After the Big Game

A 100 word drabble inspired by Bru's short story Cheerleader Material
I'm not sure which State this story takes place in...

by Laika Pupkino ~ 2018


Our defeat at the hands of Middledale High's team was humiliating, the bus ride home was even worse.

Coach Williams was furious: “Never in fourteen years of coaching have I had such a pathetic bunch of sissies for a team! Maybe you ladies aren't cut out to be football players! Maybe you'd rather be at home in your frilly nightgowns, putting on makeup and fixing each other's hair! Maybe-”

He droned on like this: Sissies, ladies, girls and every other 'unmanly' term he could think of.

Our quarterback Jimmy Thomson looked over at me in alarm, whispering: “Ohmigod! He KNOWS!

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This story is 127 words long.