Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 5 Part 3

Luna flew off after being asked by Trinity to see if she could locate a person she had vision from. The person was a male Dark Elf that had meant something to a member of their team. Luna flies carefully as she looks for the person. She spots a red hair girl that gave off fey energies. She had two more people with her.

One she could tell right off that one of them was a werewolf. Luna was surprised that there was a werewolf before her. As for the female by his side, she didn’t know what to make of her. Her energies were all wrong. It was like she was part wolf and part coyote. She’ll have to remember to ask Trinity about her. As for the red-haired girl that was showing them around, she looked human but had fae energies about her.

She flies off to continue looking for the guy she was sent to find. She heads towards the house and carefully finds a way inside the house. She could feel the weird energies inside the house. As she looks around the house, she could feel a bunch of people gathered in one room.

Luna looks for a way inside the room. She finds that there was a small gap under the door she could crawl under. She lands on the floor and crawls under the door and stands up. She could feel wolves, two fey and another strangeness she has never felt before. She moves quietly, so as not to draw any of these wolves and fey attention.

Jolha Daybirth was leaning against the wall listening to the conversation going on between Bryan and Job. Something catches his attention.
He watches the area that caught his attention and spots a little blue light flying low to the floor. He watches it as it flies around and then stops.

Job spots Jolha looking in a certain direction and looks as well. Erin was listening to what her husband and Bryan were going over when she notices her husband attention diverted. She looks over towards the area of the room that he was looking at.

~” What are we looking at?” ~ Erin’s curiosity peeked.

~” I think it’s a pixie.” ~ Job couldn’t get a good look at it but could sense it.

~” Let me talk to it.” ~ Jolha moves quietly over towards Luna’s position.

Luna was still puzzled by the female with neon blue hair. She could feel the energy inside her body. It was like she was a walking battery of supernatural energy. She also senses the person had a child growing inside of them.

Luna didn’t see the person she was sent to find approaching her position. She was too intrigued by the neon hair woman.

“Greeting little sister. I mean you no harm.” Jolha had moved silently over towards where Luna was and kneeled to talk with her.

Luna was startled when she heard Jolha speak to her in their native language. She looks at the dark elf she had been sent to find as he knelt in front of her.

“Are you lost, little sister?” Jolha watches as Luna just hovered where she was.

“No, I’m not lost.” Luna wonders should she tell him that she was sent to find him.

“Than, why are you here little sister and are there more of your kind around?” This was the first time in a hundred years that he has seen a pixie. He thought all of them had been killed or were in hiding.

“I was sent to find you.” A smile appears on Luna’s tiny face when she looks at him.

“Oh? Why were you sent to look for me?” Jolha was curious now. He wonders why a pixie would be looking for him.

Erin kneels beside her chair and was watching. This was something new to her and her curiosity got the best of her.

Luna nods her head yes. Trinity had sent her to find Jolha.

“Why were you looking for me?” Jolha was curious at this development.

“I was just asked to find you.” Luna flies over to him, so she was hovering right in front of his face.

“Who sent you?” Jolha was getting a good look at Luna. She looked like something from Walt Disney.

“My friend Trinity. She said it was important I found you.” Trinity hadn’t told her why.

“Can you take me to your friend?” Jolha wanted to meet this Trinity person.

Luna looks at him and then the neon hair lady that was watching them. She spotted the other dark elf, who happened to be female standing near them.

“Only you and the bright hair one can come.” Luna points towards Erin as she flies over towards her and then lands on the table where she was sitting.

Job looks down at the three-inch-tall pixie as she stood on the table. She was wearing a cute little dress blue dress. He couldn’t believe that pixies actually exist. He has never seen one in his extremely long life.

Erin stands up and looks at the pixie. She was still getting used to the fact that everything she thought was story tales, was true. She used to love chasing down and proving the supernatural was real, but now she couldn’t.

“What is your name, little one?” Erin was surprised she could understand her.

“Luna.” She was surprised the bright blue haired one could understand her.

Jolha had stood up and with Lento by his side. The two of them had walked over to look at the pixie.

Lento leans close to Jolha and whispers “why is she here?”

“She said her friend Trinity sent her to find me.” Jolha was curious who this person was.

“You know Job wants me and two enforcers to follow you.” Lento received the mental command from Job.

“That’s fine.” Jolha looks over towards Erin.

“Are you ready, Alpha?”

Erin looks at Job “I’ll be fine.” She gives him a kiss and walks over towards Jolha.

Luna flies in front of Jolha and Erin and leads them back to the RV. As Jolha and Erin are following Luna.

“I should have put my suit on.” Erin was keeping up with Jolha as Luna leads them to the RV.

Jolha knew Lento and two wolves from Job’s pack was following them. Bryan had been curious as well and had assumed his wolf form to follow Erin and Jolha.

As they approached the RV Mr. Blackstone and the team were using. Leetha steps out of the shadows with her sword drawn and was pointing it at the two following Luna.

“Luna, why did you lead these people here?” Leetha was watching the two in front of her and could hear more behind them.

Mr. Blackstone and crew stick their heads out of the Rv. Trinity and Mr. Blackstone come walking up to Leetha. Cleo, Joanna, Henry, and Joseph had grabbed their camera’s and wanted to see what Luna had brought back.

When they stepped outside. They noticed a normal human male standing with a short woman with bright neon blue hair wearing a nice blouse and blue jeans. Mr. Blackstone looks at Luna with a look a father would give a child.

“You can remove the glamour fellow and tell your friends to come out of the woods.” Leetha looks directly at Jolha and felt a tingling sensation in her body.

Jolha looks at the long hair female standing before them with a medallion around her neck and a sword in her slender hand. She had a glamour spell to hide what she looked like. It was a pretty good one because he couldn’t see past it. He felt the tingling sensation and could see a glow surrounding her body.

“Ah, shit.” Leetha knew the man she had her sword pointed at was her mate. She could feel the sensation her kind got when they encountered their mate.

Erin felt she better defused the situation before people started killing each other. She steps forward, away from Jolha.

“Who’s in charge here?” Erin looked at everyone to see who would step forward.

“I am, ma’am. Andre Blackstone, owner of Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency.” Mr. Blackstone looks at the short blue hair lady. He notices out of the corner of his eyes, several wolves stepping out and over towards her.

Erin knew right away who Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency was. She used to read articles posted by them about paranormal research. They were the ones that inspired her to build her suit to do paranormal research.

“Mr. Blackstone, I’m Erin McCoy and I would like to welcome you to Denton, N.C. Unfortunately, it seemed your friend Luna came looking for one of my employees. Mr. Daybirth.” Erin couldn’t tell Mr. Blackstone that Jolha was one of her enforcers.

“Actually, Mr. Blackstone and Mrs. McCoy. I sent Luna to find Mr. Daybirth. He is the mate of one of our people.” Trinity comes walking towards them. She didn’t bother to hide what she was either.

Mr. Blackstone and Erin look at the short elf woman that had come forward to stand beside Mr. Blackstone. Trinity knew it was important that the agency and this pack met. It was important for them and the one visiting them to meet.

“What is it, Trinity?” Mr. Blackstone recognizes the blank expression Trinity gets when a vision comes to her.

“It’s important that the agency and the pack that Mrs. McCoy is the Alpha of met. That includes the visitor she currently has as well.” Trinity looks directly at the sandy blonde looking wolf.

Bryan assumes human form as clothes appear on him.

He looks at the small Elven girl “you’re saying it’s important the three of us meet and talk?”

Trinity looks at him “yes sir, it’s important that you meet and talk with Mr. Blackstone and his research team.”

Bryan looks at Erin “I think we should discuss this back on your ranch.”

“I think that might be a good idea. My husband should be involved in this.” Erin looks at Mr. Blackstone “I invite you and your people to our ranch, but there are certain rules you must follow while you are there.”

“Thank you for your offer, but it might be best that we limit.” Mr. Blackstone was about to finish his sentence when Leetha speaks up.

“Andre, I think it might be best if we accept their offer.” Leetha was looking at the others as they stood around taking pictures and using their devices. They were lucky there weren’t any other campers nearby.

Mr. Blackstone looks at everyone and understood what Leetha was suggesting “very well, it would be an honor to stay with you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Blackstone.” Leetha places a kiss on his cheek.

Everyone loads up on the Rv and heads over towards the ranch. Erin was trying to figure out how to explain this to her husband. She knew that Leetha and Jolha had chosen to walk back to the ranch, so they could talk.

Luna, Trinity, Lento, and the Princess were talking in their strange language. The researchers were asking Bryan and the other wolves that came with her questions about their ability to change form.

Mr. Blackstone looks over towards Erin as she watched everything going on. The past two hundred years, he has tried to stay out of the supernatural business, now it seems he is being drawn into it. Soon, the council will learn his secret as well as his people.

He knew this day would come, but he hoped it wouldn’t.

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