Obeying the law

I'm having a blockage with my new series "Interesting Times" so I thought I would bring out this little snippet to get something posted. Oh yes, I will also have a new chapter of "A Second Chance" done before the middle of the month: Dawn.

Obeying the Law

Lianne Cowper headed back into the North Carolina Statehouse along with her aide, Kerri Stanger. They had just returned from a broadcast at the Christian television network that had gone extremely well, with Lianne getting much credit for pushing through the legislation that had gotten those disgusting trans individual banned from using women's restrooms.

In the lobby, Lianne looked at the house, which would soon resume sitting. It might be a while before there would be a break, so she decided to make a detour to the ladies room just to her left. There was a guard standing out front: no doubt to make sure no cross-dressing males would try to enter and cause a scene. They liked doing that.

"I have to pop in here," Lianne said. Kerri would be able to visit the facilities after the session started. "Take my case to my desk, and get things set up for me." The young girl, who idolized Lianne, eagerly went off on her mission.

Lianne smiled at the guard and went into the facilities. And froze immediately. There were four men in there. Three were chatting and the other seemed to be in a stall: doing his business standing up!

"What are you doing in here," the state legislator said. "This is the women's facility. You are men."

"Thank you for noticing," one man with a scruffy beard and a deep voice said. "But some fools in the legislature passed a law, and now we are banned from the men's room. We have to use this place. You see, we are marked as females on our birth certificates, and the new law says we are no longer allowed into men's facilities."

"That was not the intention of the law," Lianne said, nearly screeching. "It was to keep trans people out of our restrooms, not force them into it."

"Seems someone forgot that there were two types of trans people," another man said. "Do you think they might put some urinals in here. We tend to splatter a bit when we go standing up."

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