Before & After Chapter 1

Before & After

By Mel Huntington

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A man decides he suffers from a Hormonal Imbalance and finds a solution. A topical solution, that is.


I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower, silently wishing that a federal law could be enacted mandating decent-sized towels at all lodging establishments in these United States of America. I made due with what I had and then stepped out of the bathroom into the vanity/closet area of the motel room.

I inspected myself in the mirror: 5'8", blonde hair, blue eyes, 155 pound lean but not un-muscular build. I thankfully noted one blessing: Before I met my wife I had taken up competitive swimming and so Jamie had never seen me unshaven from beard to toe. It served its competitive purpose in the pool, but a very different one today.

I set the black overnight bag on the counter of the vanity and paused before removing its contents. My eyes moved up, and bored in on my reflection. I stared hard, challenging myself. Are you really ready to do this? Yes, I answered. I have to. I really have to.

I reached into the bag and removed the things that I had hid away in the safe deposit box because even after marriage I couldn't simply throw them away: a blonde wig, white lace bra, white garter belt & hose and the super-perky breast form I'd found four years before at the Glamour Boutique website. I reached in the bag again and found the other item, still in its satin pouch. I squeezed the hard rubber shaft of the long dildo with the suction cup at the end.

You were a big improvement over a banana, but I won't need you today, I thought.

Then I looked at my crotch and shook my head.

"You're out of place, old buddy."

I put my laptop on the counter and clicked first on the tucking tutorial I'd bookmarked. When I was finished, I was very pleased with the results. My testicles secured inside me, my cock taped away, I had the bare, flat crotch I'd only imagined before. First I slipped the garter belt up to my waist, then carefully pulled on the deliciously soft lace hose and secured them to the garter. Finally I reached into the bag and found my most recent purchase, a white thong, and slid it on.

Looking at my newly feminized crotch, I wondered why I hadn't tried this before. Oh yes, I thought, because you wanted to stroke your cock while blowing the dildo, remember?

I pulled out the breast forms and the clear bra that secured them to my chest. Soon the weight of my almost-real tits felt familiar and wonderful, and I liked the idea of putting on makeup while nude in front of the mirror. I set up my laptop on the counter and watched the videos I had stored on the hard drive. Everything was so unfamiliar and challenging. Before I just needed lipstick but today I had to appear as femininely as possible, and so I followed the videos and did the best job I could with foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and finally the one part of a woman's beauty routine I felt comfortable with, lipstick. When I was finished I cringed a little but all in all, I thought I looked OK. I didn't need to pass out in public, and so I accepted the results I had achieved.

With my makeup done, I pulled out the blond wig and put it on my head. The hair was long and straight and fell down to the top of my breast forms. I slipped the white lace D-cup bra onto my shoulders and slipped the underwire cups under the breast forms, and when I brought the hook and clasp together in the back I smiled at the way my breasts were pushed up and together, giving me cleavage any girl would envy.

I turned to the full length mirror to see the full effect of what I had done to transform myself. I had no hips or bootie of course, and hadn't bothered to paint my nails or pluck my eyebrows - that was a bridge too far if I was going to return home to my wife. I wasn't beautiful, but I was as beautiful as I could make myself. I wore pretty makeup, a blond wig, had real-looking breasts and no unsightly bulge ruined the shape of my thong. I had on beautiful white undergarments, like a virginal bride on her wedding night. It wasn't my wedding night but I was about to lose my virginity.

Just then there was a knock on the door, and my heart jumped in my chest. It was time.


I took a deep breath, then opened the door. Two faces with opposite expressions greeted me: One was disappointed, one was triumphant. Triumphant spoke.

"See dude, I told you it was going to be a guy! I knew it."

"Hey, I said sometimes you get lucky and it's a girl giving head, but even when its not, its usually pretty damn good head. You give good head, don't you?"

I wasn't about to tell him that he was going to be my first. I tried to raise the pitch of my voice but what came out was hardly different than my regular speaking voice.

"Why don't you come inside and find out? I'm Danielle."

The young man replied as he walked into the hotel room, his friend following with a smirk:

"OK, first rule, you don't speak while you suck my cock."

"Man, you're gonna let this guy wearing fake tits and makeup blow you? I don't know if we can be friends after this. He didn't even paint his nails. You don't look much like a woman there, buddy."

"What are you talking about? He's got pretty lips and that's all he needs."

"Maybe your friend should leave us alone?"

"No, he's my ride."

"Allright, but no more comments from the peanut gallery."

I looked at the man who was willing to allow me to blow him, and saw he was a little younger than me, 19 or 20 probably, physically fit and reasonably good looking. He stood in front of me, his palms open at his side as if to say "Here I am."

I wanted to lift his t-shirt over his head, to explore the broad expanse of his muscular chest with my lips and tongue, to kiss my way down to his crotch like I'd fantasized about before. But I knew that he wouldn't tolerate that. Instead I kneeled in front of him and waited. He slipped his shorts down and stepped out of them, while talking to his friend.

"You keep your eyes closed, you can pretend it's anyone you want giving you a hummer."

He stood in front of me, my mouth at crotch level, his boxers still on. I took a deep breath, then reached inside the band and pulled his boxers down.

Now I was face-to-face for the first time with a cock, that manicdepressive ruler of men. It could assume many forms, shrunken and pulled in when cold, long but flaccid after a warm shower, hard and excited when it's getting some (or about to get some, or just thinking about the only thing it ever thinks about). It could also take the form it had now: Not shrunken so much as disinterested. I had to make it interested in me.

Rubber cocks are cold and impersonal, real ones warm and inviting, even when they are flaccid and indifferent. His cock was cut, average-size, nothing special - other than the fact that it was about to be my first. His pubes were untrimmed and covered his balls thickly. I put my left hand on his balls, and instantly I regretted not painting my nails. My thick stubby male hands looked wrong as I tilted his soft cock upward toward my lips. After ten or twelve years of thinking about it, I slipped another man's member inside my mouth.

The flavor was a little pungent and musky, but not overwhelmingly so. Totally new and unfamiliar, I knew I would have no further use for rubber cocks. I suckled gently at the mushy texture of his flaccid penis, sliding up and down along its short length as I cupped another man's balls for the first time in my life. Soon it began to stir in my mouth. It was as if the actions of my lips and tongue were pulling blood into the shaft, making it grow and harden. Soon I got my first taste of what every hard cock releases: slightly salty pre-cum. I had drawn it out of him, as my lips and tongue had produced the raging erection in my mouth.

I realized that the reality of sucking cock was every bit as good as my fantasy.

Now that his cock was hard, I began to concentrate on the techniques I'd used to fellate the dildo. I twirled my tongue around the head, then licked my way down the shaft. When I came back up the shaft I looked up at him but his eyes were closed. I wanted to look at him as I sucked his cock but I realized he didn't want to see the person blowing him. As I slid my lips over the extraordinary soft smooth texture of the head, I looked up again and saw him smile. That was enough for now - my lips were pleasuring his cock and pleasing him, and that pleased me. I began to concentrate on taking more of his cock into my mouth on each slow down stroke. Fully erect his cock was about six inches long, a very nice size I knew I could handle after my experience with the eight inch dildo. I was going to convince him I really did give good head.

After sucking his length several times, I slid my tongue hard over the underside of the head, then tried to stimulate it with the same upturned tongue I use on my wife's clit. He started to moan which really thrilled me and I stopped quickly, afraid I might drive him over the edge too soon. I slipped him out of my mouth and leaned forward to tongue his balls, a whole new experience. The thick pubic hair gave them an odd texture, but I engulfed one testicle in my mouth, then the other, before tongue bathing each in turn. He was starting to sway on his feet, moving himself against my mouth and lips, using them for his pleasure the way he wanted it, and I happily submitted like the good girl I'd fantasized about being.

I curled my tongue around his shaft and slid up and down, sideways, then I took the head inside my mouth and began to suck him strongly, insistently, silently begging him to empty his balls into my mouth. He began to thrust then, and I shifted my head away a tiny bit so that he couldn't thrust too deeply. I moaned loudly around his cock as he fucked my face and soon he was moaning loudly too. His cock was changing again, throbbing inside my mouth when he yelled.

"I'm gonna cum!"

I pulled off his cock just as his jism started to shoot out of it. Four, five, six times thick ropes of warm cum exploded out of his cock, landing on my forehead, cheeks and finally the last few spurts in my waiting mouth. The flavor was slightly bitter, not sweet as I hoped, but I loved it just the same. When his climax ended, I wanted to clean his cock for him, to engage in the cum-play that I had dreamed of doing for so many years, but he didn't want any of it. He pulled his boxers back up and then pulled up his shorts.

He spoke to his friend.

"Like I said, they usually give great head."

And with that they walked out without a word, leaving me on my knees, the taste of his cock and cum lingering in my mouth, his cum streaking my face. I got off my knees and walked to the mirror and stared at the white streaks across my ridiculous-looking makeup. My unpainted nails at the end of my too-thick fingers rose toward my nose and scooped up and moved a gobule of cum to my mouth. I hated the way I looked but I loved what had been deposited on my face.

Was it good for you too? I asked my reflection. Was it worth the wait?

Definitely, I thought. But next time it will be better. I just have to figure out how to make it everything I've been dreaming about.

I quickly stripped out of my cock-sucker outfit, and cleaned the makeup off of my face before carefully removing the tape across my groin. My cock and balls slipped out of their hiding place and reminded me of their existence in the dull ache that radiated out of my groin. Soon I was dressed and dialing my wife as I walked down the hall to the exit.

"Yeah Jamie, I just need to make a quick stop at the bank then I'll be right home. I love you too."

When I got home I kissed my wife, and she wrinkled her nose.

"What's that on your breath? I've got some mint gum in my purse."

I took a stick and felt the flavor wash over and overwhelm the lingering taste of my first load. I didn't mind - I knew there would be many more.


In the days that followed my oral deflowering, I began to realize that short of hormones and surgery, and not to mention, a divorce, I wouldn't ever satisfy my desire to present myself as unmistakably female to a man so that I could truly experience what I had fantasized about since childhood.

The next weekend my wife spent the afternoon at the mall, and I was idly searching the web. I thought about my situation and decided that "hormonal imbalance" was what I suffered from, since all men had some female hormones and all women had some male hormones. It was just that the proportion in my body was all wrong.

As I clicked on "search" I began to wonder why we trust Google's definition of the most useful search results. Why should we only be interested in the sites that are popular as measured by hits and links to other sites? My problem is hardly a common one, if there's a solution out there, who is to say it's not buried after dozens of pages of worthless so-called "hits"?

I scanned the first page of hits and saw many medical sites for supplements aimed at menopausal women. I decided to look deeper into the search results and skipped ahead to the tenth page, then the twentieth page, and so on until I was a hundred pages deep into the most popular web search engine's results. I kept scrolling down and then I saw it:
Topical Solution for Hormonal Imbalance

I clicked on the link and was greeted with two photos, of a man and a woman, both with Latin features. There were sliders at the bottom of each photo and I clicked on the one below the photo of the male and dragged it from left to right.

My eyes grew wide in amazement.

The head-shot of the male transformed into that of a woman. Not a postoperative tranny either, but a woman whose look gave no hint that she wasn't born female. Centered below the picture was the word "Before". When the slider was pulled over to the right, it changed to "After".

My brain couldn't quite process what I saw, and so I stared closely at different parts of the picture as I moved the slider back and forth. It was when I studied the eyes that I became convinced that this really was the same person.

I ignored the picture of the woman and went straight to the top right corner of the screen where the link said "Enter Website". The website itself was in Brazilian Portuguese.

There was a photo of two large bottles, like the kind of shampoo bottles you might find at a Cost Co or Sam's Club. One said "Before" and the other said "After". There were a few smaller bottles around them, each with the same label visible - "Before" or "After". I highlighted the copy and pasted it into a Google translate text box.

Hormonal balance not right? Before and After is the topical solution for hormonal imbalances! Easy to apply, no prescription necessary, instant results. Now with Aloe!

I smiled and thought, well at least its good for the skin. Then my eyes went down to the small print at the bottom. The translation was

These statements not evaluated by any federal drug agency. Not for the treatment of any medical condition, disease or illness. Use as directed. For external use only.

I thought to myself, if it wasn't legit, why would they use the verbiage that every other "homeopathic" or "natural" supplement company does? Then I noticed that the company took all major credit cards including American Express. I knew they couldn't maintain those relationships in good standing if a lot of people felt ripped off and went to their credit card issuers to reverse the charges. Then I thought about Brazil - wasn't it one of the best known places on earth for gender-bending locals? It made perfect sense that such a lotion would be invented for the local population, but that they wouldn't make any sort of dent in Google's so-called "rankings" of search results at least not without a massive advertising budget.

I'd guessed that maybe there was a solution out there, and now I was sure I had found it. I pulled out my credit card and placed an order. Shipping was pricey but I knew I'd have paid twice as much in the hopes that this product would give me results like I saw in the Before & After photos.

It was ten days before the package arrived at my office, and it was a few days later that I found myself back in the same hotel, standing nude in front of the vanity mirror, my new purchase spread out on the counter.

First I picked up a large tube which said Volumizing Hair Gel for the New You. The directions said to spread through wet hair then apply heat. There was also a bottle of small tablets. Those directions said to place on tongue and dissolve in mouth. The directions on the Before and After bottles said to apply with cotton balls and so I had brought a dozen bags of cotton balls, being uncertain how many I would need.

I decided to start with the hair gel. I figured that whatever happened, I could always just go get a haircut if the results were disappointing. I poured the pink-tinted gel into my hands, then spread it through my hair. It was like the shaping gel I normally used, but I never used the hair drier on it. I plugged in the appliance and turned it on, and watched in amazement as my blond hair grew thicker, fuller, softer and longer before my eyes. When it was dry I had beautiful honey blond locks falling past my shoulders. I brushed my new hair out, so much prettier than the blond wig, and smiled at my reflection. This was an excellent start, I thought. When I looked down to pick up the "After" bottle, my new hair fell forward, and I used each finger to flip the hair behind my ear.

My first hair flip, I thought.

I took a deep breath, then opened the bottle of After and poured a bit onto the first cotton ball. It was pink and thick, like the shampoo my wife uses. I decided to start with my eyes, and smeared the cotton ball along my eyebrow. When I pulled my hand away I was shocked to see that my eyebrow was now tweezed into the alluring shape of a woman's, and ... could it be? My brow had receded into my head!

Freaked out, I grabbed the Before bottle and poured some onto a new cotton ball. The liquid looked the same only it was blue in color. I smeared it over the same eyebrow and breathed a sigh of relief when my hand moved away and I saw my familiar bushy brow and male brow structure restored.

"Wax on, wax off, aye Daniel-San?"

I said in my best Mr. Miyagi voice. I picked up the pink-colored cotton ball and reapplied the topical solution for hormone imbalance, changing my eye brow and eye structure again, then smearing it across the other eyebrow. I could see how much easier it would be to put on eye makeup now, with my brow receded into my skull and my eye brows shaped into an arch.

"Or is that Danielle-San?"

And I laughed like Pat Morita did when he told his pupil he was "all wet behind ear!" Yes, I thought, I may be completely inexperienced but soon, thanks to Before & After, I am going to be a woman.

I turned my attention to my cheeks. With each swipe of the pink solution, the gray pallor of my male beard disappeared, replaced by softer, lighter skin that had never felt the touch of a razor blade. I smeared a little more on my cheek bones and watched as they subtly shifted, rising a tiny bit and making my face even more femininely shaped. When applied to my nose, it became smaller and thinner and when I brushed the liquid up between the nostrils, a tiny upturn appeared at the top.

This stuff would make a lot of Jewish girls on Long Island very happy, I thought.

Next was my neck, and as I spread the lotion along the side I watched my neck muscles recede. With my neck thinner, it appeared to be longer, more swan-like and much more feminine.

Next I spread the lotion on my throat. When I felt a tingle, I began to speak and listened as my voice moved out of its tenor range into the alto-range of a woman. I rubbed in more lotion until I realized I sounded like the actress Jennifer Tilly, who made a career playing helium-voiced bimbos. I took the blue-colored cotton ball and rubbed it into my throat, hearing my voice deepen subtly. When I reached a Brenda Vaccarro rasp, I took the pink cotton ball and spread a little more "After" on my throat. Then I spoke.

"Why don't you come inside and find out? I'm Danielle."

I sounded like Kathleen Turner in Body Heat and that made me laugh out loud.

I remembered about the other bottle, with the tablets to dissolve on the tongue. I popped one into my mouth, and in a moment my mouth filled with a neutral-flavored liquid. I spat it out, then opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

It was smaller and thinner, a sweet wet girlish tongue. I couldn't wait to curl it around a cock.

My face and neck were so incongruous with the rest of me, I quickly went about applying the solution to each shoulder and arm. Soon my muscles receded and melted away, leaving the soft un-muscled shape of a woman's upper body.

I reached for another bottle, marked After-Hands. It looked like one of those wart-removal applicators. Applying the clear liquid to my hands, each finger thinned out and being smaller, appeared longer than before. My wedding band was suddenly way too large, and I took it off and put it inside the pocket of my jeans for safe-keeping. Spreading it to the tips of my fingers, my nails became long, perfectly contoured and took on a deep red color. I smiled at my tiny hands and long skinny fingers.

Perfect for stroking a cock, I thought.

I wondered how I would apply the lotion to my back without assistance but quickly hit upon, if you'll pardon the expression, a solution. By spreading the pink liquid onto a towel, I could apply it everywhere I couldn't reach. Immediately I could tell that my lats had receded into my body, leaving me much more slender than I used to be.

I pulled out another bottle, marked After-Breasts. The lotion made my pectorals recede into nothingness and left me with the undeveloped chest a twelve year old.

Its time to create your boobs, I thought.

From the first moment I'd slipped my mother's bra over my empty chest, mimicking the way she put hers on, I'd fantasized about having my own breasts to fill in the cups of a soft bra. Breast forms from Glamour Boutique helped create an illusion that I had soft full tits and silverdollar nipples, but now, I was going to experience a change that takes several years for every young woman in a matter of minutes.

I began to spread the Breast solution around each side of my chest, evenly. Immediately I felt my skin press out against my hands as my breasts budded and began to grow, pillowy handfuls of soft flesh, until their size spilled over my hands.

Suddenly I remembered. I'd seen a study conducted by plastic surgeons. They'd used one thousand "Page Three" girls from the London tabloids and determined the characteristics of the perfect breast. I figured if I was going to have boobs, I might as well have perfect ones. I pulled out my laptop and typed "perfect breast study" into the search box, and immediately I saw what I was looking for. Clicking on the link, I scanned through the article. It said that the breasts judged to be most attractive had 55% of their volume below the nipple-line, and 45% of above.

Quickly I spread more solution on the lower half of my chest, until I judged them to be perfect. Then I turned to my nipples, spreading the solution in tiny circles, feeling them spread and thicken. The study said that the perfect breast had nipples with an upward tilt of 20 degrees, but I couldn't figure out how to achieve that. Either way I thought my tits looked amazing.

I cupped them, squeezing and massaging them, knowing that the sensations would be even better when a man's strong hands touch them. I squeezed my nipples gently, loving the spark of electricity it triggered.

I was dieing to find out my measurements and I couldn't wait to experience slipping on a bra now that I had my breasts of my very own.

I bent over my bag, feeling the weight of my new breasts, feeling them brush against my arms as I reached in to dig out the lingerie I had ordered from the Victoria's Secret catalog. I was pretty sure that my old purchases from Glamour Boutique weren't going to fit anymore, but I had no way of knowing what would fit "After". So I decided to splurge, knowing that anything that didn't fit could always be returned or exchanged.

First I pulled out the tiger-skin bra, size 34C. It closed in the front but I could tell immediately it was too small. I reached for the next bra, a blue satin number, also front-closing, this one 35D. I loved the feeling of the bra pushing my breasts together, but the cups were still too small.

Finally I tried the bra I'd liked best when I browsed the catalog, a black lace number, size 36DD. This one clasped in back. So I slipped the straps over my shoulders, just as Mom used to. I bent over and pulled the cups down and under my boobs before I straightened up and brought the hook and clip together. I slid my finger along the shoulder straps, then slipped my hands inside each cup, settling my tits inside their new, soft, beautiful home.

I thought, I don't know if you ever suspected, Mom, but I've dreamed of doing that since I was 13.

Feeling more womanly than I could have possibly imagined, I worked quickly now. Below my rib cage, the lotion made my skin recede into a new waist, higher than the one I had. Below that, my skin pressed outward against my hand as my new female hips and ass began to grow. I rubbed the liquid into my skin, all the while judging my hips in relationship to my breasts.

Perfect tits deserve a perfectly proportional lower half, I thought.

When I was satisfied that my silhouette was in perfect proportion, I moved down my legs and watched the last remaining male muscles melt away into shapely and completely female thighs and legs, and my male feet became small like a woman's.

I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing an almost perfect female form.

"You're really out of place now old buddy," I thought to myself.

I spread the lotion into my hands and started by spreading it around my inner legs, feeling a subtle change as the inner thigh receded, creating space between my legs for the pussy I was about to create.

I then massaged the liquid into my genitals and instantly, they softened and flattened. Like wet clay, my cock and balls became malleable as they receded into me. I continued to move downward, feeling a delightful emptiness form between my legs. The soft pliant flesh was so malleable now I began to push it upward, feeling it recede inside me.

Finally, I felt nothing between my legs but the soft pliant folds of my vagina. I slipped a finger into my mouth and slid my finger down its center, feeling the lips part until I found my opening, where I slipped my digit inside. My breath caught in my throat as I fingered myself, then I slid the finger up my snatch again until I found my little nub, the clit I always thought that my cock should have been.

Looking up in the mirror, I couldn't believe the reflection I saw. The topical solution for hormonal imbalance hadn't just turned me into a woman. I had a face to die for and a body that could stop traffic. I smiled at myself, and then the tears began to fall. I pressed a tissue to my eyes and smiled again.

"C'mon Danielle, pull yourself together, he's going to be here soon."

I spread out the makeup I'd used before. This time I was excited to follow the training videos, knowing that the results would only make me more beautiful and sexy than I already felt. When I applied some light foundation and blush, I turned to my eyes, loving how my new receded brow and high arched eye brows gave me room to spread out the eye shadow, carefully blending the colors into a dark, alluring midnight blue/light silver combination. When I was finished I loved the full effect of the eyeliner/mascara and eye shadow. I looked good without makeup, but stunning with it.

Finally I pulled out the deep red lipstick and carefully spread it from the center of my upper lip to each edge, then spread it along the equally full lower lip. I'd spread lipstick on so many times before, but today, for the first time, the reflection in the mirror was totally and completely the one I'd previously only imagined. No, it was even better than I'd imagined.

I pursed my lips together in an exaggerated kiss, then thought better of it. I opened my mouth wide, imagining that a penis was about to invade my sexy, naturally cock-hungry lips.

"Soon, Danielle, soon."

I brushed out my hair once more, and thought about leaving it down or wearing it up, with a few bangs falling over my face. I decided to wear it down. I slipped out of my black lace bra. I pulled out one of the medium-sized purchases from Victoria's Secret, a pink colored Jacquard Merry widow, with underwire support cups, a pretty bow between them.

I held it open against my soft tummy, then brought the ends together at my back, until the zipper caught and I tugged it up to the middle of my back. I pulled it up toward my chest, then slipped the straps over my shoulders and settled the girls inside. The cups pushed them up and the lack of material above left them nowhere to go but out. I think I actually looked better in it than the model in the catalog did.

I pulled out the white stockings and slid them up over my legs, marveling at how the material felt even better against the truly soft, pliant skin of my transformed legs. I secured the stocking with the garters hanging off of the merry widow, then finally I pulled on the matching pink panties, with the same bow in the middle.

I'd decided on the matching panty rather than the thong after realizing how uncomfortable thongs actually are. And now, being fully transformed, I loved the feeling of sliding the panty up my legs. Finding the small triangular front, a flat panel with no room for anything but an empty V where my cock used to be, and the wide material behind, to cover my sexy butt. Yes, this girl definitely prefers panties. I can't wait to have a stud or two pull them off of me.

I was checking my makeup one last time when there was a knock on the door.


I opened the door to find the same two young men as before. It wasn't a surprise, I had recognized the email address that responded to my second Craig's List ad. This time though instead of looks of disappointment and cocksure smugness, I was greeted with two men high-fiving each other as if one had just knocked in the other with a game-winning hit.

"Hi guys, come on in. I'm Danielle."

I said in my new, smoldering voice.

"I'm Steve. He's Bob. And I told you, man, every once in a while, it turns out to be a hot, gorgeous horny chick who just wants to have some no-strings-attached fun with a couple of horny guys."

"That's right, boys, I'm in town on a business trip and hate to waste time at a bar. I'd rather just order in."

As I spoke, I drew my finger across Bob's chin. He'd made jokes about me three weeks ago but now he was staring at my tits. I curled my finger under his chin, forcing him to look at me instead of my body.

"I'm up here, big boy."

"Sorry, but you really rock that outfit. You've got a very sexy body."

"That's sweet of you to say. Now its time for me to see more of yours."

I watched as the men lifted their shirts off. They were both cleanshaven and nicely chiseled in the arms, shoulders and chest. Bob was about 5'11" and Steve a few inches taller. They reached down to remove their sneakers, then their shorts came off, leaving one in boxers and the other in speedo briefs. Both were sporting bulges, because now I had the power to inspire erections without touching anyone.

"Very nice, both of you."

The men smiled at me as I moved between them. I put my thin arms around Steve's neck and craned my head up for my first kiss as a woman. He kissed me hard and I kissed him back, gently and seductively. Bob's hands were palming my ass when Steve's mouth opened and his tongue invaded my mouth. I felt how much smaller my tongue had become, almost symbolic of my new, nearly defenseless form. I danced my tongue around his, then pulled away, turning toward Bob to kiss him as well, my arm still wrapped around Steve's neck. As I turned, I felt Steve's hands cup and massage my tit through the soft material of the merry widow. My free arm bent at the elbow to slide my fingers through Bob's hair, then turned downward, reaching for the tent that had sprung up in his boxers.

"I want to see what you boys have for me."

I said seductively, a smile on my face, my eyes looking from one to the other as I sunk slowly to my knees. For the second time in my life, I was face-to-crotch with a man's package, but now, everything was perfect. There was no pretending and no willful blindness, just a woman's mouth about to enjoy not one but two beautiful cocks.

I kissed along the length of Bob's erection before I pulled his boxers down. His cock sprung out at me, fully erect this time and very, very interested in how I would pleasure it.

"Oh" I said, "very nice, Bob."

I cupped his balls and immediately realized how much bigger his package seemed against my new, small girl hands. Slipping the head inside my mouth, I luxuriated in the taste and the fullness inside my mouth. When I slid my lips back toward the head I gazed up at him. His eyes were locked on my own, and I loved the connection, eyes-to-eyes and mouth-tocock.

"I haven't forgotten about you, Steven."

I turned toward Bob's buddy and saw immediately from the bulge in his drawers that Steve was not only taller than his buddy but much more wellendowed. I didn't waste any time, I had to free that monster from the material it was straining against. When I did, a beautiful eight inch cock swung out toward my lips and I hungrily inhaled it. Taking a few inches into my mouth, I slid back up the shaft until he slipped out, and I told him what I thought.

"Very, very nice, Steve. You've got a big beautiful yummy cock."

I reached over and found Bob's cock with my hand, stroking him as I returned Steve's cock to my mouth.

"That's it, baby, suck the cock. You love sucking cock, don't you?"

I released his cock and looked up at him. I still didn't want comments from the peanut gallery.

"Shut up."

I then took most of his eight inches deep into my mouth, until he groaned loudly. I smiled at him after I released him. That's what I wanted to hear. I turned toward Bob and began to hungrily inhale his full length, while my hand stroked Stephen's throbbing hardness. I pulled him closer then and began to switch off, sucking each one deeply, right and left, intoxicated by the male sexiness that surrounded me. Then my lovers moved a little closer together so I could tongue both heads at the same time. My eyes moved from one to the other, until my own pleasure made me close them tight.

"Let's see those tits, Danielle." One of them spoke but I didn't even care which one. I happily slipped the straps off of my shoulder, and pulled down the cups, exposing the full expanse of my cleavage. Both men reached down and squeezed my boobs, and I arched my back to give them full access, luxuriating in their strong hands cupping and tugging and pinching my nipples.

I turned my head toward Bob and he slipped his cock back inside my mouth, sliding it between my lips as I felt Steve's hardness against the softness of my breasts. Releasing Bob, I took the excess saliva from my mouth and spread it between my boobs.

I squeezed my tits together as Steve began to thrust between them, turning my head again to receive Bob's cock again. Jamie had told me when we were dating that titty-fucking wasn't her thing, she didn't feel any stimulation from it, but how could that be? The feeling of Steve's hard cock sliding between my soft tits was wonderful.

I turned away from Steve, spread some saliva between my cleavage and offered my tits to Bob's cock. I loved how his smaller erection actually disappeared between my breasts, until he thrust as far forward as he could and the purple head of his cock pushed out from between my boobs. My tongue slipped out and danced around the head, then I turned to gratefully inhale Steve's enormous erection.

Finally I released both cocks and the men's hands reached under my arms to pull me up to my feet. I fell backwards on the hotel bed, watching both men as they moved forward toward me. Bob moved first, meeting me at the head of the bed. He put his arm on the headboard of the bed, allowing me to slip his cock back into my mouth, and reach my hand between his legs to grasp his perfect ass. His right hand moved down and cupped and squeezed my right tit.

Steve moved forward and I watched as his hands reached around my hips and slid my panty off. I was hoping he'd waste no time before sliding his cock deep inside me but instead, his eyes locked with mine as he began to kiss his way down my leg toward my honeypot. When he reached my crotch his eyes closed as his tongue explored my lips, tenderly moving between them before sliding upward toward my clit.

I moaned loudly as I had my box eaten for the first time, an amazing sensation that put any blowjob I ever received to shame. Before, I'd only fantasized about being a woman sucking a cock, but now, I began to realize that sex for women truly is better. The feeling of his tongue fluttering against my pussy lips and dancing over my clit was mindblowing.

I began grinding my hips against his face and when he slipped his finger inside me while his tongue vibrated on my clit, my eyes shut tight as my entire body shuddered and trembled and my juices poured out of me. My orgasm was so intense I could stand no further contact as I jerked my crotch away from him, my head and shoulders rising off the pillow. I pushed against him, my hand stiff and flat against his powerful shoulders, pushing him away but too weak to actually make him move. My head fell back on the pillow as my eyes shut, and when Steve slipped a finger back inside me, my body spasmed again, another orgasm coursing through me, this one as powerful as the first.

I hadn't even been fucked yet and I knew I would never be the same.

"She's one hot slut, buddy."

My eyes finally opened and Bob moved his cock back toward my mouth. I accepted it submissively, thrilled to taste it and pleasure it but desperate to have my pussy filled the same way. Steve wasted no time moving between my legs and maneuvering his cock into the cusp of my opening.

My left hand was flat against his stomach as I spoke.

"Easy, baby. Be gentle with me ..."

He pressed himself firmly into me and I groaned as I felt myself open up and receive him. My pussy might have been as open as any 20-something but it was new to me, and at first his cock felt too big for me. He shifted his weight a little more forward and I took another, then another and another of his glorious eight inches. I could only stroke Bob's cock with my left hand as I watched this masterful swordsman sink his entire length inside me. As he pulled out and began to fill me up again, my pussy was adjusting to his size and his next thrust had me groaning and crying out in pleasure.

"That's it, fuck my pussy with your big cock. Fuck me hard! Oh please fuck me with your cock!"

Steve now started fucking me with short, steady, powerful thrusts, and I stared past my bouncing tits to his thick penis moving in and out of me. I couldn't stop staring at his incredible cock moving in and out of me, until the feeling of being taken, possessed, given over to this new pleasure became overwhelming, and my eyes began to close again as my pussy spasmed again around his thick cock.

My mouth opened wide as my orgasm surged through me and Bob took advantage, pivoting on his knee, lifting the other one over my chest and slipping his cock back into my mouth. I kept my eyes lock on his as he thrust into my happy mouth, while Steve continued to fuck me senseless. I began to cum again, screaming around the cock that Bob wouldn't remove from my mouth.

When my orgasm subsided, Bob dismounted my chest and told his buddy he wanted to tap my pussy. I groaned loudly as Steve slipped out of me, my head lifting off of the pillows. Bob's strong hands pulled at my hips, making me rise off my back and into the doggie position. I felt his smaller cock slide into me easily, and I was glad that he still felt just about as good inside me as Steve did. He began to rhythmically smack my ass with each stroke, a sensation I loved.

"Yeah! Fuck me hard! Don't stop, fuck me-e-e-e!!"

Meanwhile Steve stood on the bed in front of me, and Bob grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head upward so that Steve could start fucking my mouth. I was filled at both ends and mindless with my own pleasure and the pleasure I was giving my partners.

Bob was fucking me deeply, long powerful strokes that felt incredible, and I began to feel both cocks begin to throb inside me.

"I want you to cum on my face... I want to taste you please cum on my face..."

I felt Bob slip out of me and I turned again toward the pillow, with Bob moving alongside me.

"I'm gonna cum you hot bitch, here it comes take it ..."

My mouth opened as thick luscious strands of cum pulsated out of his cock, rope after rope hitting my cheeks and forehead and filling my mouth. I swallowed greedily when I looked up to see Steve stroking his cock and soon a second load exploded over my waiting mouth. When his orgasm subsided I transferred cum from my lips to each man's cock head, playing with each cock and the cum I had drained out of it, smiling at each man in his turn. Then I released each of them as Steve stretched out beside me, catching his breath, while Bob kneeled on the floor, his head laying softly against my chest, utterly spent and totally satisfied.

I kissed Steve and stroked Bob's hair.

"Thanks boys, you make me glad I'm a woman."

In ways you can't even fathom, I thought to myself.

We lay like that for a few minutes, a tangled ball of spent humanity, before the men started to stir and move away from me. I lay back on the bed, moving the streaks of cum from my cheek and forehead to my mouth, as I watched them get dressed. Steve spoke.

"You going to be in town for a few more days? Maybe we can get together again sometime."

"Hmm, that sounds like fun. I'll shoot you an email."

"You're a helluva fuck, Danielle."

"You two aren't bad yourselves."

And with that they slipped out of the hotel room, leaving me a physically exhausted, totally satisfied woman.

I lay like that for a long time, thinking. What should I do? How can I use the Before bottle to go back to being a man, after finding that nothing compares to sex as a woman? How can I not? How can I leave Jamie without a word? She'd go crazy with worry if her husband didn't come home. For that matter, how would I explain myself if I showed up like this?

I hadn't considered the consequences when I took that fateful step and ordered from the before-and-after website. I never considered that if it worked as I hoped it would, I might not be so gung-ho to return to my previous life. Then I thought about the fact that I'd only ordered women's clothes from Victoria's Secret. Unless I wanted to walk out wearing ill-fitting men's clothes, with an ID and credit cards that identified me as Daniel, I'd have to use the Before bottle and go back to being the man who walked into this hotel room a few hours before.

I had to.

But I was in no hurry, and as I lay there in the hotel bed, my hands slid down my female body, touching my breasts and squeezing my sensitive nipples, before sliding down between my legs and moving along my wet pussy lips. I began to touch myself while reliving my first time. I saw their two beautiful cocks and felt their throbbing hardness sliding between my lips. I squeezed my boobs together and pictured each cock moving between them. I felt the sensation of Steve's expert tongue eating me out. I had two fingers sliding in and out of me when I envisioned Steve's enormous cock thrusting between my legs, my tits bouncing in time, and a final, earth-shattering orgasm coursed through me, making my vision go white as my chest shook and my pussy quivered.

When I was breathing normally again, I knew what I would do.

I'll go back to being a man, I thought. I can do this, I can turn this delightful pussy and clit back into a cock. I can do it because now I can always make myself beautiful. I'll go back to what I was Before ... but someday I'll live After.

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