Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 9: The Perfect Fall Outfit

Needless to say I was angry. Furious, in fact. I couldn’t believe that Mom would prioritize preventing tardiness over my social reputation at school. I had full-on lavender-colored nails. They were long and delicately manicured—completely inappropriate for a boy to wear to school. I’d be mocked, taunted, and possibly beat up!

“Sam, I understand your frustrations, and we’re going to make this right,” My Mom reassured me as we drove to school. “I’ll drop you off at school and during 1st period, I’ll go out and pick up some nail polish remover and wipes that I’ll leave at the office.

“I appreciate that, Mom, but I still have to deal with 1st period! How do I get by with that?”

All three of us sat in silence, considering our options.

“I don’t know, Sam. I just don’t know.” My Mom frankly, “You’ll just have to make do.”

I was approaching my biggest downfall. The gig would be up. Everyone would see my nails and make the connection to the Sammi_Jaclyn32 post.

We pulled up outside of school. Kids were energetic outside, smiling and chatting before class. Soon, all of that attention would be turned to me.

“SAM!” Jenna screamed. Hurting our ears in the car. “Wear these!”

She had gloves in her hands. Winter gloves to be exact.

“What?” I asked. “Where did you get those?”

“They were dug under the seat? They must have been there since last winter.”

What a break! I grabbed them from her without even thanking her. “Jenna you are a LIFE SAVER.”

“You owe me one,” she said.

I nodded. I could now confidently leave the car. Did I look weird wearing winter gloves in September? Sure. Was I going to get some comments from kids? Absolutely. But I wasn’t going to be exposed. Not today!

And I was right! I got plenty of comments in first period. Some kids laughed, some kids stared. I just told them my hands were particularly cold. Thankfully, nobody really followed up, and I went on with a normal class.

After first period, I got a note delivered from the secretary’s office. A delivery was there for me at the office.

I walked down at the end of the period and there was a small, brown paper bag waiting. I took it and immediately went to the bathroom stall. There was no chance I’d risk using the mirror and sink, so I had to do it over the toilet. I stripped off my gloves and laid eyes on my girlish lavender nails for the last time. Fortunately, after a little scrubbing with the nail polish remover on cotton balls, the nail polish came off. Granted, my nails still were long and oval shaped, but there were certainly within the realm of what a normal boy could have.


I returned from school, thankful mostly. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little upset at my Mom, but I know she meant well, and she’s always been consistent with her policy of perfect school attendance aside from sickness.

I got home and relaxed by going for a long run. Not a relaxing activity for most people, but it helps me. Some of that stress from first period still remained and needed to be burned off.

Well as it turns out, it was indeed a LONG run. Usually, I’ll turn around after 2ish miles and go for a 4-mile loop, but for whatever reason I just kept on running. Maybe it was the stressful morning, or maybe even the stressful week. I felt like I needed to escape my house, if only for a bit.

I got pretty far out, but I didn’t even notice. My music was loud and inspiring, encouraging me through this period of stress-burning.

My feet kept taking me to neighborhoods I had definitely heard of, but never been to. I got well outside of our school district, and thought about how I could walk into a store and probably not recognize a single soul, with nobody recognizing me back.

But soon I did see something familiar. “Grayson Avenue,” I said out loud, huffing. I knew that street—but why? I ran down the block to see if it would spark my memory. Not a single house I’d seen before. Blocks in, still nothing.

But then: a pizza joint. Mikey’s Pizza. I’d been there before! With Daisy!

And that’s when I got my bearings. I was a few blocks from Daisy’s house. I felt much better knowing there was a friend nearby.

By this point I was pretty much drenched and exhausted. I could have turned around, or even called an uber, but I noted this as a rare opportunity to see Daisy and pop in.

I ran up the stairs to her house and rang the doorbell, perched next to the proudly flown Notre Dame flag. The door swung open.

“Sam? What are you doing here?” It was Uncle Greg. “I mean, it’s good to see you and all, but what a surprise!”

“I know, right?” I said, still panting. “I was going for a run and I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d stop by.”

“That’s a long run!” Uncle Greg said, “Well, come on in. Daisy! Look who’s here!”

Daisy descended the stairs. “Sam? Hey!”

I smiled back at her. “Hey, surprised?”

“Very,” she said as she gave me a hug. “I’m impressed you could make it all the way out here.”

We chatted at the door for a bit and I eventually saw Daisy’s 6-year old brother Matty and Aunt Hannah as well. All were very happy to see me.

“Well, listen, I’d love to stay and chat, but I should probably be getting home before it gets too late.”

“Oh, no you can’t go. You should stay for dinner,” Aunt Hannah insisted. “You’re already here.”

“Stay! Stay!” Matty pleaded.

“Hmm, well I think I’ll have to call my Mom first and ask if it’s okay.”

“Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fine. In fact, I’ll call your Mom for you,” Aunt Hannah offered.

She walked away before I could even thank her. Then she turned around. “Sam, I insist you shower first though. You’re absolutely drenched.”

We all shared a laugh. I could definitely use some washing up before dinner.

“Honey, take Sam up to your bathroom, okay?” Uncle Greg told Daisy. “We’ll be eating in a half hour.”

Daisy escorted me upstairs and to her bathroom.

“I’ll let you do your thing. Feel free to use my shampoo and there should be an extra towel in there. Let me know if you need anything!” Daisy shut the door.

I stripped naked, taking off my smelly, wet workout clothes. I had gotten so soaked that even my shoes got wet through my socks. It was not a pretty sight.

But boy did it feel good to get into the shower! The warm water on my body never felt so good.

I checked through the shampoo selection, and I was unsurprised. Girl shampoo.

Everything was flower scented and “volume increasing.” Whatever. I’ve been using Jenna’s and it was pretty much the same.

By the time I was done I threw the towel around my waist and—

Yep. I was without clothes.

I can’t believe it hadn’t even crossed my mind until now. I guess I was thinking “well I’m wearing clothes now, I must have clothes to leave in. But there’s no way I change back into those soaked, stinky garments.

“Everything all right in there?” Daisy yelled through the door.

“Uhhh,” well, was I expected to wear my workout clothes?

“What? Of course not, you—” she paused. Obviously she just had the same realization as me.

“Yeaaaah…” I’m such a ditz.

We then heard from downstairs. “Dinner in 15 minutes!”

Oh crap. “I can’t wear this soaked stuff, Daisy…go run to your parents’ room and grab me something to wear.”

“You’re gonna wear my Dad’s stuff? Seriously?” she said with a sarcastic tone. Uncle Greg is 6’7”. A MASSIVE man. “There is no chance his stuff will fit your frame...what are you, 5’8”?”

“5’5”,” I said admittedly.

“Really? You carry yourself better than 5’5”.”

“How is this helping?” I was beginning to get peeved.

“You don’t seem the same height as me, that’s all. Now look, I don’t think I have to state the obvious and say you can’t dig into Matty’s first grader wardrobe. So…”


“…so it looks like you’re stuck with me. C’mon out.”

I walked out of the bathroom, towel around my waist. Daisy seemed okay seeing me shirtless this time.

“I’m not so sure about this…what are your parents gonna say?” I nervously asked.

“Oh hush. You didn’t have any other clothes to wear, and you’re the same size as me. They won’t think anything of it.” Daisy plopped on the bed. “So,” she gestured towards the closet. “What would you like?”

“Well I wouldn’t LIKE any of it,” I said confidently.

“You know what I mean,” she came back sternly, “You gotta wear something.”

I looked at her room. Based on experience having a sister, it seemed like a typical girl’s closet, though Daisy was a bit younger than Jenna.

“Do you want the school uniform again?”

“No…let’s…” and then I paused for a second. I thought back to earlier today, when Jenna came through in the clutch with the winter gloves. I was THIS close to having to go to school with lavender nails. THIS close! But she saved me. She told me I owe her one…

“Give me something that’s stylish. Something that’s…something fashionable for fall.” I responded.

“You want something stylish?” Daisy repeated, confused by my change of heart.

I went on to explain the lavender nails saga to her, how I was about to be revealed and Jenna came through. I owe her. I owe her a picture of Sammi Jaclyn.

Daisy snapped her fingers. “I have just the look!” She went into her closet and grabbed a bunch of clothes, occasionally glancing back at me, as if she were creating a unique look just for me.

She instructed that I go to the bathroom to blow dry my hair. When I returned to the bedroom, she had the complete outfit laid out.

“I picked out the plainest panties I could find.” She held them up and turned around, allowing me to change. I slipped them on and followed by putting on some fuzzy brown socks she had laid out. I have to say, they felt wonderful on my feet. Next I stepped into some dark blue skinny jeans, which were familiar to me since I wore them for Jenna before. After that, Daisy felt okay to turn around. “I wouldn’t say this outfit needs a bra, but then again every picture of Sammi Jaclyn has had breasts, so it looks like that’s a standard we need to follow.”

She gave me a similar bra to last time and stuffed it slightly. The shirt was a light, flimsy white shirt with thin black stripes. On top of that was a cute, light denim jacket. The sleeves were shorter and folded once at the end, showing my forearms. The finishing touch was an incredibly soft, gray infinity scarf that felt very comfortable around my neck and shoulders. I stepped into some stylish brown leather boots that went just below my knees, and the look was complete.

She brushed my hair a tad, to make sure it was presentable. “Va-va-voom! Look at you!”

“You think I look alright?” I think I knew the answer based on her reaction.

“Dinnertime!” Aunt Hannah had yelled from downstairs. All I could do was hope that Daisy’s parents would be okay with this look.

We walked downstairs, and arrived in the kitchen. Aunt Hannah and Uncle Greg’s eyes just popped.

“Well well well, it seems someone forgot to bring a change of clothes,” Uncle Greg said.

“Yeaaaah,” I responded. “Too bad for me, I guess.”

Aunt Hannah turned to Daisy. “You really went all out on him, didn’t you?”

“Oh not at all. This is the same thing any girl would normally wear,” Daisy responded.

“Well, sure, but you know Sam’s not a girl,” Uncle Greg said sternly. “Son, are you okay with this?”

“Oh, I was just kidding. It’s okay with me. Think I was gonna fit into your clothes?”

He let out a hearty laugh. “I suppose that’s true…I just want to make sure that you’re okay with this. You know, that Daisy isn’t manipulating you into this.”

“Manipulating? Dadddd!” she whined.

“Oh, not at all. We’re all fine. I promise.”

“Well, I do have to say—and please don’t take this as an insult—but you look beautiful in that outfit,” Aunt Hannah said, breaking any tension.

“Wow, Sam, you look pretty!” Matty rushed in with even wider eyes than his parents.

“I gotta say, Sam, most guys wouldn’t be able to pull off an outfit like that. You’re some special kid.” Uncle Greg meant to compliment me. I think that’s a compliment at least?

“But hey, let people do what they want to do, is all I say,” Uncle Greg was eager to put a button on the conversation. “Let’s eat!”

The family took the table. Daisy gave me a glance that said ‘no too bad, hmm?’.


The meal was delicious, and our conversations surprisingly revolved around everything but my outfit choice afterwards.

After dinner we went into Daisy’s nicely furnished basement and took a few pictures. A couple around the billiard table, a few near the card table, and a particularly nice one next to the small wine rack. Daisy instructed me to put my hands on my hips, and point my toes into the ground while I bent one knee. It was a girly pose, and it really showed off my body.

“God, you look really good in this. You actually have a butt,” Daisy said.

“All in the jeans, I guess…but hey, I just hope Jenna will be happy with these.”

“I’m certain she will.”

“Sam! You want a ride home?” Aunt Hannah called me from upstairs.

“Well, there’s no way I’m walking home in this.” I said softly just to Daisy.


It was pretty dark by the time I got home, so I felt comfortable entering my house without anyone spotting me.

Jenna was standing near the door as I walked in.

“There she is! Sammi Jaclyn!” Jenna said. She’d never really referred to me before like that. “You look cute as a button! But! That’s not why I’m excited.”

She got close to me and primped my hair as she talked.

“Okay, do you want the good news or the REALLY good news first?”

“Uhh, good news,” I said, playing along.

“Okay! So the good news is we reached 30,000 followers on the Instagram account! In fact, that picture Daisy sent me just a bit ago, is already getting more like than any other picture yet!”

Wow, in just 20 minutes? Impressive. These clothes really must look good on me.

“But the REALLY good news? Well, we got an OFFER!”


“An offer. A modeling offer! Our first one!”

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