Cheerleader Material?

The first day in my new High School started off well. The buildings were new, teachers actually interesting, the school turned out to have a great football team. I just love football. Not that I’ll ever play for the school being rather a ”petite” boy but you can always watch. I never missed a game at my old High School except that one time we gymnasts had an away competition at the same time. I had spent part of the lunch break looking at the football trophies and pictures of the team.

So everything was great until I had to go to the bathroom.

As soon as I got in I realized that I must have gone into the wrong one. There were four cheerleaders in uniform primping. As soon as they saw me they started commenting:

- Look the new kid!
- Look at those legs!

OK, so it was a hot day and maybe I should have worn longer shorts.

- And the graceful yet strong way he moves, we should try him out for the squad!
- He’s cute too!

Terribly embarrassed and bright red faced I made a hasty retreat and went into the other bathroom. I was relieved since there were two guys that I recognized as being part of the football team there. This time I had got it right!

The bigger of them turned to me and said in a deep gravelly voice:

- Not that you aren’t very cute and have got lovely legs but what are you doing in the girls’ bathroom?

Why did we have to move to North Carolina!

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