What A Girl Enjoys

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Serena pushes the lawnmower up and down the lawn. She was listening to music from her iPhone as she was cutting the lawn. Her purple color phony tail was bouncing with each step she took. Occasionally, she would start singing. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a white sports bra.

Her fair skin was already starting to burn. She’s been outside since seven in the morning working in the yard. Her aunts were at work and she had the house to herself. She couldn’t wait for her friend to come over, so she could have some fun with him.

She finishes cutting the grass and put the mower away in the garage. Serena heads inside the house they were living in and pours herself a glass of lemon aide. She turns her iPhone off and heads towards her bedroom. She changes out of her short shorts and sports bra.

She looks at her naked body in the full-length mirror on her closet door. Her breasts were nicely round and perky. She glances down towards her private area and couldn’t believe they had managed to make it look so real.

Serena wraps her arms around her as a flashback of the night she had almost been killed, surfaces. She had been out walking the streets, selling her body when a john picked her up. Normally, when a john found out she had a penis they didn’t care. However, this one got furious about her having it and beat the living daylights out of her. She remembered him pulling a hunting knife and cutting off her penis and testicles.
She would have died if it hadn’t been for Eva stopping to help her.

Serena manages to get herself under control. She hated that she still has flashbacks of that night. She heads towards the bathroom and takes a shower. She wanted to be ready when Elwood arrived. They were taking his kids to Bush Gardens and Water Country USA for the day.

Her aunts didn’t mind her spending the day with him and she enjoyed the children. They were only six years old, but they knew Elwood and she is dating each other. She grabs her one-piece swimsuit and stuffs it into her beach bag. She puts on a nice sundress and very little make-up.

Thirty minutes later, she hears a car horn and heads out of the house. She makes sure the house is locked up as she heads towards a gray SUV.

“Hey, sweetie.” She leans over and gives Elwood a kiss once she climbs in.

Elwood looks at Serena and couldn’t believe he had fallen for a seventeen-year-old girl. He was old enough to be her father. They had talked about their relationship. He had met with her aunts and had their permission to date their niece.

He also knew she uses to be a boy but didn’t care. His children loved her, and he loved her as well, but they were going to wait until she was older to get married. He was enchanted with her looks. Even her purple dyed hair. It went from a light purple color to a dark purple color.

Her toenails and fingernails were painted a purple haze color. It went with the coloration of her hair. She had her long hair tied back in a ponytail.

“Are you ready to have some fun?” he looks at her and the kids.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to our adventure.” Serena sits back and watches as they traveled to Water country.

When they arrive at the park. Serena takes the little girl Betty into the girls dressing room and helps her into her swimsuit, while she changes into her swimsuit.

“Serena, you have a fairy on your body.” Betty spotted Serena’s fairy on her upper thigh.

“She’s my friend, Betty,” Serena remembered the day she got it.

She has a friend that is a tattoo artist that gave it to her. She got in trouble with her aunts when they realized she had gotten a tattoo. The fairy tattoo was on her upper right thigh and a robin was down at her ankle.

Once they were dressed in their swimsuits, they join Elwood and Tony outside. Serena was carrying Betty out of the dressing room. The little girl liked to be carried. They head towards the pool first. Elwood watched as Serena played with the kids. His old wife was never interested in the kids. It was a good thing that they had gotten a divorce. She forfeited her paternal rights to the kids.

Serena was enjoying herself in the water with the kids. She felt a connection with them, that she never thought she ever would. They stay at the park most of the afternoon and into the evening. Once the kids start getting tired, they head back towards the SUV. They stop at a McDonald’s for dinner and head back to Elwood’s place. She didn’t have to be home till eleven since it was still summer.

Serena makes sure the kids get their bath and tuck them into bed. Once the kids are in their beds asleep, she walks into the living room and cuddles up against Elwood.

“You did well with the kids today.” As he wraps his arm around her and holds her gently against his body.

An evil idea pops into her head after a while. They were watching a movie when she reaches over Elwood and accidentally knocks the remote down on the floor. She knew he liked to be in control of the remote.

Elwood just looks at Serena as she bends over his lap to retrieve the remote. He felt when she rubbed against his leg. He inches her sundress up and notices she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“You’re being a naughty little girl.” As he caresses her rear end.

A smile appears on her face as she feels his rough hands rubbing her butt cheeks. She wiggles under his touch. He knew what she wanted. This wasn’t the first time she has pulled this little trick.

He gives her a light smack on her butt cheeks.

Serena was disappointed, the slap wasn’t too bad. She wanted a little bit harder slap.

“Is that all I get for being a naughty girl?” As she wiggles against his lap.

“Alright, you asked for it.” As he slaps her butt cheeks several times harder and harder.

Serena winces each time Elwood's hands come down on her ass. Elwood was the only person, next to her aunts that she liked being spanked by. He reaches down between her thighs and could tell she was wet.

“I deserve more.” As she traps his hand between her thighs.

“Fine, I’m going to give you what you want, but I better not hear a squeak out of you.” He feels his hand release.

Serena prepares herself for the spanking and pain she knew he was going to gave her. Her body shakes as he spanks her butt hard. She grits her teeth as she feels his hand connect with her butt. Each smack was harder than the one before and after a few more the pain from the spanking caused her to cry.

When Elwood delivers the last smack with Serena’s butt. He picks her up and kisses her. He feels her tiny hands reach down between his legs and unzipped his pants. She straddles him and starts to go up and down on him.

Elwood lifts her up by her tiny waist as the two of them have sex on the sofa. It sorted bother him that she was younger, and he was old enough to be her father. He knew she didn’t care about the age difference. They have sex for a while, till she collapses against his chest.

He holds her as she kisses him. He enjoyed the sex he had with her, but their relationship wasn’t based on sex. He knew she really loved him and enjoyed being spanked.

He rubs her butt one more time and picks her up off his lap. He sits her next to him, as he stands up off the sofa.

“Come on Serena, I need to get you home.” As he looks down at her.

Serena stands up and winces. Her butt was still stinging from the spanking he gave her. The thing was, she loved being spanked. She didn’t know why, but she did. She climbs into the cab he called for her and paid the driver to drop her off at her aunt’s house.

Eva was waiting up when Serena came walking in. She walked in, just as the cuckoo clock struck eleven o’clock. A smile appears on her face as she watches as Eva came walking in a little funny.

“I see you got spanked again, sweetie.” Eva knew Serena loved being spanked.

Serena blushes as she walks over to Eva “I had fun with Elwood and his kids today.”

She sits down on Eva’s lap carefully. She leans against her and was thankful that Eva had come along that night and saved her. If she had been there that night, she might have died.

Eva wraps her arms around Eva and just holds her. She rubs her bottom to ease the pain from the spanking. She knew how much Serena loved to be spanked. Her and Catherine had come home and heard some noise coming from Serena’s bedroom. When they looked in, they saw Serena bent over the bed, spanking herself with a ping pong paddle.

When they asked her, why she was spanking herself? She told them, she enjoyed it and couldn’t help herself. They let her talk with her counselor about it and come to find out she had a fetish. So, since that day. They establish rules for Serena to let them know when she wanted to be spanked.

“What did you do today?” Eva just holds Serena in her arms.

“We went to Water Country USA. We were planning on going to Bush Gardens, but the kids wanted to play in the water, so we went to Water country instead. Afterward, we stopped at McDonald's and went back to Elwood’s place.”

Eva holds her till she feels Serena slowly falling asleep. She lightly pats her bottom ‘time for bed young lady.”

Serena gets up off Eva’s lap and heads towards her bedroom. She strips out of her sundress and slips on her purple lace baby doll outfit. She pops her pills and lay down in bed with her giant Teddy Bear that Elwood brought for her. He knew about her nightmares and what she went through.

Eva checks in on Serena and notices she was finally in bed asleep. Afterward, she heads back to her bedroom, where she finds her wife laying in bed reading her tablet.

“How is she?” Catherine looks up from her tablet towards Eva.

“She’s okay. She was a little sore from the spanking she got.” Eva gets into bed.

Catherine just shakes her head. She knew how much Serena loved to be spanked and how much in love she was with Elwood. They knew Elwood was in his forties and had two six-year-old children. They had insisted on meeting him before they would let Serena go out with him.
They had found him to be polite and understanding about his attentions towards Serena. They agreed to let Serena date him, but they couldn’t get married till Serena was twenty-one years old. They found out that Serena had been one of the teens from the gay conversion camp
exposed by a Bounty Hunter. The foster parents she had, sent her there because she wanted to be a girl.

Before the authorities could return her to foster care, she ran away. She hitched hike to Norfolk, Va. Where she started selling herself to get money to live on. Eva found her laying on the side of the road after a John found out she was really a he and cut Serena’s manhood off.

“Well, I hope she didn’t get spanked too hard.” Catherine knew Serena could be demanding.

“He was easy with her. Her butt was only slightly red when I checked it out.” Eva had checked when she held her in her arms.

Serena wakes up the next morning and heads into her mother’s bedroom. She finds Eva spooned against Catherine in bed. Serena smiles as she crawls in between them. She kisses Catherine and fondles Eva.

“If you don’t stop that, I’m going to spank you.” Eva felt Serena fondling her breast.

“You promise?” As Serena pinches her.

“That’s it, you’re getting a spanking.” Eva sits up and pull Serena from behind her and place her over her knees.

She reaches over to her nightstand and gets her paddle from out of the drawer. She turns back to Serena and pulls her baby doll top up
exposing her rear end and start spanking Serena. She made sure she didn’t put to much force behind the spanking, but enough that Serena will feel it for the rest of the morning.

Catherine looks over Eva’s shoulder and saw how red Serena’s butt was. She didn’t know if she could take that much pain.

“You’re not going to use the ointment on her butt to numb the pain some?” Catherine glances towards her wife.

“Nope, she pinched my nipples this morning.” Eva rubs them.

Serena had tears running down her cheeks and snot coming out of her nose. She liked the spanking, but she doesn’t know why, or why it
turned her on so much. She sits up and kisses Eva and Catherine. She also pleases the two of them. She does this of her own free will.

She loves these women very much. It had been awkward at first when she asked to please them. Once they talked about it, they allowed it. She lays on Eva’s belly resting her head. Her butt still stung, but she felt happy and pleased with herself.

“What are we doing today?” Serena looks towards Catherine and Eva.

“Well, we have to go to the store, the bank and if your nice. We’ll treat you to a movie. We’ll go to your favorite movie theater, so we can eat and watch the movie.” Catherine thought she would treat Serena to something special.

“Okay,” Serena gets up and heads back to her bedroom and put on a pair of leggings.

She decided to wear a pair of thongs with them. She puts on her favorite bra and a shirt that left the shoulders exposed. She fluffs her emo color hair. She opens her dresser drawer and pulls out an inch-wide metal choker with a butterfly in the middle of it.

She also puts on the matching butterfly earrings. Serena figures she’ll wear her purple ankle boots. She looks at herself in the full-length mirror. She didn’t look too bad. She sprays on a little bit of sandalwood perfume.

Serena grabs her purse and heads back into Catherine and Eva’s bedroom. She notices Catherine was almost dressed. Eva had put on a pair of nice shorts that hug her waist. She sits down on the bed and watches them finish dressing.

Once everyone is ready to leave the house. They take Catherine’s car to run around town doing what they needed to do. There were a few times Catherine had to smack Serena on her butt. When they were shopping at the grocery store. Serena took half the grocery list and was getting what was on the list.

As she was reaching for an item off the list on the top shelf. Several teenage boys run by and smack her hard on her ass. She nearly drops the item she was trying to get. She manages to catch it as she watches the boys run off.

“I hope you slip and break your neck!” She was pissed that they touched her.

She rubs the spot they smacked as she walks back to Eva and Catherine. She finds them down one of the aisles. She places what she was carrying in the cart.

Catherine notices that Serena was upset “what happened?”

“Some teenage boys came by while I was retrieving what we needed and smacked me on my butt.” Serena rubs where they smacked her. She only allowed people she trusted to spank her or smacked her on her butt.

“Can you describe them?” Catherine reaches for a couple of can items they needed.

“No, ma’am. I caught their backs as they were running away from me.” Serena stands on the front of the cart as Catherine pushes it forward.

“There you two are.” Eva had her hands full with items from her list.

“Sorry, Serena was the victim of a run by butt smack by some young boys.” Eva looks towards her wife.

“It must have been those boys who ran out of the store.” Eva spotted them being chased by an irate man.

They continue their shopping and take the groceries home. As they are putting the food away. “So, what movie do you want to see, Serena?” Catherine puts the item she had in her hands away.

“How about The Spy who Dumped me?” Serena looks towards both her mothers.

Eva looks towards Catherine to see what she thought. Catherine just shrugs her shoulders. She didn’t care either way.

“Okay, it’s The Spy Who Dumped Me, then.” Catherine didn’t mind.

Serena looks through the wooden utilities they have and finds the wooden spatula she is looking for. She walks over to Catherine “will you spank me with this before we go, please?” She hands Catherine the wooden spatula.

Eva just shakes her head as she looks at her wife. Catherine looks back at her and then at Serena.

“Alright, I’ll give you ten good smacks before we go.” Catherine takes Serena’s hand and leads her over to a chair.

Catherine sits down and pulls Serena over her lap. She pulls Serena’s leggings down and notices she is wearing a thong. She takes the wooden spatula and gives Serena ten good whacks with it. Afterwards, she rubs where she smacked Serena.

Serena enjoyed the spanking. She had tears sliding down her cheeks as she pulls her leggings back up. She gives Catherine a kiss, before freshening up.

They head off to the movies.

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Re: I don't understand wanting pain

I do. But I'm a crazy sadomasochistic person, I like to both give and get. I was a wee bit of a pain slut during my four years going to events.

Part of it is that activity like that triggers endorphins, like one would get from a good run. Those endorphins bring pleasure.

What is described here is mostly light activity, although the paddle could qualify as more than that (harder impact, so more pain).

Activities like those described here are not for everyone. Some like it, some don't. I guess the biggest issue that might come up is whether it's forced or not. Again, some like it that way, some don't. Personally, I avoid getting into it with someone who forces it on a person.

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Spanking I've never understood.