customers.


Tuesday went by with a busy day of school and a busy day of work. Same with Wednesday and Thursday. No word from Michael, but plenty of concern from me.

To a certain extent I was happy I was so busy because it forced me to push thoughts of Michael out of my head.

Friday’s work shift was only from 330pm to 5pm, closing early for Halloween. Sandy called the three of us to the front.

“I want to thank you all for working so hard during the pre-Halloween rush!” She said, and then applauded us for a brief few seconds. “We’re closing early so you can trick-or-treat, go to a party, or whatever you want to do. Also, I especially want to bid farewell to JACIE. It’s been a wonder seeing you flourish in an alter-ego, and even though I like JASON very much, I’ll certainly miss Jacie.”

Wow, Sandy was right. There’s no rational reason to continue being Jacie. My employment at the costume store is over, Michael seems to be out of my life, and all I have going on is school.

“Yeah, I suppose it’s goodbye,” I said with a conflicted tone in my voice.

We hugged Sandy goodbye and thanked her again, leaving the store. It was the end of an era for sure.

I was definitely feeling a little blue. I started walking to my car, but Autumn and Val held me back.

“Woah woah woah, Jacie, where are you going?” Val said.

“Look, guys. I don’t think it makes sense for me to be Jacie anymore.”

Autumn was confused. “But you enjoy it, don’t you? Why stop?”

I explained my thinking to the girls. “Michael’s done, this job is done, and I’ve had way too many close calls with my parents to justify Jacie any longer.”

“But tonight is Halloween!” Val said. “Think about it. Doesn’t the entire concept of Halloween revolve around being someone else? Whether it’s a vampire, a celebrity, or even a girl!”

Autumn approached me and put her hands on my shoulders. “Val and I are going to a Halloween party tonight. It’s at this one guy’s house at our school who is ABSURDLY rich.”

Val chimed in, “Yeah his name’s Byron, and his birthday is on Halloween, so his parents decided to throw him a HUGE Halloween-themed birthday bash.”

“The parents invite some of their adult friends over and will be hanging out in the basement, but otherwise we pretty much have the rest of the house for the party!” Autumn said. “Plus, he’s got a total crush on Val, which is how we got the invite.”

“He does NOT!” Val said, blushing.

Autumn pulled out her phone. A text message she received had all the details of the party.

“There’ll be dancing and drinks on the first and second floor and a live, local band playing in the backyard, along with yard games and stuff.”

That sounded absolutely incredible. I thought about it for a second. “But I’m not even invited.”

Both girls laughed at my ignorance. “You’re a cute girl, Jacie. It won’t matter.”

“Plus it will take your mind off Michael.”

Could I handle it? One final night of being Jacie before I hang her up for good?

“Let’s do it,” I said.

“Wait!” Val said, “On one condition.”

“What is it?”

Val smirked. “We get you as dolled up as possible!”


Now that we had plans for the evening, our Halloween party preparation began. I quickly realized I didn’t even know what I wanted to BE yet.

“Oh my!” Autumn said, sarcastically. “If ONLY there were a place to get a Halloween costume that was near by…”

I rolled my eyes at her, and we walked right back in to Merlin’s. Sandy was a little surprised to see us. “Did you girls forget something?”

“Jacie’s returning for one last night, and we need to find a costume.” Autumn told her.

Sandy smiled. “Alrighty then! It’s good to see you back already, Jacie.”

I perused the aisles, as I’d done so many times over the past few weeks.

“Wait! Jacie!” Sandy said. “I think I have the perfect thing for you.”

Sandy went to the back. After a minute, she returned with a costume I had never seen before. It was a light blue, “sexy flight attendant” costume.

“I usually try to make sure the costumes we sell are fairly modest, but this is one of the few ‘PG-13’ costumes I have in the back. Only if you’re looking to go that route tonight, of course.”

I checked Val and Autumn for approval. Both were nodding. Looks like it was on!

I went into the changing room to try it on. All I had on was my standard white tank and girl’s sweatpants that I wore Merlin’s on a day-to-day basis, as not to appear TOO boyish.

“Wait guys, this isn’t going to fit too well with boxers underneath.” I yelled out to the girls. “And I can’t run home to change because Julia isn’t there!”
“Check the bag,” Sandy said.

I opened up the bag, and realized this was no cheap costume that would be sold to regular customers. The price tag read $200!”

I exited the changing room. “Wait, Sandy, I can’t afford this.”

“Oh, pleeeease! You were such a big help. Consider it a gift.” Sandy said. “In fact…”

Sandy went into the back for another few seconds and returned with two more costumes in hand. Autumn and Val, you girls can have deluxe costumes on the house as well.”

We thanked her profusely. Autumn grabbed the “sexy police officer” costume, and Val opted for “sexy cheerleader.”

I went into the changing room and emptied the contents of the bag. I now understood why it was PG-13. The costume was tiny, with the appearance of being skin-tight. It also came with light blue lace panties and a lace black bra. The fabric was VERY soft as well, and didn’t have that scratchy feeling like some of the cheaper costumes do. Other than that, the costume consisted of tight, light blue short-shorts, and a blue-black top that would completely expose my midriff, while also showing plenty of cleavage. There was also a small, light blue stewardess hat to complete the outfit.

“One more thing!” Sandy yelled, tossing something over the curtain.

Landing on the floor was a pair of silicone, cleavage enhancers. “These will help the outfit fit a little better.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ever since I started as Jacie, I had never worn anything that would truly give the appearance of actual breasts. This would be a first.

“Oh jeez!” Autumn yelled out. “We have to go!”

I stepped out of the changing room. “What’s going on?”

“Val, we booked the salon appointment for 5:30!” Autumn said.

I glanced at the clock. 5:20.

“We’ll have to change later,” she said. “Jacie, It’s my Aunt’s salon, so I’m sure she can fit you in too.”

A salon appointment? I guess I’m really going all out tonight!

We packed up our costumes and left the store. We hugged Sandy again, and she wished us luck with our night out.

But I wasn’t bidding farewell just to Sandy, but to Merlin’s.

It’s bittersweet, because Jacie was practically born and raised in Merlin’s. But tonight, with the new costume and salon visit, Jacie will be all grown up.


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