Mole Hunt Chap. 13

Terry holds Dakota close to his body. After they left the Lazy Dragon Dojo last night with Shigeko. Terry returned Wraith to his hiding spot and met up with Leslie. She returned The Black Knight over to him and he returned her back to her place.

Since he and Dakota haven’t spent much time together. He decided to go to Dakota and Hatter’s place. Where he spent the night making love to Dakota and falling asleep with her in his arms. Once this mission is over, he was going to go ahead and have the surgery to change his plumbing to that of a guy. Terry didn’t know how his brothers were going to react to having another brother. They were already dealing with losing their sister when she came back. Now, they would have to deal with her, becoming a male.

Dakota shivers as a delayed orgasm hits her. Terry doesn’t know how experience Dakota was after her sex change or how many times she had sex. But she does know that she turned Dakota’s brain to mush. They did catch glances of Hatter watching them and eating popcorn while she watched.

Shigeko wasn’t too happy with them. She felt that they should report what they have been doing to Anika and Bart. As she lays there with Dakota spooned against her. She hears her cell phone beep, letting her know a text had arrived.

Terry reaches behind him to the nightstand and grabs his cell phone. It was a message from Anika, wanting him to look at some videos they took the other day. After reading the text message. Terry gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom and then slips on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt he brought over. Terry heads outside to the Black Knight and brings the images and videos up that the drones took. The images from the drones were sharp and crystal clear as they played on the front windshield. There is a knocking sound on the window of the passenger side door. Terry pauses the recording and looks to see who it was.

“Hey, what are you doing up?” Terry spots Dakota with a coffee in her hand. It was in a paper cup.

“I felt you get out of bed and was curious when you didn’t return.” Dakota hands a coffee to him.

“Thanks.” He unlocks the back door for Dakota to get in. There weren’t any seats up at the front of the cab for her to sit down on.

“You’re welcome. So, what are you watching?” Dakota leans forward to see what was up on the front windshield.

Dakota notices it was images of some sort of warehouse with all sorts of things in it. She looks closer to at the images. She could see that
Terry was looking closer at the images.

“Can you blow-up the images?” Dakota wasn’t sure what the capabilities of the Black Knights surveillance and video were.

“No problem.” Terry blows the image up. “Is that better?”

“Yes. What are those large white things?” Dakota reaches forward and points at the images she was talking about.

“They look like some sort of molds. I wish I could see what was on the other side.” Terry goes through the drone images, but there weren’t any of the undersides of the molds.

“Then, we need to go and check it out our self.” Dakota looks towards Terry.

“What are we checking out?” Hatter comes walking over to the cab eating a chocolate muffin.

“A warehouse that Anika and Bart went to the other day.” Dakota looks directly at Hatter as she ate the muffin.

“Cool, are you two planning on going in your underwear?” Hatter had a smile on her face.

Dakota was wearing Terry’s dress shirt he wore yesterday with a pair of black boy shorts. She just grabbed the closest thing available.

“No, we're not going in our underwear, Hatter.” Dakota couldn’t believe that Hatter had said that.

“By the way, why did you watch me, and Terry make love last night?” Dakota was curious why Hatter did that.

“Curious, I’ve never seen two women make love before.” Hatter had been curious about Terry and Dakota.

“Just because my plumbing is still that of a woman, doesn’t mean I don’t think of myself as being male, Hatter.” Terry looks directly at Hatter.
She sorted knew the abuse Hatter lived through, but she never opened to Hatter about what she went through.

Dakota didn’t even know what he lived through. However, she did know that Terry needed her, and she did love him.

“If you say so.” Hatter finishes her muffin and heads back to the kitchen for a bottle of Guinness.

Terry and Dakota head back to her room and changes clothes.

“Are you coming to Hatter?” Terry comes walking out of Dakota’s room.

“Yep!” Hatter comes skipping in dressed in her standard clothes.

The ride over to the warehouse wasn’t too bad. They managed to make the drive in twenty minutes. Terry parks the cab nearby, so it wouldn’t
be discovered and activates the security systems built into it.

“Alright, let’s see what is inside.” As they walk up to the door of the place.

Hatter checks the locks and takes her picks out. The locks weren’t anything special for Hatter to pick. She opens them without a problem. She takes point going inside the place. Dakota had her covered. Terry had their backs as they moved further inside the warehouse.

“Do you guys smell that?” Hatter had stopped because her sense of smell was picking up a lot of unknown chemicals.

Terry spots what he was looking for “I smell it as well, Hatter. Those chemicals are used to layer carbon fiber.”

“What is this big oven used for?” Dakota was over looking at an oven you could park a car in.

“It’s used, to cure fiberglass and carbon fiber.” Terry walks over to the forms he was curious about.

He lays them out on the floor. After laying them out. He spots what they were being used for.

“Oh my god.” Terry just realized what they were planning to do.

Dakota looks over towards Terry “what’s wrong?”

Hatter was curious as well. She wonders what Terry had figured out. She walks over towards Terry and Dakota.

“We need to get this information to Anika and Bart. Now we know what the mole and the gang are up too.” Terry just looks towards his

“Then, we better go and inform Queenie.” Hatter picks up an object and pockets it.

They head back towards the cab. Terry should have seen this coming and it makes perfect sense why they were doing this. He drives towards
Anika and Bart’s place.

"So, are you two going to get married when this is over?" Hatter wonders how serious Dakota and Terry were.

"I'm going to get some medical work done." Terry glances back towards Hatter.

"So, your going to be a man for the rest of your life?" Hatter couldn't believe it.

"Yes Hatter. I'm going to be a male for the rest of my life." Terry knew it was the right course for her.

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