I was Turned into A Six-Year-Old Girl

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Harry pulls his battered pick-up truck up to the house he had been told to clean out by his father. It was to pay his father back for buying the truck he was driving. He grabs his gloves and paper mask as he heads inside the house. He couldn’t believe how much of a mess had been left behind.

The house had been foreclosed on and his father had bought the house at an auction to flip it. His father loved making money. His father was paying him and four of his friends to clean the house out. If there is anything they wanted to come for themselves, they could.

Half-n-hour later, Harry hears the loud music coming from his friend George’s car. He steps out of the house and looks towards his friend.

“It’s about time you guys got here. I have been here since 8:00 a.m.” Harry wipes the sweat from his forehead.

His father finally had the power turned on and put in the company’s name. So, that he and his friends could work in comfort.

“Hey Harry, what are we supposed to do with all the furniture here?” Chris looks over towards Harry.

“If there is any you want, help yourself. My father said you guys can keep anything you want. He just wants the house cleared out, so he can start remodeling it.”

“Well, if that is the case, I wouldn’t mind keeping certain pieces of furniture for my apartment.” Chris knew he needed a new sofa and recliner.

“Just tag it with this painter’s tape and put your initials on it.” Harry tosses a roll of painter’s tape and a marker towards Chris.

“Thanks.” Chris catches the roll and marker and marks which pieces of furniture he wanted.

“What happened to the family that owned the house?” Terry was helping Harry carry a bedroom set out of the house and towards the trailer attached to the back of Harry’s truck.

“Don’t know. All I do know is that my father bought the house during an auction. The house still had everything they owned in it. The bank and my father tried to contact their family, but none could be found.” Harry knew his father had tried to track down the previous buyers.

All their employment history and bank accounts were right, but everyone they called who knew the family. They had no idea where or who they were talking about. Which was concerning and unusual.

Throughout the day, they managed to box up and move all the furniture from the house. Some of it was going to the antique store, some of it was going to the thrift store. All the clothes, shoes and such was heading to the thrift store, but they were boxed up for now. They did find some jewelry, but most of it was fake. Harry found an interesting bracelet, that was in the little girl’s room. When he went to polish it, it stuck him.

“Hey Chris, is this bracelet worth much?” Harry hands the bracelet to his friend.

Chris saw an inscription engraved on it, as he tried to make it out. He got stuck by the same bur Harry had.

“Ouch!” He sticks his finger in his mouth to suck on.

“Yea, I forgot to warn you about that. It has a bur or something. It got me as well.” Harry was still sucking on his finger.

“Well, whatever is written on this bracelet is pretty worn. I think you should keep it.” Chris hands the bracelet back to his friend.

“Hey guys, you should see the clothes the woman of the house wore.” Terry had put on one of the mother’s dresses. It fitted him pretty good.

He had put on all the proper undergarments as well. The bra was a little loose on him, so he stuffed the cups with pantyhose.

“Ah, don’t you look hot.” Chris and Harry look towards Terry and couldn’t believe how foxy he looked, even with the cups of the bra stuffed. He had put on a pair of diamond earrings along with the necklace that matched.

“He does look cute dress that way.” Troy comes into the room with the other three.

Troy puts his arm around Terry’s waist and pulls him close to his body. When he put his arm around Terry’s waist, he touched the bangles Troy had put on and received a shock form them.

“Ow! You shocked me.” Troy removes his arm.

“Sorry, must be all that static electricity you have stored up.” Terry places a kiss on Troy’s cheek.

Terry and Troy were gay and have been dating for a few months. They went to different schools and hooked up at a gay bar in town. Terry was the more flamboyant of two and liked dressing up in women clothes. Chris and Harry didn’t mind. Terry was their friend and have known him since elementary school and knew there was always something different about him.

Terry changes into a navy blue striped halter romper he found among the woman’s clothes. He had a pair of her panties on and wish his chest would fill out the halter top.

“I’m ready Troy, let’s go get lunch for everyone.” Terry comes walking out to the living room.

Troy turns around and couldn’t believe how cute Terry looked dress the way he was. He stood there with his mouth hanging open.

“What? Do I have something on my teeth?” Terry was clueless about why Troy was looking at him.

“No, you look really hot. If you had the proper breast size, that romper wouldn’t look too bad on you.” Troy gives Terry a smile as they head out to his car.

They were heading towards Kentucky Fried chicken to pick-up lunch. The two of them leave. Chris and Harry look at each other and pack up the rest of the clothes from the Master bedroom.

“I would leave the mother’s clothes for Terry. There might be some other clothes in there he might like.” Harry was sitting down on the floor watching Chris as he dug around in the closet.

“Hey, there’s a box in here from some adult store.” Chris pulls the box out and opens it. There was a blonde wig inside and a leather corset, black silk panties, and stockings that would get with the black corset. There was a pair of black leather knee-high, five-inch boots inside the box.

“I wonder what these are like to wear.” Chris holds the items up.

“Are you becoming gay as well?” Harry covers up a yawn. He was starting to feel sleepy.

“No, but I would like to know why women like wearing things like this.” Chris was curious.

“Well, why don’t you try them on?” Harry wonders if Chris is going to be bold enough to try it.

“What will you give me, if I do?” Chris looks towards Harry.

“Well if you put them on and wear them while we eat, I’ll give you an extra hundred dollars, on top of what my father is giving us for the job.”
Harry didn’t think Chris would take the offer.

Chris stands there for a moment thinking over Harry’s challenge. An extra hundred sounded good to him.

“Your on. Did we pack up the mother’s makeup?” Chris was looking for it.

“It’s in that box over there.” Harry points towards a small box he had taped up and set aside for Terry to take home.

Chris takes the box into the bathroom and starts stripping out of his closet and takes a shower. They hadn’t gotten around to clearing the bathroom out. So, he uses some of the products he found in there.

By the time he comes out of the bathroom, Terry and Troy had come back with lunch. Chris stands in the doorway dress in the leather corset, silk stocking, and five-inch-high heel boots that came up to his calf’s. The blonde wig made him look like a model in the outfit. The tightness of the corset gave him some breast and a nice hour shape figure.

“Be still my beating heart.” Terry walks over to Chris and runs his fingers on the tight leather corset.

“Damn girl. You look like a runway model. That corset is giving you a nice figure.” Terry kisses Chris lightly on the cheek.

Chris blushes from being kissed by Terry.

“Welcome to the sisterhood, Chris.”

“Hey, I’m hungry. Can we eat?” Harry was hungry from all the work he had been doing and was getting tired as well.

“Yes, we can eat darling.” Terry sashay’s over to Troy and serves him. He bends over just enough so he could see down the front of the romper halter.

Troy just smiles as he looks down Terry’s halter and actually saw a full set of breasts. Not small ones, but big ones.

“Terry, when did you get such a nice rack of tits?” Troy looks into Terry’s eyes.

“You know, I don’t know. I didn’t have them when I put this outfit on and now that you mention it, I am feeling some weight.” Terry unties the
strap holding the halter top and lets it fall.

Everyone was surprised to see that Terry had a set of huge breasts on his body. They were all staring at his breasts. They were a little bigger
than Kim Kardashian’s and perfectly shaped.

“When did that happened?” Troy couldn’t believe his boyfriend had a set of breasts.

“I don’t know. I felt some pain when we rode over to the restaurant, but I paid no mind to it.” Terry felt the heaviness but thought it was just his muscles.

“Guys look at Terry’s face, hair, and lips.” Chris notices some changes going on with Terry.

Troy looks up at Terry’s face closely and notices it had changed some. It had become softer and he had fuller, pouty lips. Even Terry’s hair had become fuller and longer.

“Guys, I don’t think it’s just Terry being affected.” Chris had a high pitch voice when he spoke.

Everyone turns around and notices Chris was filling the corset out more and his face was changing, becoming younger and sexier. His waist had become smaller as if someone had tightened the corset more. His silky covered legs were slimmer and more tone.

Chris’s lips were smaller, slimmer and fit his angelic face. The way he stood and the way he was dressed in the dominatrix outfit said he must be a model. He had the perfect figure to be a model or was a model. The wig Chris put on looked to be permanently attached to his head and came down past his shoulders.

“Okay, this is getting weird.” Troy looks over towards Harry and he looked to be getting younger and smaller.

Harry could feel a tingling sensation in his body as he felt his body start to shrink. He felt his testicles slide back up into his body. He grabs his groin area, as he felt a slight pain. He feels the skin in between his legs open.

“What is happening to me?” Harry’s voice sounded like a little girl’s voice as his hair became longer.

His skin loses all his body hair and was smaller. He looked to be a 6-year-old girl.

Troy couldn’t believe what he was seeing as Harry became a little girl. Chris became a beautiful model, Terry looked like he could be a famous actress. He wonders why nothing happened to him.

Terry sits down on his lap “do you want to change, or do you want to stay like you are?”

“I don’t know. Are you fully female?” Troy was curious, not because he was drawn to Terry as a female, but because he loved Terry.

Terry takes his hand and put down towards her crotch. She leans in and whispers “I’m fully female. I could have your baby.”

“Hey, I want to try Troy out as well, if he wants to.” Chris comes walking over and rubs Terry’s exposed breast.

Troy normally wasn’t turned on by women, but for some reason, he wanted to give these two women what they wanted. He looks over towards Harry and saw that Harry had fallen asleep in the pile of clothes he had been wearing.

“Let’s put the little angel to bed and have some fun afterward.” Troy picks Harry up and carries her to the bedroom where the little girl had
slept. The mattress was still in there, so he lays her down on it and shuts the door behind him.

Troy, Terry, and Chris make love all night long in the Living room. Troy never tired and discovers that his penis had become bigger and fuller.
He brings both to unbelievable heights of pleasures and orgasm.

Terry and Chris not only bring pleasure to Troy but also to each other. They experience things that they never experience being males. By 4:00 am, they finally fall asleep snuggle against each other.

Around nine in the morning, Harry wakes up and rubs her eyes. She looks around and discovers she was in the little girl’s room. She wonders where everyone else is. She gets up and heads to the bathroom. When she is done, she notices clothes everywhere. She was in the nude as well.

Harry walks into the living room and spots Chris in the nude and curled up on the right side of Troy. Terry was in the nude and curled up on the left-hand side of Troy and Troy had his arms wrapped around both women. Harry notices that Terry was shorter than Chris.

Chris was a few inches taller than Terry. Also, her breasts weren’t as big as Terry’s either. Harry walks over towards Terry and shakes her lightly.

“Wake-up Terry.” Harry was kneeling next to Terry.

“Wake Chris up. I’m too sore to move.” She moves closer to Troy.

Harry remembers everything from yesterday. She walks over to Chris and starts shaking her.

“Chris, wake-up. I’m hungry.” Harry shakes Chris likely. Chris turns until she is laying on her back and pull Harry onto her belly.

“Good morning Harry, or should I say Harrieta.” Chris stares up at Harry’s young face.

“I guess Harrieta for now, Chris or do you prefer Christy?” Harrieta stares down into Chris’s green eyes.

“Christy sounds nice. So, why did you wake me up?” Christy liked her new name.

“Well, first I’m hungry and second what are we going to do. I can remember everything that happened to me, but I’m six years old now. How
about you?” Harrieta wonders if Chris forgot anything.

“I’m fine and sore. I enjoyed last night having sex with Troy. I think we are going to stay together as a couple and since you are a minor now. I
guess we can adopt you.” Christy tickles Harriet’s side.

“What about my father? He’s going to wonder about us and me.” Harrieta was a little concern about her father.

“I think we can fix that problem. First, let me get up and dress. Then we will go and get breakfast for everyone. There should be some clothes for you to wear in the boxes we packed yesterday.”

“Will you have anything to wear? Because Terry is bigger in the chest department then you are.” Harrieta had her hands-on Christy’s breasts.

Christy looks over towards Terry and notices Harrieta was right. Terry was shorter and had bigger breasts than her. The thing was, she enjoyed them last night.

“I’ll go through the clothes we have on hand and see if any fit me. Now let me up, before I pee on the floor.” Christy starts getting up.

Harrieta gets up and starts going through the boxes they packed yesterday. She was looking for something for herself to wear. She finds a nice dress, panties, and sandals she could wear to the where ever Christy was heading.

The clothes were easy to put on. So, she didn’t have that problem. She went to find Christy and walks into the Master bedroom. Christy was halfway dress.

“I see you found something to wear.” Harrieta walks the rest of the way into the room.

“Yep, I found a nice dress to wear.” As Christy slides the dress on.

“Doesn’t that feel uncomfortable?” Harrieta was pointing towards the thong Christy was wearing.

“Yes and no.” She zips the back of the dress up and checks her looks in the mirror they didn’t remove yesterday.

“Why no?” Harrieta was curious.

“Because it’s something new to wear. I’ve never worn a thong before.”

“I have.” As Terry rushes to the bathroom to pee.

“Let’s go Harrieta.” Christy grabs a purse she found.

She was a little stiff from their marathon lovemaking last night. Troy really stretched her openings last night. He was so wide and long and touched her cervix each time he pumped in and out of her. It felt wonderful and weird at the same time. Even when they had anal sex.

Harrieta and Christy head towards the nearest fast food place to buy food for everyone. They also stopped and pick-up drinks and a few other items. Harrieta was finding it weird seeing things from a six-year-old girl point of view.

“Why did you guys get to be women and I was turned into a six-year-old girl?” Harrieta looks at Christy.

“Don’t know but look at it this way. You’ll blow right through the classes.” Christy was smiling at Harrieta.

“Yea, I get to experience childhood again.” Harrieta felt she got the raw end of the deal.

Three Months Later:
Terry and Christy were both pregnant from their constant loving making with Troy. Christy won the lottery for a ticket she bought the day they had gone out and bought breakfast. She shared with Terry and Troy. Harrieta ended up being adopted by all three of them. Troy and Terry got married legally.

They bought the house they had been hired to clean out. Harry’s father was happy he got double what he was asking and as for his son. He felt it was about time he got on with his life. All though, he did look hard at Harrieta when he saw her. It turned out that Harrieta’s looks remind him of an older aunt.

Harrieta jumps off the side of the pool they had built and splashes Troy, Terry, and Christy. Even though she knew how to swim, she was relearning how to with her child body. So, she had floaties on her arms. She swims over to Terry and holds onto her.

“Easy with the swimsuit, Harrieta.” Terry holds her in her arms.

“I wonder how much bigger your breasts will get?” Harrieta looks up at Terry.

“I don’t know. It does feel weird being pregnant. Wait till you get older and experience it.”

“She better not, have any kids till she is thirty years old.” Christy walks over towards them.

Everyone had noticed that Christy has taken the motherly role of taking care of Harrieta. She made Harrieta call her mommy and always picks out her clothes for her to wear every day. When they went to the day spa, both her and Terry had a Brazilian wax done.

Troy for some reason started working out and took a fatherly role towards Harrieta. At first, Harrieta didn’t know what to make of it, but she was enjoying it. He gave her a lot of attention. He also loved the fact that Terry and Christy were carrying his baby.

They were one big happy family.

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The feeling when you get

The feeling when you get changed into a little girl but everything ends up okay anyway. That feeling when your jealous of some fictional characters

I enjoyed the story

Wendy Jean's picture

My suspension of disbelief is having a lot of trouble with it.


Daphne Xu's picture

It would have been interesting to read about the efforts to find the owners who were foreclosed upon. Employment history and bank accounts okay? Coworkers didn't know anything about them? Sounds quite strange. One might even take the "employment history" and "bank accounts" as pointing toward embezzlement, if those persons didn't exist (after the reality-shift). But still, who owned the house? Who lived there?

-- Daphne Xu