Branded Chapter 4

Branded Chapter 4

Author's note: Sorry for the wait, and how short this is.


The next morning started with “normal” classes, but I learned something beyond what my teachers were talking about:

Despite the fact that Vendetta had little time for such concerns, I had figured out some time ago that I was no longer attracted to boys, but I did have an attraction to girls. But now, it was different. Even though I was surrounded by incredibly beautiful girls, many of them exemplars and some with attraction or seduction powers, I didnt have the same attraction I felt for Faith.

For me, nobody else could come close.

The second half of my day was for power related classes. Here, I wasnt as far behind, thanks to Vendetta, but still there were things for me to learn, like how to use the hammer I had received. I soon discovered that the hammer had a kind of affinity to shielding spells - I could cast one with the hammer and it would be stronger and last longer than I could without it.

Then came my class in Avatars.

My teacher regarded me as something of an anomaly. Not that I had been possessed, but that I had been freed without permanent damage being done to my own soul.

Plus there was the issue of my hollow, the place where Vendetta had been. Having my hollow be ... well, hollow, I should be like someone ringing a dinner bell and saying “come and get it” to every spirit for miles, but so far, I have not been visited.

It was a mystery I resolved to find the answer to before I got some spirit as bad as Vendetta.

Or maybe even worse.

So that afternoon, once my classes were done, I went to Faith, and suggested that her dreamspace companions could help me. She agreed, and we were soon in the dreamworld.

Once we were there, we consulted with the Book and were told that there was a spirit I could call on to fill my hollow, and protect me from ever being possessed again.

The spirit’s name was Tukas, and he had once been a defender of the People of the Book, using his giant hammer to protect them.

I thought about the hammer I had recently acquired, and I realized this was no coincidence. Regardless, this seemed like the very best idea, so we used the Book to summon Tukas, and got him to agree to fill my hollow.

As he and I got to know each other, I found him to be a charming, if almost overwhelming personality. He told me he had been a “live for the moment” person, until he fell in love with a girl belonging to the People of the Book, and for her sake he thereafter used his strength on the People’s behalf.

Our conversation left me feeling relieved that he was nothing like Vendetta, and I would be safe with him.

However the feeling that this had been ... arrainged ... remained, and I wondered by whom,, and for what purpose ...

So after classes, I went to speak to my magic teacher about it, and she said “I’ve scanned you, as you requested. There is no sign of any negative influence on you. Although I am not a counsellor I believe that the feeling you’re having is caused by the fact that perhaps you do not feel worthy of the good things which are happening to you now.”

That possibility staggered me.

I met up with Faith, and told her what the teacher had said, and she took me to the flying building, which at that hour was not being used.

And there, we flew.

At first, it was just flight, just the sheer joy of being able to exercise our wings and leave the ground behind us.

But then, it changed.

It was a bonding flight.

She was showing me that our bodies, our minds, and our hearts were in synch with each other.

Then she did something even more remarkable. She let me take the lead.

It was an act of trust that would have staggered me, if I had thought about it, but I was too caught up in the dance in the air.

Finally, we kissed.

It was like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold day - it warmed me, refreshed me.

And oh boy did my body want more ...

And I realized that so did hers ...

But I hesitated, and she smiled, and said, “Next time, maybe.”

And we landed.

And I realized we were not alone.

Vantier was standing on a platform watching us with a smile on her face.

Faith blushed so hard I could feel it without looking at her.

I stammered, “H... hi, Vantier, we were just ...”

“I could see what you were just.” she responded with a smile, and then added, “However, I think you might be better off not going there until you graduate.”

I looked down at the floor, but then Vantier said, “Dont feel bad. What you feel is natural, for our people as much as it is for humans. But before you ... go further, you need perhaps to talk to our headmistress. I’m sure you’re not the first students facing this kind of issue.”

So, with both of us blushing, we made our way to the headmistress’ office. There, Mrs. Carson’s secretary actually directed us to the school’s counselor, who was able to squeeze us in quickly.

We explained our situation, and the counselor said, “First, let me start with the law., In this part of the United States says that you have to be 18 to get married, although there is an exception if you are 16 and older and the person you’re marrying is not more than five years older than you. However, before you get too excited, let me talk about the school’s situation. We have here mostly teens experiencing sexual urges for the first time, some of whom are exemplars which means they are among the most attractive members of the species. That doesnt even count the non-humans, who include an actual succubus. In order to keep the trust, and let’s face it, the money, of the people who send their children to us, we cannot be seen as encouraging or even tolerating underage sexual contact. What makes that even more important is that both of you are technically wards of the school, with Mrs Carson as your legal guardian. Do you both understand?”

I hung my head, but Faith asked, “But what can we do?”

“Since flying forms such a large part of your bonding process, it would be my recommendation that you do not fly together alone, and always have a responsible adult present to act as a chaperone when you fly.”

Then she added, “That said, I hope you know how fond Mrs. Carson is of you both, and when the time comes for you to marry, I know she’d would be very disappointed if she doesnt get an invite to the wedding.”

We both blushed, and left her office.

Waiting outside for us was Vantier, and we told her what we had been told.

She said, “Well, I believe I would qualify as a chaperone for your flying times, if that would be acceptable to you both.”

Faith gave Vantier a big hug, but then she added “Dont believe that means I wont keep you both out of trouble.”

“I know. Thank you.” Faith replied.

“Yes. Thank you. Considering everything ...” I started, but Vantier cut me off, saying “Brand, you are long since forgiven for what you did while possessed by Vendetta. Besides, you and Faith are the last of my people’s descendants, how could I refuse to help if I can?”

Eventually, we parted, and I went back to my own room to rest, and to think.

Was it only a year ago I went from being a traumatized girl to a possessed boy to a free young man with a girlfriend, and more love and support than I ever dreamed existed?

And if Faith and Vantier have forgiven me for what happened while I was possessed, shouldn’t I do the same?

Maybe I can. Maybe I should.

And maybe my future is looking pretty darn good ...


Will Brand and Faith return? Only my muse knows for sure ...

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