Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it


Adrien, a twenty-nine year old male, was a healthy specimen but was for all intents and purposes, ordinary. With exception of inheriting the house he lived in from his late grandparents he would blend in with the rest of the populace. He exorcised regularly to keep in shape, while he drank occasionally it was never to in the excess so aside from his first foray into consuming alcohol he never had a hang over. He was a perfectly ordinary guy.

So when Adrien woke up that morning and got out of bed he was surprised when he felt something drop out from his boxers. Still somewhat half-asleep he turned to see what had fallen to the floor. What he saw caused him to fully wake up with such a start that he fell back several steps tripping over something causing him to fall on his ass. Breathing hard he stared at the object. With objection in his mind he shoved his hand down the front of his underwear to confirm this impossibility. This action only confirmed the impossible. There, sitting on the floor several feet detached and away from him was his penis and testicles.

Refusing to look down at the absence where his member originally sat he ran to the kitchen and grabbed a freezer bag and filled it with ice. He then ran back to his room and scooped up his detached member and placed it in the bag and zipped it up. He gave the bag a couple quick shakes to ensure his member was completely covered. He almost left the room, and house, in just his underwear but spared enough time to pull on a pair of sweat pants and a grey t-shirt. Foregoing socks he got his shoes on in record time and was out the door and in his car. A passing thought of whether or not he remembered to lock the house door before he left flitted through his mind before being dismissed as he drove off.

After running several red lights and cutting off several other vehicles he made it to the hospital. He quickly got inside and made his way to a nurse sitting behind a large desk

Adrien leaned over and whispered, "I need help! My penis fell off," he told her.

She looked up at him with a confused look, "I'm sorry? I didn't quite hear that," she responded.

Angered, Adrien held up the bag with his member and shook it in her face before placing it in front of her, "My penis fell off!" he yelled.

The nursed eyes almost seemed to bulged as she stared at the bag for ten whole seconds. When she snapped out of it she quickly called for both doctors and security for the emergency. Adrien was quickly ushered under escort further into the hospital where he was examined in a room. The doctors examined his crotch, Adrien turning to the side refusing to look at what must be pretty gory. On the initial examination of his crotch both had fallen silent which made Adrien worry about how bad the damage was. After a few minutes the doctors gave his member an examination. A few minutes more of quiet examination they both excused themselves saying they would be back soon. And they were gone before Adrien could ask about how they were going to treat his injury.

"Soon" turned out to be forty-seven minutes. Adrien knew this because he kept looking up at the clock on the wall watching each minute tick by. Adrien was debating on whether or not to go look for a doctor when, at long last, another doctor stepped in and closed the door.

"Good morning Adrien," he greeted as he placed the bag holding Adrien's member on a table beside the examining bed. "We have found out what has happened to you," he told him.

"Am I going to die?" Adrien asked shakily, giving the bag a side-long glance.

"No," the doctor answered. "But, to confirm this, I will need to ask you some questions you'll find embarrassing," he started.

Adrien nodded his head wanting this to be over.

The doctor continued as he opened a clip board, "How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-nine years old," Adrien answered.

The doctor marked it down, "Have you ever had a sexual encounter? With the opposite or same sex?"

"No, I'm straight," Adrien replied quickly.

"So you've had sex with some woman?" the doctor asked.

Adrien shifted in his seat. He honestly debated lying to the doctor but decided against it if only to get himself whole again, "No, I never had any sex," he answered with a blush.

The doctor noted his answer before looking up at Adrien in the eyes before speaking, "Have you ever masturbated? In any frequency?"

"NO!" Adrien said a little too quickly before looking down, suddenly turning to the side not wanting to look at his crotch as he was sure it was still a mess. "I mean, I've never saw a reason to. I always thought I'd have it after I married that special some one." he blushed again at admitting to such a childish desire.

"So, you have never ejaculated? Not even after waking from a wet dream?" the doctor asked.

Adrien squirmed as these questions were getting a little too personal but still answered, "I've never had a wet dream. I've had boners on occasion, who hasn't? I just never felt the need to 'jerk off'"

The doctor noted Adrien's response and looked over what he'd written down as well as something else on the clipboard. "One final question Adrien, have you been drinking a lot of milk or other foods or drinks high in calcium?"

Adrien stopped. Now that he thought about it, he had been drinking a lot of milk and told him accordingly.

The doctor wrote it down before closing the clipboard, "Adrien, I'm afraid that this have confirmed my speculation. I'll have to diagnose you with 'Aphrodite's syndrome'"

Adrien gulped, "What's that? An I going to die?"

The doctor waved him off, "No no, it's not life threatening in the physiological sense. In the past, society would have made your life very difficult, if not dangerous, to live in. But, in this day in age, you should have a much easier time. Aphrodite's syndrome is an incredably rare affliction as it requires a very specific circumstance to happen. It's so rare in fact that, including you, there have been only eleven recorded cases of this affliction," he explained.

"Just tell me what's happened to me and why my penis fell off!" Adrien shouted.

The doctor paused for a moment before giving a sigh, "Because you haven't engaged in any sexual activity, voluntary or otherwise, your body has spontaneously ejected your... male equipment after growing the female equivalent. The reason you've been consuming so much calcium rich foods and drink is because your body was using that to calcify your male reproductive equipment so that it can be dislodged from your body."

"What does that mean?" Adrien argued.

The doctor pursed his lips before answering, "You now have a fully functioning woman's vagina where your penis used to sit. Surely you must have noticed that we haven't done anything to close the wound you think you have down there. If you doubt me then look for yourself."

With that, and a lot of trepidation, Adrien slowly pulled his pants and boxers out so he could see. His heart caught in his throat as he stared. Just as the doctor stated. There wasn't any blood or gore that he thought should be there. Just an ordinary healthy looking vaginal. He gulped as he gingerly touched the lips actually feeling his fingers separating them slightly. He pulled his fingers away suddenly as if they were in a fire and let go of his pants and underwear feeling them snap back into place. "Can you put it back on?" he asked. not wanting specify what.

The doctor shook his head, "I'm afraid that's not possible. As I said, your penis and testicles have calcified. They literally can be called stone now. There is no soft tissue or arteries or nerves to attach anymore."

What the doctor said had hit him like a brick. He had lost the use of his cock and balls and would never have them again. Or at least feel them attached as they should be. While he was thinking about the ramifications the doctor had written something down and handed it to him. They were emails to psychologist that he said would help him in this adjustment. With that, he got up, picked up the bag that held the solid remains of his member and left the hospital.

After a long dreary drive back home he finally arrived back home. On entering the door he fell listlessly against the door before in a fit of rage he threw the bag away from himself feeling he was betrayed by the displaced body part. The bag landed softly on the couch without incident but Adrien hardly cared and went off walking aimlessly through his house swearing and shouting until his voice was hoarse hours later. He'd growl, he'd make threatening jerking motions with his hands and arms. He spent an hour taking out his frustrations by repeatedly hitting the bed and pillows. He alternated between rage and freak-outs up until just after one the next morning where he finally burned out emotionally.

No longer able to feel anything but still wired he went onto the computer to research what he now had. It took a bit to find the entry and pretty much what the doctor had told him was the same that was written in the entry. It was an affliction that only affected men. There were theories that it was a throw-back from early early man as a method to ensure the continued survival of the species like some clam shellfish. When there was too many men in the group, some would spontaneously grow a vagina to continue the species. The last recorded person that was afflicted with Aphrodite's syndrome was a British soldier who was examined during the first world war. Apparently, the reason it was so rare was because all it would take to avoid suffering Aphrodite's syndrome was to ejaculate once through sex or just whacking off. Adrien would have scoffed at this if he didn't still feel emotionally drained. Even then, the evidence was right there in his lap. There was some other stuff about his affliction but he lost interest.

He pushed himself away from the computer and wandered to his bedroom where he sat down on the edge of his bed. He then looked down at his crotch as he opened his legs wide. He closed his legs and pulled his pants and underwear off and opened his legs again as he stared down at his new anatomy. With curious fingers he gently touched the soft folds. This time he didn't shy away and gently pushed in. He breathed in sharply as two fingers made there way into himself and held his fingers there a moment. A finger twitched sending a pleasant feeling up from his groin. He exhaled slowly as he just as slowly pulled his fingers back out. He never bothered playing with himself back when he still had a dick. He never felt the need to, but now...

He placed two fingers over his new opening and started to gently rub up and down the opening. It didn't take long for his fingers became slick and he entered himself again. He swished his fingers around in himself as he entered and exited himself in a gentle rhythmic fashion. He grunted as he felt what was like a tide rising and ebbing back from his new vagina but kept his slow pace. The tide was getting bigger as he continued. Until finally the tide broke and his entire lower half felt like it turned to jelly as pleasure radiated up through him from his new organ. The tide of pleasure stayed with him for the longest time and he didn't realise it receding as it left him almost imperceptibly slowly. He would later learn this was called an afterglow.

He wondered how he was able to keep himself from playing with himself all these years. Idly he wondered if cumming felt the same with a dick, "I guess I'll never know now," he mused to himself as he went at himself again. A half hour later he came again reveling in the raw pleasure. He was now drunk in the pleasure he gave himself. He groaned wanting to feel more and his sopping wet vagina seemed to agree as he felt it spasm at the thought. His mind wondered until a thought occurred to him.

He slowly got up on wobbly legs and made his way to the living room and was pleased to see the freezer bag was right where he had thrown it. He picked up the bag and carried it to the kitchen. The ice had long since turned to water and sloshed about in the bag where he then dumped it out into the sink. He pulled his petrified member out and looked at it. He could recognise it as his since he had seen it whenever he happened to see it whether when he was in the shower or changing clothes. It seemed to have been frozened while it was fully erect. At eight and a half inches in length it seemed laughably impossible that he had somehow lived celibate up till now.

"Let's brake that record," Adrien said to himself as he washed the dislodged member in the sink letting the warm water wash over it. Not bothering to dry it he ran back to the bedroom moving further up to avoid the wet spot he left earlier. His libido was on fire as he laid back and held his solid member between his legs pointing it in the opposite direction, in instead of out. He rubbed the end against himself and slowly pushed it in aided by the slick juices his vagina was still producing in large supply.

He wasn't ignorant and expected to feel some level of pain as he popped his cherry for the first time. He was surprised that there wasn't any pain as he slowly pushed his former member up inside himself. He gasped as he felt so full and grunted as he pulled it out before slowly pushing it back in. The stone testicles seemed to provide a great handhold. Again, just like with his fingers, he kept his slow pace only increasing slightly when he managed to hit that magic button he would later discover as his 'G-spot'. When he finally came once more his legs snapped shut as he pushed his old member as deep in himself as he could as he curled up on his side gasping.

Long after, when the afterglow finally left him, he quietly mused to himself as he slowly withdrew his old member from himself, "I'm going to have a lot of fun making up for lost time."


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