Watch What You Wish For

Benny makes his security rounds at the museum he worked at. It was storming and lighting outside as he walked the dark hallways of the museum he worked at. Every once in awhile he would stop at his favorite picture that had a nude pregnant woman sitting on a big boulder in a lake. Not too far down from the painting was an African fertility statue.

He stands there and just wishes he could experience being pregnant and giving birth to the child. He has always been fascinated by pregnant and the life they carried in their body. He had a large collection of anime videos of the girls trying to get pregnant in them. He also had a large collection of photos he had either collected off the web or from women he knew while they had been pregnant.

There are a loud crashing and thundering sound as the building shakes. The African statue was about to fall off its pedestal when he catches it. Just as he touched it, he felt a tingling sensation travel throughout his body. He manages to put the statue back like it had been before and steps backs. His hands were still feeling a little numb like he stuck his fingers into an electrical outlet. to get some feeling back into them.

He checks the rest of the museum out and makes sure everything was okay. He put the matter of the tingling sensation aside as he finished his watch. He does mention in his daily report and in his log, what happened during his shift. Before heading home, Benny stops at his favorite diner and orders up his unusual breakfast. Instead of coffee, he substitutes it for juice instead. He devours his breakfast and heads home.

Benny wasn’t feeling well, by the time he got home. He felt feverish and his muscles were hurting. He strips out of his clothes and steps into the shower, hoping a nice hot shower would make him feel better. He takes a shower but doesn’t notice all his body hair leaving his body and going down the drain. By the time he finishes his shower. He was feeling exhausted. He had no energy left and could barely make it to his bed.
He felt warmer than normal, so he lowers the temperature setting on his a/c and crawls into bed. He passes out as his head hits the pillow.

While Benny sleeps, his body undergoes a metamorphosis. It starts changing as his waist gets smaller and his hips become bigger, more suited for carrying a baby. Large breast forms on his chest. A full head of puff hair forms on top of his head. His feet become the proper size to support his new body frame as he shrinks some in height. The skin covering the body lights some from the deep tan he had to more of a golden tan color. His stomach flattens and ab’s form under his new skin.

By the time the metamorphosis is done, he had the perfect female body suited to find the perfect mate. When she wakes up the next day, she stumbles into the bathroom. As she goes to pee, she realized she doesn’t have a penis anymore. She sits down confused about what
happened to her.

As she was sitting there on the toilet, she realizes that she had a nice pair of breast on her chest. She touched them to make sure they were real. She was confused how this happened. When she was done using the toilet. She tries to remember what he saw women she had dated did

After she finishes wiping himself. She gets up and looks at herself in the mirror attached to the back of his dresser. She couldn’t believe how she looked. She looked like every mans wet dream. She had golden blonde hair that came down to her full melon shape breast. She had a trimmed landing strip of blonde pubic hair, instead of a full bush down between her shapely legs. She couldn’t believe how shapely she looked.

She looks into her eyes and couldn’t believe how blue they were. How did this happen? She was confused at what happened to her. She sits down on the edge of her bed and wonders what she was supposed to do, why had he been turned into a good-looking woman? Also, did she have anything that would fit him anymore? What was she going to do for an identity?

She pulls out a pair of her dress pants and couldn’t get them over her hips. Her hips were too wide. She searches through her clothes and finally finds an old pair of sweats she could wear. The t-shirts she had were tight on her unsupported breast. She manages to slip her tiny feet into her old shoes. She grabs her wallet and keys to her car.

It doesn’t take her long to drive to the nearest Walmart as she goes inside and start looking at clothes. When it came to choosing the right bra for her breast, she didn’t know what to do. One of the ladies in the department helps her out. She found out that she wore a 34D cup. Her hips were 35 inches with a 23-inch waist and stood 5’9”. Her shoe size was a size 8 US. And weight 130lbs.

The lady helped her pick out several dresses, skirts, tops, swimsuit. She also helped her pick out a selection of panties and make-up. After she paid for the items she selected, she changes out of the clothes she was wearing and into one of the outfits she bought. While she was in Walmart, she notices that the guys were looking at her. She was looking at them, measuring them up against one another. What advantages each one had and what their child would look like if they had one.

She leaves Walmart and heads towards her car. She couldn’t help but look at the men as she passed them. If they were close enough to her, she could smell their musk. She drives to the nearest Victoria Secrets and has here body remeasured. The women there helped her pick out the sexiest lingerie, bra and panty sets they had. She makes another stop at a high-end women’s dress store and buys a couple dresses that showed off her assets, without making her look like a slut. There were a popular salon and nail place near her location. She goes and has her hair and nails done. The women there show her how to apply the right make-up to her face.

By the time she gets home, she feels the urge to go out tonight. She gets the dress in one of her sexy garter belts and corsets she bought. The dress she bought, fitted right over the beautiful corset and garter. The shoes she bought to go with the outfit were expensive but made her calf’s look good when she put them on. she does practice wearing them. They felt natural to her like she has always worn them.

Since she had the next two days off. She spends all night bar hopping. While she is visiting the bars, she never buys her own drink. When she visits some of the more popular bars and nightclub, she is always allowed to pass without having to wait in lines. When she does visit these places, she’s looking for the right guy to mate with her. She knows deep down what she is looking for in a mate.

She spends the next few weeks getting her driver license and gender changed. When she dealt with a woman, she had to work a little harder to convince them that they had gotten something wrong, but when she dealt with a guy, she managed to convince them easily to fix the problem with just a few words.

After she got her driver license, social security card, credit report, all her bills and a new birth certificate issue to her saying she has always been a girl. She kept her job as a nighttime security officer at the museum. However, every time she passed the fertility statue from Africa. She couldn’t resist but to touch it. She felt she owed it for some reason.

One day while she is grocery shopping, she accidentally bumps into a guy. She looks at him and when she inhales, it tickles something inside her.

“I’m so sorry.” As she looks at him with an embarrassing look on her face.

“It’s not your fault, ma’am.” Rock looks at the golden-haired beauty standing in front of him.

He has seen her around the store occasionally. The thing is, he only got a glimpse of her perfectly shaped hips as she left. There was something about her, that he couldn’t put his finger on.

“Thanks, but it really was. I was thinking about what I needed to make beef curry.” She brushes aside some of her golden blonde hair.

“You like curry?” Rock loved Indian food.

“Yes, and a few other things.” Benny liked what she was looking at.

The man standing before her was at least six feet tall and was built. She couldn’t see an ounce of fat on him. His black hair was cut military style. She spotted a scar on his left forearm. Which meant he was either military or some other hazardous occupation.

“I normally don’t ask this, but are you available tonight?” Rock wanted to know more about the woman standing in front of him.

A smile appears on her face “yes, I’m available tonight.”

“If you don’t have any plans tonight. I know a great Indian restaurant nearby.” Rock knew the owner of the restaurant.

“I would love to. What time would you like me to meet you there?” Benny knew what outfit she was going to wear.

“How about 7:00 pm? Is that time okay with you?” Rock figures that would give him enough time to freshen up, after his run.

“That’s fine. I’ll meet you there.” Benny watches as Rock walks off. She couldn’t wait to see what he looked like without his clothes on and pumping in and out of her.

She stops when that thought pops into her mind. She could feel wetness forming between her legs. How come she was finding it easy to feel like a natural woman? What happened to her? Was the African statue she touched that night responsible for everything that was happening to her?

She heads towards the register to pay for her groceries. Once she was done at the store. She heads home to get ready for her date. When she takes her panties off, she couldn’t believe how wet they were. She also couldn’t believe how sensitive she was either when she washed that part of her body. All that came to mind was the image of Rock going in and out of her. The more she thought about him doing that, the wetter she got, till she has an orgasm that drops her to her knees in the shower.

After about twenty minutes, she manages to find the energy to stand up. The water had become cold as she shuts the shower off and gets out to dries off. She couldn’t believe how powerful her orgasm was. She had never experienced anything like that before, even when she was a guy.

She gets ready in the sexiest dress and undergarments she owned. She didn’t need to wear any expensive perfume. She figures he could smell her pheromones. She grabs her purse and heads to the restaurant. She arrives a few minutes late. She spots Rock standing outside waiting for her. He had glanced at his cell phone.

“I’m sorry for being a little late.” Benny walks up to Rock.

He just smiles at her “that’s okay. I wasn’t sure you weren’t coming.”

“What and miss a good curry dinner?” she gives him a loving smile.

The two of them walk in and are shown a table. Benny could smell Rock’s arousal and musk. Her private area tightens in response to how she feels about him.

“Any suggestions on what I should order?” Benny was looking at her menu when she asked Rock.

“Let me see. Their Methiwala Malai Chicken is good, so is their Mutton and Beef curry.” Rock looks over his menu to see what she was
thinking about.

“Well, if you think the mutton curry is good. I think I’ll order that with the house rice.” Benny closes her menu.

The waiter comes over and takes their orders. Both order sweet ice tea to drink. Once the waiter had left their table. The two of them look at each other.

“So, what type of work do you do Benny?” Rock was looking into her beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m a private security officer at our museum. I normally work the midnight shift. What type of work do you do?” Benny takes a sip of her tea.

“I own an antique business. I like restoring and selling antiques.” Rock hopes that weren’t a turn off for Benny.

“That is interesting. I have always like antiques and history. That is why I took the position as a security guard at the museum.” Benny enjoyed her job at the museum.

Throughout dinner they make small talk, getting to know one another. They also have a few drinks to go with their dinner. Later, Benny ends up at Rock’s house.

For the next three days, they spend locked in his bedroom, doing nothing but sleeping, making love and going to the bathroom and back to lovemaking. Benny called in sick to spend the whole entire time with Rock as he used her body and as she used his body. They didn’t even stop to fix anything to eat, except to nibble at something and drinking water to keep themselves hydrated.

As they are laying together in bed, Rock looks into Benny’s bright blue eyes “you know, if we keep this up. You might become pregnant.”

“Would that be such a bad thing? I wouldn’t mind being pregnant with our children.” Benny kisses Rock before he can respond.

Four Months Later:
Benny looks at her swollen belly as she puts on her security guard uniform. She rubs her belly as a smile appears on her face. She was so happy that she was going to have Rock’s babies. Her and Rock have been having sex every night and day when she wasn’t working since their first night. Even with her being pregnant, they hadn’t stopped. She glances at the old fashion wedding and engagement ring she had on her ring finger.

Rock had traded a valuable antique bed and cabinet set for them. When she saw the rings, she fell in love with them. They had to have the rings resized, but that didn’t matter to her. She loved them, just as she loved Rock. They were planning on having a bunch of children. She wanted to keep giving Rock children, till she couldn’t.

Nine Months Later:
Benny gives birth to identical triplets, all girls. she holds the girls in her tired arms and looks up at Rock.

“I hope you don’t mind your first born, being girls.” Benny watches her husband’s reaction.

“I don’t mind at all. They are very beautiful, like their mother.” As he kisses her forehead.

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