The Legend of the Amazon Girl

.The Legend of the Amazon Girl

written by Dauphin
Clothes do matter, even when you are a super hero
"No mater how many powers you have, it only takes a good heart to accept you" Diana
"There are many metaphores in this story" Dauphin

The Legend of the Amazon Girl

I do not have a normal family. I live in a family of superheroes. It is true that we were mostly normal, and looked like any normal family. However, when it was needed, my family disguised themselves with superhero costumes and went out to save the world. All my family did this except me, as I was not old enough. My mom, Dad and sister were very powerful as a superhero team and they were the most famous people in the world. I heard many stories where they saved the world so many times.

Despite this, they could never defeat the Dark and evil villain called Zork. He was so evil that he did not know what the words being kind meant. He wanted to control the world and make the people to his slaves. He would have done this if it was not for my family. They had countless battles and the media wrote about them all. This means that both Zork and my family were famous. The problem was that my family could never defeat Zork, and he could never defeat them. The fact was that the only thing that could stop my family was lead.

My name is Elliott and I was now 11 years old. I was like any other boy. I was a bit small for my age and had skater's hair; you know it goes down to the shoulder. I liked sports like swimming and playing soccer. I also sang in the Church choir.

It was time that I was to find what powers I had plus to train to be part of the team. My parents made a bootleg camp. They tried different things to see what powers I had. There were lots of tests where I had to be fast, or strong, or try to fly or climb walls. I failed them all which confused my parents, as I should have had some powers by now. Usually, a child found out their powers when they were 9 years old. This did not stop my family, as they just told me to concentrate and search inside myself for my powers. So I continued training for a few months and I failed every test. It was obvious that I did not have any and would never be a superhero.

My family came to the same conclusion, and one night while we were eating ice cream, they told me that they did not think I had any powers. I was just a normal boy. I was in tears as it was my wish to join my family on their crusades. I knew that they could not defeat Zork because they did not have me on their team. Their team needed the last superhero. It was hard for me realizing that I would never be the superhero to help them. Mom knew I was sad, and told me that there was nothing wrong with being a normal human being. She said I had talents like I made people happy when I sang. Maybe this was my power, the ability to make people smile by singing.

I do not know how this would help.

In any case, my training stopped because Zork was up to something again. A lot of diamonds were being stolen from the world, and mom and Dad knew that it was Zork and he most likely had an evil plan, and only my family could save the world from his newest plan. This meant that my training stopped. This meant that my life dream of joining the family team was broken. I begged my parents to take me to Doctor Zip. He was the doctor of superheroes. I told them he could find my powers. Dad got annoyed and told me to accept that I was normal.

So the first time they went out to stop a crime, I went over to the boot camp and tried to do the challenges again. I was not in a great mood, as I knew my family were fighting some villains and really making a difference. I was determined to do the challenges and find my powers. Despite how much I wanted to and how much I tried to concentrate, I failed all the tests.

When my parents came back, my sister found me and was so excited about what happened. They stopped 20 men from stealing a diamond. She described every detail on what happened. When I say every detail, I meant every detail. I told her to go away as I did not want to listen to it. Did she not realize I was so jealous that she had powers and I was forced to be normal?

Of course, I had to read about it the next day in the newspapers

The next time they went out, I hid in my bed under my sheets. I was crying and feeling sorry for myself. I was dreaming of how I would have been a superhero. My family was in trouble and I saved them. I was the hero of the day and I was being praised in the hero of the day. I woke up to reality and my sister telling me how good they were that day.

They were fighting criminals a lot. I was bored so I went into my sister's room. I wanted to look like a hero and got this crazy idea that I would try an old costume she had. I had none so I figured she may have one a boy could wear. The only one I could find was a Halloween costume she had. It was an Amazon warrior princess. It was like a black leotard with a silver loincloth that covered the front and back. It had white tights and black knee boots. There was even a tiara. I put that on and started giggling when I saw myself in the mirror. I looked like a girl!

The phone rang which made me jump. In fact, I ended jumping to the ceiling and hanging on it as if I was a spider. I did not have time to think as the next time the phone rang, I was next to it. It took me 1½ seconds to get to the other side of the house. I picked up the phone. It was mom telling me that they would be delayed. After I put the phone down, I stood confused. I just had the powers as a spider and I could move very quickly.

I went out to the boot camp and tried all the challenges. Somehow dressing up in this girls costume gave me powers. I was strong, could climb on walls, and was quick and very acrobatic. I was a superhero!

I quickly got out of the girl clothes. Funny enough, my boy's clothes did not feel all that well. I felt like they did not belong to me.

When my family came home my sister gave me every detail of their fight that day. It was a bit harder as the villains seemed to be stronger and smarter. My sister could see I was quiet. She gave me one of her dolls and told me I could be a superhero and protect the doll. Mom told my sister not to tease me, but I held the doll close to me. It was mine now. I did not tell them that I now had powers. My sister would tease me that I had to dress as a girl to have powers. In fact, I had to get used to that fact as I was no sissy, despite I was holding a doll. I had to understand it before I could tell anyone.

I felt better the next time they went out. I put the costume on and was practicing to fight. I think the strangest thing was that my legs showed so much and wearing that leotard made me feel like a girl. I collapsed on the sofa and looked at the TV. There was a news special on my parents fighting in the middle of town. It was not going well for them. My sister and Mom were captured in nets. The journalist said they had lead in them which made my sister and mom powerless. My dad was cornered and about to get a net over him. The reporter announced sadly that my family was defeated.

Before I knew it, I was at the centre of the fight. This surprised everyone! I wasted no time and freed my family from the nets. While they were getting their strength back, I started fighting the villains. They tried to put a net over me, but I was too quick. I never had so much fun as when I kicked them and knocked them down one by one. There was a heap of villains in the middle of the street. By the time my family recovered, the police were putting handcuffs on the moaning villains, and I was home putting my boy clothes on.

When my family came home they were in a bad mood. Some strange girl came and took all the glory. My sister tried telling me they did not need any help as they had the situation under control. They obviously did not recognize it was me. I was a bit angered and sad that they did not appreciate the help. I saved them and possibly their lives. The media agreed with me. They called me the Amazon Girl. I was described as the cutest hero in the country and the new hope for the country. This upset my family as they thought Amazon Girl was just lucky.

I was not lucky. When my parents went, I would get changed and because I was so quick, I would be at the crime scene before them. I would have all the bad guys in a heap ready for the police before my parents even came. When they came home, they would be disappointed and complain about the Amazon Girl. My sister was especially jealous at no longer being the top superhero.

It came to that they were complaining about Amazon Girl and my sister even said she had the same costume. Mom was looking at a blurry picture of the Amazon girl in the newspaper and asked me what I knew about it. I smiled and admitted that the amazon girl was me! I told them the whole story and explained that I kept it a secret, as I did not want to admit that I only had powers when I was dressed up as a girl. I do not know what I expected. A hug and maybe a thank you would have been good. Maybe a welcome to the team. This did not happen. Dad got upset and told me I was no longer allowed to be Amazon Girl. He did not want a son of his parading around the country like a sissy. He paced back and forth telling me I was no girl and wearing girls clothes was just sick and against the law of nature.

I was in tears and ran to my room and cried on my bed. Why were my parents always against me? They gave up on my training and now I was not allowed to be Amazon Girl. Why could boys not dress up as girls? Girls always wore boy’s clothes. Did they realize that it was the best disguise I could have? Who would have expected I would be Amazon Girl. Besides that, I no longer dressed as Amazon Girl. I was her. I was a girl, and I felt like I was a girl. I would be a girl all the time if I could. Maybe this was me being a sissy, but I did not think I was a sissy. I was beginning to believe that I was born in the wrong body.

I went out to tell Mom and Dad how I felt, but they were going to some fire. I was warned to stay home or I would not like the consequences. So here I was left alone again. I turned on TV only to see that Zork's men were about to kidnap children at a playground. The reporter asked where the Amazon girl was. I shouted at the TV that I was grounded. I continued watching the kidnapping and knew what I had to do. I put on my costume.

When I came to the playground, it was empty. There was only an old woman. I asked her which way the kidnappers went. She smiled and touched me with this electric thing that made me fall to the ground and shake and could hardly breathe. My eyes were also becoming heavy and everything went black.

When I woke up, I was in a padded cell and Zork was looking down at me,

“Who expected Amazon Girl to be a boy?” He smiled and laughed, “It was great that you would save some children in a playground. There was no children, just some old footage my men put together to get you there. Now, what should I do with you?”

“My family will come and save me”

“I suspected who your family is. Well let me tell you something, they do not want you. You are a disgrace for them. They think you are just a sissy and are so embarrassed!”

“They love me!”

“Do they? Is that why they do not allow you on their team.”

Zork left and I was in this padded room. I could hear whispering that my family hated me and I was an embarrassment. I suspected that these came from my head. Zork visited me often. I do not know why people thought he was mean. He was nice to me. He even told me that he did not think I was a boy. He said my body may be a boy’s body, but my soul was a girl's. Sometime went and he told me he would not kill me. He accepts the way I am and wanted to help me. I was in doubt, but I was there for more than a week and my family did not even try to save me. I came to the conclusion that they did not love me and did not want me.

Zork came in one day and told me it was time that I was set free. He really hoped that my parents would be happy to have me back. He told me that he was sad I was being released, as he cared for me a lot. He wanted to adopt me. I gave him a hug and said he could adopt me. I had no other alternative as my family hated me.

So I became Zork’s Daughter. He gave me lovely dresses and toys that any girl would love to have. He always called me a princess as he told me one day he would rule the world. He told me he wanted a world where everyone would be happy and there was no hatred, no wars and no fighting. I believed him and was proud of being his daughter. Every time I remembered my family, I got upset. How could they hate their own child?

Zork told me one day he needed a special diamond and needed my help to get it. I said I did not want to steal. Zork smiled and kissed me on the forehead and told me it was just borrowing. So I dressed once again at Amazon Girl and told him I would help, before I went, he gave me a net gun, just in case I had problems.

So I was at the museum and managed to get the diamond. There were lots of guards, but they were no problem. They all ended up as a heap on the floor. Then I saw my family. They were in shock to see me as the villain. Dad told me to come to my senses. I shouted that I knew they hated me, and I have a new family. Before they could answer, I took the net gun and put them all in nets. Mom was now crying and begging me to help. I didn’t listen. I smiled as Zork came and told his men to take my family away. He told me that he was so proud of me.

I did not have any more jobs, so I played with the toys I had. It did hurt when I read the newspapers call me evil. They did not understand that Zork was not mean. He told me he even told me he released my family.

So I was a princess and lived the life as one. Once in a while, I would hear strange voices in my head, like my sister crying and telling me to save her. I thought this was my brain hoping my family still loved me. I was convinced they did not. They even showed up to fight me when I loaned the diamond. I knew that Zork loved me. He treated me like a princess and spoiled me in every way. So I lived the next few weeks as a spoiled princess.

The problem was that I heard my family’s voice in my head. My sister said they were in a lead cell and being punished. My mom was saying that she loved me. Dad was saying Zork was making a laser gun to destroy the capital city. I decided to prove these voices were my mind playing tricks. So I snuck around and seen what was going on. Some of his men were training, and some were working at their computers. In the end, I found a huge gun. At the top, the diamond I stole was attached. It was a laser gun!

I went back to the area where I was captured and searched all the cells. I found my family in one of the cells. I started crying and asked why did Zork lie to me and say that my family was released.

“Zork tricked you and brainwashed you,” Mom explained, “You were led to believe that he was the only one that loved you. He just wanted you as a trophy and having you on his side would break our hearts. We love you and always will.”

“When we found out you were Amazon Girl, we were shocked,” Dad explained. “We did not know what to do. When you went missing, we felt destroyed. At the end of the day, we love you as a girl or as a boy. Forgive us for not accepting you. You are part of this family, no matter if you are transgender or not!”

We all sobbed and cried as we hugged each other. This was until my sister told me to dress like Amazon Girl, as I was needed in the final battle with Zork.

So over the next few hours, we fought everyone we could. All our powers together made us very strong! No matter how many that stood up to us, we knocked them down like flies. We were determined. The more that challenged us, the more we worked as a team. I was punching and kicking my frustration apart. I was mad at myself for believing my family hated me and allowing Zork to corrupt me. No, it was time to pay back and destroy everything.

We came to the room where Zork was. He was holding the trigger that would start the laser and destroy the capital. Zork looked at me and said to use my net gun on my family. I took out my net gun. Zork told me that he loved me and I would be the princess of the whole world. Zork said he accepted me for who I am. I pointed the gun at my family. Mom told me to listen to my heart while Zork was ordering me to shoot. I turned around and shot at Zork so he was under a net. I told him he was a liar!

We destroyed the gun and things started to explode. Zork had a control device in his pocket that would destruct the whole place. We managed just to get out before it became dust.

Zork was not found in the debris. My parents said he most likely escaped. They told me that they needed me as the amazon girl to fight Zork and all crime. Dad told me that if I felt like a girl, I could live as one.

I was happy!

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