Shades of Pink

Shades of Pink

Authors notes.
This story started to form after I watched the Movie Fifty Shaded of Grey, and I started to think about changing the bondage element in the movie for crossdressing, so if you think parts of this story remind you of that film, then now you know why, but please bear in mind that my muse took over and this story is very different to that movie.
Please enjoy and comment if you feel like it.

Chapter One: You’re a Good Friend.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into doing this for you!” Andrew shouted from the bathroom where he was just doing one last check of his hair and makeup.

“I hate the fact that I had to ask you to do this Andy, but it took me the better part of nine months, to get Christina Grace to agree to do this interview.” Becky snuffled and coughed from the sofa where she was wrapped in a blanket.

Becky was a columnist for an online fashion website, and she had been trying to get an interview with someone called Christina Grace, and now she had finally managed to get ten minutes with the woman, Becky had come down with the flu.

“I have no idea what questions to ask her.” Andrew said as he walked into the living room with his heels clicking loudly on the hard wood floor. “And how do you expect me to walk in these heels of yours?” He asked as he almost tripped.

Andrew liked to cross-dress, and going out didn’t bother him because he passed easily out in public, but the problem he was having, was the fact the clothes he was now wearing belonged to Becky, and he didn’t normally wear heels this tall. He did like the tight grey pencil skirt and silver silk blouse open just enough to show off the tops of his breasts, which were all padding and a little tape that he had used to pull his fleshy chest skin together to give the look of him having real breasts.

“Those shoes go with the outfit, and you need to look your best.” Becky snuffled.

“Don’t you mean you need to look your best?” Andrew corrected his roommate.

Andrew was actually pretending to be Becky for the day, so he could do the interview. Becky had gone through some strict security so she could get in to see Christina Grace at Grace Industries. Andrew and Becky had been roommates for the past four years, and were always going out as girlfriends, but they also looked a lot alike, which is how they had met.

Becky had been trying to get away from some guy one evening while she was having drinks with a couple of friends, when she saw the guy she’d been hiding from, pawing another girl that looked a lot like her, and was even wearing similar clothes. Realising that this poor girl was being groped because the guy thought it was her, she jumped in and helped the girl out. The guy looked confused when he saw the two girls stood side by side, just before club security dragged him away.

“Are you alright?” Becky asked.

“I’ll be fine.” Alisha said as she straightened out her clothes. Alisha was the name Andrew used when dressed as a woman. “Yes I’m a guy.” Alisha said when he saw the shocked look on Becky’s face. “Let me guess, you think that I was asking for it?” Alisha frowned as she turned to walk away, not bothering to wait for a reply from Becky. Andrew got this reaction all the time when they found out she was really a him.

“I wasn’t thinking anything of the sort.” Becky snapped as she grabbed Alisha’s arm and stopped her turning away. “That guy had been bugging me all night, and I think he thought you were me.” Becky said as she pointed at a large mirrored wall so Alisha could see the two of them stood side by side.

Alisha looked and could see the point Becky was trying to make, and she relaxed a little. “I’m sorry for snapping at you, but this hasn’t been the best night out for me.” Alisha admitted.

“I’m Becky, what’s your name?” Becky asked as she held out her hand.

“Alisha when I look like this, but it’s Andrew the rest of the time.” Alisha smiled as she shook Becky’s hand.

“Nice to meet you Alisha.” Becky grinned as she shook Alisha’s hand. “Are you here with anyone?” Becky asked.

“No, I just like to get out sometimes and have a dance.” Alisha admitted.

“Why don’t you come and join me and my friends then?” Becky asked. “Safety in numbers.”

“Are you sure you want to be seen with me?” Alisha looked a little weary; as she had been fooled into joining people before, just to be tricked into taking part in a practical joke or two.

Becky had just frowned at Alisha as she took hold of her arm and dragged her through the club to the spot where her friends were stood. Becky made the introductions and even told her friends about Alisha also being a boy called Andrew. Becky’s friends looked Alisha up and down before giving him a hug and saying he looked way to cute to be a boy.

Andrew had spent most his life being teased for looking to feminine, and he was picked on all the way through school until he found a bag of female clothes on the way home one evening and dressed up as a girl before going out for a walk. Andrew got some smiles from other boys who thought he was just some cute girl, so from that day on he had spent a lot of his time going out looking like all the other girls his age. He’d never had any thoughts of transitioning or having any sort of surgery. He just liked the idea of people not making fun of him for not being manly enough, and he loved the feel of wearing feminine things.

Becky and Andrew had become best friends from that day on, and they were soon moving into an apartment together, so they could find a better place using their pooled finances. Neither of them had any family to speak of, and soon Becky was teaching Andrew how to be a better version of Alisha, and they would very often go out pretending to be sisters. This was the reason Becky had begged Andrew to pretend to be her, so she could go and do the interview.

Alisha stood at the dining table and focused on changing her voice to sound more feminine, not that it was hard because as Andrew she had never sounded very butch to begin with, but with some videos he’d found on the internet, he had trained his voice to sound just like Becky’s, which would help if anyone heard the recording he planned to get, so Becky could write up her article later.

“You’re an angel for doing this.” Becky snuffled as she looked at her twin stood putting the recorder and folder with all the questions in it that Becky wanted Alisha to ask Ms Grace.

“I think mug would be a better name for me.” Alisha frowned. “I’ve left you a bowl of chicken soup to warm in the microwave, and a sandwich in the fridge. Now take it easy and I will see you later.” Alisha said with a sigh as she gave herself one last look over before grabbing the car keys and leaving the apartment.

Alisha smiled to herself as she got behind the wheel of hers and Becky’s shared car and looked at her long pink finger nails with tiny fake diamonds sparkling back at her, wrapped around the steering wheel. Alisha took a lot of pride with her nails because Andrew worked as a nail technician for a living, and the owner of the salon knew all about Alisha and let her work in the shop when Alisha showed up from time to time.

“Hi, I’m Becky McTaggart; I’m here to see Ms Christina Grace.” Alisha said as she looked in the rear view mirror while trying to get into character. “And yes, I do need my head looking at.” She smiled, and the girl in the mirror smiled back. Alisha let out a small giggle and put the car in gear and set off towards the city.

Chapter Two: The Interview

Alisha found a parking lot and checked to make sure she had everything before stepping out the car and making her way down the road to the tall building Becky had told her belonged to Grace Industries. Alisha had no trouble finding the building as the name ‘GRACE INDUSTRIES’ was plastered across the front of the building. Alisha had to walk up some steps and then across a long paved area before reaching the doors to the building. Alisha stepped inside and was amazed to see a large sculpture of a ‘CG’ in the middle of the foyer, which was huge.

‘Holy crap, I knew I should have done some research into who this woman was before I came here.’ Alisha thought to herself as she looked around the foyer trying to work out where she needed to go. ‘Oh wait, that would mean I had some time to prepare for all this.’ Alisha thought sarcastically to herself.

Seeing a large reception desk off to one side, Alisha made her way over to it. “Hello; I’m Miss Becky McTaggart; and I have an eleven o’clock appointment to see Ms Christina Grace.” Alisha smiled her best fake smile as she tried to hide just how nervous she felt.

The woman behind the desk typed her name in and then looked at Alisha and then back at the screen before smiling and then handing Alisha an ID badge with her picture, or more to the point Becky’s picture, but Alisha was her twin, or as close as she could get to being Becky’s twin, but she looked pretty close to the photo she was now wearing pinned to her left breast pocket.

“If you’ll follow me, I will take you up to Ms Grace’s level.” The woman said as she got to her feet and made her way over to a bank of elevators and pushed the up button.

Once inside the elevator, Alisha watched as the receptionist pushed a button with a ‘CG’ on it that sat above all the other buttons for the other floors. The receptionist then had to place a credit card style key into a slot before the elevator started to move.

‘Just who is this woman?’ Alisha thought to herself as she watched the numbers climb higher and higher until there was a ping and the doors opened.

The receptionist stepped out and Alisha followed. They came to a stop at another reception desk and the first receptionist informed the new woman that a Miss Becky McTaggart here to see Ms Grace. The first receptionist smiled at Alisha before getting back in the elevator.

“Please follow me Miss McTaggart.” The new receptionist said as she made her way down a long marble floored hallway to a set of dark wooden doors at the end. The woman pushed the doors open without bothering to knock and she spoke to whoever was inside. “Miss Becky McTaggart is here for you Ma’am.” The receptionist stepped back out the room and let Alisha enter.

Alisha stepped into the room and felt the door close behind her. Alisha felt lost in the large room with glass all around it and a young woman stood over near the window looking bored as she turned to look at Alisha. Alisha wasn’t sure what to expect, but it sure wasn’t someone as young looking and as beautiful as this woman stood in front of her. Alisha suddenly felt all fingers and thumbs as she started to make her way over to the woman, but her heel caught on the edge of a rug and she fell face first onto the rug.

“Are you alright?” A stern sounding female voice asked as Alisha saw a perfectly manicured hand reach down to help her up.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Alisha blushed as she was suddenly face to face with the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. “Sorry about that.” Alisha found herself saying as she got lost in the blue pools that were Christina Grace’s eyes. Christina looked back into Alisha’s eyes and she lost the stern bored look for a second or two before she schooled her looks and the hard business woman was back. “Please come and take a seat before you fall over again.” Christina said as she led Alisha over to her desk and pointed to a seat facing the desk, while Christina walked around to the other side and tapped some buttons on her computer.

“I just want to thank you for agreeing to do this interview Ms Grace.” Alisha said as she tried to get her feelings under control. Alisha felt like this woman could see right through all the makeup and padding, and she knew that Alisha wasn’t even a real woman, never mind a woman called Becky McTaggart.

“I admired the way you just wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I do like some of the other articles you’ve written.” Christina smiled. “Please ask your questions, and I will do my best to answer them.” She added, getting right down to business.

Alisha was soon pulling out the folder with all the questions in it, and the recorder. Alisha wasn’t use to working the recorder, so it took her a couple of minutes to get it working, not helped by Alisha’s longer finger nails. “Do you mind if I record the interview?” Alisha asked as an afterthought.

“After going to all that trouble, I think it would be mean of me to say no.” Christina smirked.

Alisha blushed at the subtle teasing and was soon asking the questions Becky had written down. “Is your family proud of what you’ve achieved?”

“I don’t have any family to make proud of me.” Christina said with a glint of anger in her voice. “Neither do I have a boyfriend.” She added before Alisha could ask that question.

“What happened to your family?” Alisha said before she could stop herself.
“That is not something I like to talk about.” Christina said coldly.

“What sort of things do you do for fun then?” Alisha asked, hoping to get Christina talking about herself a little more.
“You’ve seen what I own, so as you can see, I have very little time for fun.”

“You always seem to look amazing, so if you are always so busy with work, how do you keep up to date with all the latest fashions?” Alisha read the question off Becky’s sheet and silently thanked Becky for that, while also thinking how she planned to tear Becky off a strip or two for putting her in this spot to start with.

“I pay a design team a small fortune to keep me looking good and up to date.” Christina shrugged like everyone had a design team to dress them. Alisha wished she had a design team to make her look as good as Christina did right now, and the money to afford the designer clothes she was wearing.

“They are very good at their job.” Alisha complimented Christina.

“Thank you Becky.” Christina smiled a real smile for the first time.

“You’re only twenty six?” Alisha blurted out when she got to a question that told Alisha, Christina’s age.

“Are you trying to say I look older than twenty six?” Christina sounded a little angry.

“No, no, not at all.” Alisha stuttered out. “You look much younger than twenty six.” She quickly added. “I’m just a little shocked to see you running a company of this size at such a young age, and for it to be all your own work that did it.” Alisha stammered out hoping to calm Christina back down again.

Christina sat looking at Alisha for a couple of seconds, but it felt more like hours to Alisha, before she finally spoke again. “I thought you would have done some research into me before coming here to do the interview. I must admit that I am a little disappointed with you now I’ve meet you in person.” Christina added with a sigh. “I’m always looking for new talent to come and work for me, but I’m not sure you would be such a good fit now I’ve spoken to you.”

Alisha was just about to defend herself when there was a knock on the door and the receptionist poked her head in. “Your next appointment is in the conference room Ms Grace.”

“Tell them to start without me; I’ve not finished here yet.” Christina said in a flat tone that left a shocked look on the receptionists face, like she had never had her boss tell her to go and start a meeting without her.

“I think I have enough for the article. I don’t want to take up anymore of your time Ms Grace.” Alisha said as she stopped the recorder and started to put everything away.

“To tell you the truth, there is no meeting.” Christina said as she stood up and walked around her desk and joined Alisha on the other side of the desk. “I just get them to come in and say that so I can get away from all the questions.”

“What’s made you change your mind with me?” Alisha sounded a little nervous.

“I find you interesting, and I wanted to ask you about your nails.” Christina asked as she took hold of Alisha’s right hand so she could get a better look at them.

“A good friend of mine did them for me.” Alisha gulped as she felt a spark from Christina’s touch.

“You must give me his details, so I can go and get mine done.” Christine smiled as she looked Alisha in the eyes.

Alisha wanted to ask her how she knew that it was a male that did her nails, but she didn’t want to go down that road because it could lead to more questions Alisha didn’t want asked and she also thought it might have come up as part of the security check Becky had told her about.

“I don’t have them on me at the minute, but I can email them to you when I get home.” Alisha lied, knowing that once she left here, she would never see this woman again.

“I look forward to receiving them.” Christina smiled as she still had hold of Alisha’s hand.

Alisha was getting lost in Christina’s eyes again as she looked deep into them and felt like she wanted to get lost, but she knew that she needed to end this interview and get out of here before Christina found out the truth and had Alisha arrested.

“I think I really should be going now, as I am sure you have plenty of work related things to sort out.” Alisha said as she stood up and then straightened out her skirt and placed her bag over her shoulder.

Alisha was a little shocked when Christina linked her arm through Alisha’s and started walking her towards the office door. “I don’t want you tripping again.” Christina smiled.

“Than... Thank you.” Alisha stuttered.

“I could give you a tour of the building if you would like?” Christina looked hopeful that Alisha would say yes.

“I’m sorry, but I have another meeting across town.” Alisha said as she looked at her wrist like she was checking the time, but realised she wasn’t wearing a wrist watch, but hoped that Christina hadn’t noticed this little detail.

“Maybe some other time.” Christina pouted.

‘Not if I have anything to say about it.’ Alisha thought to herself as she waited for the elevator.

Alisha noticed the odd looks she and Christina were getting, and Alisha wondered if this was the first time they had ever seen Christina walk a visitor to the elevator.

“Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions.” Alisha smiled as she stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the ground floor.

“I’m sure we will be meeting again Becky.” Christine smirked as the doors to the elevator closed.

Alisha was glad to be away from Christina, but she wouldn’t feel safe until she was safely in her car and driving home.


Christina returned to her office with a smile on her face, she walked over to her desk and pulled up the screen she’d been looking at on her computer. Christina had noticed something a little different about this Becky McTaggart when she first entered the room, so Christina had used some facial recognition software to make sure she was who she said she was.

“Well, well, well. Why were you pretending to be Miss Becky McTaggart; Mr Andrew Main?” Christina purred as she looked at a photo on the computer screen of a very feminine looking young man. Andrew’s picture was only in the system because of his student ID from his college days, she couldn’t find anything else on him. Christina picked up her cell phone and scrolled down her list of contacts before hitting the call button.

A man’s voice answered the phone on the other end. “Hello?”

“Hello Bill, I need you to look into something for me.” Christina started to explain what she wanted. “The name is Andrew Main.” She went on to give him Andrew’s address. “Report straight back to me and no one else.” She warned.

“Yes Ma’am.” Bill replied before ending the call.

Christina sat back in her chair and smiled a wicked smile as she looked at the image on her computer and thought about how different he had just looked while sat in her office just minutes earlier.

“I so want to play with you my little birdie.” Christina purred some more.

Christina Grace had a secret that not many people knew about, and those that did had all signed legal documents stopping them from ever telling anyone about it.

From a young age Christina had been abused by her father, right up until she was thirteen and she fought back. She had knocked him out and ran from the house, but she had failed to notice where the cigarette had fallen that he’d been smoking when she knocked him out, and she was later picked up and charged with his murder. She was later cleared of the murder charge once the police had found out about the years of abuse she had lived with, and they ruled it self defence and the files were sealed. Christina’s name was different back then, and the police thought it best to let her start a new life with a new name. She was placed with a nice foster family that helped her get her grades up, but once Christina was old enough, she left the foster home and started working her way through collage using her new name of Christina Grace.

She was always a little chubby as a child, so she started running and working out at a gym, and pretty soon she was being asked out by boys at college, but she wasn’t interested in dating, and she had no interest at all in dating any man, but she did find the thought of turning men into sissies interesting after she saw a program on the TV one night.
Christina was shocked at just how much you could get a man to do if he thought a night of sex was at the other end of it. And so she soon had information she could use as blackmail against people, not that she ever needed to as she only picked people with more to lose than she had, and it always looked like they had offered to dress up for her. Christina only tried the whole making a man dress like a sissy before she realised that wasn’t what she wanted.
Now Christina liked to take willing young men and help dress them as beautiful woman before she had her way with them. This normally involved a strap-on, as she never let any man inside her. She had been this way ever since her father abused her all those years ago.

Christina couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something different about this Andrew. She felt something she had never felt before, and she wasn’t sure whether to like the new feeling, or hate it. Her phone ringing snapped her out of her thoughts, and she was soon focused on business again.


Becky was still on the sofa when Alisha walked into the apartment, but Becky did sit up so she could find out how the interview went.

“How did it go? What was she like?” Becky asked between snuffles.

“Don’t ever ask me to do anything like that for you again!” Alisha snapped.

“Was it that bad?” Becky asked with a pained look. “At least you didn’t get arrested.” Becky said trying to sound a little more cheerful.

“I had no idea she was going to be so young.” Alisha complained. “And I’m sure she knew I wasn’t really you, or even a female.” Alisha added as she fell down on the sofa and threw her arms up in the air.

“I’m sorry sis.” Becky pouted as she rested her head on Alisha’s shoulder and looked up at her part time sister. “But it’s over now, and you won’t see her ever again.” Becky pointed out.

“True and I’m glad I was able to help you out.” Alisha smiled. “Parts of it were fun, and she was very beautiful.” Alisha admitted.

“Don’t let the looks fool you sis. She’s got a reputation for being a real ball breaker, and had been known to make grown men runaway crying.” Becky warned.

“You could have told me all this before I set foot in the lionesses den.” Alisha looked shocked.

“You never would have helped me out if I had, and I wanted to see if the rumours were true.” Becky shrugged.

“They might be true, but she wasn’t that bad to me, not once she relaxed and seemed to let her guard down.” Alisha said as she thought about Christina Grace again.

“I still don’t understand why you don’t just give up being Andrew and live full time as Alisha.” Becky sighed. “You always look much happier when you look like this.” Becky added as she pointed at the fact He was still dressed in her clothes and he looked more natural when dressed this way.

“I love dressing like this, but part of me just doesn’t want to make it a permanent thing.” Alisha shrugged, not able to explain his reason for keeping both Andrew and Alisha around. “And I like the fact I can swap and change when I feel like it.”

“Well I love you both.” Becky grinned as she leaned over and kissed Alisha on the cheek.

“Don’t do that...!” Alisha whined as she jumped up a little too fast and almost fell over due to her still not being use to the extra tall heels she was still wearing. “I don’t want to catch your cold.” Alisha added as she wandered off towards her bedroom to get changed.

Becky stayed on the sofa giggling until it became a coughing fit.

“That serves you right for trying to give me your germs!” Alisha shouted from her bedroom.

Alisha was soon wandering back into the living room wearing a pink silk robe over her female underwear and she still had her hair styled and her makeup on.

“Does this mean Andrew won’t be home tonight?” Becky asked with a grin.

“Nope, I thought you could use a night in with your loving sister.” Alisha smiled as she sat down again and let Becky rest her head on Alisha’s legs. They found a movie to watch and then spent the rest of the night cuddled up together on the sofa, only moving long enough to grab the take out they had ordered.

Chapter Three: You have a new client.

Andrew was glad to be back at work the next day, and the meeting with Christina Grace a thing of the past. Andrew had never really had any feelings for a girl, or a boy for that matter, but something had sparked when he first saw Christina, and he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“Wow Andy, you do amazing work.” His customer said once he had finished painting her nails after making them a little longer.

“We’ve got to have you looking good for your big date tonight Emma.” Andrew grinned.

“You are such a sweetie.” Emma said as she gave Andrew a hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving him to clean up his area.

“Hay Andy?” Mandy asked in a whisper as she came over to him. “Are you ready for a new client?” She asked.

“Sure, just bring them over.” Andrew said as he carried on getting ready for his new customer.

“Please take a seat Miss, and Andrew will be with you in just a minute.” Mandy said. “Please don’t worry, I know he’s a man, but he is the best nail artist we have.”

“I know, I’ve already seen some of his work.” A female voice replied. A female voice that Andrew recognised.

Andrew spun around and saw Christina Grace sat in the chair waiting for him to do her nails. He was just about to ask what the hell she was doing there, but he remembered that they had never met, and it was Becky she met the day before.

“Hello, I take it you’re Andrew, the very good friend of Becky McTaggart?” Christina asked with a warm smile as she looked Andrew up and down like she was checking him out.

“Hello, yes I am, and who might you be?” Andrew asked, trying to play dumb.

“I’m Christina Grace. Becky came to interview me yesterday, and I just loved what you did to her nails, so here I am to get mine done.” Christina said as she held out her hands for Andrew to start work on.

“How did you know where I worked?” Andrew asked.

“I asked Becky to send me your details, and she did so last night.” Christina replied.

Andrew knew this to be a lie, because he never told Becky about the nail talk they had, and Andrew never sent the information. Not wanting to risk getting arrested for what he did the day before, Andrew just played along with Christina in the hopes of her leaving and never coming back. Andrew did toy with the idea of doing a bad job to make sure Christina never came back, but he was too much of a perfectionist to ever let someone leave with less than his best work, so he set to work on yet another master piece.

“This is a strange kind of work for a man to be doing.” Christina said as she watched Andrew work on her nails as he filed and buffed them ready for the polish and affects to be added.

“It was just something I kind of fell into and found I enjoyed doing it.” Andrew shrugged. He had long ago stopped reacting when people made fun of the fact he liked to work on peoples nails.

Alisha had been out with Becky window shopping one afternoon while they waited for Becky’s appointment time to come around, so Becky could get her hair styled for a big date she had that evening. She was having her hair done at Mandy’s salon and Mandy had noticed Becky’s nails. Alisha had spent a couple of hours that morning painting little pictures on all of Becky’s finger nails.

Becky had gone into full sales mode singing Alisha’s praises until Mandy had offered her a job there and then. Alisha had come clean and told her she was really a male called Andrew, but Mandy wasn’t bothered as she new talent when she saw it, and he could dress like a chicken if he kept doing work like he’d done on his own and Becky’s fingers. Andrew was snapped back to the present when he heard Christina speaking to him.

“I like a man that isn’t afraid to show his feminine side.” Christina said as she indicated Andrews’s dark purple nails with little wolves howling at the moon on each one.

“Did you paint all those little wolves on yourself?” Christina asked as she took a closer look.

“No, there just little transfers that I varnish onto the nail.” Andrew explained as he let her take a closer look at his left hand, while he went in a draw and pulled out a sheet of little wolves, as well as kittens and puppies. “I could paint them all on, but it would take a long time and no one would want to pay to have it done.” Andrew smiled.

“I’d be happy to pay for that level of dedication to your craft.” Christina said. “Why don’t you do some of your own designs now, and don’t worry about the cost.” Christina added as she sat back like she knew she would be here for some time.

Andrew thought she was joking until he saw the look in her eyes, and he realised that she was being serious. So he went over to Mandy and warned her that he would be busy for the rest of the day with this new client, but she was willing to pay the price that would cost. Mandy just smiled as she thought about the end bill she would get to hand this new customer when Andrew was finished.

“As I’m going to be here a while, why don’t you tell me all about yourself.” Christina asked.

“Not really that much to tell.” Andrew shrugged.

“What does your girlfriend think of you doing this kind of work?” Christina pushed him for information about himself, as her private investigator couldn’t find much information about Andrew Main, so Christina was going to see what she could find out.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” Andrew sounded disappointed. “Not many girls out there willing to date someone like me.” He added in a tone that said he already knew he wasn’t much of a man.

“I thought that Becky might be your girlfriend with how fondly she spoke about you yesterday.” Christina smiled sweetly.

“No... Becky is like a sister to me, but we do share an apartment though.” Andrew was quick to point out.

This made Christina smile as she was worried Andrew and Becky might have been a couple, but judging by the look Andrew had just given her, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

As Andrew worked on each of Christina’s nails, and Mandy kept her happy with cups of tea, Christina kept trying to get Andrew to open up about the fact he liked to dress as a woman and pretend to be his roommate, but Andrew just wouldn’t bite and admit to the fact he liked to dress, so Christina was beginning to wonder if it was just a onetime thing he had done to help Becky out for some reason. The thing that kept bugging Christina was the fact he looked a little to natural in his actions the day before, even though he had fallen into her office. She had put that down to him not being use to the heels he was wearing at the time.

“All done.” Andrew finally said as he sat back and rubbed his neck due to it aching from looking down for the past several hours while he worked his magic on Christina’s nails. “I hope you like them.” Andrew added as he sat watching Christina looking at each little piece of artwork he had created on each of her nails.

“They look amazing.” Christina grinned.

Andrew was shocked to see such a beautiful grin plastered across Christina’s face, as she normally acted polite, but always kept up some form of a shield to stop anyone getting to close to her, but that had all fallen away as she looked excited over what Andrew had done.

“I’m glad you like them.” Andrew smiled, happy to see another satisfied customer. He set to work cleaning up his area while Christina settled her bill with Mandy, but he got a shock when Christina walked back over to him once she had paid the bill and she cheek kissed him while slipping some notes into his hand as a private tip for a job well done.

“I’ll be coming back to see what other designs you can come up with, so start thinking up some new designs to do on my nails for me.” Christina purred just before she kissed his cheek again and she turned and walked out the shop and got in a large black Lexus that had been parked outside all afternoon. He never saw a driver, but Christina had gotten in the back of the car, so Andrew knew she hadn’t driven here herself.

Andrew walked over to the counter where Mandy was adding Christina’s payment to the accounts. “Here you go Mandy, that new customer just gave me this tip.” Andrew said as he tried to hand Mandy the pile of paper money.
“That is all yours kido.” Mandy said as she pushed the money back towards Andrew. “She told me to add a good tip to her bill, and said she wanted to thank you in person for a very good job.” Mandy explained.

Andrew grinned as he counted out the money and realised she had given him two hundred pounds as a tip. Andrew started to grin as he thought about the pair of boots he’d been looking at in the shop window down the road, but he couldn’t justify spending the one hundred pounds they would cost to own, but now he could buy them on the way home as a treat to himself.

“I’ve seen that look before.” Mandy sounded worried. “I think Alisha is about to get some new clothes.” Mandy started to grin.

“You know me so well.” Andrew grinned back.

“I want to see whatever it is tomorrow, so you better bring Alisha to work with you.” Mandy warned.

Andrew grinned even more because he liked the way all the other members of staff enjoyed to see Alisha turn up for work, and now he would get to try out his new shoes sooner than he expected to.

He grabbed his bag and threw it over his shoulder before cheek kissing Mandy and leaving the shop for the day. He walked down the road and looked at the black suede boots he had fallen in love with a couple of months back, but couldn’t afford to buy before now. He entered the shop and twenty minutes later was leaving the shop again with the boots and a new blouse to go with them. Andrew already knew that Alisha had the perfect skirt to go with them both.
Becky was feeling a little better when Andrew got home because she was sat at the dining table working on her laptop while being surrounded by balled up tissues.

“Becky...! Do you even know what a bin is for?” Andrew asked as he grabbed the waste basket on his way over to the table and then used some of Becky’s paperwork to sweep all the used tissue’s into the waste basket and then placed it down near Becky’s feet.

“M... Sorry, but I got lost in writing this article.” Becky apologised as she looked up from her computer. “What you been buying?” Becky asked when she saw the shopping bag on the sofa.

“I treated myself to those boots I saw in the shop down the road from the salon.” Andrew grinned. “And I found a gorgeous top to go with them.” Andrew added as he ran back to the sofa and pulled out a deep purple suede top with loose fitting sleeves.

“Where did you find the money for all that?” Becky asked.

“I had a really good paying customer that left me a large tip for doing such a good job.” Andrew replied looking a little sheepish.
“What aren’t you telling me?” Becky asked with a raised eyebrow. Becky had always known when Andrew or Alisha was trying to hide something from her.

“The new customer was Christina Grace.” Andrew said with a pained look while he waited for Becky to explode.

“What...? Christina Grace came into your salon today? Just one day after you went to see her pretending to be me?” Becky asked just before she had a coughing fit due to her still being full of cold.

“Well she saw my nails yesterday, and she asked me to send her my details as I was pretending to be you remember.” Andrew wanted to get that part in to remind Becky that he had done her a big favour yesterday.

“So you gave her your own details...?” Becky sounded shocked now. “Are you really that stupid?” She snapped.

“I never told her anything about me, I just thought she must have already had the details from this security check she had done on you.” Andrew snapped back.

“You never came up in any of the paperwork I had to fill in, so I have no idea how she found out about you and where you work.” Becky said looking worried. “Do you think she might have worked out that it was you that went to see her instead of me?” Becky asked.

“She didn’t say anything to me about it while I did her nails, and she said that you sent her the details last night.” Andrew said as he fell down onto the sofa looking just as worried as Becky did. “What do we do now?” Andrew asked.

“We do nothing.” Becky replied as she formed a plan in her head. “You looked just like me, and you even sound like me on the recording, so she will have a tough time trying to prove otherwise, and neither of us will say anything to anyone.” Becky sounded more and more confident with each word she spoke.

“Does this mean I get to keep my new clothes?” Andrew pouted as he spoke just like Alisha does.

“Yes, I’ll let you keep your new clothes, but only if I can steal them when I need to.” Becky said looking serious for a couple of seconds before she started grinning.

“Like I would ever stand a chance of stopping you.” Andrew huffed. “And I do steel plenty of your stuff.” He added with a grin


Christina sat in her living room looking over some reports while enjoying a glass of wine, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the man called Andrew that had spent all afternoon working on her nails. This wasn’t being helped whenever she saw her nails and the beautiful artwork he had done. Christina was also thinking about the woman he had pretended to be the day before, and how turned on it was making her just thinking about him dressed in that tight pencil skirt and silver blouse.

“I should see about getting out to a club, so I can find a new subject to work on.” Christina sighed to herself. It had been a couple of months since she let her last project go, and she hadn’t been in the mood to find a new one until Andrew tripped into her life. Andrew would be a different kind of a challenge because he already enjoyed dressing as a woman, but the amazing part was the fact he could put her back in a box and carry on living as a man, even if he didn’t look very macho. Christina just couldn’t understand why he would ever want to go back to looking like he did earlier today, when he passes so easily. Nearly all of Christina’s passed projects would have killed to look as good as Andrew does without any real help, other than a bit of padding out here and there.

Christina found herself wanting to see more of this Andrew, or more to the point, she wanted to see more of the female version she had met the day before, but how was she going to make that happen. Christina knew she would need to sleep on that, and see if she could come up with a plan to make it happen.

Chapter Four: Working Girl.

Becky couldn’t help but grin the next morning when she saw Alisha step out into the living area wearing her new suede knee high boots over fishnet stocking that disappeared under a black leather mini skirt, and the new purple suede top that had a glossy black three inch belt pulling in the top at the waist. Alisha had styled her own blonde hair today rather than wear the wig that matched Becky’s hair style. Alisha hated wearing wigs because they made her head feel like it was on fire, and Andrew had let his hair grow out over the years and just whore it in a pony tail when he was in Andrew mode.

“Hi sis, you’re looking really cute and sexy in those boots.” Becky grinned even more.

“Thanks sis.” Alisha blushed.

“You need to stop this pretending to be a boy thing, and just embrace the inner goddess I am looking at right now.” Becky said in a pleading tone.

“I wish you would stop trying to push me into becoming a girl fulltime.” Alisha sighed as she put some bread in the toaster just before she poured herself a mug of coffee out.

“I’ll stop pushing when you finally see sense and do what I keep telling you.” Becky argued.

“I’m still hoping to find a girl that likes me as Andrew, so I can then let her see me as Alisha and see if she can love the two sides of me.” Alisha tried to explain for the hundredth time.

“And just how well is that working out for you?” Becky frowned.

Andrew had never had a single girl show any interest in him, but Alisha had guys asking her out all the time, but Alisha wasn’t into guys, so she just politely turned them down whenever they started coming on to her.

“You know how well it’s going for me, it’s not.” Alisha mumbled as she buttered her toast and then joined Becky at the dining table where she was still working on her column for the magazine.

Becky knew Alisha well enough to know when to change the subject, so she asked if Alisha wanted to go out clubbing at the weekend because Becky was feeling much better, and a night out would do them both some good.

“That sounds like it could be a lot of fun.” Alisha grinned.

Becky was going to be using the car today, so she was going to drop Alisha at work before running some errands and doing some food shopping because the cupboards were looking a little empty, as was the fridge and the freezer.

Alisha did one final check in the mirror before the two of them left the apartment and got in the car. They had only been gone a couple of minutes before a man got out of a plane looking van holding a clipboard and a meter reading device. He made his way up to Alisha and Becky’s apartment and knocked on the door. When he didn’t get an answer he looked up and down the road before he placed a strange looking gun into the keyhole and pushed the trigger several times and the front door to the apartment popped open.

The man stepped into the apartment and spoke. “Hello...! Is anyone home? Your front door was open, and I’ve just come to read the meter.” He said as he checked to see if anyone was in the house. He had played a hunch that one of the two women that had just left the house was the man called Andrew is employer was paying him to look into.
He knew that there were only two people living in the house, and he hadn’t seen another woman come or this Andrew leave, so he had guessed right and one of the woman was really this Andrew in some form of drag.

He took a good look around the apartment and planted some listening devices and a couple of cameras around the living room and kitchen area, but he didn’t put any in the bedroom. Even he had some limits, and spying on people in the bedroom was one of them, well it was when he was ordered to by his boss, and Christina had told him not to plant anything in the bedrooms or bathroom. The last thing he did was install some software on all the computers he found in the apartment so he could keep an eye on their net surfing, and anything else he cared to take a look at whenever he needed to. Once he was done, he left the apartment and made sure they would never know he had been in there in the first place.

Bill wasn’t worried about trying to track down this Andrew, not know he knew that Andrew was also the other woman he had seen leaving the apartment, because he knew that this woman would be heading to work at the salon he’d watched Andrew working at the day before when his boss went in the place to get her nails done.


Alisha entered the salon to wolf whistles when Becky dropped her off. Alisha just soaked it all in as she did a quick spin for them all to get a good look at her.

“Girlfriend, you never seas to amaze me every time I see you dressed like this.” Mandy said as she stepped from behind the counter and gave her a hug.

“Thanks Mandy.” Alisha said as she hugged Mandy back before she got hugs from all the other girls that worked in the salon.

It was a slow start to the day, so Alisha took some time to paint up a new set of nails for herself before she attached them. She had only just finished when her first customer of the day entered the salon, and then she was busy for the rest of the day. She did get to go out for a small walk when lunchtime came and she popped down the road to get a sandwich.

Becky picked Alisha up that evening, and the two of them headed straight home because Becky had sorted out dinner and it was being kept warm in the oven.

“Thanks for sorting out dinner, it was really nice.” Alisha said as she helped Becky clear the table before the two of them set to work cleaning up the kitchen like they always did.

“Anytime sis.” Becky smiled. “Will Alisha be going into work tomorrow as well?” Becky asked with a grin because Andrew hadn’t returned when they got home. Alisha had just taken off her work clothes and put on her silk PJ’s and robe before joining Becky at the dinner table.

“Yes she will.” Alisha smiled. “I had a lot more fun today while being Alisha, so I thought I might as well stay like this until after the weekend.” Alisha shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal to her how she looked when she went to work, but she did seem to have more fun with the other girls when Alisha was there and not Andrew.

Once the kitchen was clean, Becky got back to work on her article while Alisha settled down on the sofa and found some old movie she really liked, so she put the remote down and then settled down to watch the film.


Christina was working late in her office at Grace Industries when her cell phone rang and she saw it was Bill calling her, so she answered it.

“Hello Bill, do you have anything to report?” Christina asked.

“Yes, I’ve sent you an encrypted email with all the links to the cameras I placed in Andrew Main’s apartment, as well as some photos of the subject leaving home and going to work, but I must warn you that he looked a little different today when he went to work.” Bill warned her.

Christina hoped she understood Bill correctly as she opened the email and looked at the attached zip file with all the photos in it, and she smiled when she saw that Andrew was dressed as a woman again, and he looked even cutter than he had the other day. Christina thought that Becky was cute, but there was just something about Andrew when he was dressed that made Christina feel all warm inside.

“Thank you Bill, I can take over from here.” Christina said with a smile as she hooked into the live feed from Andrew’s apartment.

“If you need anything else Ma’am, you know where to find me.” Bill said before ending the call.

Christina pushed her work to one side and she settled back in her chair to enjoy watching Andrew relax on the sofa while watching some old movie on the TV.

“I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine Alisha, do you want one?” Christina heard Becky ask Andrew.

“Sure, sounds good.” Alisha replied with a smile.

“So you’re female name is Alisha.” Christina smiled to herself as she let the name role around in her mind for a couple of minutes.

Christina watched the live feed for a little longer before she called it a night and shut down her computer and went to lie down on the large couch she had in the corner of her room. Christina often slept at her office when she was between projects at her home. She had a private bathroom and a walk in wardrobe full of designer labels, so she always looked her best when being seen by anyone.


Becky needed the car again on the Friday, so she dropped Alisha at work again, which suited Alisha because she didn’t need to spend money on parking, and she got to chat with Becky while she drove her to and from work.

“I’ve been wondering if I might be pushing my luck dressing like this for work.” Alisha said as she looked down at her pantyhose covered legs sticking out from under her black denim skirt and her new suede boots on her feet. “What if that Christina Grace comes in the salon looking for Andrew?”

“Just get Mandy to tell her that he’s off sick or something like that.” Becky shrugged.

“That could work.” Alisha agreed.

“And if she did find out about you also being Andrew, don’t worry about it. You look nothing like me with how you look right now anyway, so there is no way she can put two and two together and get four.” Becky sounded sure of herself.

Alisha hoped Becky was right, because the last thing she needed was trouble with some billionaire.

Becky was soon pulling up outside the salon and Alisha leaned over and gave Becky a hug before kissing her on the cheek and getting out the car.

Alisha was wearing a white gypsy top, black denim skirt and her new black suede boots over a pair of black pantyhose. She took a good look at herself in the salon window before she entered the shop and said good morning to all the other girls.

Friday was always a busy day at the salon, and Alisha was soon up to her neck in customers, and she was worried when she saw Christina enter the shop and she started looking around for Andrew, but her eyes settled on Alisha, and Alisha was sure she saw Christina grin at her as she winked.

Alisha had to focus on what she was doing, and try not to see what Christina was up to at the counter with Mandy. Alisha wasn’t sure what had happened, but all of a sudden Christina was the only customer Alisha had waiting for her.

“Hello Alisha.” Christina smiled when she took the seat in Alisha’s part of the salon.

“How do you know my name?” Alisha asked sounding nervous.

“Mandy just told me that you were filling in for Andrew while he was off sick.” Christina explained. “I hope he’s feeling better soon.” Christina added as she looked Alisha up and down.

“I’m sure he’ll feel better soon.” Alisha lied.

“Maybe I should ask Mandy for his address so I can call in and make sure he’s alright.” Christina said as she let Alisha start on her nails.

“I don’t think Mandy is allowed to give out personal information like that.” Alisha was more hoping than stating fact.
“I find that the right amount of money will make almost any information available.” Christina shrugged.

Alisha found herself hoping that Christina was very wrong this time, but she knew that Mandy would give out Andrew’s address if Christina offered enough money. Alisha looked around like she wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be overheard before she leaned in closer to Christine and whispered. “He’s not at home, and he’s not sick. He’s gone away for a long weekend with his girlfriend.” Alisha lied.

“Oh I see.” Christina smiled, as she already knew this was a lie, but she liked the way Alisha could think fast when she needed to.

“I’m almost as good as Andy when it comes to doing nails, so you’re in safe hands with me.” Alisha said as she set to work touching up the work she had done as Andrew earlier in the week. She played around with the designs a little and they looked even better now than when Andrew first did them.

“I think you do even better work than Andrew.” Christina said as she took a closer look at the work Alisha had just finished. “But I always do think that girls do better work than men anyway.” Christina added, sounding a little sexist.

Alisha wanted to shout at Christina for saying such a sexist thing, but Alisha also knew that an outburst like that wouldn’t be good for business, so she kept her mouth shut and just helped Christina up out of the seat and let her go and settle up with Mandy while she set to work cleaning up her area of the salon.

“Thank you once again for doing such amazing work.” Christina said as she came back over to Alisha and cheek kissed her as she slipped some money into Alisha’s hand before turning and leaving the shop.

Alisha looked down at her hand with the money in it, and was shocked to see more than double the amount she had given Andrew. Alisha just smiled as she thought about the fun night out she and Becky would be having that Saturday night.

“She came into the shop again today.” Alisha said when Becky picked her up that evening.

“Christina Grace...?” Becky asked looking a little shocked.

“Yep, and she was talking about getting our address off Mandy, so she could go and see Andrew.” Alisha frowned. “I lied and told her he was going away for a long weekend, and he had lied to Mandy so he could get an extra couple of days off.”

“She’s up to something.” Becky sounded worried. “She owns a whole chain of salons, so why travel all the way over here to get you to work on her nails?” Becky thought out loud.

“Maybe she just likes my work.” Alisha said in her own defence.

“I wish that was the case sweetie, but I find it a little odd that she decides to come and see you right after the interview, and then twice in one week.” Becky pointed out.

“On the plus side, she did give me a really large tip for doing a good job, so we are covered for our night out tomorrow.” Alisha grinned as she pulled the large rolled up pile of noted Christina had given her earlier in the day out her purse and waved them in Becky’s face.

“You should be taking this a lot more seriously than you are.” Becky snapped as she batted Alisha’s hand away.

“Why? It’s like you’ve already said, she doesn’t have any proof that it was me that did the interview, and she can’t blackmail me because all my friends already know, and so do all the people I work with.” Alisha shrugged. “And if she wants to keep coming to me to get her nails done, let her, because I can always find something to do with the money.” Alisha started grinning again.

Becky wanted to argue that they should still be careful, but she could understand Alisha’s point, and Christina really didn’t have anything she could use against them, not unless she wants to make her own security look like a joke.
“I guess you’re right.” Becky finally admitted.

Becky could see Alisha playing with her phone out the corner of her eye just before Alisha shoved it under Becky’s chin. “Can you repeat what you just said?” Alisha grinned. “The great Becky McTaggart admits I am right about something.” Alisha added looking shocked for a couple of seconds before bursting out in a fit of laughter.

“Piss off you cheeky cow.” Becky smirked as she slapped Alisha’s hand away before she also started to laugh.


Christina sat on her sofa with her laptop on her knee sipping on a glass of wine while she watched Alisha and Becky sort out their evening meal while planning the night out for the next day.

“Now this I can use.” Christina smiled as she started to form a plan to meet up with Alisha and Becky in one of the clubs they were talking about.

Christina was hoping that she could use her charms so she could talk Alisha into coming home with her so she could enjoy Alisha’s company for the rest of the weekend, and hopefully beyond that. Christina carried on watching her laptop until she felt sleepy and she shut it down and retired for the night.

Chapter Five: Saturday Night Fever.

Alisha had been even busier than the day before, but she was looking forward to getting out and having some drinks and having a good boogie on the dance floor. Becky had picked her up from work, and the two of them were dashing around the apartment as they tried to get ready. They both had glasses of wine and were sipping on them while they got ready.

Becky was going for a daring look in a low cut top and a tight fitting miniskirt due to the fact she wanted to pull some guy so she could have a fun weekend.

Alisha was always jealous of the low cut tops Becky could get away with wearing due to her having real breasts, where as Alisha couldn’t wear that kind of top due to her breasts being nothing but padding. Alisha still looked nice when she went out, and often showed a little cleavage, but Alisha wasn’t trying to pull any guy’s, she just wanted to enjoy a night out of drinking and dancing. So she had chosen a sexy little black dress with a flared skirt to make her hips and bottom look a little bigger. The dress had no sleeves and high font to it, so Alisha didn’t need to tape up her chest to give the look of cleavage. She could just use a set of breast forms attached using some double sided tape. Alisha was also wearing nude pantyhose to make her legs stand out a little more.

“How do I look?” Alisha asked Becky when she walked into the living room where Becky was sat waiting for her at the dining table finishing off her glass of wine.

“You look really sexy, and I would kill to have legs like yours.” Becky pouted.

“You have everything else going for you, so leave me with the legs, please.” Alisha pouted back just before she started grinning.

The door bell rang and they knew it would be the taxi, so they grabbed their jackets and purses before leaving the apartment for a night of fun. The taxi dropped them off outside a wine bar, and they were soon sat at a table enjoying another glass of wine before they moved on to another bar.

Alisha could tell that Becky was looking for a one night stand to spend the night with, so she would be heading home alone at some point later, but Alisha was use to this. Alisha and Becky had both agreed that they wouldn’t take a date back to their place if they managed to pull, not that Alisha ever did.

“Darren says his friend is single, if you’re interested.” Becky giggled a little later in the night after she got back from dancing with some guy she’d taken an interest in.

“Good for Darren’s friend.” Alisha replied.

“You don’t have to have sex on the first date Alisha.” Becky said with a role of her eyes. Becky was always the same when she’d had a couple of drinks, she would try and set Alisha up on a date with some guy’s friend, but Alisha would always turn them down.

“That’s because there isn’t going to be a first date.” Alisha smiled sarcastically. Alisha was glad when Darren returned from the restroom and took Becky back onto the dance floor.

Alisha found herself stood with this Darren’s friend while he kept smiling down at her. Alisha gave him a nervous smile back before she picked up her purse and made it look like she was going to the restroom herself, but really she was going to walk around the club before making her way out and heading home. She already knew that Becky wasn’t going to be any real company, not now she had a man on the hook, and Alisha didn’t want to give this Darren’s friend the wrong idea about them hooking up.

“Hello beautiful...!” Some drunken guy slurred as he stepped right in front of Alisha, blocking her path. Alisha just smiled at him before she tried to step around him and keep walking, but he was soon blocking her path again. “This is your lucky night.” He slurred some more.

“Why’s that?” Alisha asked, but already had a pretty good idea what the drunken guy was about to say.

“I’ve been saving all this for you...!” The man shouted as he threw his arms out, forgetting he was holding a pint glass half full of beer, which some poor girl was now wearing. Alisha went to warn the man that he had just soaked some girl, but she saw the girl’s boyfriend was about to inform the drunken man, so she just stepped back and vanished into the crowd as she saw a couple of bouncers run past her in that direction.

Alisha had just made her mind up to call it a night and head outside so she could hale down a taxi and go home, when a large Amazon of a woman blocked her path. Alisha looked up at the woman and saw she was smiling down at her. Alisha thought she must be well over six feet tall, but she looked friendly still.

“Can you please follow me?” The Amazon asked as she pointed in the direction of the VIP section in the club.

Alisha shook her head as she pointed towards the exit, due to the music being much louder where she was now stood trying to talk with this woman.

The Amazon leaned down until her lips were almost touching Alisha’s ear. “Come with me now.” The woman said in a tone that let Alisha know she wasn’t asking her this time.

Alisha did as she was told and walked over towards the VIP section expecting the security guarding the entrance to stop her, but they just stepped aside and let the two of them enter the VIP section. Alisha was surprised at just how quiet it was in this part of the club.

“Hello Alisha.” A female voice said from behind.

Alisha turned to find Christina stood there with the Amazon stood at her side. “Miss Grace...” Alisha said looking shocked to see Christina here in this club.

“Please call me Christina.” She smiled as she took hold of Alisha’s arm and led her over to some sofas and helped her to sit down. Alisha was handed a glass of champagne to drink by the Amazon just before she handed Christina one.

“Thank you.” Alisha smiled just before she took a sip of the champagne. “You were lucky to catch me; I was just about to call it a night and head home.” Alisha admitted.

“I saw you were making your way towards the exit, which is why I sent Kimberly to stop you.” Christina said as she looked up at the Amazon stood with her back to them as she kept an eye out for any signs of trouble. “I hope she didn’t scare you?”

“Just a little bit.” Alisha admitted. “What did you want to see me about?” Alisha asked nervously.

“Do I need a reason?” Christina smirked.

“I just find it a little strange that since Becky came to interview you the other day, you seem to be popping up quite a bit.” Alisha frowned.

“Don’t you mean since you came to interview me the other day? Andrew.” Christina said with a very serious look on her face.

Alisha thought about trying to bluff her way out of it, but the look of horror on her face had already given the game away. “When did you work it all out?” Alisha asked as she slumped down in her seat after she put the champagne glass down on the table in front of her.

“I knew a couple of minutes after you fell into my office.” Christina smiled.

“Why did you not have me arrested then?” Alisha looked puzzled now.

“Because you weren’t doing anything wrong, and I wanted to find out why you were pretending to be your roommate.” Christina shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal. “So why did you come and interview me instead of Becky?”
“Becky came down with a bad case of the flu, and she talked me into taking her place because I can make myself look like her.” Alisha admitted. “I’m sorry about all this.” Alisha said as she hung her head in shame.

“Spend the rest of the weekend with me, and I will let you off.” Christina grinned.

“Doing what?” Alisha looked worried.

“Talking and just hanging out so I can get to know you a little better, and find out why you swap and change between this and a boy called Andrew.” Christina waved her hand up and down Alisha’s body to indicate the way she was dressed at the minute.

“I can do that.” Alisha said as she relaxed a little bit and accepted the champagne glass from Christina again.

They both finished their champagne and then Christina got up before she helped Alisha to her feet. Then the two of them followed Kimberly out a private exit and down some stairs that led out to a private underground parking area where Alisha saw a large black Lexus parked. Kimberly opened the back door for Christina to get in before she walked around to the other side and did the same for Alisha. The Lexus was soon driving through the city streets and then out into the countryside.

Alisha had no idea where they were going, and no one knew she was with Christina, so Christina could do anything with her, and no one would be able to help. Alisha gathered they had reaching their destination when Kimberly pulled up to a large set of iron gates before she pushed a button on the sun visor and the gates slowly opened to let them in. They drove up a long winding gravel road before a large stately house came into view.

“Is this where you live?” Alisha asked in ore as she looked out the window of the Lexus at the massive house they were now stopped outside of.

“One of them. I have a place in the city, but I like to spend my weekends here away from everything.” Christina sounded bored like it wasn’t anything special.

They both got out the car when Kimberly opened the back doors, and Alisha let Christina lead her up the steps to the front door where a maid was now stood waiting for them.

“Hello Tina.” Christina said warmly to the maid.

“Good evening Ma’am. I trust you had a good evening out?” Tina tasked as she curtsied.

“Yes. It turned out to be very good indeed.” Christina grinned as she looked at Alisha.

“Hello Tina.” Alisha smiled as she let Christina lead her into the house. The maid just smiled back at her.

Christina led Alisha into a large sitting room and helped her to take a seat. Christina sat down next to her, and they were both soon being handed glasses of wine by Tina, before she left them, so they could be alone.

“So please tell me how Andrew came to be this beautiful creature I now see before me?” Christina asked after taking a sip of her wine.

“I was never very manly looking as a child, and I use to get picked on because of it, so one day I found a bag of female clothes and thought I would try some of them on. I found I liked the feel of them, and how I looked when wearing them, so I started to venture out dressed as a girl, and I found that people didn’t bother me as much when they thought I was just another girl walking around.” Alisha shrugged like she didn’t fully understand why this made any difference.

“Have you never thought of becoming a woman and having the surgery?” Christina asked.

“No, not really. I don’t feel I need to suffer through all that, as I don’t want to be with a man.” Alisha shuddered at the thought of it.

“Just because you want to be a woman, doesn’t mean you want to sleep and have sex with a man.” Christina smirked. “I know women like you that have wife’s they met after they transitioned.

“I do find myself wishing I could see what it would be like to have a female body, if only to wear some of the more risky fashions.” Alisha admitted.

“What if I told you I could help you do that, and none of it would be permanent?” Christina asked.

“How could you do that?” Alisha looked suspicious again.

“I’d need you to sign some paperwork before I could say or show you more, but I think you might find it very interesting.” Christina promised.

“Okay then, what do I need to sign?” Alisha grinned as she held up her hand like Christina was about to hand her a pen right there and then.

“It’s called an NDA.” Christina tried not to giggle as she looked at Alisha pretending to sign her name on an invisible piece of paper.

“What is an NDA?” Alisha asked.

“A non disclosure agreement. It means that whatever I show you or tell you, you can’t go telling anyone else, not even Becky.” Christina added the last bit before Alisha could ask her.

“I would never tell anyone anything anyway, but I will sign whatever you need me to, if it makes you feel better about telling me.”

“Alright then, we’ll sort that out later, but for now I want to hear more about you.” Christina pushed Alisha to carry on with her story.

“I started watching videos on the internet that showed me how to do my makeup, and get a more feminine voice, as well as different ways to add padding in the right places.”

“I noticed you had cleavage the other day, how did you do that?” Christina asked as she remembered seeing Alisha’s breasts showing a little bit through the open top of her silver blouse.

“I sometimes use tape to pull the flesh together on my chest, and then I use some chicken fillets to pad my chest out so it looks like I have breasts.” Alisha explained.

“Chicken fillets?” Christina looked shocked.

“Not real one’s” Alisha giggled. “That’s what we call the breast forms I use to pad out my chest, because they look a little like raw chicken fillets.”

“Oh I see.” Christina giggled herself. “But doesn’t it hurt when you use tape on your chest?” She asked with a pained look.

“Yes it does, and that is why I don’t do it very often, and I wear more dresses and tops that hide my cleavage, so I can just use normal breast forms and some double sided tape.” Alisha stuck her chest out as she tried to make her point.

“How did you meet Becky?

“We met in a night club one night when some guy thought I was her, and he was trying to hit on me, and not taking ‘NO’ for an answer.” Alisha frowned at the memory. “The next thing I knew, Becky was there helping me to fight him off, and we both realised just how much alike we looked. That is why we tried to fool you.” Alisha blushed with shame over being found out. “What gave me away?” Alisha asked.

“I have a special program on my computer that can ID people using facial features, and it told me who you really were, but none of this was on the internet, so it wasn’t much help when I wanted to find out more about Alisha.” Christina smiled.

“I’m not an exhibitionist, so I don’t have a web site or a facebook page. I just like to be Alisha some of the time, and Andrew other times.” Alisha shrugged.

“Are you and Becky an item?” Christina was hoping Alisha would say no to this question, but she was ready to hear the worst.

“No, Becky and I are more like sisters, or brother and sister when Andrew is around.” Alisha made it sound like Christina was being silly to even ask such a thing.

“Have either of you ever thought about hooking up and giving it a go?” Christina pushed for more details.
“No, we were just like best friends from that first day.” Alisha said as she thought about whether or not she and Becky might have ever fallen in love if they had given it any real thought. “I’ve never bothered trying to find a girl to date, because, well, just look at me.” Alisha laughed. “Who would ever want to date this?” She added as she looked down at herself.

“I don’t know what you mean. I think you look amazing.” Christina argued.

“Yes, as a girl, but what girl would want to be seen dating a boy like me when I am dressed like this?” Alisha pointed out. “I’m not much to look at as Andrew.”

“If you have such a low opinion of Andrew, then why don’t you become Alisha all the time?”

“I don’t know.” Alisha shrugged. “Why all the questions about Becky?” Alisha asked, trying to get Christina to change the subject.

“Because I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I did this.” Christina slid a little closer and then leaned in until her lips touched Alisha’s and they started to kiss. Alisha was a little clumsy to begin with, but she was soon going with the flow and returning the passion that Christina was showing her.

“What did you do that for?” Alisha sounding out of breath and a little shocked.

“I’ve wanted to do that ever since you fell into my office, and I found out what you really were.” Christina replied just before she leaned in and kissed Alisha again.

“You can have any man you want, so why would you want me?” Alisha asked, putting herself down again.

“I wish you would stop putting yourself down.” Christina frowned. “I need to explain something to you, but first we need to get an NDA signed.” Christina stood up and pulled Alisha up, before leading her by the hand out of the sitting room and across the large hallway to Christina’s home office.

Alisha took the offered seat on one side of the desk in the room, while Christina walked around to the other side and sat down before she opened one of the desk draws and pulled out a small pile of paper held together with a couple of staples. Christina slid the papers over to Alisha for her to read through and then sign if she was happy with what she read. Alisha started to read through the document that read ‘Non Disclosure Agreement’ across the top, but she found that most the words read like they were written in an alien language, so she gave up and just signed it next to all the X’s.

“You should read all documents before you sign them.” Christina warned.

“I trust you.” Alisha shrugged as she handed Christina the NDA and the pen back.

“You do understand that what I am about to tell you, cannot be repeated to anyone, and if you do, I will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.” Christina looked very serious as she said all this to let Alisha know she wasn’t playing around.

“I’ve already said you can trust me Christina.” Alisha frowned. “So please start explaining whatever it is you want to tell me.

Chapter Six: Christina’s Past, Alisha’s Future.

“I was abused as a child until I was thirteen and I finally found the courage to fight back.” Christina started to explain. “I managed to push him away from me, and he fell and hit his head, so I ran from the house. “What I didn’t know at the time was he’d been smoking a cigarette, which had fallen on the carpet and set fire to it.”

Alisha sat with her mouth open, not sure how to respond to what she was hearing, so she kept quiet and let Christina continue her story.

“He died in the fire, and I was found by the police a couple of hours later. They wanted to charge me with his murder, but I was too young, and they later found out the truth about the abuse, and ruled my actions as self defence.”
Christina sounded like it wasn’t a big deal that her father was dead, and she’d had something to do with it.

“What about your mother?” Alisha asked.

“She died when I was very young, so I don’t remember her.” Christina replied in a flat tone. “Child services thought it best for me to get a new name, and the file on my father’s death was sealed.”

“Don’t you worry about people finding out about all this?” Alisha asked sounding shocked, as she didn’t remember Becky saying anything about what Christina had just told her.

“I had the file destroyed some time ago, so there is nothing connecting me to that part of my past.” Christina shrugged like people did this sort of thing all the time, which for Christina, she did. “I then had my past altered to make it look like I had always been Christina Grace.”

“I gather if you have enough money, you can do almost anything you want.” Alisha frowned. “How did you get from being an abused thirteen year old child to where you are now?”

“It turned out that my father had a life insurance policy that had been put in a trust until I turned eighteen, so I used the money to put myself through collage, and also help me buy into a salon I’d been working at since I was at school.”

Alisha remembered what Becky had said about Christina owning a large chain of salons around the world, and she wondered if this is where it all started.

“I was a very angry teenager, and I had no time for any male until I saw a TV program about dominant women that took pleasure in dressing men up as females. I thought I could get some payback on all the males that were just like my father.” Christina let out a sigh. “I know it was a foolish thing to think, but like I said, I was a young angry teen at the time.” Christina added when she saw the shocked look Alisha was giving her.

“How many men did you punish?” Alisha asked.

“Just two, by the third I came to realise that not all men were like my father, so I found I felt better actually helping this one to explore his love of female clothing. As time went on I found that more and more men had a love of dressing up. So I added special services at the salon I part owned, and then I brought out my partner and started opening more and more salons around the county, and then the world.”

“Have you never found someone to settle down with from all these men you’ve helped?”

“No, because I have never let a man have sex with me since my father raped me.” Christina sounded angry as she said this. “I did, and still do fuck them if they are a willing partner.”

“You fuck them?” Alisha looked confused.

“Yes, I use a strap-on dildo.” Christina smirked at the way Alisha was now looking worried and fidgeting in her seat.
“Don’t worry, I don’t plan to do anything like that with you.”

“Then what do you want to do with me?” Alisha stuttered out.

“Over the years I have helped develop new kinds of prosthetics. And I’ve been looking for a test subject to help with a trial on some cutting edge technology, and I would like that person to be you.” Christina looked hopeful.

“What would I be doing?” Alisha still sounded worried.

“It would be easier for me to show you.” Christina said as she stood up and then took hold of Alisha’s hand and led her out of the office and down a long hallway. They left the mansion through a side door and walked across the large gravelled area before they entered what use to be stables by the looks of it, but the building was a very high tech lab now with all sorts of machines Alisha had no idea what they did.

“What is this place?” Alisha asked as she looked around. “Are those real breasts?” Alisha was pointing at what looked like a woman’s breasts sat on a headless mannequin.

“Yes and no.” Christina smiled as she led Alisha over to the mannequin. This is what I want you to try out for me.”

“You designed them?” Alisha sounded impressed.

“I helped design them and worked on them in my free time.” Christina said as she lifted the female chest off the mannequin and then took hold of Alisha’s right hand and placed it on the inside of the breast before Christina then picked up a metal stick that looked a little like a knitting needle and ran it along the top surface of the breast now resting in Alisha’s hand.

Alisha jumped and almost dropped the breast when she felt the metal run across her hand like the breast wasn’t there. “What the hell was that?” Alisha asked once Christina had taken the breasts away and Alisha was now rubbing her hand.

“The whole surface of the breast plate is covered in sensers.” Christina started to explain. “The ones on the outside of the breast pick up on all the contact, and then that is transferred to another set of censers on the inside of the breast plate and transferred to the person’s chest.” Christina looked excited about this.

“So what you’re trying to say is if I were to let you attach this to my chest, it would feel like I had a real set of breasts?” Alisha was looking a little excited herself now.

“Yes it would.” Christina grinned. “I have also been working on this.” Christina added as she pulled a cover off a tray and Alisha found herself looking at a woman’s virginal area.

“You would be able to attach this to me as well somehow.” Alisha asked as she bent over to get a closer look at the very real looking female private area, as she wondered how it would work, or even attach to her body in that area.

“Yes, once they are both attached, you will look like a woman to the rest of the world, but the best part would the fact that you would feel like a woman.” Christina had a pleading in her voice for Alisha to say yes.

Alisha was having a battle in her own head as she tried to see any kind of a down side to letting Christina try these things out on her. The thought of Alisha getting the chance to live life as female did seem to be winning out over any kind of downside there might be.

“How would you attach this to me?” Alisha asked as she pointed down to the vagina sat on the stainless steel tray in front of her.

Christina picked up the vagina and turned it over in her hand so Alisha could see the back of it. “I’ll slide your penis into this sleeve before pushing it down between your legs out of the way.” Christina explained.

“What about me getting an erection?” Alisha blushed.

“The same sensers that help you to feel all the sensations through the device will also monitor and prevent you from getting hard.” Christina smiled at the rosy blush in Alisha’s cheeks.

“Is there any chance of me giving it all a trial go before I commit to doing the trial?” Alisha sounded hopeful as she asked.

“I was about to ask if you wanted to do that.” Christina grinned. “Please bear in mind that these aren’t the ones you’ll be using for the trial if you choose to go ahead, but they will give you some idea of what to expect.” Christina explained as she started sorting things out. “I need you to go into that room and take a shower, and use this cream on your chest and groin area, do not use it above your neck, not unless you want to be bald.” Christina warned. “It will remove the hair from any area it touches, so we get the best possible contact between your skin and the prosthetics.”

“Will it burn?” Alisha asked as she looked at the bottle in her hand.

“No, it’s a special cream my company designs not to burn while it removed any and all body hair.” Christina

“Okay...” Alisha said as she nervously took the bottle of cream out of Christina’s hand and made her way over to the room that had a shower stall in it. Alisha stripped out of all her clothes until it was Andrew stepping into the shower. He spread the cream on his chest and his groin and waited the amount of time it told him to on the bottle before stepping under the hot water and watching what little hair he had around his groin area wash down the drain hole. He didn’t have any chest hair, but his chest did still feel much smoother after using the cream on it.

Andrew stepped out of the shower and put on the bathrobe he saw hanging on the back of the door. He felt a lot more nervous about being around Christina now that he didn’t have the shell of Alisha to protect him, but he took a deep breath and stepped out the bathroom and walked over to where Christina was tapping away on a computer.

“I’m all hairless below the neck.” Andrew said shyly.

“That’s good.” Christina smiled as she looked up from the computer. “Don’t look so worried, I still think you look more like Alisha than Andrew.”

Andrew blushed again, which was much easier to see due to what little makeup Alisha had worn, was now gone. “Thanks, I think.” Andrew frowned, not sure whether to take Christina’s comment as a complement or an insult.

“I was paying you a compliment.” Christina smirked. “Lose the bathrobe and hop up into this chair, and place your legs up on these stirrups.” Christina added as she pattered a surgical chair.

Andrew nervously removed the bathrobe and got up onto the chair before placing his legs in the two stirrups. Andrew had never felt more naked in his life than he did right now. He watched as Christina moved around the lab placing things on a trolley before she finally wheeled it over to the side of where Andrew was now sat.

“I need to fit you with a form of catheter, but don’t worry, it’s just to help with the new pluming you’re about to get.” Christina explained as she put on some surgical gloves and then opened a packet with a small thin tube in it with a deflated bulb at one end.

Andrew closed his eyes and let his head rest on the back of the seat while he felt Christina start to slide the small pipe into his penis. Even though it felt a little weird, it didn’t hurt as much as he thought it would, and he let out a sigh when Christina let him know it was all done, and they could move on to the next step. Andrew looked down and saw part of the pipe now sticking out the end of his penis. He then watched as Christina connected the pipe to the inside of the female vagina before she started to feed his penis into the inner tube.

“This part may feel a little weird.” Christina warned as she started to do something with his ball sack. Christina pushed them back up into his body before folding the lower part of the vagina up against the lower part of his groin. She sprayed the area with something from a spray can before firmly pushing the vagina up against his body and holding it there for sometime while the glue set. She then sprayed the top part of the vagina and pressed the rest of it into place.

Andrew looked down at his now smooth groin apart from a set of pussy lips, just like he’d seen other women had on TV and in magazines. “What happens if the glue gets wet?” Andrew asked.

“Nothing will happen.” Christina said as she picked up the breast plate and laid it down on Andrew’s chest. “They will remain part of your body until I use a releasing agent.” She explained while she worked.

“So I’ll be able to shower and do all the things normal women do on a daily basis?” Andrew asked with a grin forming on his face.

“Yes, you can even go sunbathing on the beach.” Christina grined back.

Once Christina had the breasts in the right spot, she started to lift different parts of the breast plate up so she could use the glue to fix it to Andrew’s chest. Soon Andrew was once again gone, but now a naked Alisha was sat in the chair looking down between her new breasts at her very own vagina.

“This is all very freaky to look at.” Alisha admitted.

“Just lay still why I program them both to respond in the right way.” Christina said as she hooked up some pads on various parts of Alisha’s body before she then connecter them all to cables coming from a laptop she had on the trolley.

“Program them? Program them to do what?” Alisha sounded worried again.

“I need to tell the breasts and the vagina when you feel good and bad sensations.” Christina said as she pushed some keys and Alisha started to feel pain building in her chest area and her groin.

“OUCH...!” Alisha finally shouted out as she tried to rub her breasts with one hand, while rubbing her groin with the other as she tried to make the pain stop.

Christina pushed a key on the laptop and the pain suddenly stopped. “Sorry, but I couldn’t warn you what I was about to do because it would give me a false reading to set as a baseline.”

“How did you make it hurt so much?” Alisha asked as she kept rubbing her breast and vagina.

“It is all very complicated, but the basics are down to electrical current passing through your breasts and vagina, then sending back information to a small computer hidden in the breasts.

“Does this mean I need to recharge my breasts every day?” Alisha asked half joking.

“No.” Christina giggled. “There are special charging cells built into the breast plate and groin that will recharge them from your body heat.”

“This all sounds like science fiction to me.” Alisha admitted

“As you can see, it is more science fact.” Christina said as she started pushing keys on the laptop again.

Alisha was soon moaning with pleasure as a new set of feelings overtook her and she felt ready to explode, but stopped just short of having an orgasm, or what she thought a woman’s orgasm would feel like. She was left feeling frustrated and panting.

“You could have let me carry on for a little longer.” Alisha complained.

“Where’s the fun in that.” Christina smirked. “And it would have thrown off the readings.” Christina added as she started to remove all the sensors and pads. “Do you want to see what Alisha looks like naked?” Christina asked as she helped Alisha to get up out of the chair and then walked her over to a full length mirror.

“Oh wow.” Alisha said as she looked at the naked woman in the mirror. Even without any makeup Alisha couldn’t see any trace of a boy called Andrew looking back at her, if anything the face seemed to fit the body she now had. “I’m a girl...” Was all Alisha could say as she started to run her fingers over her new body while she started to get use to what she was now seeing.

“I think you always were, but god was feeling cruel when he made you.” Christina smiled, happy with her work.

“I can’t see any seems.” Alisha said as she stepped closer to the mirror and tried to find the edges, but there were none, and she winced when she pinched her nipple and she felt it just like it was her own.

Alisha turned to say something to Christina, but was suddenly silenced by Christina’s lips locking onto hers, as Christina couldn’t keep her hands to herself any longer. Alisha found herself leaning against the edge of a lab table while Christina kissed her and played with one of Alisha’s breasts with one hand, while the other went down to Alisha’s groin and a couple of fingers snaked inside her new vagina. Alisha felt such pleasure flowing through her that it all got too much for her and she passed out.

Chapter Seven: Welcome back Alisha.

Alisha woke and was confused as to where she was and what had happened to her. She was in a bed, but knew that it wasn’t her own bed because it was massive and she was looking up at a canopy, which her bed defiantly didn’t have. Alisha looked to her side when she heard a voice speaking to her.

“Welcome back to the land of the living.” Christina smiled across at her from the other side of the bed.

“What happened to me?” Alisha sounded confused as she felt the extra weight on her chest, and the feeling between her legs felt very different. “It wasn’t a dream?” Alisha asked as she slid her hand under the covers and felt her breasts and then slid her hand down to her groin and felt the lack of a penis as her fingers slipped into her vagina.

“No it wasn’t a dream, and I am sorry for causing you to pass out.” Christina looked a little sheepish. “I left your pleasure censers set a little too high.” She said with a pained look.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Alisha admitted as she remembered the ecstasy she’d felt just before she passed out. “Will it always feel like that?” She asked.

“No, I’ve altered the programming to make it a little less intense, but I can’t be sure until we do some more tests.” Christina grinned.

“What sort of tests are you talking about?” Alisha asked.

Christina’s grin got even bigger as she slid closer to Alisha and started kissing her as she started to massage one of Alisha’s nipples. Christina slid on top of Alisha while they kissed so she was now able to play with both of Alisha’s nipples while they kept kissing. Christina started grinding her vagina into Alisha’s and they both reached an orgasm at the same time. Christina collapsed on top of Alisha and the two of them lay there in a state of bliss.


Alisha woke and found Christina still sleeping on top of her, and she liked the way it felt to have Christina’s naked body laying on top of her own. Alisha suddenly felt the need to pee, so she tried to slip out from under Christina, which she managed to do so she could get out of bed and run off to what she hoped was the bathroom. Alisha let out a sigh of relief when she found the door did lead to the bathroom, and she was soon sitting on the toilet and letting the flow of pee out of her. Alisha found it a strange feeling to be peeing out of a vagina instead of a penis, but she kind of liked the way it all felt.

Christina woke just in time to see Alisha pad off to the bathroom, butt naked with an arm resting across her breasts as she tried to stop them bouncing. Christina smiled as she realised she was falling in love with this amazing creature.

Alisha started blushing when she got finished in the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom to find Christina lying on her side with her head leaning on one of her arms while she grinned at Alisha.

“Morning...” Alisha said as she walked back over to the bed and slid back under the covers that Christina had thrown back revealing her own naked form.

“I think you’ll find it’s actually afternoon.” Christina pointed out as she looked at the digital clock on the bedside table. “How are you feeling?” Christina asked as she snuggled up to Alisha.

“That was amazing.” Alisha giggled as she started to blush.

“Better than making love as a man?” Christina asked.

“I wouldn’t know.” Alisha blushed even deeper. “Last night was the first time I have ever been with anyone.” Alisha added with shame in her voice.

“You’re telling that you were a virgin?” Christina looked shocked to be finding this out.

“I thought I made it clear last night when we were talking, that I knew I would never find a girl to love me the way I looked.” Alisha frowned as she realised that she was a woman now as far as the rest of the world knew by looking at her.

“I found you.” Christina smiled.

“I thought I fell into your lap, well your office anyway.” Alisha giggled.

“True, you did that.” Christina giggled along with Alisha. “I’m glad you came to interview me that day instead of your friend Becky.” Christina sighed just before she leaned in and kissed Alisha again.

The kissing soon became something more and they both enjoyed another orgasm each before Christina got out of bed and dragged Alisha along with her. They both went into the bathroom and Christina started running the shower and stepped into it, pulling Alisha in with her.

“This feels so weird.” Alisha said as she felt the hot water from the shower head hitting her breasts. “The water actually feels hot.” She laughed.

“I’ve spent a lot of money getting the project to this point.” Christina admitted.

“How much is a lot?” Alisha asked.

“You’re testing close to three million pounds worth of prosthetics at the minute.” Christina said it like the amount was nothing.

“Three million...?” Alisha stuttered out with worry in her voice.

“Yes, so as you can work out, we are a long way from putting it into production just yet, but we do need to make sure it works the way we want it to.” Christina explained as she washed Alisha’s back for her while she playfully kissed Alisha’s neck.

“Was this always your aim?” Alisha cupped her breasts to make her point. “It does seem a lot of money to spend on making me look like a female.”

“Not from where I’m standing.” Christina purred. “I think you’re worth every single penny.”

Alisha turned around and was soon locking lips with Christina again as she enjoyed the feel of their wet breasts rubbing against each other. Alisha wasn’t sure she could cope with many more of these orgasms by the time the two of them stepped out the shower and Christina had helped Alisha dry off before putting her in a bathrobe. Alisha helped Christina get dry and into a matching bathrobe before the two of them went to get something to eat.

Christina led Alisha by the hand down to the large kitchen where they found Tina and Kimberly sat enjoying a cup of coffee. They both jumped up looking worried for a second or two before they saw how happy Christina looked, and then they both relaxed a little.

“Good afternoon Ma’am, Miss Alisha.” Tina said as she started dashing around the kitchen sorting them out with a drink of juice and a bowl of fruit and yogurt each.

“How are you feeling Miss Alisha?” Kimberly asked.

“I’m feeling really good.” Alisha said with a puzzled look.

“Kimberly carried you up to my bedroom last night after you passed out.” Christina explained the reason for Kimberley’s question.

“Oh, I see.” Alisha blushed. “Thank you for doing that.” Alisha smiled.

“I was glad I could help.” Kimberly said with a nod of her head before she left the kitchen to go and do whatever it was she did when not driving Christina around.

Alisha had no idea just how hungry she was until she started eating the fruit, and soon the bowl was empty. Tina had done them some toast as well, so Alisha buttered a couple of slices and added some marmalade to it.

“Thank you for the wonderful food Tina.” Alisha said as Tina started clearing away the fruit bowls while Alisha and Christina enjoyed their toast.

“You are most welcome Miss Alisha.” Tina beamed with pride.

“Yes, thank you Tina.” Christina agreed.

“Thank you Ma’am.” Tina sounded even happier now that Christina had also thanked her for the meal, even if it was just a bowl of fruit and some toast.

Alisha finished her toast and got up ready to take her plate over to the sink where Tina had taken the other dirty dishes.

“What are you doing Miss Alisha? That’s my job, please take your seat and rest up.” Tina said in a panic as she dashed over and took the plate out of Alisha’s hands.

“Sorry, but I’m not use to having a maid to look after me.” Alisha blushed after taking her seat again and looking at Christina who was trying not to giggle.

“This is what Tina lives for.” Christina shrugged to say she didn’t understand any of it, but she was happy to let Tina look after her. “Are you ready to go and have some fun?” Christina asked as she stood up and pulled Alisha to her feet.

“I’m not sure I’m up to anymore fun.” Alisha groaned.

“I wasn’t talking about that kind of fun, you dirty girl.” Christina smirked as she slapped Alisha on the arm. “I was talking about getting you dressed up, so I can take you out and show you off to the world.”

Alisha saw her clothes from the night before neatly folded on a chair in the corner of Christina’s room when they got back up to the bedroom, and Alisha could hear her cell phone bleeping to let Alisha know she had a missed call or text message, so she walked over to her purse and fished out her phone to see who had tried to contact her. Alisha had a feeling it was going to be Becky, or someone getting the wrong number. Alisha smiled when she saw it was Becky who had tried to contact her seven times and had sent several texts each one looking like Becky was getting more and more worried.

“I better give Becky a call back because she’s getting worried about me not returning home last night.” Alisha said as she looked at Christina to make sure it was okay for her to make a call.

“You better call her then, and stop her worrying.” Christina said as she wandered off into another room.

Alisha clicked on the call button and waited for Becky to answer which didn’t take long. “Alisha...! Are you alright...?” A panicked sounding Becky shouted down the phone at her.

“Hi Becky, yes I’m fine.” Alisha smiled. “I hooked up with someone while we were out last night, and I’m still at their place.” Alisha was wearing a goofy grin on her face as she explained her reason for not returning home the night before.

“My little girl finally found someone.” Becky gushed down the phone. “Is it a he or a she?” Becky pushed for details.

“It’s a very beautiful woman.” Alisha replied, trying to keep the details vague because of the NDA.

“Will you be back later today?” Becky asked.

“I’m not sure, so don’t wait up mum.” Alisha whined like a teenager before she started to giggle.

“If you’re having fun, then stop as long as you want to.” Becky said to encourage Alisha to finally have some fun.

“Thanks Becky, how was your date last night?” Alisha asked in the hope of changing the subject away from her and who she was spending her time with.

“He was alright, but I don’t think I’ll be calling him back for a second date.” Becky sounded disappointed.

“Sorry to hear that sis.” Alisha pouted.

“Don’t worry about it, there are plenty more fish in the sea.” Becky said with a shrug in her voice. “But it sounds like you made out better than me, which I’m glad to hear.” Becky added with pride in her voice.

“I better get going, because she’s taking me out for dinner.” Alisha smiled when she saw Christina step back into the room and lean against the doorframe looking bored as she waited for Alisha to finish on the phone.

“Well what the hell are you doing talking to me?” Becky asked, just before the phone went dead. Alisha looked at her phone and then laughed, as this was typical Becky.

“Are you ashamed of me or something?” Christina pouted as she walked across the room to where Alisha was putting her phone back in her purse.

“NO...! Not at all, but I thought I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone anything about you?” Alisha looked confused.

“Only about my past and anything to do with your new look.” Christina frowned. “Becky is your closest friend, I don’t expect you to just stop speaking to her, and she’s a little too smart for that to work.”

“It’s going to be a little hard to hide these.” Alisha smiled as she stuck her chest out.

“Just tell her that they are breast forms. Becky knows enough about my company to think they are just very expensive ones that I gave to you as a gift, and you’re not lying, one of my companies does produce high end breast forms..” Christina sounded very businesslike as she spoke.

“I forgot just how scary you can be when you’re playing the big boss.” Alisha admitted.

“I’m sorry, but when you’re a woman playing in a field filled with big bad men, you have to scare them by playing the big bad bitch.” Christina stepped closer to Alisha and kissed her.

“So big business is just the same as school then? The jocks trying to pick on the little kids.” Alisha laughed.

“That pretty much covers it, so I do understand what you went through growing up. The big difference is, I go through it every day and fight back.” Christina sounded scary again.

“I find it hard to believe anyone ever picks on you.” Alisha admitted feeling a little scared of Christina herself.

“They do still pick on me, but most soon learn to regret it.” Christina smiled a truly evil smile before the look in her eyes changed, and she was the fun loving Christina Alisha had spent most the weekend with. “Come on, let’s go and make you look even more beautiful.” Christina giggled as she grabbed Alisha by the hand and led her into the room she’d been in while Alisha was speaking to Becky.

The room was a walk in closet that was larger than Alisha’s room back at hers and Becky’s place. And it was wall to wall clothes, shoes and everything else you might need for a day at work, or a night on the town and everything in between.

“Wow...” Alisha said as she looked around the room and wanted to try everything on. The thing that made Alisha smile the most though was the fact she and Christina looked to be the same size, so almost everything in this room would fit her. “I’ve never seen so many clothes in one place before.”

“I have another room just like this one next door as well.” Christina admitted.

“Have you actually worn all these outfits?” Alisha asked as she started walking up and down the rows of dresses all covered with clear plastic to keep them clean.

“No, not even close.” Christina laughed. “I was hoping you would help me.”

“I’d love to.” Alisha grinned as she knew she could wear much sexier outfits now she looked female from head to toe.

The two of them started looking through all the dresses and Alisha smiled when Christina would let her try them on to see what she looked like in them. The one dress that Alisha fell in love with was a backless silver floor length evening dress that had a split up one side that made Alisha’s legs look even longer and sexier as she posed in front of the many mirrors on the closet wall. The dress had a scooped front that fell in rivers between her breast and she knew she would need some double sided tape to stop her whole breasts from falling out the sides of the dress. And the back of the dress started just above her backside.

“I wish I had bigger hips and backside.” Alisha sighed as she thought the back of the dress would look much better if she had a little more curve in back.

“If you agree to the contract, you will have all that as well.” Christina smiled as she looked over Alisha’s shoulder so she could see Alisha in the mirror as well. “I think we should save this dress until you have the proper shape to fill it out.” Christina purred in Alisha’s ear.

“Will I have the same feeling through those prosthetics as well?” Alisha asked as she tried to picture herself with a larger bottom and hips to help fill out the dress.

“Yes, you will feel like all of it is you, just like you’re feeling those you already have attached.” Christina promised.

Alisha was already convinced she would sign any contract Christina put in front of her, but she didn’t want to seem too eager to say yes. So she kept quiet and carried on admiring herself in the mirror.

“I think this will be the best choice for this evening.” Christina said as she pulled another evening dress off the rack and then pulled the plastic cover off it.

Alisha removed the silver evening dress and then let Christina help her into the new black dress which was an A-line floor length dress made of Chiffon, and was strapless, so Alisha’s breasts would be keeping it up where it belonged. It had a scattered collection of fake diamonds across one breast, and another one on the other side at waist height to break up the black of the dress. Christina helped Alisha slip on a pair of black sandals with a similar looking diamond design on them before letting Alisha pose in front of the mirror while she went to get dressed.

“Wow, I look amazing.” Alisha grinned as she looked at herself from all angels, thanks to the way Christina had a collection of mirrors set up.

“Yes, you look very beautiful, now go and sort out your hair and makeup.” Christina ordered.

Alisha was lucky in as she never needed to use much makeup because she had always looked so feminine that now she had the prosthetics, she looked and felt more relaxed and at one with herself. Alisha decided to put her hair up in a loose messy bun with some tendrils hanging down.

“You look totally breathtaking.” Christina purred in Alisha’s ear.

Alisha turned on the seat to thank Christina for the compliment, but was left speechless when she saw what Christina was wearing. She was stood there in a beautiful mermaid style floor length dress in fuchsia with a sheer v-neck.

“You look so beautiful.” Was all Alisha could say as she drank in the image before her.

“Thank you.” Christina smiled as she leaned down and took hold of Alisha’s head in her hands just before lifting Alisha’s lips to meet her own.

Christina finished getting ready and then they both went down the stairs and found Kimberly stood waiting for them, so she could drive them to where ever it was Christina wanted them to eat.

Alisha was sat in the back of the car with Christina at her side where they were holding hands and smiling at each other. There was nothing to look at out the car windows due to them being out in the country and it being dark outside, so all Alisha could see was her own female form looking back at her.

They were soon driving into the city and Alisha started to get a little nervous when Kimberly pulled up outside a very posh looking restaurant. Kimberly got out the car and then opened the backdoors for each of them in turn. Alisha jumped when she was suddenly being photographed by some men with big flash looking cameras. Christina took hold of Alisha’s arm and helped lead her into the restaurant where the reporters couldn’t follow.

“What was all that about?” Alisha asked once she felt safe.

“They like to hang around places like this in the hopes of getting some photos to sell to the newspapers and magazines.” Christina shrugged like it happened all the time.

“If that’s the case, then why were they photographing us?” Alisha looked puzzled.

Christina looked at Alisha and laughed like she thought Alisha was joking with her. “You’re being serious aren’t you?” Christina asked when she saw that Alisha wasn’t laughing with her. “I guarantee that at least one of those photos will find its way into the press tomorrow.” Christina smiled.

“Doesn’t that bother you?” Alisha asked worriedly.

“Nope, because they will show me out and about with you, which will be something new for them to talk about.” Christina grinned as the two of them were led to a table in the best part of the restaurant.

“I’m sure they have seen you out with people before.” Alisha looked confused.

“Only when I’ve been out with clients for business meetings, or on my own at charity events, but never out for an evening meal like this.” Christina admitted.

“Won’t people talk about you though, being seen out with me?” Alisha whispered.

“Yes, let them.” Christina said proudly. “I’m proud to be seen with you, and I’d be kissing those beautiful lips if it wouldn’t get them talking a little too much about the two of us.” She smirked.

“I don’t think I’m ready to go that far in public just yet.” Alisha blushed.

“I hope that you’re never ready to do anything like that.” Christina said looking worried herself now.

They were soon being served and Alisha was shocked when TV celebrities and movie stars started coming over and talking with Christina and the fact Christina was talking to them like they were normal people.

The whole evening felt very surreal to Alisha, and she was glad when they had finished eating and they got up to leave. Christina got stopped a couple more times on the way out, but Alisha was glad to see Kimberly stood waiting outside with the back door open.

“Are you alright?” Christina asked after she’d gotten in the other side and the door was shut.

“It was a strange evening, but I did enjoy being out with you.” Alisha admitted as she took hold of Christina’s hand.

“It does take some getting used to, but once you’ve gone through it a dozen times. You don’t notice it anymore.” Christina said as she gave Alisha’s hand a quick squeeze.

“Do you plan on taking me out a lot then?”

“As much as I can.” Christina grinned. “I want the world to see just how beautiful you are.”

“Stop it...” Alisha blushed again.

“I take it you will be coming back to my place tonight?” Christina asked.

“Yes...!” Alisha said in a pleading tone like she didn’t want to be away from Christina.

“Don’t worry, I just wanted to make sure before we head out of the city.” Christina said in a calming tone as she took Alisha’s hand in both of hers.

“You can come into the office with me tomorrow, and I’ll let the lab staff get you scanned for the prosthetics, and then let you have a copy of the contract, so you can take a couple of days to look it over and point out any changed you want us to make.” Christina explained.

“Will you be removing these prosthetics before we go to your office?” Alisha sounded disappointed.

“No, you can keep them on because they can scan you through them, so they can just remove them when they have the ones you will be testing for us later in the week, if you’re alright with the contract and everything is signed.”

“What do I do about my job at the salon?” Alisha asked.

“If you sign the contract, you will be working for my company, and will be paid a salary, plus bonus on completion of the test period, so you will be quitting your job at the salon.” Christina explained.

Alisha was only just beginning to realise what she was going to be signing up for, but it all sounded like a dream job, and she set her own hours at the salon. Alisha also knew that Mandy had other girl’s waiting for a spot in her salon, so she knew Mandy would soon fill the slot.

Once back at Christina’s mansion, Alisha grinned as Christina took hold of her hand and led her up the stairs and into the bedroom. Alisha was soon biting into a pillow as Christina brought her to another earth shattering orgasm.

“What’s the story with Kimberly, is she like me? One of your other projects?” Alisha asked as they lay in bed cuddled up to each other.

“Kimberly was born in the wrong body, and yes I helped her fix that, but she was never a project, just like you’re not a project.” Christina said as she turned over to face Alisha.

“If I’m not a project, then what am I?” Alisha asked as she cupped one of her new breasts in her hand.

“Okay, you are a project of sorts, but not the way you make it sound.” Christina sounded hurt. “If you were a project like you’re talking about. I wouldn’t have you in my bed, or have done half the things with you that I have.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Alisha sighed. “So how did you meet Kimberly?” Alisha asked, hoping to change the subject.

“We kind of ended up saving each other.” Christina smiled as she thought back to the night she first met Kimberly. “I was out one night partying, and I was wearing a disguise, or I thought I was, but some reporters realised who I was, so I left the club I was in and just made a run for it. I soon found myself lost and in a not so nice part of the city.”

“Didn’t you have any security back then to keep an eye on you?” Alisha asked.

“I thought I could take care of myself. I didn’t need a man to look after me.” Christina said with a role of her eyes to say she knew just how stupid that was.

“What happened?” Alisha sounded worried, even though she new nothing to bad could have happened, because she was lying in bed next to Christina.

“I turned a corner and found myself in a dark alleyway, and before I could turn and run back out of it, I found myself surrounded by four guys.” Christina let out a little shudder at the memory. “I thought my life was going to end that night in that alley, but then Kimberly was there taking on all four guys, and she came out on top, she was badly beaten herself, but she won the fight.” Christina said with pride. “Kimberly used to be called Kelvin back then, but she was in the middle of trying to transition, but she had lost her job and the will to live. I think she was planning to die that night, but save me while she did it.” Christina had a tear in her eye now.

“Does Kimberly have prosthetics then like these?”

“No, Kimberly did it all the normal way and spent two years doing a real life test and she had hours of surgery to look as good as she does now.” Christina smiled.

“Did you pay for it all?” Alisha asked.

“It’s the least I could do after all she had done for me, and she was the third person I transformed, and also when I realised that helping men like Kimberly made me feel better about myself.”

“Do you not worry that one of them might go to the press?” Alisha asked with worry in her tone.

“Everyone I help gets a job offer in the company somewhere, and they are all paid a good wage to keep them quiet, and they were all willing to go through with everything willingly, and they signed contracts saying so.”

“I hope Kimberly doesn’t mind you telling me all this?”

“Not at all, she would be more than happy to tell you anything about herself if you asked.” Christina said just before she slid closer to Alisha and started kissing her again.

Chapter Eight: Just another day at the office.

Alisha was sat in the back of Christina’s car with Christina sat at her side reading through some paperwork while wearing a female version of a power suit in a slate gray, and Alisha was wearing a royal blue version of a power suit, as well as some fake glasses to hide her looks a little, as well as having her hair pulled unto a ponytail high on the back of her head.

“I feel foolish wearing these glasses.” Alisha complained, feeling a little geeky as she had to push them up on her nose again.

“They will help you to blend in with the rest of the staff.” Christina said in a bored tone as she carried on reading through the paperwork. “And I will need you to speak to me with respect while we are at the office.” She added with a hint of warning in her voice.

“Yes Ma’am.” Alisha smirked.

“I’m being serious Alisha.” Christina said as she finally looked up at Alisha to make her point. “I can’t have the staff at the office thinking I’m going soft, it will send out the wrong message.” Christina did smile at Alisha, which made her feel a little better.

“Okay, and I’m sorry for not taking you serious just now.” Alisha said as she turned and carried on looking out the window as she watched all the other people making their way to and from work.

“Don’t worry about it. I can understand how this must feel for you.” Christina sighed as she finally put the papers back in her briefcase and looked at Alisha. “As far as anyone here at the company will know, you are my new personal assistant, even if you agree to the contract; you will still look like my personal assistant.” Christina explained.

“What about your real personal assistant?” Alisha asked.

“I’ve never had one before now, well not in the sense of having someone follow me around everywhere like you will be, so I can keep a close eye on you.” Christina smirked, which made Alisha smirk.

“I have no idea how to be an assistant.” Alisha sounded worried. “I can’t answer your phone and interact with all your clients. I’ve had no training in anything like that.”

“I said you were my personal assistant, not my secretary.” Christina said as she took hold of Alisha’s hand to calm her down. “I have three other women to do all that stuff for me.” Christina laughed.

Alisha relaxed again and they were soon pulling into the underground parking area at Grace Industries and getting out the car when Kimberly opened the back doors for them. Alisha found out that she looked and acted like the bumbling new personal assistant as they made their way up to the lobby and then over to the elevators where Christina pulled out a credit card style key, and placed it into a slot under all the buttons for the floors in the building, just like Alisha remembered the receptionist doing on the day she came to interview Christina. Alisha felt like so much had happened since that day they first met.

Once on the top floor where Christina’s personal office was, Christina did the introductions with the other staff members sat behind their desks before leading Alisha into her office and closing the door. Kimberly had remained out in the outer office with the other staff.

Christina walked over to her desk and fired up her computer and set to work on her day, while Alisha was left stood in the middle of the room feeling a little out of place.

“Why don’t you make us both a cup of coffee while I sort out a few things, then I will take you down to the labs, so we can get those scans sorted out?” Christina said in a tone that reminded Alisha of the first time they met in this very office.

“Where do I find the coffee making equipment?” Alisha sounded nervous.

“Go and ask a member of staff out in the lobby, they will point you in the right direction.” Christina said in the same bored tone she had used in the car as she read through some papers on her desk and then picked up her phone to call someone.

Alisha left the office and looked at the three women behind their desks all looking busy, so she wasn’t sure if it was going to be safe asking any on them where to sort out some coffee for Christina. Alisha jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Sorry...” Kimberly said as she tried not to laugh at the panicked look on Alisha’s face. “Is everything alright? You look a little lost.” Kimberly smiled.

“Miss Grace has asked me to make her a drink, but I have no idea where I need to go, and her staff all look busy.” Alisha mumbled.

“Follow me, I’ll show you were everything is.” Kimberly smiled again before she showed Alisha to a small kitchen area where there were a couple of pots of fresh coffee brewing, and the room was full of the aroma.

Alisha watched what Kimberly did, so she would be able to sort it out herself later when she had to do it all again. “Thank you for all your help Kimberly.” Alisha said once she had the tray with the drinks on, ready to return to Christina’s office.

“No problem Alisha. I’v kind of been Christina’s personal assistant up until now, so just come and find me if you have any more problems.” Kimberly said with the same warm smile.

“Are you not upset with me for stealing your job then?” Alisha sounded worried again that Kimberly might try to trick her, and get her in trouble with Christina.

“No, not at all.” Kimberly laughed. “You’re good for Christina, and I’ve never seen her as happy as she’s been this weekend.” Kimberly whispered so as not to be overheard by anyone else.

“The all business version of Christina scares the hell out of me.” Alisha admitted.

“Just play along with her, and she won’t bite, but she may shout at you when others are around, so just apologise and carry on with your work.” Kimberly warned.

“Thanks for the advice.” Alisha said as she picked up the tray and made her way back to Christina’s office.

Christina was still on the phone, or on the phone to someone else, so either way Alisha placed the tray on the desk and then passed Christina a cup before taking her drink and the tray away and sitting on a sofa in the corner of the room to drink her coffee and wait for Christina’s next order.

It was an hour before Christina got finished with her calls, and Alisha was bored silly by this time and glad to be doing something as she watched Christina let out a sigh and then get up from her desk and walk over to where Alisha was still sat on the sofa.

“Sorry about that.” Christina pouted as she fell down on the sofa next to Alisha and then leaned in closer for a kiss. “I hate Monday mornings because I have to smooth out all the wrinkles that formed over the weekend.” Christina sighed as she rested he head on Alisha’s shoulder.

“I can see why you look so cranky all the time when you’re sat behind that desk.” Alisha smiled.

“It was nice to be able to look at you while I worked though.” Christina grinned up at Alisha.

“I think you might have to find me a few more jobs to do, or this beautiful site may end up being asleep and drawling all over herself.” Alisha laughed.

“Yes, I will have to look into that.” Christina agreed. “Let’s go and get you scanned that should keep you busy for a couple of hours.” Christina said as she got to her feet before she pulled Alisha up.

They were soon back in the elevator with Kimberly stood just in front of them as they made their way down to the labs where Alisha would get her body scanned. Alisha took the time to study Kimberly a little closer, and she found it hard to believe that Kimberly was once a man, other than the fact she was over six feet tall, but that just gave Kimberly the look of a super model.

“I hope you don’t mind Kimberly, but I told Alisha how we met.” Christina said when she saw Alisha studying Kimberly as they rod down to the level where the lab was located.

“I don’t mind at all Ma’am. I don’t think I’ll be having any problems with Miss Alisha.” Kimberly shrugged.

“Please just call me Alisha; I don’t want people thinking I’m any better than anyone else here.” Alisha whined.

“As you wish, Alisha.” Kimberly smiled as she made a point of just saying Alisha’s name.

They were soon at the right lever and stepping out the elevator. Alisha was a little shocked when she saw Christina putting on a lab coat and then setting to work on a computer once they were in a large lab with the same, and even more machines like she’d seen back at Christina’s private lab at the mansion. There were half a dozen other people milling around in the lab working on different things, but none of them battered an eyelid over the fact Christina was now working alongside them. Alisha watched as Christina typed in a number on the computer where it asked for the subject’s name.

“We don’t want anyone finding out who you really are for the time being.” Christina said when she saw that Alisha had spotted the number instead of a name.

Alisha was soon being told to strip out of her clothes and step onto a platform in the middle of the room. Alisha looked nervous, but soon did as she was told when she saw the look Christina gave her. None of the staff in the lab seemed to take any notice of the now naked woman stood in the middle of the room.

“I need you to stand very still with your arms out to each side.” Christina said as she typed away on a computer next to the platform.

Alisha stood very still and watched as blue lasers started to scan her whole body from the neck down. She couldn’t feel anything, and it took about an hour for the scanner to get all the information it needed.

“You can get dressed again now.” Christina said as she carried on typing away on the computer.

Christina was stood at another computer when Alisha returned from the changing room. “What happens now?” Alisha asked, trying to show interest in something she didn’t understand one bit.

“That machine over there will start to make your new breast’s, vagina, hips and bottom.” Christina said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“How long does it take to make them?” Alisha asked, hoping that she might be able to leave the lab wearing them.

“It will take around three days to get them ready for attachment, and I hope we have the contract sorted out by then.” Christina looked hopeful.

Alisha was a little disappointed over her not getting the new hips and bottom that day, but it did give her something to look forward to once the contract was signed.

The rest of the day was a little boring for Alisha other than the times when Christina had her making drinks, or taking paperwork out to the other members of staff to get sorted. The other staff members were all nice to her, and she even helped a couple of them with jobs while she was out in the lobby.

It was just beginning to get dark outside when Christina said she was done for the day and they could leave. “This is a copy of the contract you will be signing.” Christina explained as she handed Alisha what must have been a hundred page document. “I need you to read through it and mark anything you’re not happy with, and it will be sorted out before you have to sign it in a couple of days.”

“Okay...” Alisha frowned as she took hold of the book and felt the weight of it.

“You need to read though it and make sure you understand just what you will be doing.” Christina warned.

“Okay, okay.” Alisha sounded like a whiny teenager as she said it.

“I’m going to take you back to your place, so you can spend some time reading through it and making any changes.” Christina said when she saw that Alisha was about to argue with her about being taken home, and not back to Christina’s.

“I could read it just as well at your place.” Alisha tried to change Christina’s mind.

“I’m sure you could, but I think it best you do this at your own place without me around to distract you.” Christina said with a note of finality.

Alisha let out a sigh and resigned herself to spending the next couple of days away from Christina and trying to work her way through this pile of paperwork Christina had just handed her.

Kimberly seemed to be pulling up outside her and Becky’s apartment block far too fast for Alisha’s liking, but Alisha was happy to spend a couple of minutes kissing with Christina in the back of the car before Christina forced Alisha to get out.

“You have my number; call me if you have any questions.” Christina said as she gave Alisha one last kiss before getting back in the car. Kimberly handed Alisha a bag with all her clothes in from Saturday night, and then smiled at Alisha before getting back behind the wheel and driving away.

Chapter Nine: It’s nice to see you too.

Becky wasn’t home when Alisha entered the apartment, so she went to her room and removed the business suit and took a shower before she picked out some silk PJ’s to wear for the rest of the evening. Alisha then returned to the living room and poured herself a glass of wine before settling down on the sofa to start reading through the contract Christina had given her.

The contract looked to be your basic, you will be doing this, and we don’t expect you to do that, kind of stuff which Alisha found very boring to read, so she started to skim through it. She started to take more notice when she saw how much she would be getting paid though, and the bonus of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds she would be getting at the end of the twelve month trial. She carried on skimming through the document but soon lost interest as she started to think about what she could spend the money on.

Alisha knew she must have dozed off, because she was woken by Becky shouting at her. “For god’s sake Alisha...! Where the hell have you been?” Becky barked at her. “No, scratch that, I know where you’ve been.” Becky added as she threw a newspaper at Alisha to look at.

“Calm down Becky; and what the hell as gotten into you?” Alisha grumbled as she sat up and tried to focus on the newspaper Becky had just thrown at her.

Alisha finally got her eyes to focus on the newspaper and she looked it over until her eyes came across a picture of Christina from the night before, but the thing that really caught Alisha’s eye was the fact she was stood right next to Christina. Alisha read the article. ‘Christina Grace was caught on a night out with a mysteries new friend who nobody seemed to know.’

“What do you think you’re doing?” Becky asked in a pleading tone.

“I was having fun.” Alisha shrugged.

“How the hell did the two of you end up having this fun?” Becky frowned.

“She was at the night club where you met that Darren, and things went from there.”

“Please tell me you do find it a little weird that she just so happens to be hanging out at the same club we went to the other night.” Becky said as she put her hands on her hips and looked frustrated with Alisha. “And what do you plan to do if she finds out that it was you who went to interview her instead of me?”

“She already knows about that, and she did a couple of minutes after I stepped into her office.” Alisha snapped back.

“She knows about you pretending to be me?” Becky looked worried now.

“Relax; she’s not bothered about it.” Alisha frowned. “She found it a turn on actually.” Alisha grinned as she thought about some of the things the two of them had done over the weekend.

“Don’t you find this all a little odd? The fact that someone like Christina Grace has suddenly taken a liking to you?” Becky tried to make Alisha see what she was trying to say.

“So someone as beautiful as Christina couldn’t like someone like me?” Alisha said as she got to her feet and slammed the newspaper back at Becky.

“That’s not what...” Becky trailed off when she saw the way Alisha’s breasts jiggled about like they were real. “What have you done?” Becky asked as she ripped open the front of Alisha’s Pyjama top and looked gobsmacked at the breast Alisha was now sporting.

“Becky...! What the hell...?” Alisha shouted as she slapped Becky’s hands away and closed her now ruined pyjama top.

“You let her get you a boob job?” Becky looked shocked.

“They’re not real, just very expensive breast forms.” Alisha said as she still felt like Becky had violated her by ripping open her pyjama top. “And you owe me a new set of PJ’s” Alisha warned.

“Can’t you see that she is up to something?” Becky pleaded.

“Why, because she likes me?” Alisha snapped. “I actually find someone that likes me, and I have a really good time with her, and you think that I’m such a freak that Christina must be up to something evil.”

“I don’t think you a freak.” Becky snapped back. “I’m just worried about you.” She pleaded.

“You weren’t so worried the other night when you tried to palm me off with some guy so you could go and get laid.” Alisha snarled. “And I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that I don’t want to be with a man...!” Alisha shouted.

“I’ would be happy for you Alisha, if it was anyone but her...!” Becky tried to make Alisha understand what she was getting at. “I’ve heard stories about some of the things she’s into, and I’m worried for you.” Becky added in a calmer voice.

“I think I know her better than you and most other people, I was the one that interviewed her for you, and I know she’s an amazing woman, so keep you opinions to yourself.” Alisha snapped before she picked up the contract and stormed off to her room where she slammed the door and locked it before dropping onto her bed and putting on her headphones to drown out the noise of Becky banging on the door trying to speak with her still.
Alisha lay on her bed trying to calm down, but the more she thought about what Becky said, the madder she felt inside until she threw off her headphones and got up off the bed and grabbed a pen so she could sign the contract. She then set to work packing her stuff into a couple of bags before calling Christina up to see if she could start the trail right away.


“Hi Alisha. You miss me already?” Christina purred down the phone when she saw it was Alisha calling her.

Hi Christina. I want to do the trail, and I’ve already signed the contract, so when can we do this?” Alisha hurriedly said on the other end of the phone.

“I told you to take some time to read through the contract, and we would talk about it in a couple of days.” Christina frowned over the quick choice Alisha had made.

“I’ve just had a blow out argument with Becky, and I’m packing my stuff up as we speak.” Alisha said as she kept throwing things in her bags. “The contract says that I will be housed for the duration of the test which is twelve months right?”

“Yes, but I don’t think you should be making this choice off the back of having an argument with Becky.” Christina tried to point out.

“I’m not going to change my mind, and I had already decided to sign before the argument with Becky, so why wait?” Alisha argued. “So can I come and stop with you?” Alisha asked in a pleading tone.

Christina let out a sigh as she had been missing Alisha not being with her since they had dropped her off earlier that night. “Kimberly and I will be right over to pick you up.” Christina finally said.

“I’ll see you soon.” Alisha smiled, feeling better already.

It was another thirty minutes before there was a knock at the front door and Becky was just getting up off the sofa when she saw Alisha wander past to answer it.

“Don’t worry yourself, it’s for me.” Alisha said in a flat tone as she went to the front door and opened it.

Becky looked confused when she saw Christina and another woman that towered about Alisha and Christina.

“What’s going on?” Becky asked as she jumped up and made her way towards Alisha. “Why is she here?” Becky added without even trying to hide her hatred of Christina from her voice. Becky was stopped from getting to close to Alisha because Kimberly stepped between them, blocking Becky’s path.

“I’ve been offered a job, and I’ve decided to take it.” Alisha said as she went into her bedroom and came out pulling two large bags with most of her life in them.

“Alisha...! Don’t be a fool.” Becky pleaded.

“Bye Becky.” Alisha said without looking back as she let Kimberly take the bags off her and easily carry them out the apartment. Alisha’s last act before leaving the apartment was to throw a set of keys down on the table just to the side of the front door, and then she stepped out, closing the door behind her.

“Are you sure this is how you want to end things between the two of you?” Christina said as she walked at Alisha’s side out to the car where Kimberly was just putting the bags in the trunk of the car.

“Yes, and I will have the money to find a place of my own once the trial is over.” Alisha said in a tone that let Christina know she was done talking about it.

Alisha was quiet on the drive over to Christina’s estate, but she was happy to see the large house come into view when they drove up the long gravel driveway and parked up right outside the front doors.

“I had Tina make up a room for you, and Kimberly will take your bags up to it.” Christina explained as they entered the house.

“I thought I’d be stopping in your room with you?” Alisha said sounding sad.

“We will be spending a lot of time together Alisha, but I think you will still need your own space, and I’m not always the best company to be around if I’ve had a bad day at work.”

“I understand.” Alisha lied.

“I will let you spend the night in my bed tonight though, as I had quite a good day at the office today.” Christina grinned. The grin got even bigger when she saw the grin on Alisha’s face.

Alisha ran up the stairs to catch up with Kimberly, so she knew where her bedroom was. Alisha saw Kimberly entering a room just down from Christina’s and she followed her into it. The bedroom looked just like Christina’s, even down to the large four poster bed in the middle of the room. Alisha decided to take a look around the room before she went to see Christina in her room. Alisha found a bathroom behind one of the doors leading off the bedroom, and a closet behind the other door. The closet was full of clothes, and Alisha remembered what Christina had said about her having other closets in other bedrooms that were full of her clothes.

“Do you like it?” Christina asked from the doorway where she was leaning against the frame.

“It’s beautiful.” Alisha said as she looked around the room again while walking over to Christina.

“Is this where I’ll be stopping when the trail starts?” Alisha asked as she let Christina wrap her arms around her waist before leaning in for a kiss.

“Yes it is, if that’s alright with you?” Christina smirked as she already knew the answer to her question before she got it from Alisha.

Alisha just smiled as she let Christina lead her over to the bed where they were soon stripping out of their clothes and slipping under the covers for another night of passion.

Chapter Ten: Signing your life away.

Alisha felt very nervous on the Tuesday as she was now sat in a large conference room with six very smartly dressed people sat facing her, and she had Christina sat at her side. The three men and three women all looked bored to be there.

“Are you sure you don’t want someone to talk all this through with you?” Christina asked for the hundredth time that day since Alisha had woke with Christina asleep next to her.

“I’m sure, I want to do this.” Alisha reassured Christina with a smile.

Alisha was soon signing her life away as she had to sign her legal name of ‘Andrew Main’ on several copies of the contract for legal reasons, then the six lawyers left the room and Alisha was left sat next to Christina.

“What happens now?” Alisha asked as she looked at Christina.

“This is the part you’re not going to like very much.” Christina said with a pained look. “We need to get those prosthetics removed so we can run some tests before we attach the ones you will be wearing for the test.”

“How long will I be without them?” Alisha asked as she put an arm across her chest in a protective manner.

“Don’t look so worried, it will only be for an hour or so.” Christina promised.

Alisha was soon being led back into the lab from the day before, and she went into the changing room and removed her clothes before putting on a bathrobe she found waiting for her, and then she went back out to start the tests. Alisha was glad to see that it was Christina that would be removing the current prosthetics, but she still felt weird once the weight on her chest had gone, and even weirder to feel the penis and ball sack hanging down between her legs again. Alisha was soon stood on the pedestal in the middle of the room while the lasers scanned her again, and then she was hooked up to lots of different machines before Christina asked her to sit on a chair a lot like the one she had sat in Saturday night back at Christina’s.

“Just relax and we will soon have you looking better than you did when you came in here.” Christina smiled as she set to work fitting a new catheter tube into Alisha’s penis.

Alisha watched as once again her penis was locked away behind a fake vagina, but this time it wouldn’t be seen for a whole twelve months.

Christina placed the new breast plate on Alisha’s chest, and Alisha was sure the breasts looked a little bigger on this version, but she didn’t mind having a larger breast size, just as long as she had the same feeling in them as the other set Christina had not long removed.

“We need you to stand up for this next part.” Christina said as she uncovered some more fleshy looking parts on a large tray.

It took Alisha a couple of seconds to realise she was looking at the hips and buttocks Christina had promised her. She started to grin as Christina and the lab techs set to work completing her feminine transformation.

Alisha soon found herself hooked up to machines so that they could calibrate all the prosthetics to send the right signals to Alisha’s brain.

“OUCH...!” Alisha shouted as she felt pain shoot through her body. Christina had to steady Alisha before she collapsed in a heap due to her legs almost giving out on her from the pain. “That hurt a lot more than the other night.” Alisha gasped.

“Sorry, but these are a much more advanced set we are trying out on you.” Christina explained just before Alisha let out a groan and actually did crumple to the floor in a heap from the sudden jolt of pleasure she felt running through her body.

“Wow...” Alisha said when she could speak again. “I enjoyed that part much more.” She smiled as she blushed.

Christina helped Alisha to get back onto the chair they had used when attaching the vagina and breast plate before she went over to a computer and started programming something on the screen. Alisha spent the next couple of hours being poked with pins and tickled with feathers while they got the calibration just right. Christina was even able to program the false flesh of the prosthetics to match the colour of her own skin.

“So I can go out and get a tan, and the false flesh will change colour to match?” Alisha asked once Christina had finished explaining all the new features this version had.

“Yes, the only thing it won’t do is bleed.” Christina said.

“That’s mainly because you can’t cut it with anything.” One of the lab techs said, sounding impressed with what they had created.

“Don’t worry; we won’t be doing any tests on that fact.” Christina frowned as she looked at the lab tech. “That is more down to the computer meshing that runs through all the false skin, than the fact we were trying to make it indestructible.” Christina tried to explain to a puzzled looking Alisha.

Alisha found it a little strange when she was finally able to get up and move around; due to the extra padding she now had on her hips and her bottom. She was glad to finally be able to put the bathrobe back on, so she didn’t have everything on show.

“Maybe I should have worn a loser fitting skirt this morning.” Alisha said as she stepped out of the changing room and she turned around so Christina could see her new backside straining Alisha’s skirt to the limit.

“That does look a little tight now.” Christina agreed as she felt the sudden need to slap Alisha’s plump round ass, but fought the urge, not wanting the lab tech’s to get any funny ideas about her and Alisha, even if they would prove to be true.

“I must admit that I do like the new me though.” Alisha grinned as she looked at herself in the floor length mirror on the wall.

“As anyone told you just how vain you’ve become.” Christina smirked as she indicated for Alisha to leave the lab by waving her arm towards the door.

“Well you made me.” Alisha said childishly while sticking her tongue out as she walked past.

Christina wanted to giggle, but fought the urge as she followed Alisha out the lab and over to the elevator where Kimberly was stood waiting for them. Kimberly had been waiting outside the lab while they did all the work on Alisha.

Once they were back in Christina’s office, Alisha was shocked when Christina grabbed her arm and spun her around in the middle of the room before she placed one hand behind Alisha’s head so she could pull her in for a kiss, while Christina’s other hand grabbed Alisha’s backside and gave it a good squeeze. Alisha let out a squeal, which was masked by the fact Christina’s lips were locked over Alisha’s at the moment.

“You drive me insane you sexy little bitch.” Christina growled just before she started to kiss Alisha again.

They were soon on the sofa in the room and Alisha felt Christina forcing up her now very tight skirt before she felt Christina’s hand playing with her new vagina through her panties until she felt a wonderful sensation wash over her as Alisha fought to stay conches.

“I’m sorry about that.” Christina sounded embarrassed about attacking Alisha like she had.

“Don’t be, that was amazing.” Alisha smiled dreamily as she came back down to earth. “I’d like to return the favour.” Alisha added as she moved a little closer to Christina, but was stopped when Christina got up off the sofa.

“You can tonight back at the mansion, but for now I need to focus on work.” Christina said as she straightened out her clothes and then went to check her hair and makeup in the mirror. “I think you should see about getting cleaned up as well.” Christina smirked when she came back out the small private bathroom she had as part of her office.

Alisha grabbed her bag off the table in front of the sofa and went into the bathroom and had to giggle when she saw the mess her hair and makeup was in. She set to work and was soon looking like a business professional again when she stepped out of the bathroom and back into Christina’s office.

Christina was on her phone arguing with someone about something in a different language, which impressed Alisha as she didn’t know Christina could speak any other languages.

Alisha wandered over to the desk and picked up Christina’s empty coffee cup and held it up as if to ask if Christina wanted a cup, and Christina nodded a yes while smiling up at Alisha, just before she launched into another round of what sounded like abuse towards whoever it was on the other end of the phone.


Alisha was glad to be getting out of her skirt that evening back at Christina’s mansion, because it was just a little to snug for her. The skirt had been one she brought for herself before she acquired the extra padding around her hips and butt, and it had been a snug fit then.

“You will find that my clothes will fit you much better, as I have been a little fuller in that area much longer than you.” Christina purred in Alisha’s ear as she stepped up behind Alisha and wrapped her arms around her while nibbling on Alisha’s ear.

“How can you be sure that I will even fit in your clothes?” Alisha questioned Christina’s logic.

“Who do you think we used to model the prosthetics on?” Christina whispered in Alisha’s ear.

“I’m almost a copy of you then?” Alisha said with a thoughtful look on her face. “I like the thought of being more like you.” Alisha added as she turned around and pushed Christina towards the bed before pushing Christina down onto it. “I still owe you something.” Alisha grinned as she dropped to the floor on her knees and lifted Christina’s skirt up before pulling down her panties and going to work with her tongue on Christina’s sweet spot.

Christina let out a gasp when she felt Alisha’s warm wet tongue start to work on her, and the gasps got louder the closer she came to her climax, and Christina was seeing stars by the time Alisha finished working her magic.

“That was truly amazing.” Christina smiled when Alisha joined her on the bed after wiping her mouth and chin with a tissue. “You smell and taste of me.” Christina added after stealing a kiss.

“I like to see you smile like this.” Alisha admitted as she ran a hand along the side of Christina’s cheek. “You’re like a different person at the office, and I don’t know how to act around you because I’m worried you will get mad with me, like you do with everyone else.”

“I’m sorry about that, but I’m not use to having these sorts of feelings myself, and I can’t just stop being the person I’ve been for all these years, and I... It doesn’t matter.” Christina trailed off, not wanting to say what she was thinking. “Let’s take a shower together, and then we can go and see what Tina has made for dinner.” Christina grinned as she got up of the bed on shaky legs before pulling Alisha up and taking her back to her own room to use the shower in there.

After dinner, Christina had some work to do in her home office, so Alisha joined her in there and sat on the sofa reading a book. Christina seemed to like the fact she could look over and see Alisha sat in her PJ’s with her feet tucked up under her bottom while she looked engrossed in a novel.


“Do I have to do this?” Alisha said the next day in the testing area at Grace Industries where she was being hooked up to monitors and sensors while she was sat on an exercise bike. “I hate any form of exercise.” Alisha whined as she looked down at her new body wrapped in tight pink spandex and pink and white running shoes.

“Yes you have to do this.” Christina frowned. “I did warn you to read the contract before you signed it.” She added in a tone that said this was all Alisha’s own doing and she would just have to get use to it.

Alisha thought she should ask Christina for a copy of the contract, so she could find out just what she had signed up for. “What has me testing out these prosthetics got to do with how fit I am?” Alisha asked.

“We need to see how the prosthetics hold up under all kinds of conditions.” Christina explained as she finished hooking up the last of the sensers.

“I feel like a lab rat.” Alisha complained some more.

“Stop whining and start to peddle.” Christina said as she pushed a button and the bike started to peddle on its own.

Alisha tried to slow the bike down, but none of the buttons worked and she couldn’t take her feet off the peddles. “What’s going on?” Alisha looked a little worried.

“We need to push you, so you can’t stop or take your feet off the peddles until we want you to, so have fun, and I will be back later to see how you’re doing.” Christina said as she took off her lab coat and turned to leave.

“What if I have a problem and need to stop?” Alisha tried to argue over Christina leaving her in here all alone.

“The computer is keeping an eye on you, and it will slow down the bike if it thinks you are in any trouble.” Christina said just before she left the room.

Christina was true to her word and the bike did slow down when the computer sensed Alisha was having trouble, but it also sped up when it thought Alisha was getting her breath back. Alisha was glad for the large drinks bottle full of ice cold water Christina had left for her, as she was a puddle of sweat by the time Christina came back into the room and put the bike on a cool down cycle before it finally stopped.

Alisha tried to climb down off the bike, but her legs were like jelly and she would have fallen to the floor if not for Kimberly catching her and placing Alisha down on a bench so Christina could look her over.

“I can’t believe you made me do that.” Alisha growled, as she felt some anger towards Christina at the minute.

“You need to get use to it, because this is just the start of your one year trail.” Christina said in a matter of fact way. “Take a shower and then we will see how the prosthetics are holding up.” Christina added as she wrote something down on a clipboard.

Kimberly helped Alisha to her feet and then to the shower room. Alisha let out a sigh as the warm water helped to ease the pain in her sore muscles. Alisha was soon back in a fresh pink spandex leotard and a bathrobe as Kimberly led her back to the lab where Christina was stood waiting with a couple of lab tech’s waiting to hook her up to more machines.

This was how Alisha’s life went for the next couple of days. Christina would be a loving partner at home, but a different person at the office, and it was confusing Alisha, and she would make a slip at work, which meant Christina would remind her not to do it again in a painful way. Alisha playfully stuck her tongue out at Christina while she was being set up on a treadmill, so Christina set the speed just that little too fast, which meant Alisha had to work a lot harder to not trip and fall. Christina had warned her that they would just have to start the test again if Alisha did trip.

Alisha wasn’t sure if Christina was joking or not, but she wasn’t in any hurry to find out one way or the other, so she focused and managed to stay on her feet until the machine was stopped, then she fell to the floor in a sweaty heap.

“I’m not in the mood for playing around tonight.” Alisha said on the Friday night after dinner when she was sat in Christina’s office trying to read a book while Christina was sat next to her taking a break from her work.

“You’re always in the mood for playing around.” Christina teased.

“Not when you tried to kill me on that stupid treadmill.” Alisha snapped. “I’m not into sport or any kind of exercise, but you keep forcing me to do it day in and day out.” Alisha was close to tears now she ached that much from all the punishing exercise Christina was putting her through.

“I did warn you to read the contract before you signed it.” Christina repeated, just like she did every time Alisha complained.

“I’d like to see a copy of this dam contract, so I can find out just what I did sign up for.” Alisha growled as she pulled away from Christina again and tried to carry on reading her book, even if she wasn’t in the mood for it.

The truth is, Alisha had found herself with a lot of time to think, and she was beginning to think she acted out of anger towards Becky, and now she was missing her best friend, but up until now Alisha’s pride had stopped her making the call to her friend and saying how sorry she was.

“There you go.” Christina said as she dropped a copy of the contract in Alisha’s lap before turning and going back to her desk to carry on working.

“I’m sorry for being such a bitch Christina.” Alisha said as she stood and walked over to Christina’s desk. “I was wondering if I could borrow the phone so I can call Becky, to see how she’s doing.” Alisha asked. “I’d call her on my cell phone, but I’ve not been able to find it since the other day.”

“I had your cell phone taken away, and I will need to sort out a meeting between you and Becky through my lawyers.” Christina explained.

“What...?” Alisha sounded shocked. “You can’t stop me talking to my friends.” Alisha snapped as she want to grab the phone and make the call anyway.

“You can try, but like I keep saying to you. You should have read the contract before signing it.” Christina sounded smug as she sat back and watched Alisha try to use the phone.

The phone just made a strange sound and none of the buttons on the handset seemed to work. “Why can’t I make a call?” Alisha asked in an angry tone.

“You need to enter a code to get an outside line, the same as you would with any of the cell phones you might find in the house.” Christina said in the same tone she used at the office with all her other staff.

Alisha realised she would need to sit and read this contract to see just how much trouble she was in. So she slammed down the phone and walked over to the sofa where the contract was sat, and she picked it up before leaving the room and going up to her bedroom.


Alisha felt like throwing up by the time she finished reading through the contract and she found out just how screwed she really was. She found out that the only way to end the contract early was for her to cover a third of the cost, which Alisha remembered Christina telling her was just over three million. Alisha didn’t have a million pounds just sat around, so there was no way to end the contract early, and if she failed to pay the agreed cost, she would have to work it off, also even if she did tell Christina she was done, Christina would still have control of her, but she wouldn’t get paid for it. Alisha went to bed that night alone and miserable.

“Are you in a better mood this morning?” Christina asked at breakfast in the kitchen.

“Not really, I finally read through the contract.” Alisha mumbled as Tina placed a glass of juice down in front of her. “I can’t believe you tricked me like that.” Alisha said as she finally looked up at Christina sat across from her.

“I never tricked you, if anything I tried to stop you signing that contract before you read it through and brokered a better deal for yourself.” Christina argued.

“I am nothing but a slave to you now for the next year, as I don’t have a million pounds to cover the cost of one third of the cost for the test.” Alisha said with acid in her voice.

“It’s closer to three point three million you would need to find if you wanted to buy your way out of the contract.” Christina pointed out.

“How do you work that out? You told me that the prosthetics cost three million.” Alisha tried to sound a little smug for remembering that little detail.

“Those prosthetics did cost three million, but the ones you now have are a new version and cost just under ten million.” Christina said it all very slowly like she was talking to a small child, which pretty much summed up just how Alisha felt right now.

Tine had placed a plate of pouched egg on toast down in front of Alisha, but she had just lost her appetite. “Thank you for the breakfast Tina, but I’m not hungry all of a sudden.” Alisha said as she got up from the table and left the room.

“You have no right to do that to her, she’s a good soul and you’re pushing her away.” Tina said with some anger in her voice.

Christina just pushed her breakfast around her plate as she had no argument about what she had done, but her pride wasn’t going to let her lose a battle, not even one against the woman she was falling in love with. Christina found the feeling of loving someone to be alien to her, and she didn’t like the way she had very little control over any of it.

“She’s the one that signed the contract. I didn’t force her to.” Christina said as she got up and left the kitchen to go and get on with some work in her home office.


Christina was looking at her computer screen, but her mind was thinking about Alisha being angry with her, and what she could do to make things better between them, when she heard a knock on her office door. “Come in!” She shouted and looked to see who it was. “Hi Alisha.” Christina smiled, hoping that Alisha would see her happy and maybe at least want to talk to her for a bit.

“I’m sorry to bother you Miss Grace, but I was hoping you would have a word with your lawyers, so I could arrange a meeting with my friend Miss Becky McTaggart?” Alisha said sounding very formal.

“I’ll make a note and get it sorted out first thing on Monday when we get to the office.” Christina said, sounding just as formal as Alisha had.

“Thank you Miss Grace.” Alisha said before she turned and left the office to go and find Tina to see if she could help her with anything around the house.

Christina wanted to run after Alisha and kiss her, but she knew that wasn’t the way to win back Alisha’s love, but she was at a loss as to what she should do, having never felt like this before, so Christina just buried her head in her work and hoped it would all blow over.

“Hi Tina, can I help you with anything?” Alisha sounded hopeful.

“Yes, you can help me with this.” Tina said as she put a plate with a sandwich on it down on the table in front of Alisha. “Eat it.” Tina ordered when she saw that Alisha was about to argue with her.

“Yes Ma’am.” Alisha said as she took a seat at the kitchen table and started to eat the sandwich.

Tina poured her a glass of milk out and placed that on the table next to the plate with the half eaten sandwich on it. “You can drink all of that as well.”

Alisha smiled as she picked up the glass of milk and washed down her sandwich with it. Alisha really liked Tina, and she loved to sit in the kitchen and chat with her about cooking and what she did growing up. Alisha had found out that Tina’s parents had both worked as maid and butler while Tina was growing up, so she had decided to join the family business and stopped on after they retired. Tina’s parents had worked for the previous owners of the mansion, and Christina had kept them on, and then hired Tina when they wanted to retire.

Christina walked down the hallway to the kitchen, but she stopped when she heard voices and laughter coming from the kitchen. Christina knew it was Alisha and Tina chatting and having fun. For one second she felt the urge to just walk into the room and tell Alisha the contract was void, but another part of her was worried she would still lose Alisha from her life, and she couldn’t think of her world without Alisha in it, that is why she had made her lawyers put the stupid claws in the contract in the first place. Christina just turned around and walked back to her office before calling through to the kitchen and asking Tina to make her a pot of coffee.

“I need to make Miss Grace a pot of coffee and you can take it to her for me.” Tina ordered in the hopes that the two of them will finally sit and talk things over.

Alisha wanted to argue, but the look Tina gave her said it would be a waste of time, so she waited for Tina to finish, and then place it all on a tray so Alisha could take it to Christina.

Christina was a little shocked, but she smiled when she saw Alisha enter her office carrying a tray with a pot of coffee and two cups, which Alisha had missed until she saw Christina smile as she looked at the tray.

“There you go Miss Grace.” Alisha said as she turned to leave the room again.

“Will you please join me for a cup?” Christina asked.

“Is that an order Miss Grace?” Alisha asked, but wished she hadn’t when she saw the hurt look in Christina’s eyes.

“Yes it’s an order.” Christina snapped as she stood up and poured them each a cup out before handing Alisha hers.

Alisha’s plan to get out of the office without being forced to have a cup of coffee with Christina had just backfired, so she let out a sigh and took a seat on the other side of the desk. “Thank you.” Alisha said when she took the cup out of Christina’s hands.

“Can you please stop treating me like the enemy Alisha?” Christina said with some pleading in her voice. “I don’t think you have it all that bad, do you?” Christina asked as she looked around at the room they were in.

“You were the only one in that test centre yesterday who knew anything about the contract I signed, but you still played that card and hurt me with all that running I had to do, and if I stopped you were going to make me start all over again.” Alisha said with pain in her voice.

“I never would have done that, you have to believe me.” Christina tried to laugh it off as a joke.

“You’re a control freak, and you just wanted to let everyone know that you have full control over me.” Alisha snapped back, not believing what Christina had just said.

“Yes, it really looks like I have control over you doesn’t it!” Christina snapped back as she stood up and slammed her firsts into the desk.

Alisha was getting worried she might be pushing her luck, so she got up from the desk and left the room without saying another word.


Alisha spent the rest of the weekend trying to keep out of Christina’s way, which wasn’t hard because she was prepping for a large business meeting she had on Monday. Alisha spent a lot of time helping Tina in the kitchen, and then wandering off when Christina came into the kitchen to eat.


“Why aren’t you dressed and ready to leave?” Christina asked Alisha on the Monday morning when she walked into the kitchen to have her breakfast before leaving for work.

“I’m not coming with you, or doing anymore of those silly tests.” Alisha said in a defiant tone. “You will just have to report me for a breach of contract.” She added just before putting another piece of fruit in her mouth.

“Fine then, if that is how you want to play this little game.” Christina snarled as she slammed her coffee cup down again. “Tina please find some jobs for you new maid, and make sure she is dressed in the proper uniform.” Christina then turned and left the kitchen and then the house.

“You are one very foolish girl.” Tina sighed. “Miss Grace is not use to losing a battle, and this one is far from being over.” Tina warned.

“She can always fire me.” Alisha said, thinking that this might be the one way she could beat the contract and not have to find any of the money Christina was demanding.

“You’re an even bigger fool than I thought if you think that will happen.” Tina frowned.

Alisha’s cocky attitude was beginning to fade now she had thought about what she had just said to Christina, but there was nothing she could do about it now, so she finished her breakfast, and then followed Tina up to her room so Tina could find her a uniform to wear.

“This isn’t going to work.” Tina frowned after half an hour of trying to make one of her maid’s uniforms fit Alisha’s body shape.

“I can help you in some of my own clothes.” Alisha offered as a solution.

“You heard what Miss Grace said, and she will be even angrier with you when she gets home to find you not in a maid’s uniform.” Tina said as she looked to be deep in thought for a couple of seconds before she suddenly had an idea. “Come with me, I know where to find just the thing.” Tina grabbed Alisha by the hand and led her out her room and up to Alisha’s room and into the large walk in closet.

“You have got to be joking right?” Alisha asked half an hour later as she looked in the mirror at every guy’s wet dream of what a French maid should look like.

Alisha was stood in front of the mirror wearing a fancy dress costume of a French maid complete with fishnet pantyhose a frilly lace skirt that bellowed out around her and showed of her plump backside whenever she bent over. Her breasts were fighting to get out the top of the low cut neck.

“It’s the best we can come up with on short notice.” Tina shrugged. “And it might score you some brownie points with Miss Grace when she sees you dressed like that.

Alisha let out a sigh, or as big a sigh as she could with the tight corset section of the maid’s dress digging into her. She was soon helping Tina around the house as she cleaned and dusted before starting work on dinner for Christina. Alisha and Tina ate before Christina got home. And Alisha was up in her room before Christina arrived back anyway, as the meeting had gone on longer than planned, and it was getting late. Alisha had wanted to change out of her uniform, but Tina said that Christina had wanted to see her new maid in her uniform before she took it off.
There was a knock on Alisha’s bedroom door just before Christina walked into the room without waiting for Alisha to invite her in.

“Where is my new maid?” Christina asked in a slightly slurred tone of voice. Alisha wondered just how much Christina had had to drink, as she wasn’t aware Christina ever drank that much in the first place. “There she is.” Christina smiled as she walked across the room with a little sway in her step.

“Are you drunk?” Alisha asked, feeling a little nervous now.

“Nope, I just wanted to see if you were ready to stop being foolish and come back to the office with me and carry on the testing?” Christina asked.

Alisha could see that something was very wrong with the way Christina was looking at her. “I think you should go and lay down for a bit Christina. We can talk about this when you’re sober.”

“Oh, so it’s Christina now, and you think you can give me orders?” She sounded like she was being sarcastic. “Dressed like that I think it should be mistress.” Christina laughed as she tried to cup one of Alisha’s breasts through the maid’s dress.

“And I think you should go and lay down.” Alisha snapped as she batted Christina’s hand away. Alisha turned to walk into her bathroom to get out of the maid’s uniform, but before she got very far, she was pushed down onto the bed with Christina’s full body weight on top of her.

“I’ll teach you to strike me you naughty little maid.” Christina snarled in Alisha’s ear and she managed to tie Alisha’s hands together and then to the headboard using a cord from one of the canopy posts where the curtains were tied back out the way.

Alisha tried to get her hands free, but the ropes were just too tight. “Let me go you crazy bitch...!” Alisha shouted, but her cries for help her cut off when Christina pushed a cloth into her mouth, cutting her voice down to nothing but a mumble. Alisha had a funny taste in her mouth from the cloth, and she soon found out why.

“How do my panties taste? It’s nice to see I finally found a way to shut you up.” Christina said as she got off the bed and left the room. She wasn’t gone long before she walked back into the room and dropped something on the bed where Alisha couldn’t see it.

Alisha kicked out with her feet as she tried to stop Christina coming anywhere near her, but it was no good, and all she managed to do was force Christina to tie Alisha’s legs to each corner of the bed. Alisha was soon calling for help again when she saw Christina strapping a large fake cock on before she climbed onto the bed behind Alisha.

“It will be less painful if you relax.” Christina slurred as she used a knife or something else that was sharp enough to cut away the panties and pantyhose before pushing a couple of cold fingers up Alisha’s bottom with some sort of liquid on them.

Alisha started to scream into the gag as she felt something large and hard touch her bottom before it started to head up into a part of Alisha she never wanted anything pushing into, but she couldn’t stop it, and all the screaming in the world wasn’t going to help her. The pain eased when Alisha stopped trying to force the intruder out of her bottom, and she actually started to feel a little turned on by it, but she wasn’t sure if the fact her breasts were being rubbed up and down on the bed might have something to do with it, but either ways she felt an orgasm building inside her and she was sure Christina came at the same time she did. She was still coming out of her orgasmic bliss when she felt Christina slip off the bed and she watched her undo the strap-on and let it fall to the floor before she left the room, leaving Alisha tied to the bed and unable to move. Alisha tried for some time to get loose, but all she managed to do was rub her wrists until they were red raw and she finally gave up and fell asleep unable to move and in a lot of pain.

Chapter Eleven: What did I do?

Christina woke on the Tuesday morning to the sound of Tina calling for Kimberly. Christina tried to sit up in bed, but the room started to spin so she lay back down again as she tried to remember what had happened the night before. She remembered having a couple of drinks to drown her sorrows over losing the business deal. But the rest of the evening seemed to be a blur, but she did remember having a dream about her father raping her, but she was playing the part of her father in the dream, and the girl looked like Alisha, except for the fact she was dressed as a maid for some reason.

“What the hell is Tina shouting about?” Christina groaned as she tried to stop the jackhammers attacking the inside of her head.

Christina forced herself out of bed and staggered across the room as it spun around her. She had never had a hangover like this before in her life, but she kept on moving so she could find out what had Tina in such a panic.

“What the hell is g...” Was all Christina got out before she got to Alisha’s bedroom door and saw Alisha still tied to the bed as Kimberly pushed past her and ran over to the bed with a knife so she could cut the ropes binding Alisha to the bed. “Oh god, what have I done?” Christina said with tears in her eyes as she realised it wasn’t a dream, and she had done something so horrible to the person she loved.

Christina went to enter the room and go over to Alisha, but Kimberly stopped her and made her leave the room. “I’m sorry Ma’am, but I think it best you keep away from Alisha for the time being while we get to the bottom of what happened last night.” Kimberly said as she took Christina down to the kitchen.

“Why did I do that to Alisha?” Christina asked as she tried to remember what happened the night before. “We need to call the police. I’ve done an unthinkable thing.” Christina said as she went to stand up and go over to the phone.
“I think we should call for a doctor first.” Kimberly said as she took the phone out of Christina’s hand.

“Did I hurt her?” Christina looked worried.

“No, Alisha is fine, well apart from being very sore from being tied to the bed all night, and from having something forced into her bottom.” Kimberly frowned. “No the reason I want a doctor is because I think you were drugged last night, and that is why you can’t remember what you did when you got home.”

“Oh god, I feel like I’m going to be sick.” Christina said as she ran over to the sink and did just that. “How could anyone drug me?” Christina asked after she rinsed her mouth out with some water and spat it out again.

“I think it happened at the meeting yesterday.” Kimberly started to explain as she put the pieces together in her own mind. “I noticed you were off your game, but put it down to the trouble you were having with Alisha, but you seemed to be getting more and more flustered as the day went on, so I think someone had spiked your water.”

“So that is why I feel like I have the mother of all hangovers at the minute?” Christina sounded angry now, but winced as the sound of her own voice sounded too loud to her.

“Yes, and you had a couple of glasses of wine before we came home and very little to eat all day, so I never thought much to it when you staggered off up to bed.” Kimberly sounded angry with herself for not stopping Alisha getting hurt.

“This is all on me Kimberly, none of it is your fault.” Christina said as she winced with pain.
Kimberly handed Christina some pain killers and then called for the doctor to come out and run some tests on Christina so they could find out what drug was used to make her act the way she did.


Tina helped Alisha get up off the bed and out of the maid’s uniform before leading her into the bathroom where Tina had ran her a nice hot bubble bath. Alisha let out a sigh as the hot water seemed to wash away all her aches and pains, well all of them except the stinging she felt in her bottom, and even that wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

“Where’s Christina?” Alisha asked as she relaxed in the water.

“I think Kimberly took her down to the kitchen, so don’t worry about her. Kimberly won’t let her hurt you again.

“Why did she do it?” Alisha asked with hurt in her voice. “I loved her and she did that to me for it.” Alisha snuffled. “I’d rather be dead than spend another minute working for her.” Alisha admitted as the tears started to fall from her eyes.

“Hay...! Don’t speak like that.” Tina scolded Alisha. “I’ve never known Miss Grace act like that before. She went through far too much as a child to do it to anyone else.” Tina said as she tried to defend her employer.

“Well she did it to me.” Alisha sounded broken hearted as she said it.


Christina had left the mansion when Alisha and Tina got finished and Tina had forced Alisha to come down to the kitchen for something to eat and drink.

“Don’t worry. Kimberly left me a note saying that Miss Grace is going to be staying in the city for the next couple of days while she gets something sorted out.” Tina said when she saw the way Alisha was looked at the doorway like Christina could burst in at any minute to tie her up again.

Alisha relaxed and ate the sandwich Tina made her and then she went into the library and found a book before she settled into a window seat so she could enjoy the sunshine while day dreaming about the life she thought she might have had here with Christina before it all went wrong.

The next couple of day went the same way, Alisha would go to the kitchen to eat her meals and then spend the rest of her time sat in the library window wondering what Christina was doing.

Alisha looked over towards the library door when she heard it creek open and she expected to see Tine enter the room, but this time it was Christina, but the biggest shock was the fact Becky was with her.

“Becky...!” Alisha screamed as she jumped up and ran across the room to hug her best friend. Alisha was soon sobbing as Becky walked her back over to the window seat and sat Alisha back down on it.

“I’ll let the two of you talk.” Christina said just before she turned and left the room again.

“What are you doing here?” Alisha asked as she couldn’t stop hugging her friend.

“Christina came to see me earlier today and said that you needed me, so here I am.” Becky smiled as she hugged Alisha back.

“But I thought I wasn’t allowed to see you without her lawyers present?” Alisha looked confused.

“She told me all about you signing that contract without bothering to read through it, and I know that I didn’t help by being such a cow to you the other Monday, but I was wrong about Christina, she’s alright.” Becky explained.

“She isn’t and you were right the first time.” Alisha argued.

“She told me what happened the other night, and that is why she asked me to help explain what happened to you.” Becky said as she tried to make her best friend understand something.

“I know what happened, I was there.” Alisha winced as she thought about the pain she felt that night, and whenever she went to the bathroom to have a bowel movement, as it still hurt her to do that.

“I know that silly, but Christina had been drugged, and she wasn’t fully aware of what she was doing.” Becky said as she stopped Alisha from butting in by placing a finger over her friend’s lips. “She told me her whole life story and said I can do whatever I want with it, if it will help to make you not hate her as much as she thinks you do right now.”
“So you didn’t have to sign an NDA?” Alisha looked shocked now.

“Nope, she has left herself wide open for me to write a story that will leave the whole world in shock.” Becky said proudly. Becky pulled out some paperwork and handed it to Alisha so she could read through it.

“What is all this?” Alisha asked.

“Those are the test results to prove that Christina was drugged, and due to the trauma of what she went through as a child, she had a form of mental breakdown and attacked you, but she’s been beating herself up about it ever since, and has even signed a confession admitting to raping you against your will.”

“But all this would destroy her, so why would she admit to it all and let you have it?” Alisha was even more confused now.

“I think that is a question only Christina could answer.” Becky shrugged. “She told me she would be in her office if you wanted to talk to her about any of it, but she would understand if you just wanted to leave.” Becky explained.

“I can’t afford to leave because of that contract.” Alisha sighed at her own stupidity for signing it in the first place.

“The contract was void the minute Christina attacked you, and she said you will be well compensated for any pain and suffering she has caused you.” Becky answered.

Alisha jumped up and ran out of the library and down the hallway to the room Christina used as her office and burst into the room. Christina was sat behind her desk looking sorry for herself.

“Is that it...? Are you just going to let me leave and do whatever I want with the information you gave to Becky?” Alisha snapped as she walked over to the desk and looked down at Christina sat in her chair.

“What more can I do?” Christina said as she tried to fight back the tears she could feel building up in her eyes. “I’m sorry for hurting you doesn’t seem to be enough, and I came up with that stupid contract because I was scared you might leave me, and I’ve fallen in love with you.” Christina snuffled.

“You what?” Alisha asked thinking she might have misheard what Christina just said.

“I said that I have fallen in love with you. I felt something special between us from the first day you fell into my office, but I was scared about losing you again, so I came up with that stupid contract to keep you mine.” Christina tried to explain.

“For someone so smart, that was a pretty dumb idea.” Alisha frowned.

“Tell me about it.” Christina agreed as she slid an envelope across her desk to Alisha.

“What is this?” Alisha asked as she picked it up and started to open it.

“That is a check for five million pounds, and I guess Becky told you about the contract being void?” Christina asked.
“You are such an idiot.” Alisha said as she ripped the cheque into pieces before dropping them on the table.

“I see, so you plan to use the evidence I gave to Becky then?” Christina said, all the fight and brave head strong woman now gone, as a broken shell of a woman sat at the desk facing Alisha.

Alisha walked around the desk and stood looking down at Christina. “Once again I will say, you are such an idiot.” Alisha made Christina look up at her and then Alisha made Christina stand up before she pulled Christina closer and kissed her. “All I ever wanted from you was your love; I don’t care about money or power. I love you because you’re beautiful and fun to be with.” Alisha said just before she kissed Christina again.

“How can you bare to be anywhere near me after what I did to you?” Christina looked puzzled as she looked into Alisha’s eyes for an answer.

“Becky told me what happened to you, and I don’t see it as being you who attacked me, but the drugs, and it wasn’t all bad.” Alisha admitted with a smirk.

“I’m never doing anything like that with you or anyone ever again!” Christina snapped.

“Are you two good again now?” Becky asked from the doorway. “I would love to get a look at this new body of yours.” Becky grinned.

“You really did tell her everything.” Alisha said with a raised eyebrow.

“I was desperate.” Christina shrugged.

Alisha let out a sigh and then started to strip out of her clothes until she was down to her bra and panties., then she did a slow twirl so Becky could get a good look at her body from all angles.

“Wow, you look so real sis.” Becky said as she walked over and touched Alisha’s hips and bottom, which made Alisha giggle. “You can feel me touching you?” Becky asked.

“Yes, it feels just like my own skin if I touch it.” Alisha grinned.

“And what about between your legs?” Becky asked as she couldn’t see any signs of a penis down there.

“Looks just like any other woman’s.” Alisha said as she pulled down the front of her panties so Becky could see her vagina.

“Wow, and that thing works when you need to go pee?”

“Yes, but I can’t have penetrative sex with it.” Alisha explained, but didn’t seem sorry about that problem.

“What about girl on girl action?” Becky asked with a raised eyebrow. The fact that Alisha went fifty shades of pink answered Becky’s question for her.

“Becky...!” Alisha whined.

“Sorry sis.” Becky giggled. “I did always say you were meant to be a woman, and this proves it. Even without makeup, you just look right as a woman.”

“I thought the same thing the first time I saw Andrew working in that salon.” Christina agreed as she stepped closer to Alisha and wrapped an arm around her waist.

“I’m sorry we had a falling out Becky.” Alisha said with shame in her voice.

“I’m the one that should be sorry for blowing up over you dating Christina, even if I was half right about her.” Becky said with a raised eyebrow. “I did warn you that she was up to something. I just never realised it was the fact she was in love with you, but had no idea how to go about showing it.” Becky added with a frown.

“I tried to approach it like I would buying a company, but I was wrong to do that.” Christina admitted. “What do you plan to do about what you now know?” Christina asked with worry in her voice.

“I plan to forget all about it because I’ve already had a falling out with my best friend, and I don’t plan to lose her all together, just to make it to the big time by telling the world your story.” Becky smiled when she saw the look of relief on Christina’s face.

“I’m glad to hear that because I want to offer you a job helping to run my Company because I want to have more free time to spend with Alisha, and I love the way you write your column for that online fashion magazine, and how far you were willing to go to get the interview.” She added with a grin.

“When do I start?” Becky asked, not needing any time to think it over having just been offered her dream job.

“You already have, we just need to work out a contract for your employment.” Christina grinned.

“Cool, and I will take the time to read through it before I sign.” Becky replied as she looked at Alisha.

“I’m never going to live that one down am I?” Alisha said with a roll of her eyes.

“Not anytime soon baby sister.” Becky giggled.

“I think we should go out to celebrate Becky’s knew job.”Alisha grinned.

“Me too.” Christina agreed.

“I can’t go out dressed like this.” Becky argued as she looked down at her jeans and t-shirt.

“I think we have that covered.” Alisha giggled as she and Christina led Becky up to Christina’s room and into the walk in closet.

Christina let Becky look through her collection of dresses so she could pick out something she liked, while Christina already knew what she wanted Alisha to wear for their evening out. Alisha started to grin when she saw Christina take the silver dress down off the rack and pull the plastic off it.

Alisha slipped out of her clothes again and then took the offered thong panties of Christina and slipped them on before she let Christina help her into the dress. Christina then used some double sided tape to stop the sided of the dress moving and exposing Alisha’s breasts to the world. Alisha then slipped on a matching pair of silver sandals with lines of diamonds over all the bands that went over her toes.

“I’ll let you go and do your hair and makeup while I get ready.” Christina grinned just before she gave Alisha a quick kiss, which seemed to last a little longer because Alisha wasn’t willing to let it end.

Alisha wandered out into the bedroom and had to stop and look at herself in the mirror. The silver dress looked even better now than it did the first time she tried it on, due to the extra padding she now had around her hips and backside. The dress had no back to it, so the dress just rested in her backside right above where the space between her butt cheeks started, it was like Alisha was teasing the world, but they were never going to see the prize they were waiting for. The front of the dress had a draped neckline that fell in rivers of fabric between her breasts showing an obscene amount of cleavage. And the sides of Alisha’s breast could be seen, but thanks to the double sided tape, the dress wasn’t going to move anywhere.

Pulling herself away from the mirror, Alisha set to work on her hair and makeup, which didn’t take long because Alisha knew that less is more, and didn’t go nuts with her makeup because she looked natural enough as it was. Alisha did spend a little more time with her hair as she pinned it up in places while letting it hang down in others so she ended up with a slightly wild look that matched the style of the dress perfectly.

Becky stepped out of the closet wearing a Stunning blue cap sleeve lace sheath dress that featured a V-neckline and crystal embellishments, which Alisha thought suited Becky perfectly.

“Wow Becky, you look amazing.” Alisha commented.

“I do, look at you...!” Becky shot back as her mouth fell open in shock.

“Thanks sis.” Alisha blushed. “Do you want me to do your hair for you?”

“Yes please.” Becky grinned as she took a seat in front of the vanity.

Alisha kept the look simple and gave Becky a tousled hair look that suited her perfectly. Alisha let Becky sort out her own makeup, which was always just some lipstick and a little eyeliner.

Christina stepped out into the bedroom wearing a pink cap sleeved jersey dress which was floor length and had a train that flowed out from the back and slid across the floor behind her. It had a shear neckline and a mesh inset that formed a V that came down to just above Christina’s belly button, it was adorned with crystal’s and had a matching piece in the back that came down a little further to just above Christina’s bottom and where the train of the dress started to form.

“Wow Alisha, you look fantastic.” Christina purred as she made her way over to where Alisha was looking at herself in the mirror again.

“Hay, stop where you are.” Alisha warned. “I’ve seen that look before, and if you take another step, we won’t be going anywhere tonight.”

“I can live with stopping in.” Christina argued as she took another step.

“We have company, and I don’t like the idea of a threesome.” Alisha pointed out as she looked at Becky.

Christina looked over at Becky before looking back at Alisha. “I don’t like to share you with anyone anyway.” Christina let out a sigh. “But I will have my wicked way with you later.” She promised just before she turned and made her way over to the vanity and started doing her hair and makeup. Christina picked up a round brush and started brushing out from the routs as she turned the brush to give her hair more volume until she had volumes waves, she picked up the curling tongs and added some subtle spirals to the end before adding a little lip gloss and calling herself ready for a night out.

The three of them all left Christina’s bedroom and made their way back down stairs and found Kimberly stood in the hallway near the front door waiting for them. Alisha wondered how Kimberly always knew when Christina wanted to go out somewhere.

“Hi Kimberly.” Alisha smiled. She hadn’t seen Kimberly since the other day due to her being away with Christina where ever she had been stopping.

“Hello Miss Alisha.” Kimberly said looking very stern instead of her normal smiling welcome. “I’m glad to see you up and about, and looking even more stunning than usual.” Kimberly gave a nod of approval.

Alisha looked at Christina with a puzzled look as to ask what had suddenly gotten into Kimberly and made her act in such a weird way towards her. Christina just gave a small shake of the head that said she would explain later when Kimberly wasn’t around.

Becky called shotgun and got in the front of the car with Kimberly, while Alisha and Christina took the back seat so they could hold hands. Alisha was glad to be getting out of the house, and being with a more care free Christina now she had finally admitted her feeling for Alisha.

Alisha was ready for the camera flashes this time when they got out the car, but Becky jumped and tried to shield her eyes until Christina stopped her and made her pose for some photo with her and Alisha.

“That will give everyone something to talk about.” Christina smiled as she had just been stood with an arm wrapped around Alisha’s and Becky’s waists while they posed for pictures.

“Miss Grace...! Miss Grace...! Who are your two beautiful friends?” one of the photographers asked.

“Come along boys, do I have to do all the work for you?” Christina laughed as she led Alisha and Becky into the restaurant.

“Why are you playing nice with the press all of a sudden?” Becky asked.

“I had that deal fall through the other day, and the people who drugged me and helped that happen, will all be expecting me to hide away and lick my wounds.” Christina explained as they were seated at one of the best tables in the restaurant.

“So by being seen out having a good time, it will get them all thinking, why you’re not overly bothered about losing the deal to someone else.” Becky sounded impressed.

“The truth is, they were asking far too much for the company, so they did me a favour by stealing it out from under me, and I already have leads on two more companies that I can buy for the same price they were asking for one.” Christina shrugged.

The waiters arrived and took their drink orders, and Alisha wasn’t shocked when Christina ordered a sparkling water for herself, but ordered Champaign for Alisha and Becky to celebrate Becky’s new job.

“Will you not join us for a glass?” Alisha asked.

“No thank you, I’m swearing of alcohol of any type from now on, so it will help Kimberly spot for signs of me being drugged again.” Christina said looking very serious. “I don’t want to risk ever hurting you again.” Christina added as she took hold of Alisha’s hand without thinking where they were.

Alisha quickly pulled her hand away, and saw the hurt look in Christina’s eyes. “I do want to hold your hand, hell I want to kiss you right here, right now, but people will talk remember.” Alisha whispered so no one else could overhear her.

“Good point.” Christina smiled. “Part of me doesn’t really care what people think, but they would tear you apart in the press.” Christina shuddered at the thought of Alisha’s life being out in the world for all to see, and how bad it would be for her.

They all ordered what they wanted to eat, and the food was amazing, which they all got to tell the chef when she came out as per Christina’s request to thank her. The chef looked like the happiest woman in the world after getting such high praise from Christina and her two beautiful dinner guests.

Once they were half way through their meal, Alisha asked Christina about the weird way Kimberly was acting towards her.

“She blames herself for what happened the other night.” Christina sighed. “Kimberly thinks she should have noticed the signs of me being drugged, and if she had then you never would have gotten hurt.”

“How could she know that someone had drugged you? That’s just foolish.” Alisha sounded shocked.

“She tried to hand me her notice, but I refused to accept it.” Christina frowned. “It was the alcohol that pushed me over the edge, and that didn’t kick in until after I got home and had a third glass of wine before coming up to see you, and you know the rest.” Christina said with shame in her voice.

“Don’t dwell on the past anymore.” Alisha scolded her. “We’re all good again, and I will have a word with Kimberly for you and smooth things out there as well.”

“Good evening ladies. Christina, it is so good to see you out and about so soon after I stole that Company away from you.” A smug looking very well dressed man said as he stood looking down at them all.

Alisha and Becky felt the sudden need to be wearing more clothes as they could feel this man undressing them both with his eyes as he looked each of them up and down.

“Good evening Maxwell.” Christina said sounding bored to be talking with him. “I should be thanking you for being so determined, I had no idea that their company had links to such large numbers of child slave labour.” Christina added with a shocked look “That’s going to be a PR nightmare when the press find out.” Christina smirked.

“What...? I had... I need to go now, and make a quick call.” Maxwell Knight said as he turned and almost ran from the restaurant while trying to call someone on his phone.

“Who was that creep?” Alisha asked.

“That was Maxwell Knight, the man who drugged me.” Christina said in a matter of fact way.

“How can you play it so cool around him if you know what he did?” Alisha looked shocked, but managed to keep her voice down.

“Don’t panic sis.” Becky said as she helped to calm Alisha down. “Christina wanted to meet him here so she could drop that child slave labour bombshell on him.” Becky giggled.

“Is that true?” Alisha asked.

“Yes, I had my people dig a little deeper after I had a feeling the company I was buying looked a little too good on paper, sadly they didn’t get me the information until after the meeting on Monday, but getting drugged put me off my game enough to let them win, or so they thought.” Christina shrugged.

“And I gather someone at your company let the press know about the child slave labour?” Becky asked.

“They might have, and now it will cost Maxwell a small fortune bringing the working conditions up to scratch.” Christina sounded happy about that.

Christina and Becky spent the rest of the meal talking about fashion, and Alisha would chip in every now and then, but she was just happy to see the two of them getting on so well together after all the nasty things Becky had said in the beginning.

Kimberly had the car waiting for them when they left the restaurant, and they all got in. Kimberly drove them all back to Christina’s mansion and Alisha let Becky use her room because she was going to be spending the night with Christina.

“Are you sure everything is alright between us?” Christina asked once they were alone in her bedroom.

“Perfect.” Alisha grinned as she undid the buckle on the back of her neck and the silver evening dress fell from her body, leaving Alisha stood in the middle of the bedroom wearing nothing but a thong and her shoes.

“You don’t play fair.” Christina sighed as she took in the beautiful nearly naked creature stood before her.

“I thought all was fair in love and war?” Alisha smirked as she stepped right up to Christina and kissed her.

Alisha helped Christina out of her dress and then they quickly removed their shoes and panties, before falling onto the bed.

The two of them had some lost time to make up for and they sure made up for it that night. They did finally find some sleep in the early hours of the morning.


Christina was still fast asleep the next morning, so Alisha slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom before she slipped on a dressing gown and made her way down to the kitchen where she found Tina and Kimberly having breakfast.

“Good morning Tina, Kimberly.” Alisha smiled.

“Good morning Miss Alisha.” Tina smiled her normal warm loving smile.

“Morning Miss Alisha.” Kimberly said, not making eye contact as she got up from the kitchen table and went to leave the room.

“Kimberly? Please don’t leave; I want to have a chat with you.” Alisha said to Kimberly’s back, but Kimberly did stop walking away. Kimberly had now been put in a tough spot because she wanted to keep away from Alisha due to the shame she felt over failing in her job, but at the same time she couldn’t just walk away from Alisha now she had been given an order to stop and talk. “I’ll force you to stop and talk to me if I have to.” Alisha added with a smirk because she knew she didn’t stand a chance of stopping this woman doing whatever she wanted.

Kimberly finally turned around to look at Alisha with a raised eyebrow as she was trying not to laugh, but she lost the battle and burst out laughing anyway when she saw the grin on Alisha’s face. “I would love to see you try and stop me leaving if I really wanted to.” Kimberly said once she’d stopped laughing and took her seat at the kitchen table again to finish her toast and cup of coffee.

Alisha had a vision of her being dragged along the hallway as she clung onto Kimberly’s leg, and she soon doubled over in a fit of giggles herself.

“You’re a strange little thing.” Kimberly mused as she waited for Alisha to get her giggles under control.

“Sorry about that, but I have an overactive imagination.” Alisha said once she’d got her giggles under control. “Christina told me what you tried to do the other day, and I just wanted to let you know that I don’t blame you for what happened, just as Christina doesn’t.”

“I blame myself though.” Kimberly argued. “I did have my doubts, but I didn’t act on them and you got hurt.” Kimberly made a fist and slammed it down on the kitchen table, making everything bounce on it.

“But I’m fine again now, and I’ve found out that Christina loves me.” Alisha grinned, which made Tina and Kimberly both smile.

“Thank god she finally admitted it.” Tina said like she’d know this for some time now. “That girl can be such a stubborn fool at times.”

Alisha was just about to say something when she heard the patter of bear feet on the marble floor just before Christina came running into the kitchen wearing nothing but a bed sheet wrapped around her. Christina looked worried until she saw Alisha sat at the kitchen table with Tina and Kimberly.

“Morning Christina, is everything alright?” Alisha asked as she watched Christina run over to her and throw her arms around Alisha, wrapping her in the bed sheets as well, while Christina pressed her naked body against Alisha.
“I woke up and you were gone.” Christina mumbled due to her head being buried in Alisha’s neck. “I thought you had left me, or it was all a dream and we hadn’t made up.” Christina added as she started to sob.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Alisha promised as she enjoyed the hug she was having with a very naked Christina. “I just thought you could use a little more sleep, as you looked tired yesterday when we spoke.”
“I’ve not gotten much sleep the past couple of days.” Christina admitted.

“You’ve eaten even less.” Kimberly added.

“You’ve not been eating...!” Tina sounded angry.

“Thanks a lot big mouth.” Christina grumbled as she looked at Kimberly.

“Sit yourself down while I sort you out a proper breakfast.” Tina ordered.

“Do you mind if I go and get some clothes on, I’m naked under this sheet.” Christina whispered.

“You felt dressed enough to come looking for Miss Alisha, so you can stay right there and eat what I put in front of you.” Tina said as she pointed at the chair next to Alisha.

“Yes Ma’am.” Christina smirked as she broke the hug with Alisha and wrapped the bed sheet around herself a little better before she sat in the seat next to Alisha and waited for Tina to sort out her breakfast.

“I feel a little over dressed all of a sudden.” Becky said with a smile as she entered the kitchen. “Let me guess, it’s wash day?” Becky asked when she saw Christina wearing a bed sheet.

“Something like that.” Christina giggled.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed some of your things?” Becky asked as she looked at Christina.

“Don’t worry about it, just help yourself.” Christina said as she sat cuddled up close to Alisha enjoying the company.

“Becky, I’d like you to meat Tina, the best cook in the whole world.” Alisha made the introductions. “And Tina this is my best friend Becky.”

“Hi Tina.” Becky smiled.

“Hello Miss Becky.” Tina smiled back as she put a plate of pouched egg on toast down in front of Christina. “Would you like the same?” Tina asked Becky.

“Yes please, that looks yummy.” Becky said as she licked her lips.

Tina set to work and the five of them all sat chatting while they ate their breakfast.

“I could get use to this.” Becky admitted when she was finished eating.

“How would you like to do just that Becky, and move in here with Alisha and me?” Cristina asked.

“Are you serious?” Becky looked amazed to be asked to do such a thing.

“Yes I am, I know that Alisha would love to have you around.” Christina smiled as she looked at Alisha who now had a hopeful look on her face.

“Admit it, you like having Becky around as well.” Alisha said as she poked Christina in the side.

“You’re right I do, and it’s nice to have someone to talk about fashion with. And you’re really funny to spend time with.” Christina added with a little giggle.

“I’d love to move in here with you all.” Becky started grinning. “I’ve really missed my baby sister here.” Becky admitted.

“She was missing you, and I’m sorry for trying to keep the two of you apart.” Christina sighed. “I’ve been such an idiot about all this.”

“I won’t argue with you on that one.” Alisha frowned. “You can’t organise love like you would do a company I don’t think.”

“There is no logic to love.” Tina said. “It’s a force that is always changing as the two people get use to one another until you find common ground in the middle you can both live with.”

None of them could argue with that, so they didn’t try to. Christina was happy to learn how to share Alisha with the world, just as long as she got to share a bed with her, and the rest of her life.


Christina wasn’t one to put things off, so the three of them took the day off from going into work so they could get Alisha and Becky’s apartment cleared out and moved into Christina’s mansion. The girls got everything packed away, and Christina had a removal company come and take the stuff back to the mansion for them.

Once everything had been moved to the mansion, Christina took them all into the city so Becky could get a complete new wardrobe ready for her new job the next day. They didn’t need to worry about carrying anything they bought because all the shops offered to deliver everything to the mansion later that day. Alisha and Becky weren’t use to getting the kind of service Christina got, but they could tell that Christina was having a lot more fun because they were there with her.

“Do you ever miss not being Andrew?” Becky asked when they were back in Kimberly’s car and heading back to the mansion.

“Not really, because this feels like the real me.” Alisha said as she looked down at her breasts straining the pink top she was wearing at the minute.

“Do you think you will ever have the surgery to make you complete, instead of using those prosthetics?” Becky asked.

“I can’t say I’ve given it any thought, but I can’t see the point of going through all the pain, just to end up looking like I already do, and I am still the test subject, so I’m stuck with them for a year anyway.” Alisha shrugged.

“I was going to get the test cancelled because you didn’t like the exercise and other things we were making you do.” Christina said.

“I want to stay looking like this, so you might as well use me to perfect the process.” Alisha shrugged.

“That’s brilliant because we are getting so much good data from you, and have specs for some other projects already.” Christina sounded excited.

“Like what?” Becky asked.

“We think we might be able to help burn victim’s heel faster and look normal while they heel.” Christina started to explain. “We think we might be able to use the prosthetic skin to cover the heeling skin, while numbing the pain for the user.”

“That would be amazing if you could get it to work.” Alisha sounded impressed with the idea.

“Is that part of the reason Alisha needs to keep the prosthetics on for a year, to see how her body copes with long term use?” Becky asked as she started to understand the reason for the test in the first place.

“Yes, but also because I love having Alisha looking like that for me.” Christina admitted.

“I can’t fault you for that; she is one amazing looking woman.” Becky grinned.

Christina just grinned as she snuggled a little closer to Alisha on the back seat of the car while Becky looked at them between the front seats where she was sat next to Kimberly who was driving the car. Christina knew that Becky wasn’t a threat because she and Alisha were like sisters, and Christina was beginning to see Becky as a sister to her as well.


Alisha went back to Grace Industries, and she carried on doing all the tests Christina and her lab techs asked her to do, but she did get a shock on the first day back in the test centre when Christina and Becky both entered the room dressed the same as Alisha was, ready to go on the cross trainer. The only difference was the fact Alisha was hooked up to machines keeping an eye on all her readings. Alisha didn’t mind all the exercise now she had Christina and Becky doing it with her, and they all started to get a little fitter doing it.

The more Christina and Alisha were seen out together, the more the press started to think that Christina and Alisha were lovers, but they could never prove any of it, and they could never find out anything about Alisha’s past to ask any friends and family. If anyone ever did start to put two and two together, Christina’s people would bury it.
Becky fit in right away at Christina’s company, and she learned a lot from Christina as the two of them worked together while Becky found her feet, but Becky was a quick study and was soon able to run the day to day things involved in running a large company, which left Christina with more time to spend with Alisha.

Maxwell Knight seemed to have a run of bad luck after he drugged Christina. First his company took a large hit when the press found out about him using child slave labour in his factories, and then he was videoed having sex with someone who wasn’t his wife, which cost him a lot of money because of a clause in his prenuptial that said his wife got half of his net worth if he was unfaithful to her. Alisha wondered if Christina had anything to do with Maxwell’s bad luck, but she wasn’t bothered if she was. Alisha saw it as a form of therapy for Christina, and no one was getting hurt, well no one that mattered anyway. Alisha was sure Christina was playing with Maxwell’s head when footage showed up on YouTube of Maxwell walking into a police station screaming about space aliens stealing his penis and doing weird things with it before they reattached it. Maxwell just happened to wonder into the police station while a reality TV program were filming a fly on the wall documentary, so the whole world got to see him making a fool of himself. Alisha knew it wouldn’t be hard for Christina to use the prosthetic process she had used on her, to make it look like Maxwell had lost his penis.
Alisha finished up the year of wearing the prosthetics without any side effects, and then she did another year, and another one after that. Alisha was happy being who she now was, and everyone knew her, so she didn’t plan to go back to being Andrew anytime soon She wasn’t even sure she could go back after all this time.

Christina and her lab techs kept working on the project, and they finally came up with the right formula to help burn victims, and Christina was in tears when they got to help a young girl that had been caught up in a prank where a firework exploded right next to her, leaving the poor girl with burns up one side of her body, and she was in constant pain until Christina offered to try their new process. The process worked perfectly and the little girl had perfect pink skin just one year after she was first burnt. The little girl handed Christina a bunch of flowers and gave her a hug while thanking Christina for stopping the pain and making her look pretty again.

Alisha and Christina got a shock five years after they first met; when Christina found out she was pregnant. Christina thought it was a joke, but they finally worked out that Alisha was the father so to speak, as they had been fooling around one night, and some of Alisha’s male sperm had leaked out of her and into Christina somehow. Alisha was worried about Christina being mad about it, but she actually seemed happy, and nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They called the baby Crystal, and she had two loving mothers and one Aunt Becky who loved to spend time with her niece.

Christina and Alisha finally got married and let the world know they were in love, but no one ever found out about Alisha also being a boy called Andrew, and even they started to forget about Andrew as the years went on. The prosthetics kept working just fine, so they still had no idea when or if they would ever fail and have to be replaced, but Alisha was still the only person to actually have a set, due to Christina wanting to keep it a secret only she and Alisha got to enjoy.

The End

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