Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments – 6 Gaining Experience

Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments – 6
Gaining Experience

By Jessica C

Elliot broke the Rose colored glass ceiling…
He’d been an ordinary research and finance person…
He’s to be the first male Associate…
He’s the Man of this company who made it
And things are now different.

The acceptance and support I’m receiving help me to see the importance of seeing my women clients for who they are. Previously, I often took a superior position of knowing better. Likewise, I had been resenting my feminine side as one of embracing weakness. Guilt and hurt were fading away as I cuddled Maria in my lap. Maria is my client’s youngest girl.

I kissed Maria’s forehead as my eyes became watery. There was a flash; I looked over to Sophia to see she had taken a picture. “As Mom would often say, ‘A penny for your thoughts.’”

Elle calmly spoke, “You would think it’s silly.”

Marjorie speaks, “I suspect both of us would see it as tender and beautiful.”

“I guess, maybe you would.” I opened myself up and told them. “I had seen this side of me as weakness. With Maria in my lap and the support you have shown to me’ it is like pieces of a puzzle are falling into their proper place. I only wish Bonnie were here to enjoy this moment.”

Sofia says, “It sounds like she has been supportive of this side of you? I would say you’re a blessed person if you have a special friend like that. I don’t think that usually happens. I think we’re eager to find out if you’re as good with investments.”

Sofia realizes that Joslin is also becoming drowsy and asks, “Would you mind helping me to get the girls to bed.” I stood up with Maria in my arms and Sofia’s guiding her older daughter. Once we’re in a room with two small beds, she has Joslin lay down and takes Maria from me. “Please sit and talk with me as I get the girls in their sleepwear.” I thought she’d have a nanny; she tells me, “There are some at my place that will help me and take care of them during the day. I try always to take some time during the day to be with them. But first in the morning and come evening it’s my delight to be Mom.” She tells me of a time a potential customer belittled her for allowing a daughter to come into her office.

The woman told her, “I don’t know if I can do business with you in an atmosphere like this.” Seemingly the woman was about Sophia’s age and also had two children.

Sophia told her, “I understand, but if and when you understand, please come back. We do have the quality of the products you’re looking for. Feel free to bring one of your children if you ever become comfortable with that.” Sophia said, “Marilyn has come back and we’ve become very good friends. She also seems happier.”


When Sophia and her mom decided it was time to turn in; Sophia gave me a small mirror. “You might want to do a little vagina gazing. If so, this will help.”

I couldn’t help but smile and quietly went to my room.

There I prepared for bed and thought of what Sofia suggested. Getting the mirror I set myself against the headboard and began gazing. Soon I was lost in thought as a woman. I began to yearn that I could truly look like the woman I am. When my hands rubbed the sides of my legs, there was a sensual sensation. I had not experienced it, except with Bonnie’s attention.

Trying to go to sleep I was restless with feelings and thoughts overwhelming me. I was tired but couldn’t sleep. I thought I was reasonably quiet until I heard a whisper at the door.

When I responded; she cracked opened the door handing me a swimsuit. “Try this and I’ll meet you at the pool.”

Shortly afterward we began swimming, Sophia asked: “Are you worried about your presentation tomorrow or too much from today?” Sophia was like a sister with a wisdom of her own. It was sure she wanted to be there for me.

Once out of the pool, she had me rinse my hair, then gave me shampoo and I was soon rinsing and patting out my hair. She brushed it out and gave me a hair net. “If I wrecked your hairdo with my idea we’ll have a beautician come here to redo it.”


Needless to say, I fell peacefully asleep and wasn’t awakened until 7:30. Which was 6:30 a.m. where I lived.

Ms. Marjorie Lourdes had gone to work at 7:30 as she’s a morning person. Sophia’s girls had breakfast with me. Sophia drove me to Sophia’s Earth Oils and then went onto her company. Jennifer Woods, a VP, gave me a tour of the plant, the research and we ended up with the administrative offices.

I was now grateful for all the research I had done as it would help me this morning. Come 10:30 I was introduced to others at the end of their meeting. Ms. Lourdes handed me a cup of coffee as she was asking if I wanted it. I was certain she knew it was important to my morning start.

I began, Eoliche Euro Incorporazione an Italian wind energy company that is successfully making its way into the wider European market. Maria Bertella leads a group of women engineers and business women. I think it would be a good investment personally for you and even for your company to strengthen your own positions.

Jennifer Woods has told me about some new research you, she and others were doing. It was actually more into the general field of medicine relating to some major illness. She told me their big question was: 1) do they develop these new health products or 2) sell it for others to develop. Marjorie seemingly did not trust some of those who would potentially be interested in it. These products use in developing and third world countries meant too much to trust the not so caring nature of some medical and pharmaceutical companies. She said, “Even the merchandising in America could easily get out of control in unscrupulous hands.”

It was after 11:00 when Marjory Lourdes was open to meeting with me about her personal investments. I present the other investments that I research and would meet her general investment criteria. American Fashion Network, JESS Apparel operated under the auspices of Jaqueline Wilson. Craig Technologies, Inc. in Florida, operated by CEO Carol Craig. She is both technologically savvy as well as having a great business mind. Eoliche Euro Incorporazione an Italian wind energy company led by C.O.E. Maria Bertella who leads a group of women engineers and businesswomen as majority owners. And then there were CompuMed Appliances in the Midwest that I verified its status just Monday noon. Rebecca Nomes and associates were based out of Dubuque, Iowa. It was established twelve years ago when Rebecca manufactured her own device for her daughter to recover from debilitating injuries. The focus has been to aid a person’s ongoing recovery or development of skills or abilities beyond initial recovery.

We began meeting over lunch and continued until 1:30 p.m. Marjorie visited with Maria Bertella and members there via an international hooked up at 3:00 p.m. our time and 11:00 p.m. their time. But it was more than worth it as Marjorie was not wanting to make $150,000 investment, but a three million dollar investment that Bertella’s group could leverage by a multiplying factor of ten or better.

CompuMed Appliances was seeking an investment of $250-300,000. Ms. Lourdes sought to become a major investor with them with annual investments of $200,000 each over the next three years. There were safety clauses built in for both concerns. They were not there for problems either had with the other, just good business practices.

Marjorie’s last choice was American Fashion Network, JESS Apparel. She deemed that it was a good investment in a sector that she was not highly invested in. Thus it would bring a needed balance to her portfolio.

She did suggest I suggest Craig Technologies to Sofia. We wrapped up our work, formalizing things before we headed back to her estate at 6:00 p.m. I did not expect as she requested that we dress up and go celebrate yet tonight. New York City has a nighttime mentality that was new to me.

Sofia would be with us while her children were taken care of at their home. We traveled by helicopter into Manhattan. Running in 3” heels while covering my hair in and out of the helicopter was a new experience. The celebration venue was a small private club. The band is an up and coming band having major success with hits and downloads via the larger web.

The singer Carly came over after hearing I was celebrating tonight. The fact that Elle works with women in investing struck her interests. Before going back to sing one more set of songs, she gave me a hug and air kiss. Others asked aloud, what was special with me that got me extra attention. I was flattered with others noticing me as well as Carly. Sofia and I were near the front of those up on their feet near the band. Someone asked us as a group to dance for the cameras as Carly’s group was singing over an internet hookup. Sofia tugged me to dance as her partner. We enjoyed playing off of one another. The more excited and involved in the dancing, I enjoyed it.

All this was new to me and added to my experience. It was 2:00 a.m., we helped to close the club. The helicopter lifting off its flight deck for the flight back was a spectacle I never expected to see.

It was an emotionally draining day as I dragged myself off the ‘copter and we made our way to the house. I was planning to fall into bed and take care of things in the morning. Sofia said, “I’d have Annabelle help you get ready for bed if I didn’t think it would freak-out the two of you.” Against my protest, I had a 27-year-old, millionaire helping me.

I bemoaned what it was probably doing to my future in having her as an investment client. I should have known better than that Sophia was not looking at it as a negative occurrence.

I didn’t remember taking a shower nor getting into my sleep lingerie. Come morning Sophia was amused, “You handled yourself very lady-like last night. Who taught you how to take care of your makeup and skin like that?”

I asked, “Who helped me as I don’t remember anything?”

Sophia gave a light giggle, “I asked Annabelle to help you, but she said you refused her help. I went in to ask why and ended up talking to you as you took care of yourself. Once you did call me Bonnie. Is that who taught you. You should still take a shower before breakfast and then you help me finalize my investments.”

“I think I have you to thank for that. I don’t remember much after getting back here.”

“You’re welcome. After breakfast here, I’d like for us to go to my place. My girls won’t interrupt us, but I would like to be near them. And when we take breaks I can see them. Maybe we can walk outside with them in the garden or arboretum.”

Elliot said, “I would enjoy that.” But it was Elle, not Elliot speaking. Elliot knew he wasn’t two people, but for so long it was as Elliot that he was visible. Sophia was stereotypically thinking of Elle as the one who would enjoy relating to her daughters.

Elle went to grab her computer and investment information for Sophia. Sophia said, “Why don’t you bring everything over to my house and stay with us a night or two.” It was a hassle to repack everything as Elle. I thought twice about staying overnight with a young woman even though her husband was said to be coming home.

“Oh, I didn’t mean you had too,” said Sophia.

“I wasn’t sure; I would be happy too if you don’t think it’s inappropriate. I have two nieces and a nephew that I enjoy taking time with.”

The first investment I mentioned was the Brazilian women’s coffee coop, They were seeking to take over 350 acres of coffee groves as well as to establish their own wholesale distribution center in New Jersey between the markets of New York City and Philadelphia. I suggested a sight north of Philadelphia inside of Pennsylvania. There were plenty of incentives to the location.

Sophia did well with the visual hookup that I arranged with Rafaela and Louisa in their providence. Rafaela was appreciative of the new site for their wholesale business. She also mentioned beginning two retail businesses. Louisa had thoughts of coming to New York to have oversight of them.

I was surprised when Sophia spoke saying she’d be willing to partner with them if one was in Manhattan and the other out on Long Island within 30-40 miles of her home. While the partnership would allow for another two retail cafes, it was agreed they wouldn’t be for at least a year after the first two were established and proved successful.

I watch the three women visit and noted many details of their unfolding agreement. I had an agreement for investing in the Brazilian Women’s Coop. Sophia was adamant that the agreement and purchase of the coffee grove could not in any way intrude to rainforest land.

Rafaela’s reply was, “You send me $25,000 and we will match it for reestablishing the rainforest by taking some land out of production. It will be attached to an existing rainforest. I think that is best. You can come and see some great changes in your lifetime.” Seemingly Rafaela knew about the interest some American about Sophia’s age and background. “We have no land taken from the rainforest, and we’re even more interested in reestablishing land taken out of it.”

I had kept and written the details of their agreements. I already had a formal agreement ready to sign on the initial investment. I was utilizing Dottie, my assistant, to formalize the ongoing agreements. They would be good enough to establish the basis for the expanding investment and working agreement. What I originally thought would be a quarter of million in investments was now be a 1.3 million dollar investment in their Brazilian Coop. A half a million dollars more would be invested in the U.S. based coop to establish wholesale and retail trade. Both Sophia and the Brazilian women were leaning heavy upon me to work out the agreement.

Neither wanted the possible failure of liability of the latter to be able to become a liability for the original Coop or for Sophia or her corporation. Donna Clayton, Sophia’s lawyer would write out her versions of such agreements. Clayton and Clayton of the Hamptons is a viable and long-established Long Island firm. I would have actually been happy with them doing much more of the paperwork. My responsibility was to assure everyone that the contract was in fact what was agreed upon.

It would take a month because my boss Jennifer Atwood and I did differ with Donna Clayton’s version and stuck with our documents until it was straightened out.

Craig Technologies, Inc. was not as exciting to Sophia, but the investment would broaden her investment. It would be part of liquidating a previous investment that had passed its days. We sold an investment that was now becoming a liability for one that is solid with a good future. If it does as I expect Sophia’s investment in Craig Technologies would have the possibility within five years of tripling the investment along with giving 10% growth dividends during that time.

CEO Carole Craig had again done well in her presentation and in fielding Sophia’s questions. The funds coming out of the investment she was selling off were over a hundred thousand dollars above what Ms. Lourdes had planned to invest. That last hundred thousand though made Sophia the second biggest investor only behind Carole herself. She invested the full amount just over $400,000.


That done, I had held Maria at lunchtime and now late afternoon; I relaxed cuddling Maria. She had been outside much of the morning or inside swimming. She was exhausted, but very talkative while in my arms.

Sophia was off with Joslin to get Edwardo Anders-Lourdes flying into the airport. A rested Maria and I would join them at a nice restaurant along the ocean coast around 8:00 p.m.

I could tell Edward as he preferred to be called was amused to see the Elle Sanders version of the person he expected Sophia to be working with. He complimented me, “Do you know how hard it is to get Sophia to move on with her old and new investments?”

Sophia spoke up, “She did well in her presentation. I could see vivid stories unfolding in the investments. I could see myself walking in the middle of the Brazilian women walking over the coffee filled hills. I invested in their women’s story of women becoming stronger. I will even be giving to help re-establishing part of the rainforest.”

After ordering our food, Sophia and I made use of the women’s restroom. My blouse was misshaped by Maria’s hands. I had not felt them get in and under my blouse. Needless to say, my breast forms did no help in alerting me.

It was nice to see that my presence, enabled the Lourdes to dance as well as relax. A man they knew, came over to our table when they returned from dancing. “Sophie would you mind if I asked your friend for a dance or two.”

Knowing she kind of set me up. She replied, “By all means take her for a couple of dances. She should be rewarded for all she had done this week.” Joslin echoed their Mom’s insistence.

“Elle, Robert is an old friend and a high spirited gentleman. When you dance with him, do not give him a free rein or you might be sorry.” My hand was already in his as I was standing to go dance. My head was saying ‘no’ all the while I made my way to the dance floor, by the second dance I had relaxed.

I had smelled his cologne before but never with the person I was dancing with. I can’t say it felt bad, but I am glad to be flying out tomorrow. Seeing Bonnie and having things return to normal would be great.


Come morning and a good night's sleep I felt good for my flight back. The trip had been successful beyond what I could have hoped for. Seeing Bonnie and being able to relax as Elliot filled most of my thinking. I had help in packing, getting instructions on how to fold or hang my clothes.

It was Janice Cooper, Marjorie’s Administrative Assistant who escorted me to the airport and makes sure I am in the correct line. Then she received a call and had been called away.

I am plenty early, but I have been in the ticket line twenty minutes when I hear a call of my name to report to the ‘luggage area’. I meander back through the maze to leave the line. There were a few unhappy campers grumbling as I made my way out.

I did not use to finding the luggage area from the ticket line. Security stopped me and had me take a route that was narrow and poorly marked. Security quizzed me twice why I needed to go to luggage. They’re not happy that I don’t know. Someone would take me most of the way but finally, I was left on my own.

Once there, I see Dana waving to me. She is standing with someone’s luggage. My phone rings and it is Bonnie, “Look closer in front of you. You looked at me but must not have recognized or expected to see me.”

I said, “Why should I be looking for you. I’m still in New York City.”

Bonnie soon appears right in front of me, ready to hug me. “Because I came to see you. The Lourdes want us to share the weekend with them.”

We hug and kiss and then make our way back to Bonnie’s suitcases. Ms. Dana has an envelope with room keys to the St Regis Hotel in Manhattan for two nights. There is a paper with instruction to quickly go register at the hotel, buy dresses for an evening out on the town tonight and make it to salon appointments come 3:30 p.m.

I’m talking to myself, “How am I to pay for all this.” Bonnie answers, “Your Aunt said, you made more than enough to pay for it. She also said, "You can write some to it off as a business expense.”

We get to the Regis and the desk is holding our reservation and getting a bell boy to take our luggage. They ask, “Ms. Elle Sanders have you and your friend ever stayed with us before.” I’m wondering if we’re to be questioned. Constance the Manager personally welcomes us. “You chose a nice suite with plenty of amenities. Please feel free to use them and call if we can be of any added assistance. Ms. Marjorie Lourdes thinks well of you and requests we treat you especially well.” Constance at the Regis had suggested two women’s stores neither inexpensive.

We get hot dogs from a street vendor and think it is a treat. We used up a lot of time at one store and there was too much to choose from and the price shock froze me. The second place was FreePeople; it was anything but free. Bonnie said we previously wasted time and needed to enjoy ourselves and pay what we needed to get what we wanted. The red mini dress has long sleeves and open front scared me but it is beautiful and will be fun to wear. It should be at $240. Bonnie’s Briella mini is a pastel blue and is attractive and we will complement each other.

When we return to the Regis, Constance meets us asking if she can see our dresses. We’re ready to go up to our room when she asks if we have silk stockings or have ever worn them. Bonnie has worn them but neither of us has any with us. Constance asks, “Would it be okay if I have a couple of pairs sent up for each of you?”

We agreed and later Bonnie is answering our door as I’m getting out of the shower. The stockings in New York City would have been pricy anyway but now through the hotel, they’re at premium costs. Seventy-five a pair, we were to select only one pair, but nothing opened could be returned.

Unfortunately, the shade of the first is wrong for my dress. My ankle boots with the narrow heel will work nicely with the second pair stockings and my outfit.

To be continued…

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