It’s Not MY Fault!

FYI: This is NOT a sequel to the story I posted earlier today.

In the dress shop two weeks before Prom.

Mother: It’s a lovely dress and you just look fabulous in it but it’s really expensive, James.

James: Mom! It’s not MY fault we’re here!

It’s not MY fault Sis bullied me into joining her for practicing endless hours for cheerleader tryouts because she was bored doing it alone.
It’s not MY fault Sis sabotaged the three girls that could have beaten her in the tryouts.
It’s not MY fault Sis blackmailed the quarterback into dating her.
It’s not MY fault Sis got caught holding up that liquor store and was thrown in prison
It’ not MY fault that SOMEONE had to step in and save the cheerleading squad with only one hour’s notice AND to maintain the old school tradition that members of the football team only date cheerleaders.
It’s all Sis’ fault. Her and the stupid school tradition's.
SOOO – I’m not going to the Prom in a cheap dress!

Quarterback (who is also in the store):
Please, Mrs Beaconsfield. You can’t deny that James looks very beautiful in that dress and the cheaper dress does not suit him at all. He has been a good sport and we both want him to have an unforgettable Prom, don’t we?

Mother: I’m so sorry Lawrence for all the problems our family has caused you. How kind of you not to make an issue of James substituting for Laura.

Quarterback: Mrs Beaconsfield, from my point of view things have turned out much better than I had hoped. No offence but I’m relieved that Laura is in prison. James is in every way a much better girlfriend than Laura ever was; cute, kind, caring, intelligent, vivacious, a great cheerleader

and an AWESOME kisser!

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