Avenging Angel Chap. 2

“Hey Pat, I just had an idea.” Gypsy looked up from the circuit board she has been working on.

“You mean you actually can have them?” Pat had a mischievous smile on his face.

“Ha, ha. Yes, I can have them. I was thinking we should build a unique weapon for these suits.” Gypsy was thinking out loud.

“What do you have in mind?” Pat found the idea feasible.

“How about a Gauss rifle or gun?” Gypsy had watched a few engineering videos on YouTube when she came across one about people who had built such guns.

The ones that she had seen were no more powerful than an air gun, but Gypsy believed that she could improve the designs to make them more powerful.

“That would give these suits a unique weapon.” Pat stood thinking about the possibility.

He wondered if the research grants they had been given from DARPA would cover that.

“I could donate some money and parts from my job to make a prototype.” Gypsy knew her boss wouldn’t mind her getting parts from the electronics she disassembled.

“Alright, when do you think you can have a prototype built?” Pat ask Gypsy as he looks at her?

“Hmm, give me two weeks. I can have a prototype built. I’ll build it on my off time.” Gypsy told him.

“What off time? You’re always working on a project with your car or catching up on movies you missed.” Pat knew Gypsy came from an Amish family.

“Then I’ll have to take time off from tinkering with my car.” Gypsy sticks her tongue out at Pat as she went back to work on the new circuit board she had designed for the power armor.

All that is heard in the workroom is music playing and a few cuss words occasionally. Gypsy was working on the exoskeleton frame that the armor was going to be built into the suit. The prototype framework was based off several different styles she had seen at tech shows.

The original concept had been to build an exoskeleton framework to help people who had been injured in combat and car accidents. Then they had come across the Russians already working to build an Iron Man style combat suit for their soldiers, just like the US military. The problem was, the military designers were building their models on big bulky frames and even their exoskeleton design was to expose and didn’t last long.

So, they submitted a proposal for grants to build a more reliable design. One that could do what they wanted and run for at least sixteen hours or longer on battery power. Both Gypsy and Patrick were well known in the Battle Bot world. They used to be competitors fighting against each other but later found out that they went to the same college. They even had some of the same teachers on different days.

Their professor gave them a project and teamed the two of them up. They found that they worked well together. So, they decided to work on the project for the government.

0100 hrs.
Gypsy rubs her eyes as she shuts her soldering iron down. She had redesigned and fixed all the circuit boards they were going to need for the suit. She’ll be happy when they can reproduce these boards another way.

Her fingertips were a little burn where the iron touched them. She glances over towards Pat and notices he was nodding his head.

“Let’s pack it up for the night, Pat.” Gypsy starts putting her gear away.

Pat gathers the items he has been working on and put them in the safe. They had to have a safe installed by DARPA rules to secure their work. All the data they have is stored on three different thumb drives. Pat had one, Gypsy had one and the main one that backed everything on that was stored in the safe. Nothing could be stored on their hard drives or on the college hard drives.

Once their workshop was secure “see you tomorrow, Pat.”

“Actually, I won’t be coming in. Some friends of mine are throwing a party. You’re welcome to come. I know they would love to meet you.” Patrick has been telling his friends about his beautiful work partner.

Gypsy thinks about it “shoot me the address. I might show up after work.”

“Cool, you won’t regret it.” Pat grabs his backpack and walks Gypsy to her car.

Gypsy just heads home. She had to get up in five hours and be at work. She takes a quick shower and slip her nightshirt on and crawl into bed. She is happy when she gets the money she needs to get her surgery.

Philadelphia Scrap Metal:
Gypsy pulls her car into the closest parking spot to the employee’s entrance. She covers her mouth as she yawns and walks in with her coffee in hand. She spots Terence checking badges.

She pulls her employee Id card out as she walks up. She covers her mouth as another yawn hits her.

“Late night, last night, Gypsy?” Terence knew Gypsy was in college getting her degree’s in mechanical and electrical engineering.

“Yea, I didn’t leave the lab till one in the morning.” She covers up another yawn.

He just smiles at her and wishes his children were as dedicated as Gypsy was. All they were into were the parties they got invited too. Their grades were already slipping because of all the partying they were doing.

“Well, try not to fall asleep at your workstation again.” Terence was doing his rounds, making sure everyone left and found Gypsy asleep at her station.

He didn’t report her, because she worked hard to have a job inside out of the weather. She started out in the yard like most temps do and worked her butt off. When she demonstrated she knew about electronics and what certain items were how much they were worth. Mr. Folds promoted her to the electronics department.

“I promise, no more sleeping at my workstation.” Gypsy heads towards her workstation in the electronics department.

Gypsy saw that she had a bin and a half waiting on her. She knew there would be more throughout the day. She sits down at her station and starts warming her equipment up. She also pulls a list out she made for what she was going to need to build the Gauss rifle. Most of the parts she could get here at work. The rest she was going to have to go by Priest Electronics to either purchase or ordered what she couldn’t get at work.

She gets started on the bin, disassembling the items inside and separating their components. By the time her lunch hour comes around. She was already done with the full bin. She heads outside to the yard and over to the scrap metal bin. She searches through the metal bin for the metal to be used for the rail and frame.

She finds the metal she was looking for. She also finds a few other items as well that she could use.

“They said you like to dig through the bins for items.” Jayson had spot Gypsy digging through the metal bins.

He saw her leaning inside the bin with her butt up in the air. She was only 5-foot-tall and had long ash blonde hair.

“I do, and I always pay for any items I find that I need.” Gypsy knew Jayson liked looking at her ass.

She had modest breast development, since being on the estrogen pills. Since she has been taking the hormone pills her doctor prescribed. She has noticed her hips have gotten a little bigger.

“Why do you need this junk? Can’t you afford to just go and buy what you need?” Jayson could never understand why people would buy junk.

“It’s for a school project I’m working on. So, if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to go and pay for these items.” Gypsy picks up the bin and head
towards the registers to pay for the items.

Jayson just watches as Gypsy walks towards the registers. He liked how her butt moved. He also felt that she must feel superior around him.

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