A more deviant side

So over this last few years I have been trying my best to get out and wear dresses in (public) well one of the local adult video arcades. As I have said before I have been collecting my wardrobe and now I'm wanting to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of anal sex. So just to be clear I am not passable by any account I am a 5'11" 220# man in a dress. But it is not going to stop me from experiencing what I hope will be a life changing experience. So I find or make an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours and find someone who is interested in the same. So the first time I wore a dress (little black one really tight and short) into the arcade I was so excited I couldn't wait to get to a booth and turn on some transgender porn I was maybe there ten minutes or less. A few guys looked in on me one even came in and rubbed my ass told me that he was just down the street if I wanted to go to his house. Excitement got the best of me and I had to pleasure myself.

The next time I had purchased a new pink lace dress along with black lace trimmed stockings and black panties. I am more confident for my second trip I changed in the car and walked in with head held high even stopped at the counter for change. As I walked into the arcade I passed four or five men some looked at me like I was crazy others with curiosity. I found a booth at the end of the hall and left the rope down as an invitation to the men in the arcade. One came in and looked but left nothing said just a smile and left. Another came in and asked if I wanted to give him a blowjob I declined the offer and he left. On my third visit I have gotten some fishnets and heels again I changed in the parking lot and walked in the door head up and to the counter for change the girl at the counter herd my heels and ask ( do I hear cute heels) I just smile and head to the arcade and the booth at the end of the hall. Again some men linger in the arcade and yes we exchange glances. I have been in the booth about two minutes and this guy comes in and puts the rope across the door.
Does not even speak just got on his knees and took my dick into his mouth and throat the feeling made me hard instantly. He began to lick and kiss my balls and below my scrotum the feeling was intense he put his hands on my hips and turned me away from his face. He then places one hand on my back and gently pushed me to bend over and proceeded to eat my ass for what seemed like an eternity. At the same time he was massaging my penis and balls I started to breathe harder and harder. Just as I was about to lose my load he turned me around and sucked me back into his mouth and put a finger in my ass causing me to explode like never before. It was all I could do to pull up my panties and walk to the car in the parking lot. I have been back a few times and I have had a few encounters but no real sex. I have a new dress and stockings and heels for this weekend and will try again

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