A Girl for Halloween Part 13 (The Conclusion): A Girl Forever?

Over the past few weeks I’ve put on girls’ clothes and makeup many a time. I’ve even managed to go out of my comfort zone fully en femme. But this is the first time I’ve truly had a public transformation. Every other time I’ve changed from Jason to Jacie, it’s been in the privacy of a few group of friends.

But salons are a completely different animal. Everyone around you is a master of beautification and they’re equipped with the tools to make that happen.

We were greeted by Autumn’s Aunt Crystal, a tall, slim woman with a blonde pixie cut.

“Ah, just in time girls! And I see this is our good friend Jacie. Autumn texted me your whole story before we came in. We’re lucky to have you.” She said with a wink. Her support really took the pressure off me.

There were a few other stylists around, along with plenty of female clients. Some of them looked at me, but none with any particular disdain. Either they didn’t care that a boy was here, or they simply assumed I was a girl. My white tank and sweatpants outfit wasn’t doing me any particular favors, but the hairband certainly could give off the appearance of slight femininity.

Aunt Crystal called over two other women, both of them gorgeous in their own right, and early 20s. “Girls, this is Val, and Jacie…and you already know Autumn. These ladies are going out to a BIG Halloween party tonight, so we want them looking as beautiful as ever!”

The stylists nodded and they led us to the rinsing basins. I was paired with Aunt Crystal, and Val and Autumn went with the other two.

“I hear this is your first time in a salon, so I’m going to make it extra special, okay hun?”

I nodded. I was excited, but a little nervous.

I decided to send Julia a quick text telling her about how crazy my day has been. I’m sure she’d be thrilled!

“Put it this way: the more feminine you look, the more feminine you feel. And the more feminine you feel, the more comfortable you’ll be. Allow me to make you a Goddess!” Aunt Crystal certainly knew what buttons to push.

The first thing she did was wash my hair. I leaned my head back into the basin as she began to rinse my entire head of hair. A flowery scented shampoo came next, and Aunt Crystal applied, rubbing it into my scalp as she ran her hands through my brunette mane. She delicately spread it down from my temples all the way to the very tips of my hair. Then, a nice warm rinse.

She repeated the process with a similarly scented conditioner. Aunt Crystal’s hands were delicate and smooth, and I felt like I was in heaven.

I was escorted back to the styling chair, where she whipped out scissors and got to work. I quite honestly was not expecting a hair cut, but I suppose this is what happens at salons, so I just let it happen. Oh well, I could always hide it by wearing my hair up at home.

Once done, she began to blow dry, segmenting my hair with a brush as she dried each section. I noticed a shine in my hair that I’d never really seen before.

“Check out this Brunette Angel over here!” Aunt Crystal shouted out. Val and Autumn looked over, smiling and flashing thumbs up. I blushed.

Once my hair dried, I began to notice the effects of the trimming. My hair looked wonderfully voluminous, and It was it was much more textured and layered than before. Aunt Crystal called it a long, grown out Bob look. “This will look fabulous on you, honey.”

She quickly got to work on styling it, pinning parts of my hair on top of my head and flat ironing the sides, like both Julia and I had done so many times before. Once everything was straightened, Aunt Crystal pulled out a curling iron and began creating lots of long, curly waves all over my head.

And just like that, we were done. I looked over at Autumn and Val, and both of them had drastically different hairstyles as well. Autumn’s blonde ‘do was styled into a high, wavy ponytail. Val had long waves as well, but her dark hair was significantly longer than mine. They both looked stunning.

“You girls look lovely!” I squealed out.

“You know, we’re closing up soon, but we can offer to do your makeup too.” Aunt Crystal said.

I wasn’t expecting that! We graciously accepted, and Aunt Crystal brought the three of us to a different room in the salon, along with the two other stylists. Aunt Crystal once again worked with me. She tied my hair back. “You are gonna look like a DREAM!” Aunt Crystal said, “Boys won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.”
That made me gulp a little bit. For a second, I had actually managed to take my mind off Michael.

“You look blue, honey. What’s up?” Aunt Crystal asked.

“Oh, uh, well I blew it with someone who I thought for a second was special,” I said glumly.

She paused. “Romance, huh? Autumn mostly filled me in on your last few weeks, but I’ll tell you this—don’t get too romantically hung up on anyone, whether it’s a boy or a girl. You need to prioritize yourself for a little while.”

Then she paused. “How can you expect to be with someone if you don’t even know who you are, Jacie?”

Aunt Crystal smiled and got back to work on my makeup. I certainly had a lot to think about. Is Michael worth my time? Should I push for our relationship even when he’s still wounded from his recent break-up? And I don’t even know who I want to be—Jason, or Jacie?

I mulled it over while Aunt Crystal did my makeup. She plucked my eyebrows and expertly shaped them into very feminine arches. Then came foundation that matched my tanned skin tone. Powder helped set the foundation. Subtle eye shadow was used and my eyebrows were filled in with a brown eyebrow pencil. My lashes were curled and mascara was put on.

After she finished my eyes, Aunt Crystal brushed some blush onto my cheeks to create a rosy glow. She used a lipstick brush to outline my lips and then finished off with a flirty, bright pink lipstick.

Aunt Crystal administered a setting spray on my now completed makeover. Looking in the mirror, I couldn’t even recognize myself. Every time I became Jacie in the past, it was somewhat amateurish. THIS was professional.

Both Val and Autumn also looked stellar. The stylists really knew what they were doing!

From the neck up, I looked COMPLETELY like a girl. A real girl. No sign of boyhood anywhere.

Aunt Crystal addressed us all. “You girls look FABULOUS! I understand that you’re going to a Halloween party right after this, so certainly feel free to change here. We can even make it a little bit of a fashion show!”

Everyone seemed to like the idea, including the other two stylists who stuck around. Autumn ran out to the car to grab the costumes. “How about we do one at a time?” Aunt Crystal suggested, “Autumn, want to start?”

Autumn went to the back room behind a curtain and took a few minutes to change.

“Ready!” she yelled from behind the curtain. Aunt Crystal stood up to introduce her.

“Ladies and Gen—well, actually just ladies! I introduce to you the blonde, bombshell: OFFICER Autumn!”

Autumn emerged from the curtain, strutting her stuff. The tight, navy outfit perfectly contoured her curvy body. She strutted down our little makeshift catwalk.

She was also wearing 4-inch, stiletto heels. Hmm I didn’t know she had those.

Her catwalk escapade was topped off by blowing a kiss to everyone as we applauded her.

“Where did you get those stilettos?” I asked.

“Aunt Crystal had a pair in the back, so I grabbed them.” Autumn turned to Aunt Crystal, “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all! In fact, there’s a bunch of pairs back there. Any of you girls are welcome to borrow them if you can find your size!”

Val walked the catwalk next. She had put on her sexy cheerleader costume, but opted for cute white sneakers instead of heels.

“Looking good for Byron tonight!” Autumn heckled. Val blushed and playfully told her to shut up. All the other women “oooo’ed”.

Finally, it was my turn. I grabbed my costume and went behind the curtain. I stripped down completely naked. There was a mirror back there, and I stared at the myself in the mirror. My naked body did not match my girlish image above the shoulders. Ever since the creation of Jacie, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this stark of a difference between my male and female selves. It was almost as if there were two different people. In a way, I felt very at ease this way.

I picked up the lace black panties and slipped them on. The silicone cleavage enhancers had very simple instructions and I applied them to my chest. The padded bra was next, and after putting that on, I couldn’t believe the difference it made.

I stepped into the light blue short short-shorts, and then put on the top. The stewardess hat was the final touch, and I placed it right atop my newly minted hairstyle. Searching among the various pairs of shoes Aunt Crystal had, I managed to find the same stiletto heels that Autumn was wearing but in my size. Boy did they elevate me! I’m typically 5’9, so these 4-inch heels made me just over 6 feet!

Staring in the mirror, I appeared to be ready.
“Coming out!” I yelled.

I could hear Aunt Crystal introduce me, and I stepped out to “ooh’s” and cat-calls from the ladies. I strutted down the floor and then did a little turn and bow.

“Gorgeous girl!” Val yelled.

“Wait a second!” Aunt Crystal grabbed a make-up brush. “Your boobs could use a little contouring.”

She worked her magic for a few seconds, and soon enough, I had the appearance of C-cup breasts. It was incredible!

“Oh! And these!” she said, grabbing two black clip-on earrings. They went with my outfit perfectly!

A tear was in Aunt Crystal’s eye. She was so astounded at how beautiful and feminine we all looked. She called us in for a group hug.

“Okay, okay Auntie.” Autumn said laughing. “Shall we settle up at the register?”

“No need!” a voice yelled from the back. It was JULIA!

I was stunned. I had completely forgotten that I told her I was coming here. “Wha-what are you doing here? I thought you had plans for tonight!”

Julia laughed. “I still do. I just wanted to check in on my sister for her first trip to a salon.” She turned to Aunt Crystal. “How are you doing, Crystal?”

“Julia! You know Jacie?” said Crystal.

Julia put her arm around me. “She’s my beautiful, lovely sister, actually. And her bill is on me. Jacie, you know Crystal is my hair stylist.”

What a small world! I hugged Julia, thanking her for the salon treat. She couldn’t stay long as she had a party to go to, but wished me good luck with my night.

“Maybe I’ll see my brother tomorrow in the morning, but tonight, my SISTER has the time of her life!”

She bid us farewell and left. What a girl.

Val and Autumn paid up and we waved goodbye to everyone at the salon. By now, it was close to 7:45, and our night was about to begin!


After dropping off the car, we stopped inside Autumn’s house for a bit. It was small, but nicely furnished. Nobody was home, which naturally made me feel more comfortable. If anything it eased my nerves before we would go to a party where I would be anything BUT alone.

We briefly played with her dog, and Val suggested we watch a little TV before getting to the party. Autumn brought out a bottle of red wine that belonged to her parents to take the edge off. She poured each of us a glass.

A re-run of Project Runway was on, and the three of us ladies sipped our wine as we watched the models strut down the actual catwalk, similar to what we just did. We chatted about the styles and chose our favorites and least favorites.

“You know, Jacie, you really could be a model,” Val said, matter-of-factly, “Your legs are to die for. Stand up again!”

I swallowed the rest of my wine and stood up. I thanked genetics once again for giving me naturally hairless legs—they really did look good in this outfit.

“Who knows? Maybe I will go into modelling.” I said. “There’s a lot about my future I’m stiil not sure of, though.”

“But isn’t that what tonight is about?” Val asked. “Tonight you ARE Jacie. Tomorrow, you re-evaluate, right?”

Autumn chimed in. “Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a really cute guy tonight, and then you’ll NEVER want to go back to being Jason.”

With Michael gone, I technically wasn’t attached to anyone. “Are you saying I should pursue another relationship? Already?”

“No, certainly not.” Autumn was quick to say. “But part of embracing womanhood is flirting and talking to guys. Be a tease. It’s fun! And if you’re confident and sure enough, you might even want to kiss one!”

I seriously doubt I’d be kissing anyone tonight.

We each had another glass of wine, and by 9:00pm we were appropriately pre-gamed and ready for the party. We called an uber and directed the driver to Byron’s house. The night begins!


From down the block we could hear and feel the music. The party was already going full steam. Fortunately, the house was far away from any other neighbors, so they could practically be as loud as they want to.

We left the Uber at the driveway—the LONG driveway. This was an absolute mammoth of a home, even bigger than Michael’s. Cars were parked out front on the half-circle driveway that led to the front entrance, and the yard and exterior of the house was hauntingly, but tastefully decorated. I wonder what the budget was?

We made it to the front steps and a few boys our age were chatting on the front porch, drinking some sort of orange, Halloween mixed-drink. One of the boys saw us and bumped his friends.

“Allow us!” the boy said.

One grabbed each of our hands and helped us up the stairs—a much-appreciated offer, considering the heels. We thanked the boys and entered into the fray that was Byron’s Halloween party.

The place was packed! It’s safe to say that hundreds of people were here, and fortunately, I didn’t recognize any of them. Though with my hair, makeup, and costume, they probably wouldn’t be able to recognize me either.

The sound of Top-40 hits filled the spacious but crowded first floor of the house. A few people were dancing, most were talking amongst themselves, but EVERYBODY was in costume. It was a Halloween party after all.

An older gentlemen walked past me and made his way into the basement, holding a nice bottle of wine. Looks like a bunch of parents were here, but wanting nothing to do with the party. However, their presence did make me feel better in case something got out of hand.

The kitchen, the living room, the dining room—every room was crowded with people sipping their drinks and having a good time. In the dining room there were two hired bartenders with a bar set up serving people drinks. The Parents really went all out spending money on this thing! I read through a small cocktail list at the end of the bar: Beetlejuice cocktail, Pitch Black Sangria, and The Poisoned Apple were three drinks that stood out to me. I opted for the third one, and Autumn and Val matched my order. Tasty!

We made our way to the excessively huge backyard, where an actual band was set up on a small stage at one end, and yard games like Cornhole and Croquet were played at the other.

Right as we got back inside a boy I didn’t recognize yelled out to us. “Val!” he said.
“Heyyy!” Val yelled back. It was Byron. He was a tall, chiseled boy wearing a caveman costume, which aptly showed of his most impressive features.

He gave Val a big hug and then greeted Autumn as well, he looked at me, unfamiliar with who I was.

“Oh! This is our friend Jacie. She goes to a different school.” Val said.

“Well, Jacie, it’s very nice to meet you.” Byron said. “Val, are you interested in playing a game of Cauldron pong? I need a partner.”

“Oh, uh, sure!” Val said. Byron put out his hand and Val grabbed it, walking away with Byron to a table in one of the crowded first floor rooms. She smiled and shrugged as she walked away. Autumn made a heart shape with her hands and Val rolled her eyes.

Just then, two other boys came up to Autumn and I. Neither one of us recognized them, but they introduced themselves as Felix and Vincent. Both were tall and handsome.

We chatted them up for about 10 minutes. I had to make up a lot of my background details, but I got pretty good at it from hanging out with Michael’s friends. They invited us to dance next to where the DJ was playing on the first floor, and we accepted.

We danced for a little while just as a group. Eventually Autumn started inching towards Felix, who gladly accepted her interest in him. I still kept more to myself.

Suddenly, Val appeared behind me. She had briefly snuck away from Byron. “That guy seems reeeeeally into you, girl!” she said, referring to Vincent. No pressure, but he’s a 6 foot 6 hunk, and I just wanted to let you know you have the opportunity. She winked and walked away.

“What was that all about?” Vincent asked, still dancing.

Boy, he was cute. I definitely wanted to inch a little closer to him, but should I? He’s super gentlemanlike and kind, so that’s not the problem. The question is, is this something Jacie would do?

He complimented my appearance. I blushed visibly. Looking to the side I could see Autumn and Felix were now grinding up on each other. She was totally in the moment and having a great time.

I started dancing a little closer to Felix, who was certainly fine with my choice. I danced facing front, as he slid his body behind mine. The back of my shoulder brushed against part of his chest. He was only of the only guys here who could make me feel short and dainty.

We matched rhythms and he danced against me, grabbing my soft elbows from both sides. His hands were strong, but he had a soft touch.

By now, Autumn and Felix were off in the corner, talking really close to each other, but not quite kissing yet. I turned my head again, and in another part of the large, crowded room Val and Byron were doing the same.

I seem to be doing the right thing. We were all with our men, getting the respectful attention we deserved while having fun at the same time.

Still glancing around, there were couples paired up throughout the party. Lots of girls getting attention paid to them by boys. Those who were not paired up were eying each other, hoping the night would lead them to that place. I’ve been in the place of those boys before, and I certainly can still be attracted to girls. But not all the time. Especially not right now.

Right now I am Jacie, not Jason. And I was as dolled up as can be wearing high heels, a girly costume, my hair and makeup done to perfection, with a 6 and-a-half foot stud dancing behind me, rubbing his body against mine.

But it wasn’t even about Vincent. It was about me. This situation felt right. I knew who I was.

But then:

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted someone I knew: Amanda!

Michael’s friend Amanda, who I met at the Pool Party.

Our eyes locked and her expression was one of surprise and glee. It looked as if she had something to tell me.

I turned around and told Vincent I had to talk to someone for a second. He was cool with it.

Amanda gave me a big hug. But she pulled me outside to the backyard and got down to business.

“Thank God you’re here! It’s important that you listen to me.” She was very serious. “You need to speak with Michael.”

“What? We practically ghosted each other for an entire week, he quits his job and NOW he wants to speak with me?”

“There’s more to that story,” Amanda said. “It’s not his fault.”

She went on to explain that Michael’s ex-Girlfriend Leslie was in an extreme fit of jealousy that he invited me over to the pool party and had taken me to the dance. So much so, that she began spreading nasty rumors about Michael around the school. Rumors that weren’t even remotely true.

Leslie had a lot of sway among their peers and people began to turn against Michael. He felt that he couldn’t go out without being judged and ridiculed. His parents felt it was best that he completely removes himself from school and work for the entire week while he mentally recovered. Eventually, few loyal friends and I exposed the truth about Leslie’s lies, and everyone turned on her. That was the last of the friendship between Leslie and Amanda.

“He’s unbelievably sorry that he ignored you all week, but felt it was best to recover in seclusion. He wants to be with you, Jacie,” Amanda said.

I was speechless. My opinions on Michael went from anger and sadness to true empathy.

“Where is he now?”

“Right here.” Michael said. He was standing behind me, dressed oddly enough as a pilot.

“Did you fill her in?” he asked Amanda. She nodded. He turned towards me and gave me a big, long hug.

“I’m so sorry…” he said.

“No! I’m sorry you had to go through that.” We pulled out from the hug and he leaned in to kiss me.

But I stopped him.

“A moment, please, Amanda?” I asked.

She went inside.

“Michael, we need to talk.” I said.

“You’re right! I need to explain my week.”

“No” I cut him off. “You’re fine. You’ve---you’ve been wonderful in fact.”

I paused and took a sigh. I know what I needed to do. But we needed a more private place.

I took him inside and up to the second floor. The hallway was filled with people playing drinking games. Looks like it’s the third floor, then.

The third floor was much less crowded. We went into an open bedroom and I closed the door behind him.

“You look beautiful.” He said.

“Please,” I said, cutting him off once again. “I need to explain something. I’ve been lying to you. I’ve been lying to you for weeks. You know me as Jacie, but I wasn’t born this way.”

“Oh that’s—,“ he began to talk.

“Michael! Please, this is important,” I said firmly. “I was born…a boy. And in a way, I’m still a boy…physically.”

“Can I speak?” Michael asked. I nodded.

“I don’t care.” Michael said.

“What?” I stood up fast. “What do you mean you don’t care?”

“I’ve suspected that for a little while Jacie. The dance, the pool party…there were some hints that you weren’t like most other girls.”

“But…but you didn’t leave me…” I stuttered.

“This past week…I dealt with a lot of crap. Leslie spread some horrible things about me. She said I was a selfish, disloyal, horrible person…she said those out of jealousy. Jealousy of you.”

He sighed again. “Over the past week, I learned who was a real friend and a fake friend. I’m not a perfect man, but those who really know me, knew I wouldn’t cheat or lie or steal. They know the real me on the inside. That’s all they should care about.”

I sat back down on the bed. I was tearing up.

“And the inside of you…the REAL you…is Jacie. I can tell that.”

“It is,” I said nodding. “It really is.”

He kissed me. I leaned in and passionately kissed him back.

I began to take of my top and shorts, stripping down to my underwear. He took off his jacket, shirt, and pants, as I kicked off my heels and rustled his hair. We fiercely kissed, and I placed his hand on the erection in my panties.

“Is this okay?” I whispered.

He nodded, and kissed me some more. He moved my hand to his well hung lower region as well.

“And for you?” he asked.

I smiled. We continued on…

…BUT the rest of the details of that night, I’ll keep private ;)

I can tell you this: From there on out, I was confident in who I was, and so was he.

Nothing feels better than that.


Much love to anyone who read the story. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the story. Let me know your favorite parts and what you'd like to see down the road.


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