The Female Avenger (updated)

“Ouch!” Erin sticks his finger in his mouth to suck on it.

The custom circuit board he was working on, had shocked him. He was putting the finishing touches on his cosplay armor. He was going as a female Iron Girl. He saw the design on the web by an artist named Bogdanbl4. He was changing up the paint scheme from blue and black, to black and silver. He glances over towards his 3D printer as it prints out the last remaining piece he needed for the armor.

Erin works throughout the night adding and modifying certain parts of the armor with hidden weaponry. Some of the weaponry were items he found on the internet and tested them himself. He picks up the specially design police batons he designed and tested. They were designed to work just like cattle prods. Also, he could screw them together and form a Bo-staff.

He checks the connection between his sword and the suit. If his hand is wrapped around the connectors in the handle, he could send an electrical charge up the sword. The sword also had a small butane cylinder in it, so he could set the blade on fire. He had heard stories of strange things going on around town. He wanted to investigate and find out if the rumors were true.

The suit was equipped with devices that could detect the Supernatural. He figured it would come in handy for what he had planned. He puts the suit on and tries it out for the first time. It weighed a little more then he thought it would. He also felt the need to increase the cooling properties of the suit. It didn’t enhance his strength or anything like that. He didn’t have that type of skill level to create things of that nature.

He tests the armor out in his backyard. He had set-up an obstacle course to test how the suit moved and to see if he needed to adjust the fitting. So, far everything was working on the suit. He swings over a ditch he had dug on a strong metal line that shoots out from the suit’s right arm. He designed it after the one they used in the movie Steel, that Shaq O’Neil starred in.

There were a few times he misjudged the jump and ended up falling on his face. He slowly stands up out of the mud and brushes the mud off the suit. He checks the power levels, and everything was within normal range. He waits till it gets dark outside before testing the optics and other items he built into the suit’s helmet.

The night vision system worked fine and so did the system of the infrared/ultraviolet system. The laser distance worked nicely. The other systems he couldn’t check till he comes in a range of a supernatural entity.

Since he didn’t know to construct a flight system. He constructs a custom Tron style vehicle to travel around in. The weekend was coming up and last night the police had found a dead body. He donned the armor he constructed and heads out to the garage where his custom cycle was stored.

Erin heads off into the night, looking for any sign of what killed the person the police found. That’s the first place he goes. The supernatural energy detector he installed in his armor, pick up traces. He starts following the energy trail on foot. He notices that it was leading away from where he was. He sends the recall signal to his motorcycle and waits.

The motorcycle responds to the remote signal. Erin watches as the motorcycle pulls up in front of him and stops. Erin mounts it and links his suit to the motorcycle sensors. He follows the energy trail. As he gets closer the readings got stronger. He spots several creatures fighting against each other. Were-Wolves fighting against another group of Were-Wolves. There was a couple of fae creatures defending themselves from a person wearing black robes that had mystic symbols glowing. He gets off his motorcycle and assembles his bo-staff. He strikes the figure in black robes from behind. The high energy discharge from the supped-up cattle prod sends the figure shaking as it cascaded over his body.

Just as the person dropped from being electrocuted. Erin gets hit from a spell the fae mages had cast at the other mage. It hits Erin's armor and sends a feedback to him. The Bo-staff he used to electrocute the other figure was still in his hand, as it closed around the staff.

Erin blacks out from the energy feedback he received inside the armor. The energy was still dancing around inside the suits circuitry, when it encounters the crystals Erin had installed. He had read a book about the magical properties of crystals and installed a few inside the suit. He placed them in a few key areas of the suit to help protect him from magic.

Jolha Daybirth looks over towards the necromancer they had been fighting. He had seen an electrical discharge before and watched as it cascaded over the necromancer. He dropped at the same time retaliated with a spell. The spell missed him and hit another figure that had surprised the necromancer.

Jolha looks towards his partner Letno Leaffall “is that a robot or some sort of person in a hi-tech body armor?”

“I don’t know.” Letno glances over towards their other friends to see how they were doing. They had the group of rogue Were-Wolves they had been tracking subdued.

Letno kneels next to Erin and examines him. The suit had a female design to it, but she couldn’t tell what was inside the armor. She could detect magical energies coursing throughout the suit, preventing her from examining whoever or whatever was inside the suit.

“Is everything okay?” Job McCoy walks over towards his friends.

Letno was his second's wife. He had spotted her walking over to some sort of armored person. He had seen the magical ball of energy Letno cast hit the individual.

“I don’t know Job. Do you know this person or thing?” Letno stands up and steps aside to let her alpha look at the person.

Job kneels next to Erin. He tries to touch the armor, but receives a shock from touching it. He jerks his hand back fast. He also felt his wolf stir and come to the forefront.

“Ow!” Job felt like he stuck his finger into an electrical socket.

“Are you okay, Job?” Jolha had his hand on his sword.

“I’m fine. I don’t know who or what this thing is.” Job stands up and spots a hi-tech looking vehicle parked nearby.

“Jolha, can you transport whatever or whoever this person is back to the ranch?” Job looks towards his longtime friend.

Jolha concentrates on the armor form, but nothing happens. He tries again, but nothing happens.

“No. My magic won’t work on it.” Jolha has never encountered anything like it before.

“Well, we need to find some way to transport it and that hi-tech looking motorcycle over there.” Job points his finger towards the bike.

“I’ll handle it Alpha.” Greg comes walking up. He was head enforcer for the Thunder Creek Pack.

Greg called some of the humans that helped the enforcers out. To come and help transport the rogues.

“Thanks, Greg.” Job still felt his wolf forefront and curious about the armored figure.

After twenty minutes they show up and they managed to load the armored figure in the van, along with the rogues they captured. Job can decide their punishment. Jolha and Letno stood near Job watching everything.

Letno spotted her husband examining the hi-tech looking motorcycle. She walks over towards him. She knew he liked hi-tech devices. He loved building all sort of weird and unusual electrical devices and vehicles. Their place was filled with some of his gadgets.

“You can play with it later after we’re back at the ranch.” Letno was surprised her soul mate was a Were-Wolf.

Jolha still hasn’t found his soul mate yet. She felt sorry for him because he was really a nice guy. She was just glad that the necromancer they
were fighting was dead.

Andrew looks up at his wife. Her dark skin blended well with the darkness surrounding them. Her long white hair was tied back into a long ponytail and her light blue eyes glowed in the night.

“You take all the fun out of things.” As he gives her a kiss.

“No, I know how you are when it comes to new toys.” A loving smile appears on her face.

“Let’s go home.” Andrew wraps his arm around her armored waist.

The Next Day:
Erin slowly starts to come around. Every muscle and joint in his body ached all over. His chest felt tight and sore for some reason. He notices that he was still in his armor. He reaches up and removes the helmet covering his head.

A bunch of long vibrant blue hair falls out of the helmet and covered his armored shoulders. He didn’t know what to make of it, as he sat the helmet down. He pulls a strand of hair off his shoulder and looks at it. It was a very bright blue color. He releases the latches holding his arm armor on and notices his fingers were very slender and petite.

He stands up off the bed and starts removing the rest of his armor. When he removed the chest piece, he felt the pressure that was on his chest let up, but he still had a slight pull on his chest. He looks down at his chest and there were two full mounds pushing the body suit he was wearing under the armor out away from his body .


He doesn’t recall how he got in the room he was in, but his bladder was reminding him that he needed to pee. There was a bathroom attached to his room. He strips out of his bodysuit and sits down on the toilet. He couldn’t believe he had a nice set of full perky breasts. He had no body hair, other than the hair on his head. When he touched down between his legs, he notices that he was equipped like a normal human woman would be. His feet were smaller, and he had a tiny waist and a shapely ass and hips.

“How did this happen?” The last thing he remembered was getting hit by a ball of energy after he electrocuted the person in the robes.

He finishes peeing and looks in the full-size mirror in the bathroom. He had a full head of straight vibrant blue hair that stopped halfway down his back. A nice set of big breasts on a petite body frame and only stood five foot tall.

“How did this happen?” Erin still couldn’t believe he had been turned into a petite woman with big breasts. He didn’t even know what his
bust size was, and it was no wonder the chest piece of the armor was hurting him when he had it on. It had compressed his breast tightly against his rib cage.

He heard a knock on the bedroom door “come in.” as he heads back into the bedroom in the nude.

A young-looking girl with bright red hair comes walking into the room. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of black leggings. The leggings showed off her nicely defined shaped hips and legs.

“Ah, good. You’re awake. If your feeling hungry were serving breakfast.”

“Thanks, but I don’t have anything to wear.”

“Oh, that’s easy to fix.” Rebecca looks at the strange woman and makes a pile of clothes appear in her hands.

She hands the pile of clothes to Erin “here you go. Everything should fit you properly.”

“Thank you?”

“Rebecca. I’m Rebecca Leaffall. You met my parents last night.” Rebecca had a cheerful smile on her face.

“I did?” Erin was curious.

“Weren’t you the one wearing that strange armor?” As Rebecca looks over towards the bed and sees it laying there.

“Yes, but I don’t remember anything after I got hit by a spell.” Erin still couldn’t recall anything after getting hit.

“Well, my mom and Alpha Job are downstairs right now. Maybe they can tell you what happened.” Rebecca only heard a little bit about the fight.

“Okay.” Erin gets dressed in the clothes Rebecca handed her.

Rebecca was right. Everything fitted her new body perfectly. The blue jeans she was given hugged her curves and made them more pronounce. Once she was dressed, she follows Rebecca downstairs and to a huge nice size dining room. There had to be about forty people sitting around the table. She notices the two fae’s she helped last night.

Rebecca escorts her towards the front of the table on the right-hand side of Alpha Job and next to her mother. Rebecca sits down on the left-hand side of her mother.

Erin could tell right away how big her, and Rebecca’s plates were compared to everyone else’s. She wonders why theirs were smaller and everyone else’s was bigger. She looks towards the man sitting at the front of the table. He looked like a Viking of old. He was very muscular and had coppery red hair, that was cut short. He had a dark tan and a scar on his right cheek.

Job had been watching the young lady that had followed Rebecca into the dining room. She wasn’t very tall and had a petite build to her. She was curvy in all the right places. She had a weird hair color and it came down to the middle of her back. She had fair skin and when he looked into her eyes, they were pink. He has never seen anyone with pink eyes before.

“I hope you have recovered from your injuries.” Job had seen her get hit with a spell from Lento.

“Thank you, but I think we should talk about what happened last night and how I ended here.” Erin was curious and very hungry as well.

Job could feel his wolf at the straining to get a sniff of Erin. He could feel that she was someone special to him.

“We can talk in my office after breakfast.” Job wanted to get to know her as well.

Lento and Jolha could feel that Erin was soaked with magical energies. It was like she had either bathed or walked through a nexus of energy.
They wonder what the spell they cast last night did to her.

Erin served herself as the food was brought out of the kitchen. She realized why she, Rebecca and the two-dark skin faes had normal plates, compared to everyone else. The others were piling their plates up with food and putting it away.

After breakfast, everyone heads towards Job’s office to talk about what happened. Erin takes a seat in a nice comfortable high back leather chair. She could tell the chair was very old.

“I guess I better start then.” Erin looks at everyone gathered.

Rebecca was sitting on her mother’s lap. Lento was holding her as she rested against her chest. She loved being held by her mother. Andrew was sitting next to his wife and daughter.

Erin notices that Jolha was leaning against the office door. His skin color and hairstyle was identical to Lento. She wonders if they are brother and sister.

“Now, why don’t you tell us what brought you to the fight last night?”

Six Months Later:
Erin was laying next to Job in bed. He had his hand resting on her slightly swollen belly. It had taken her two months to accept what happened to her. Somehow, the crystals she installed in the suit to protect her from magic. They had caused an unexpected side effect on the spell Lento had cast at the necromancer. When the spell hit her armor, she was still feeling the feedback from the massive electrical shock, she gave the

The spell combined with the electricity and the magical properties of the crystal and changed her. It also changed the properties of her armor.
Her armor was no longer powered by the lithium batteries she bought for it, but by the magical energies inside of her. She had to expand the chest piece of the armor to accommodate her D size breast.

Andrew helped her make a few adjustments to the suit. Lento inscribed a rune on it that could be activated to allow her suit to fly. Jolha added another one that would allow her to blend into the background.

Job wasn’t mad when he found out that she use to be a male. Lento helped her adjust, to be a woman. Which took a lot of work.

Job took his time wooing her and after she felt comfortable about herself. She married Job and became his mate. Now, she was going to be a mother. The other thing they found out about her transformation, was that she couldn’t be changed by the virus that creates Were. Also, her body was like a magical battery. She could absorb magical energies and use it to power her suit.

“How do you like your new life?” Job kisses her before she could respond to his question.

“Mmm, I love it. I’m glad something like this happened.” She moves some to get comfortable.

Job's huge knot, was still knotted inside her vagina. His penis stretched her vagina to accommodate his wide width and long length. It seemed her body was designed for him. She could feel everything about his body. Even her own heart rhythm beat in time to his.

Even though she was carrying his babies, she still enjoyed having sex with him. She loved having a baby in her womb. The major thing she loved about being pregnant, was she loved having their own baby.

Erin learned that Rebecca had a health problem and every once in awhile she needed to nurse from her mom. If she didn’t, she would start feeling the effects of the disease she has. They had tried several things hoping to cure her, but nothing worked. Only the breast milk Lento produced worked in keeping the disease at bay. They tried several blood transfusions throughout the centuries, but nothing worked.

Lento told Erin how she found Rebecca living on the streets back in the 1600’s in London, England. The poor thing was nothing but skin and bones. She was on the verge of death. Lento came across her and could see she hadn’t had an easy life. She had been abused by both her parents. They were the ones that left her outside to die during a harsh winter.

Erin places her tiny hand on top of Job's and closes her eyes and fall asleep.

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