Loving To Wear Corsets

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Dom had been asked by his parents to clean out the attic of his great grandmother’s mother’s place. His parents were thinking about selling the old farmhouse. He had asked a few friends to come over and give him a hand.

He climbs up the ladder into the attic and starts handing things down to his friend George and Casey. The small stuff was easy to hand down the stairs, however, there were like seven large pieces of luggage that looked to be from the early 1800’s. He had seen streamer trunks before, but nothing like these.

“Hey, George. Can you come up here and give me a hand with these trunks please?” Dom knew he was going to need help to bring these things down the stairs. They were still full of whatever his great-grandmother put in them.

“Sure, I’m on my way up.” George climbs the stairs up to the attic.

When he gets up there, he couldn’t believe how many old fashion streamers trunks were up there. He walks over to them and tries to open them, but they were locked.

“Hey, does your grandmother still have any of the keys to these things?”

“I think she does. They might be downstairs in her bedroom. Let’s get them down first and see.” Dom grabs one end, while George grabs the other end and carefully carries them downstairs.

Once they had all of them downstairs, he heads back up to his grandmother’s room and goes through her things. When he touches her panties, he gets a tingling sensation. They still felt soft and wonderful to him.

As he digs through her drawer, he finds a sexy corset, garters, and stocking that have never been opened. He wonders what they felt like. He has always wonder what they would feel like on his body.

He finds the keys and heads back downstairs to the living room where they put the trunks.

“Found them. Let’s see what is in them.” Dom opens the first one and found that it was loaded with dresses and shows that had been preserved.

He also found undergarments that hadn’t been opened or touched. There were several different size old fashion bullet bras still in their packages.

“Man, my great grandmother and grandmother didn’t throw anything away.” Dom opens the rest of the trunks and discovers there were things in there his great-grandfather wore, but mostly it was things his great-grandmother, grandmother, and his mother would have worn.

Some of it was still brand new, never touched and some had been worn maybe till the wear outgrew it and place in the trunks. There were a lot of beautiful dresses and shoes that went with them.

“Man, I would have loved to have seen what your grandmother or mother looked in these.” George held up a couple of black leather vintage corsets.

“Man, I didn’t know my great grandmother was into that.”

“Why don’t you put it on?” George wonders if Dom will do it.

“Okay, but you’ll have to tie the laces for me.” Dom winks at George.

“No problem. I can do that for you.” George gathers everything from the trunk and hands it, Dom.

“I’ll be a minute.” Dom heads back upstairs to his grandmother’s room and starts getting dress.

He had smooth skin, so he had no body hair to shave. He does shave his armpits. He gets everything on, but the corset was loose on him and he couldn’t tie it.

“George, can you come up here please?” Dom yells down to George.

“Hey George, do you think Dom would mind if I try some of these clothes on? I’ve always wanted to see what I would look like wearing a flapper’s dress.” Casey was holding one up.

“I don’t think he’ll mind. I’ll be back.” George heads upstairs to help Dom out.

“Hey, I can’t tighten up the laces. Can you do it for me, please?” Dom turns around to expose his back to George.

“How tight do you want it?” George gathers the laces and starts pulling on them.

“As tight as you can get them. I want to see how small I can get my waist with this on.” Dom was curious.

“Okay, you asked for it.” George pulls extremely hard on the laces making the corset super tight on Dom.

Dom could feel his chest being squeezed hard as George pulled on the lace. He takes small even breathe as the corset gets tighter and tighter.

“How’s that?” George stops to see how Dom was doing.

“It’s tight, but I want tighter. Can you do it any tighter?” Dom looks over his shoulder towards George.

“It’s your funeral.” George tightens the corset even more, till he couldn’t tighten it anymore.

Dom was having problems breathing. He manages to slowly get his breathing under control.

“Thanks.” He goes about finishing dressing in the items he picked out.

“Wow! You look like a knockout.” George steps back to look at Dom.

Dom looks at himself in the mirror and looks down at his grandmother’s make-up. Her skin tone was like his. So, he starts applying make-up to his face.

George could feel himself getting aroused by Dom’s appearance. He walks over and stands behind Don as he watches him put make-up on.
He rubs Dom’s buttocks as Dom carefully apply make-up.

Dom shivers from George touching him. He stops putting make-up on and tries to keep from getting too excited. He feels George’s hand go down and in between his legs. George presses against his back.

“Are you enjoying this Dom?” George wonders how Dom felt dress like he was.

“I would be lying if I said no. It’s exciting.” Dom shivers from George stroking him.

“Good, till we leave tonight. Why don’t you stay dressed like you are?” George was curious if he would.

“Okay.” As he leaves the room and heads downstairs, where they find Casey dressed in an old flapper’s dress.

“Well, don’t you look cute?” George and Dom had smiles on their faces.

“Thanks. You look good as well, Dom.” Casey has always had a thing for women dress in leather corsets and garters.

“I had no idea my grandmother or great grandmother was into something like this.” Dom didn’t know much about his mother’s side of the family.

“Well, I can tell you this. There are females clothing in here that goes back several centuries that we could use down at the theater.” Casey found a lot of clothing he would like to keep.

“I wonder if my great grandmother’s wedding gown is in one of these trunks?” Dom walks over to look in the trunks. He puts a little sass in the way he was walking.

George smirks as he watches Dom walk over to the trunks. George loves the way Dom was dressed. He keeps watching as Dom bent over to dig through the trunks.

Dom carefully digs through the trunks and finds his Great grandmother’s wedding gown. He carefully pulls the package out and unfolds the dress. It was a white corset style wedding dress with a long train.

“Wow, that looks pretty.” Casey and Dom both love the dress.

“Look, why don’t we take all these clothes back to our apartment and look over them.” George knew Dom’s parents wouldn’t mind if they kept
the clothes and trunks.

“Sounds like a plan.” Dom stands up and looks at George.

“Also, remember Dom, you’re not allowed to wear anything other then what you are currently wearing till tomorrow.

“You got to be kidding me? Dom is supposed to move furniture and stuff dress like a BDSM mistress?” Casey looks at Dom and then to George.

“Yep, Dom isn’t allowed to change till we get home.” George walks by and slaps Dom on the ass.

“Ow! That hurt.” Dom rubs the spot that George smack.

The rest of the day they pack up what they were going to donate to the Goodwill, and what they were planning on giving to the theater. The antique furniture already had a buyer. Dom packs up the rest of his grandmother’s clothes.

He found a box of clothing that used to belong to members of his mother’s family. They take those clothes with them as well. He was still curious why his grandmother had the leather corset and garter he was currently wearing. He found a pair of high heels buried deep in the back of the closet that went with the outfit.

The restrictiveness of the corset was starting to bother Dom, but he wanted to keep wearing it. Before Dom and George leave Dom’s grandmother’s house. They disappear for a little while. When they come back, Dom was licking his lips and walking kind of funny.

They head back to their apartment and carry the things they saved from Dom’s grandmother’s house up to their place. Dom was getting funny looks from his neighbors as he unloaded the trailer they had in the outfit he had on. George wasn’t going to let Dom change till later.

Casey stayed dressed in the flapper outfit he had on. He was enjoying the looks he was getting.

“That should do it.” Dom collapses onto a chair.

“I’m going to order pizza. Do you guys want anything else?” Casey was dialing Domino’s pizza.

“A couple of sodas would be nice.” Dom was thirsty.

“I’m going to my room and change.” Dom heads towards his bedroom and takes the corset off.

Dom notices his whole chest area was one big bruise from having George tightening it so tight on his body. He takes a few aspirins and slips on the vintage nightgown he found in the trunks. It was nice and silky. He also put on the choker he found that he saw his grandmother wear a few times.

By the time the pizza arrives, and they have had their full. Dom and George head towards Dom’s bedroom.

“You know George, I wish I had my Great Grandmother’s figure. The pictures I have seen of her, she had a beautiful body.” As Dom yawns and snuggles up against George.

“Who knows, maybe one day you will. I know Casey wants to be like your grandmother. He saw pictures of her in her days and she was a knockout.” George saw the pictures as well.

“It would be nice if something like that happened. However wishes like that never come true.” Dom closes his eyes.

He feels George hold him tight to him as the silk nightgown he found rubs against, George’s bare skin exciting him. Dom feels George inch up the nightgown as he kisses Dom’s neck. Dom had gone commando under the nightgown. He feels George huge member slip right into his ass again and pumps in and out.

Casey was laying in his bedroom, when he felt hands roaming on his body, pinching and pulling on his nipples. He was getting hot and heavy from sexual feelings he was feeling. He wanted more, much more. He feels his legs spread as something inserted itself into his body.

He was feeling that something was making love to him as if he was a woman. All during the night, he didn’t get any rest. When he gets up in the morning, he feels extremely sore between his legs. He just sits down on the toilet and the next thing he knows, he is peeing like a woman would. It doesn’t bother him at all. He knew he has been doing this since she was a little girl.

Casey heads into the bathroom and takes a shower. She scrubs her perky upturned breast and full bush. She looks down at it and figures, maybe she should trim it some, instead of letting it look like a forest. She gets some razors, clippers and trims her bush into a heart shape.

After she finishes her shower, she goes back into her bedroom and put on one of the bullet-shaped bras they found yesterday. She finds a nice skirt and a blouse that wasn’t too out of style and put them. She looks at herself in her mirror and liked how her chest pointed out.

She brushes her long straight reddish-brown hair. She knew she should have gotten her ears to pierce again instead of letting the holes close. She wonders how her mother and her boyfriend did last night. She heads into the kitchen to fix herself some breakfast.

Dom and George didn’t get any sleep last night either. Dom managed to get a cat nap in and could feel George huge member still buried inside of her vagina. George was on top of her, pinning her to the mattress. When she tried to move, to get out from under him. She accidentally wakes him.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere sweetheart. You begged me last night to give you a baby.” George kisses her and starts pumping in and out of her.

He keeps having sex with her for the next two hours, filling her uterus with what she asked for. Once he was done, giving his girlfriend what she begged him for. He slowly pulls out with a slight suction sound.

“It sounds like your daughter is up.” As George watches as Dom gets out of bed and head for the bathroom.

“She’s a big girl and can take care of herself.” Dom heads to the bathroom to pee.

She couldn’t believe how sore she was, but then again. She and George did pull an all-night marathon of having sex. Too bad he had to go to the office and she had to go and open the lingerie store.

She steps into the shower and takes a nice shower. She looks down at her crotch area to see if any hairs were growing back yet. If there was, she would shave there to maintain her bald appearance.

Dom heads back into her bedroom. She gets dress in her favorite corset and garter set. Then she slips her favorite dress and matching heels on.

Once she has her coffee, she heads off to work.

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A caution about Corsets

From personal experience.

I worked like a dog from age 12 for 45 years. Along the way, around my late 40's, I ruptured disks in my lower back to add to ruptured disks between my shoulder blades and a fractured C-6. The doctor got me into an industrial brace, the first one being like a Victorian under-bust Corset, and later a thermoplastic one. I wore these things for more than 5 years, stopped working so hard, and amazingly, the disks in my lower back popped back in.

The hard part of this is that I now have a weak or ruptured diaphram that causes all sorts of problems, and the Doctors will not attempt to fix it.

So Corsets are fun to play with, but don't over do it.


A bit odd

Wendy Jean's picture

Sort of like the one where the guy was turned into a six year old girl, I wish wishes could be granted like that.

I wish things like this

Samantha Heart's picture

Could come true :'(

Love Samantha Renée Heart.