White Rabbit

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Jacob couldn’t believe he was going to a comic con with his friends. He had decided to go dress as the villain White Rabbit from DC comics.
He was the only one going dress as a girl. His friends were going to dress as Storm Troopers and Jedi Knights. He checks everything and makes sure he had everything he needed for his costume.

He grabs his bags and heads downstairs to meet his friends. They were coming to pick him up and drive all the way to San Diego, California.
He pops open a soda and waits patiently for his friends to show up. After twenty minutes of waiting, they finally show up.

“It’s about time, you guys showed up.” Jacob grabs his bags and tosses them in the back of the SUV.

“We had to stop and gas up. We also grabbed some snacks and drinks.” Ted looks back towards his friend as he climbed in.

Jacob takes the back seat as he moves the cooler over along with the snacks they bought. The six-hour long drive from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California was boring. They pull into the hotel parking lot they made reservations at and check in at the reservation desk and retrieve their keys.

“Hey Jacob, are you going to dress like a girl when you’re not in costume?” Ted looks towards his friend.

“I might. I bought some clothes for me. I hate to spoil the image of the illusion.” Jacob follows Ted into their bedroom.

They had managed to get two rooms next to each other.

“I get the bed next to the bathroom.” Jacob tosses his suitcases and gym bag on the bed next to the bathroom.

“That’s fine. Just don’t leave your bra’s or stockings hanging in the bathroom.” Ted takes the bed next to the window.

Ted looks over towards Jacob as he watches him unpack his clothes, cosmetics and everything he was going to need to be a girl while they are here. He was surprised at how much stuff he brought with him.

“So, what name are we suppose to call you when your dress as a girl?”

“Call me Janina Watson. Jacob Wilson is going to be gone in about an hour.” Jacob walks into the bathroom.

He takes everything he was going to need to transform himself into a girl. He already shaved his armpits, legs and what facial hair he had last night. He was one of the lucky ones in his family. He never grew a beard and had very fine blonde hair on his arms.

He fills the tub up with hot water and add some scent bath oils to the water and climbs in to soak. He scrolls through his music and listens to some music while he soaks. He knew Ted was already changing into his costume. He soaks for a little while longer and then cleans up.

He gets out of the tub and begins the careful process of changing himself into the villainess White Rabbit. He had ordered the proper size breast prosthesis. He pushes his male parts back up into his body and uses medical adhesive to give himself a female looking bottom. This way when he wears the tight short shorts and thong panties. There won’t be anything to give him away.

It takes him a while to get ready, but by the time he was done. There was no longer a boy coming out of the bathroom, but a sexy, busty woman with rabbit ears and tail.

White Rabbit looks over towards her friend and saw two Storm Troopers and two Jedi master’s waiting for her.

“Ta, Da! Come on big boys, let’s go and have some fun.” A playful smile appears on her face.

“Dam! You make one fine looking woman.” Greg couldn’t believe how sexy his friend Jacob looked.

“Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls.” White Rabbit places a kiss on Greg’s cheek.

She just smiles as she starts walking out of the hotel room. She wiggles her butt, so they could see the little rabbit tail wiggle. She leads the team down to the floor and mingles with the other comic con patrons.

For the next few hours, she and her friends mingle with other comic con patrons. She is asked to take pictures with several people. She takes first place in a costume contest and wins first prize.

Rabbit and her friends decide to go out for dinner. They didn’t bother to go up to their rooms to change. They figure most of the businesses around the convention center were used to people coming in costume.

They met some people at the bar they knew and had dinner and drinks with them. Every time White Rabbit turns around, men were buying her
drinks. She wasn’t going to be rude, so she accepted them. By 2 am. in the morning, she and her friends were totally blitzes. The bartender of the restaurant, calls a cab for them. As they are heading back to the hotel. A truck comes speeding out of nowhere and slams into the cab they are traveling in.

White Rabbit is pinned under her friends as the car catches fire. She could hear screams as people were burning on top of her. Something sharp penetrates her groin area as she starts feeling intense pain. Something hard hits her on the side of her head as she feels the heat from the body on top of her burning, just before she passes out. She watches as the hair and skin of her friend starts burning. She hears his screams, just before she passes out.

She does wake up a few times in a haze as she is being rushed on a stretcher towards the emergency room. She could hear voices around her and watch as the ceiling lights flash by before she passes out again. She doesn’t feel the medical staff as they try to save her life.

The next time she wakes up, she notices that she couldn’t move and that her arms were wrapped up. She felt a tightness and heaviness in her chest and notices that she couldn’t feel anything below her waist. She could tell her face was wrapped up. She tries to move her arms but couldn’t. She finally drifts off into a deep sleep.

Off and on she would wake-up and sometimes, she would see light in her room and other times, it would be complete darkness. The next time she wakes up, she realizes that the bandages that had been covering her head have been removed. She could finally see her arms and hands. They were still covered. Her chest still felt constructed, and she felt a slight pain below her waist.

She notices she had machines connected to her as well as drip bags.

She hears the door open to her room and a nurse walks in. She turns her head to look over towards her. She tries to speak, but her throat and mouth felt dry.

“W-Where am I?”

Nurse Jones notices that the young lady she has been taking care of, for the last few weeks was wide-awake. She was startled when the young lady spoke.

“You’re at Morningside Community Hospital.” Nurse Jones walks over to her.

“How did I get here?”

“You were brought in an ambulance. The police and fire department arrived and pulled you from a burning car.” Nurse Jones had seen her file
and spoke with the police. Any identification she had on her was burned up in the car accident.

“Can I get some water, please?”

“Sure.” Nurse Jones fills a pitcher up with water and pours her a cup.

Nurse Jones holds the cup to her lips with a straw.

“Take a slow slip.” Nurse Jones holds the cup steady as White Rabbit takes a sip of water.

White Rabbit takes a sip of the water. It felt nice as it slides down her throat. After a few more sips, she stops.

Nurse Jones moves the cup and put it on the tray. She checks White Rabbits vitals and the drips bags.

“How long have I been here?” White Rabbit was curious about how long she has been here.

“Almost a month. You drifted in and out of consciousness.” Nurse Jones had heard that she was found wearing prosthetic breast.

The damage she received, in her groin area, was so severe. That the doctors went ahead and changed her gender. They gave her the breast
size she had been wearing. The insurance company that covered the company that the truck belonged too, were covering all the medical

When White Rabbit looked in the mirror. She discovered that they had remade her face over to look like the false Id she had on her.

She couldn’t believe she looked just like the villainess Jaina Hudson. The name of the DC comic White Rabbit. The doctor keeps her for a few more weeks. During that time, whenever she fell asleep. She would relive the accident and wake-up in a cold sweat. She not only saw their faces, but the smelled of their burning bodies and hear their screams as they burned.

When she leaves the hospital, she takes to toning her new body. The doctors had made her exactly like the person she had been dressed as at the comic con. She still couldn’t believe the doctors had given her the body measurements, that she had disguised herself as.

She moved out of the place she had lived at and bought herself a nice 4-bedroom, 3 baths place on 10 acres of land with a horse barn and swimming pool.

Since the nightmares tended to keep her up. She turns the horse barn into a training studio. She also signs up for bodyguard training classes and starts taking martial arts. She hires a lawyer to change all her records, including her name. The new name she goes by is Janina Watson. It was the same one she told her friend to call her when she was at the comic con.

The counselor helps with some of her nightmares, but they still occurred and kept her awake at nights. She didn’t like taking the sleeping pills
her doctor prescribed. So, when she can’t sleep. She goes out to the studio and practice her fighting moves or lift weights. Sometimes, she does laps in the nude on her property.

The reason she does that is to condition herself to different weather conditions. The nightmares are what bothers her the most. Even though she is seeing a counselor for her nightmares, they still occur and bother her.

One day she decides to go jogging in a local park. She had on her new skintight exercise suit and had her hair put up in a ponytail. When she got to a secluded spot in the park. She started to feel uneasiness. As she continued her jogging, she feels a presence behind her that wasn’t there before. She lets the person get closer to her as she slows her pace. When she feels them directly behind her, she does a roundhouse kick to them. Her right foot connects with the person's head.

She looks at the guy as she follows up with a kick with her foot to his groin. She brings her knee up into his face, breaking his nose.

She spots the knife he had in his hand. It was laying next to him on the ground. She walks over and stomps on his wrist for trying to rape or kill her with it.

“Let’s see how you like it when your victims fight back.” She slams her foot down into his groin as well and twists her heel back and forth.

She pulls her cell phone out and calls the cops on him. She waits around till they arrive and inform them about what happened. After answering their questions, she heads back home. She felt better after beating the crap out of the rapist.

When she gets home, she heads towards her bedroom. She looks at the costume she had remade since the original one had been destroyed in the car accident. She wonders if she should wear it and chase criminals. Criminals that operate outside of the law since it seems that high
price lawyers or their criminal organization intimidate the witness from testifying against them. That way they get out of going to prison.

She closes her closet and heads towards her bathroom to take a soak. She’ll think about what she wants to do.

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She didn't seem to be trans

before the accident, We also didn't hear how her friends fared, I assume some of them died?

Called a villain by some;

Called a villain by some; however she makes me believe that she just may be true 'hero' in a new disguise. Will be interesting to follow her new career as time goes on.

She may have been trans

Samantha Heart's picture

Before the accident, but definitely after. I feel for her as she lost all her friends in the accident. Her being a vigilante... could go both ways lol but she need to learn how to run in 5" thigh high stelio white boots.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

Contrary to all the comics

Vigilantes generally create more problems than they solve. Courts have to follow the law, when vigilantes break the law it may prove impossible to prosecute the perp. Law & Justice: 0, Criminals: +1, Victims & Citizens in general: -1.

But it can make for an interesting story.

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