To the Matt Part 1

Matt's life isn't ordinary by any means. Growing up in the world of wrestling can be tough, but being tossed out and living a "normal" life can be tougher. See Matt develop from the darling son to one of the backbones of an industry- all while fighting urges to become his inner woman.

Author's Note: this story is entirely fictitious. The characters are amalgamations of multiple people in the industry. The terminology is real so please try to use the glossary to understand the lingo that is flung around at times


A 32-year-old blond man stands tall in the ring, looking strong as she faced a crowd of 15,000 people in the sold-out arena as well as millions watching at home.

The man was short, barely 5'9" tall and weighing in at just over 180 pounds. He had muscular arms and a flat stomach showing strong abdominal muscles while sporting slim legs. He was hairless everywhere except for the long dirty-blond hair on his head.

He waited for the music to fade and the cheering to stop, the fans expecting something major to come from the mouth of the most beloved babyface in the top tier of the professional wrestling world. They let him know that they loved him, but the look on his face wasn't one that they liked. He was serious, whatever he had to say was going to be major.

He paced the ring and fought for courage, finally putting the microphone to his mouth and announcing to the world "you know me as Matt Simpson, the #1 contender for the Global Championship Wrestling title and the guy who has taken down the largest competitors in our sport. You know me as a one-time NCAA wrestling champion. You know me as the doctor who became a professional wrestler. But that's the real me. That is all a lie that I have told since I was a teenager."

He steeled himself then proclaimed "Matt Simpson was the name I was given when I was born, but for years I have known that inside that wasn't who I was. The real me is someone entirely different. My real name isn't Matt Simpson. M real name, the name that I have carried in secret for years and until recently only a few close family and friends know about, is Taylor Thomas. I'm a woman inside and can't hide who I am from the world any longer."

He looked over the crowd and expected the worst, but continued on "I'm transgender. I can't keep this a secret as I have to let it out. This secret was discovered recently and that is being used against me to try to harm both me and my family. I won't let him get away with it, so I am choosing to kill my career and admit the truth rather than be extorted into giving up my dreams. This person doesn't deserve your love nor your respect, he is nothing like the person he portrays on screen. For years he has hated me, why he does I'll never know. He has made it his mission to destroy my career but until this past week, he has kept it to just harming me. That changed when he targeted my family."

He grew angry and screamed "my wife and children were threatened by a man who used his wife to get control of our company so he could extend his fledgling career and make into a personal playground. They have kept away from the GCW, only interacting when hired to by wrestlers who needed her help. They have never said one bad thing about this company and supported it from birth and from the first time they met everyone here. Yet this person felt the need to threaten to harm them if I didn't leave. He used images of me obtained by breaking into my home and placing hidden cameras in our bedroom and bathroom. He crossed a line from rivalry into criminal harassment."

He sighed and explained further "I'm transgender. I freely admit it. I choose to show my feminine side at home as I am not ready to become who I need to be. This person saw to it to exploit my true self for his own personal gain, threatening to go public with all of the images unless I gave him what he wants. I chose to out myself and accept the consequences, knowing full well that he will fire me for being a public embarrassment to our company. I accept that, but I can't accept threatening my family."

He had tears in his eyes as he proclaimed "I can't live a lie anymore and am choosing to retire rather than give him what he wants. I'll live with the pain of the whole world knowing who I really am. I am immediately transitioning to female, this is the last you will see in this ring."

He waved goodbye and left, walking away to a stunned audience while the news broke worldwide that a prominent professional wrestler had just come out as transgender. In the back, his family hugged him and led him out, with the entire roster of the GCW seeing him off for a final time. All except the man who had tried to extort him, he was in a heated argument with two extremely important people.

The young man didn't look back, his head was dropped in shame while his two children hugged him tightly and his wife offered encouraging words. He knew that things were going to change, he just had to weather the storm and endure. It's what he had been doing for years, only now he would do it as his true self and not look back.


Years earlier:

Professional wrestling.

It's a sport that few people respect for what it is. It's performance athletics. It's synchronized movement that has you believing that two people in the ring are trying to kill one another through a series of holds, strikes, slams, and use of various weapons.

To most, it's known to be fixed. That doesn't stop it from being entertaining, especially if you know the hard work that the wrestlers put into their matches both before and after. It looks like it's an easy job, but look closer and you see just how tough it is to move at the right moment and brace for impact at the right time to sell a move to look like you are going to die but really barely feel the impact.

Some of them are better actors than the high priced, high maintenance Hollywood stars, especially those in action movies. It should come as no surprise really that some top action stars grew into their roles thanks to the hard work of those who plied their trade in the ring. The two trades are close with more danger and less fame for wrestlers.

Global Championship Wrestling was the top professional wrestling company in the world. Every kid knew who they were and who the top stars were. Many wanted to be those guys, with even a growing number of girls wanting to be one of the female stars.

The company was an international juggernaut. It had built up over the decades as it acquired smaller companies and won over fans in farther and farther reaches of the United States, Canada, then finally across the globe. It was the top for a very good reason: the talent was the best in the world and the art of storytelling was top notch and copied the world over by other companies.

For over 30 years, GCW had been the top company and in that time it had become the envy of smaller companies. Fans were vocal in their support but also vocal in their detracting of it. The treatment of the female wrestlers was often the cause of flame wars online and shouting matches at the actual events.

GCW was in the midst of changing itself. It needed someone to make that change, it needed a new star who could unite fans and bring them back to the sport while winning over new ones. They needed a new star, but sometimes old habits died hard especially when that star causes the powers that be to get looked at for what they really are by the ownership group who had placed their trust in them.

Matt Simpson was born into the world of professional wrestling thanks to his parents. His father Wally oversaw the road crew that assembled, disassembled, tested, and fixed the barriers, ring, ramp, and entrance stage before and after every event. His mother Nancy was the head costumer, dressing the stars in their newest t-shirt designs and working with the wrestlers to design their ring attire so they were able to stand out to the cameras and fans while still being flexible and comfortable.

Both had met and fallen in love during the hours they had to spend working around the wrestlers, each finding the other to be their dream companion and finding a kindred spirit. Wally's parents were upset with him for not working in Hollywood alongside his father and uncles building sets for movies and TV shows. Her parents were upset that she decided to follow her instincts and take a job with the GCW as their new seamstress and designer instead of working closer to home in suburban Orlando, FL.

The duo was the top in their fields and through them helped build the company's second brand from behind the scenes. Few people outside the company realized just how important they were to the success of the brand, but those who were around the stars for more than a few minutes saw that nothing got done without their help. Wally was the one who oversaw the entire construction unit while Nancy sewed just about every bit of clothing seen on camera and in-ring for all performers.

Matt was an only child but grew up around the kids of the wrestlers and some of the support crew so he had never been for want of companionship. He was a smart kid who made friends with everyone, especially the ladies of the GCW. They saw him as a nephew and were happy to babysit him when Nancy had to make an emergency spare set of trunks or Wally and his crew was running late setting up for that night's action.

To a kid growing up alongside the sport, it was the most amazing thing you could ever see. Even when you know the ins and outs of the sport, you still look on in awe as you watch the action of two people brutalizing one another. It gets even better when you are able to actually participate in the sport, being part of a backstage segment or part of a crowd scene as one of the babyfaces interacts with you and "saves" you from the bullying heel that belittles you or gets upset that you make fun of them.

Matt got to experience it firsthand, learning the ins and outs of the sport and all of the fun that it really could be if you suspended belief. He understood the sport so well that he earned the trust of the ladies of the GCW who then used him as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, with Matt having an eye for the action and seeing what others couldn't see but was proven right via replays. His analysis became legendary among the ladies, so much so that he was one of the few trusted to help build their feuds before the bookers and producers got them together to work on their matches just before showtime.

As he grew older, he was never around other kids outside of the extended GCW family and even those he was around were only there during school vacations. Wrestling was his life and other kids couldn't get how he could be so passionate about the theatrics and skills while ignoring the characters. He tried to be like them, but every time he tried it blew up in his face as the kids just didn't understand him.

He stuck close to the ladies and became like their little gopher, often helping them with little things as they hurried to get ready for the night. He grew adept at makeup and tying boots and putting out their water and over-the-counter pain medicines for them. It was hard work and it was fully appreciated.

He spent a lot of time with them, never realizing that the ladies would often change in front of him as he was busy helping them prepare and doing their little necessary tasks. He never noticed their nudity, and even if he did he never said a word about it nor did he react to bare breasts and sometimes seeing bare vaginas. He simply didn't care, he was being trusted by them to help them get ready and he would do his job to the best of his abilities despite loving the sight.

When he grew too old to be with them, he was put to work with the guys and immediately hated it. The males were an entirely different species to him, it wasn't the happy place with joking and helping one another that the ladies had in their locker room. The men were focused on their matches and what they would say and ignored him to the point that there was no point in him trying to help anyone as they just didn't want it and didn't feel that Matt was any help even if he had a few years of experience already.

He got to see more of the sport than anyone had seen, and what he saw and heard made him sick. The guys were frequently talking about doctors and medications and dealing with avoiding getting hooked on the drugs prescribed. He would get noticed whenever they talked about that and was tossed out by the self-appointed leader of the locker room with an angry complaint about a kid being there even if he knew who he was and why he was sent there in the first place.

This ejection caused issues with his parents as they weren't happy that he had caused trouble in the locker room even if he hadn't done a thing to earn any of the punishment. He was sent to live with his maternal grandparents in Florida in retaliation, not being given a chance to defend himself nor the opportunity to go stay with his other grandparents in California. The company paid to get rid of him, paying for his plane ticket and telling him that he was too old to be around them anymore even if none of the wrestlers were actually asked that.

It was devastating to Matt, his whole life had been professional wrestling and trying to help the GCW. He missed the ladies and had to fight tears as he saw them making the same mistakes over and over again while nobody tried to stop them. The ladies would listen to him, but he wasn't allowed to speak with anyone at the GCW anymore- not even his parents.

Matt was stuck having to go to regular middle and high school, enduring whispers about his family and why he was with his grandparents and not his parents. His grandparents, Ned and Lois Thompson, were decent people, they had put aside their anger at their daughter leaving them for the sake of Matt and tried hard to give him the love and affection that he needed even if their hearts weren't really into it. That didn't stop kids from seeing him as an easy mark who could be exploited for their own use or made to be the scapegoat for their antics, he was just too easy of a mark and never fought back.

Matt made few friends while in Florida. Most kids just didn't see him as anything more than the poor kid dumped on his grandparents when his parents couldn't deal with him. The few who did befriend him were outcasts like him and saw him for what he was- smart, intuitive, and inquisitive.

Matt was one of the few who saw the good in everyone, even if they were seen as trash or gay or any of the worse things you can call a kid in middle school. He was nicest to Hank Park, the school's resident charity case and the poorest kid in their town. Hank was the first to greet Matt and treat him like he was just like any other kid, Matt saw in Hank a lot of himself and kept close even if they weren't able to fully become friends but that didn't stop them from enjoying the few fleeting moments of closeness.

He made friends with one person, in particular, a tall, skinny, blonde-haired girl by the name of Betty Black who acted as a sort of liaison between the outcasts and others. He was immediately smitten with Betty when they were paired together in class, listening to whatever she had to say and doing whatever she wanted of him. In his eyes, Betty was the most beautiful girl in the world and also the nicest person he had ever met.

Betty never met a person she didn't like, but there was something about Matt that she couldn't resist and made her intrigued. He wasn't interested in dating her like other boys their age, he looked at her like she was a person and not a sexual object. He talked with her four hours before, during, and after school and always made her feel like she was the smartest, funniest, most caring person.

The Blacks treated him like any other boy but saw the closeness between Betty and Matt. He wouldn't try to steal kisses nor try to grope Betty, he just worked alongside her and talked to her as an equal. It did give them some concern, he was a bit too close to Betty and led them to suspect that maybe he was not entirely heterosexual and may have been secretly gay and was overcompensating for the feelings.

Betty would give him kisses and hugs for helping her, much to his shock and surprise. She blushed as she did so, but it felt natural to kiss him. He was the nicest person she ever met and was closer to her than any girl had been and was the only boy she could ever see as a potential date.

Lois and Ned were indifferent to Betty. They didn't think too highly of Matt so saw her as using him to get what she wants for herself. It couldn't have been further from the truth, but they didn't have a chance to talk with her as she would always leave as quickly as possible to keep from saying something to the couple about their assumptions about her and Matt.

Matt eventually talked with Betty about his past and was shocked then laughed as he revealed his time with the ladies of the GCW and how much of a gentleman he was. She kissed him deeply for admitting his secret, it was the noblest thing she had heard and it impressed her how he was so much of a little gentleman that he didn't take advantage of the situation or gloat to everyone that he saw some of the most beautiful women naked.

The stories about the male wrestlers made her roll her eyes and complain that the worst trash talkers and guys who got him kicked out were drug addicts who were hiding their secret from others. He knew she was right, but hated to see them as less than gods. He did know that the worst offender, the head of the locker room and self-appointed next head of the GCW, King Reign, was always trying to talk with the doctor hired by the GCW to oversee the health of the wrestlers.

The two spent two years growing their friendship. By the time they reached high school, Betty and he was inseparable to the point that they were joined at the hip inside and outside of class. After a long summer apart where Betty stayed with her aunt and uncle on a farm in Ohio, they stopped fighting their urges and started to date openly.

Whenever the GCW visited the town, Matt would take Betty to the show. Wally gave Betty a personal tour while Betty was shown off to the backstage personnel as Matt's girlfriend. She never corrected him and Nancy had to fight her urge to ask about her intentions with their pride and job, but Betty gave off a clear vibe that she was more than a friend to Matt and the way she hung onto him made it clear he was her love.

The ladies of the GCW welcomed Matt with open arms and big kisses that would always make him cringe, while Betty tried her hardest not to laugh at his reaction. She was given the once-over by them, having to endure a battery of questions while they gauged her reaction and tried to determine if she was using him to get what she wanted or whether she was a true friend. She passed with flying colors, with the ladies welcoming Betty into their unofficial family and giving her personalized gifts of pictures and signed t-shirts in the newest designs that were not seen by anyone yet.

Immediately, the ladies went to work and asked Matt for his thoughts on their performances that night. Betty was in awe of his ability to work with them to suggest subtle changes, with the women listening to what they could do to sell their moves while keeping with the overall theme of the heel winning by a quick move missed by the referee and done in a new light that was classic yet modern and something to be talked about for weeks. It was as if Matt was a whole other person, moving certain ways as he described the moves and giving a sense that he truly understood their movements and mindsets.

When they were all but pushed out of the locker room by their minder so the ladies could get dressed, the male wrestlers gave them a look of disgust and pity. One of Matt's few supporters among the men told him "King Reign is on the warpath. He hates that you are allowed in here again and will make sure you get kicked out if you so much as look at a camera."

Better grinned and asked "why" which caused him to glare but was soon followed by others doing the same as nobody could exactly explain what Matt had done wrong to get on King's bad side or was in such trouble to get barred from touring alongside his parents. Betty's simple question started to give the men a clue that they had no reason for giving Matt any animosity and he was singled out by King in a way that none of them had seen before let alone would allow.

King Reign caught sight of Matt and demanded he is removed from backstage. Matt was going to leave but was stopped when the owner of the company, Vince Turner, stepped forward to see what was going on and why King was screaming. He was the infamously secretive but hands-on owner of the GCW and who had spent many hours babysitting Matt during hectic times when both of his parents and the ladies were at work trying to put on a revamped show that had changed due to one or more of the wrestlers being fired or taken off camera due to injury or controversy.

Vince rarely had the chance to interact with Matt once Matt started to get older and had put him with the ladies as they enjoyed his presence and his calm demeanor and idolizing of them helped to give the ladies a better performance. He had nothing against Matt and upon seeing him again, demanded to know where he had been for the past year. Matt was at a loss for words, but Betty held his hand to give him much needed strength as he built his resolve to tell the truth to Vince.

Matt finally vocalized "King got me sent to my grandparents' house last year. You were out sick and by the time you came back I was already with them and enrolled in school. The GCW paid for the plane ticket, mom and dad had to pay you back for it. You know he has hated me for years, he's why I was kicked out of the ladies' locker room two years ago. Your daughter was fine with me being there and none of them had an issue changing around me especially when you got them their own stylist so I wasn't stuck doing all of their makeup for them allowing me to help them with their matches. I heard some things that he didn't want me to hear, I heard what he was doing with that doctor you had just banned from coming around. He said to the others that you rehired him because you were wrong and the allegations against him were false. He came back that night and gave medication to a couple of the guys and saw that I heard everything and talked with King making him kick me out."

Vince had a visible scowl but kept his cool. He looked over at the three men coming up behind Matt and told them firmly "King is to keep away from everyone for the rest of the night. He knows I don't fool around when it comes to the good doctor, he's suspended for the next three months and his title is being stripped tonight. I don't care what he says, he broke the biggest rule that we have had for 20 years in exposing us to the feds and the media for drug issues. Dr. Bien Sentisimo was banned for a reason and I don't care if King is his friend. Ignore my orders and you will need to find new jobs. Not even the Indies will take you once I'm done with you."

King was looming nearby and lost it, tearing apart the backstage area causing Vince to smile brightly at the gall of the once-great champion and top heel in the company. It was what he was hoping for, he had shown his true colors to the rest of the GCW and was paying the highest price possible anyone could pay for directly disobeying an order from Vince. He was already on the way out the door and had given Vince the perfect excuse to start burying him for his antics behind the scenes.

Vince escorted the couple to the Gorilla position and had Matt give his takes on what needed to be done and why they needed to be done. With an hour to go and the writers furiously reworking the show, Matt was one of the few trusted enough to be direct with Vince. His idea to have Impossible, one of the young stars on the rise in the company, win the title and have him be the focus for the next month while the babyfaces and heels chased him caused Vince to grin widely, it was brilliant and allowed Impossible to have his time in the spotlight while working in multiple angles of jealousy and revenge.

Matt's hunch paid off as the crowd went nuts in the main event. King was forced to make a show of his choosing the most unlikely candidate to face him for his championship and lost handily as he tried in vain to no-sell then oversell the moves only to have Impossible make them sell themselves. After the match, Matt was personally thanked by Impossible while Impossible's friends grinned widely at Matt proving himself to the company for what he truly was and not what King had claimed him to be.

On the ride home, Betty asked what the big deal was with the guys smirking at him. Matt looked down in shame but confessed "King spread rumors about me dressing up and acting as a girl when I was with the ladies. He used my ability to put makeup on them and help them create their styles as a way of justifying the abuse towards me. He's deeply homophobic and hated that I'm small and skinny and look like a girl if you style my hair a certain way. I won't deny it, I did dress up as a girl. It was fun when I was younger and the ladies needed something to do to keep themselves from going crazy with boredom during the long "Wrestlecade" events in April."

She smiled at hearing that, asking him "did you enjoy it? I'd love to see you in some of their outfits." He blushed and looked away, she had her answer and it was just too cute in her eyes.

He finally stopped stalling and confessed "I loved it. I felt like a girl and couldn't wait to try wearing them again. They treated me like a girl and gave me a sense of finally fitting in. You know how I am with boys, they hate me on principle and whenever I try to be like them it blows up in my face."

She kissed him deeply after he calmed down. It was the bravest thing she had ever heard. He wasn't like any other boy, he was almost like a sister to her.

She smiled at the thought. She loved him for how he was and would gladly help him out any way she could. She didn't care if it meant he would be a girl, she loved him regardless of what was in his pants.

The two let the big secret go and focused on the next day. Matt would have to bite his tongue hard over the boys talking about the main event shocker and knew that they'd never believe that he had played a big role in it let alone had gotten Vince to listen to his ideas in the first place.

He listened and had to fight laughs as the boys were touting how Impossible couldn't retain it for long. It was the truth, but he would be back fighting for his title within six months and would headline the company for the next three years. It might be longer if King Reign accepted that he needed to go as the top heel and allow others the chance to show their mettle and be the top guys.

Betty listened and smirked as they talked about the ladies and how they looked. Matt knew what she was about to do and gave her a pleading look. She just smiled and told the boys "we got to meet them."

All eyes turned to the two while Betty smirked and showed several pictures that she had taken of Matt and the ladies. A collective gasp went out, with Betty adding "he knows them all and even got babysat by them. You all made fun of him for living with his grandparents, well he got to do some things that you could only dream about with the ladies. He's even Stacy Turner's godson, she told me about how he got to be baptized by her and Ice Block Stan Dallas."

Matt never said a word, Betty led him away while the boys tried to figure out if it was all a big act, or if he was telling the truth. The boys started looking online and spotted something that shocked them: a picture of Stacy Turner hugging and kissing Matt with the caption "seeing my godson for the first time in a year" with Betty in the background talking with the other ladies as they questioned her about her intentions with Matt. Matt had no idea that she posted the picture online, but it would go a long way towards the boys giving him a lot of slack and laying off the teasing and rumor mongering.

At Betty's house, the Blacks asked about the night before and why they were driven home in a limo. It took a lot of energy but Matt explained who dropped them off and why and what their relationship was to him. It was exactly what Matt's grandparents had told them earlier in the day, it was hard to realize it was the truth but his grandparents never lied nor did they need to lie.

Inside the sanctity of Betty's room, she had him strip off his clothes and try on one of her skirts. It was a bold move that could get them barred from ever being allowed to be alone together, but she knew that her parents would leave any second as they trusted them to not have sex. Matt was "safe" in their eyes, even if he was fighting his feelings for Betty and she had kissed him deeply the night before.

Betty could not believe how pretty he had made himself just by styling his hair and putting on her skirt. He could easily pass as a girl, especially with small breasts added to his chest. He looked so feminine and with the right makeup, he might be prettier than herself.

Her next move was just that, having him put on a blouse, her training bra, and her inserts to give him a more feminine chest to match his feminine legs. He blushed as she took out her own inserts, telling him with a teasing tone "they are still warm" while showing off her own mostly flat chest. She saw no need to wear a blouse or bra, in her eyes this was her girlfriend wearing her clothes, not her boyfriend.

Matt felt weird but when she showed him how he looked in her mirror he nearly fainted. A tear ran down his face, he was beautiful. Matt ceased to exist, in his place was a 13-year-old girl that he dubbed "Taylor" after one of the female wrestlers' real names.

Betty kissed Taylor's cheek, telling her warmly "I love you for you. If you are really a girl I'll love you as a girl. If you are really a boy I'll love you as a boy. Either way, I love you."

Taylor kissed her back, telling her affectionately "I love you too. I don't know why I do but you make me feel weird inside. You aren't like any other girl I ever met, you are special."

Betty asked her what her name was now that she was dressed as a girl. Taylor smiled and warmly told her "Taylor. Taylor Thomas. I can't go by my family name nor can I go by my grandparents' name, I don't want my parents or grandparents to get upset with me."

It was official. She was now Taylor Thomas when dressing as a girl. Betty pulled her to her bed and put her hair up in a different style and then had her go with her for a walk around the block so she got used to being dressed as a girl and feeling the weight on her chest from the bra and inserts.

Betty grabbed her spare inserts and put her bra back on, blushing at Taylor finally realizing that she had been topless the whole time. Looking away in shame, Betty explained to her "you aren't like most boys. I gave you the biggest peek anyone could get at a girl and you didn't react at all. You really are meant to be a girl and so help me, I'll ensure that you do become one someday."

Their walk was uneventful but they didn't make it back in time to change before the Blacks returned. It was tough to explain where Matt went and even tougher to explain why he was dressed as a girl. Betty finally told them the truth, with Matt trying to flee in panic only to be given a deep hug by Mrs. Black.

Jerry Black wasn't sure what to make of the situation but his wife Carey insisted that it was alright and it wasn't going to be harmful to either of the kids. He looked at Matt as Matt quivered in fear and saw that it was more than just Matt dressing to get closer to his daughter, Matt was genuinely terrified that Jerry was about to harm him. Jerry backed down but set some ground rules about what the two could and couldn't do especially as they had already broken a major rule in Betty showing off her chest.

Jerry drove Matt home and stopped a few blocks away. He looked over at the scared boy and tried to rationalize why anyone would allow themselves to be dressed as a girl let alone going outside as one. He couldn't think of a rational answer, only Matt knew and he was too scared to tell him.

Jerry sighed, then explained to Matt "she loves you. She's only just turned 14 but she loves you. It is taking all of my might to not see you as a potential father of her children, which scares me. She's too young, but she is blossoming into a woman and before long will have boys all over her. You aren't like them, you are different. Whatever you have going on inside is making her become a better person and I know that if you two stay together through to graduation you two will be destined to marry."

Matt took that as the greatest praise possible- her father's blessing. He thanked Jerry, who then added "I don't know what you see in that sport but it's clear that you love it with a passion that goes beyond any rational thought or understanding. I hope that you have a backup plan for what you do in life as you will be disappointed if you pursue the sport. Try to hold off wrestling until after college, you are too good of a person to work hard for little pay and no recognition. You might have a bigger shot than anyone at getting to the GCW, but you still should have some career to fall back on in life."

It was sage advice that Matt loved receiving. Jerry cared enough about him to try to help him and it was giving him a feeling that he wasn't just trying to cheer him up. As much as he loved his parents, Jerry was trying to see that there was more to life than just the GCW and deep down Matt could be someone greater than he already was.

Matt went to bed with a smile on his face that Ned and Lois couldn't figure out. He was happy, but neither could see what could have possibly have made him so happy let alone smile so brightly that it was still on his face as he quietly slept. The Blacks were no help, Jerry kept Matt's privacy while Carey turned things around and asked if it was a bad thing that he was happy or would they rather that he got into trouble like other boys his own age.

That hit Ned and Lois hard, they couldn't rightly be upset with Matt nor could they see an issue with him being in a good mood especially after spending time with a girl. They would have to tell their daughter about Matt's odd behavior but given how they had entrusted them with complete control over Matt there was not going to be much help from the Simpsons. Matt wasn't acting out nor was he in trouble, it was just so out of character for the withdrawn and private boy to be so happy.

In the morning, Matt was confronted by Ned and Lois and confessed what was going on with him. He hated telling them, but he couldn't lie and would rather face punishment for what he had done than to endure their constant badgering. He was scared to death but chose to lay it all out rather than lie.

The couple needed time to think and told him he would see a shrink about the issue. They didn't want to have anyone know the truth so they made it seem like he was seeing one because of issues involving his parents. In a way, they did blame his parents for the issues especially as it started while in their care.

Matt went to school and was immediately hugged by Betty, relaxing him a little but he was still tense as the day wore on. She tried to get him to open up about what was bothering him but he wouldn't tell her for fear of what she might do to his grandparents. She kept close to him throughout the day, but he kept his distance emotionally and only vocalized to her when they had to do schoolwork.

After school, Betty insisted on him talking with her. He walked home with her and told her everything that he had told his grandparents and what they were going to do with him. He was in tears as he told her, he didn't want to be treated like a freak but it was going to be impossible to not have the therapist go at him for being a freak for liking dressing as a girl.

She hugged him tightly and rocked him until he stopped crying, with Carey being shooed away by Betty when she came rushing to see what had Matt so worked up. Carey called Lois and Ned and insisted that they give Matt the chance to talk his problems out, going so far as to threaten them if they did anything to harm him.

Ned and Lois demanded to know why they were so concerned about Matt, getting an angry "he's a great young man who doesn't deserve anything that has happened to him so far. He loves our daughter, and she loves him. This isn't puppy love, this is true love. Let him work out his issues, he needs your support, not your ridicule and scorn."

They were beaten badly. His parents would side with the Blacks and get him help. They weren't happy with his issues but to not address them meant causing chaos in their lives and harming Matt.

Matt was left alone by his grandparents after that, only interacting with them during meals and for the frequent rides to and from psychiatrist's office. Matt didn't talk to them much either, only speaking when necessary and even then only when directly asked. The arrangement was tough but it worked.

Matt met his new psychologist, Dr. Vlad Acula, just before Christmas. He snickered at the name, Vlad nodded in agreement adding "it's a family name on my mother's side, they just have a twisted sense of humor. Don't worry about me turning into a bat or drinking blood, I had my fill from the last patient."

Matt had to smile at that, it was an act but it eased the tension. Vlad got down to business and asked about the dressing and his feelings. Matt couldn't explain why he liked what he did, only that it felt as if he was a girl and nothing else mattered to him.

Vlad nodded in agreement, writing notes then asking about other boys and his parents. He was sullen, it was a sore spot with him but he did admit that he never learned how to be a boy and being around the women made him want to be part of their world. He hadn't considered that he might be trying to be like them for the wrong reasons, he might just need to be around kids his own age to be who he really was.

Vlad had a lot to work with but he wasn't afraid to help Matt tackle his inner self. He admitted to Matt that he lacked experience in gender issues, but was willing to learn for Matt's sake. Matt needed a lot of help over a long period of time and Vlad was willing to help him through it all if need be.

Matt was pleased to hear that he had another supporter, he just hoped that Ned and Lois didn't go overboard in their attempt to get him to be like other boys. He knew that some would be willing to hurt him just to show that they were bigger and stronger than him, even if Matt could counter most of their moves thanks to the ladies of the GCW showing him some self-defense moves they learned.

Matt never told anyone about that training, it was a secret. The ladies could see early on that Matt was going to be a lot like his mother in terms of looks and size, he wasn't a big boy and was smaller than some of their own younger sons. The elder of the ladies, Mickayla Jace, showed just what she meant as she showed Matt a picture of her sons and her husband side by side with her giving him a subtle nod about him being smaller than normal for a boy.

Vlad talked with Lois and Ned and couldn't help but see that they were seeing their own daughter in Matt as Matt was the spitting image of his mother. Vlad was brutal with them, asking if they were upset that Matt might possibly be their granddaughter or if they were upset that he is what they saw in their daughter. Neither could answer directly, it was a mix of both.

Vlad finally told them what he learned and why they needed to be supportive even if they didn't like that Matt had any kind of feminine tendencies. He went for their throats and told them "he hasn't had the chance to grow up among boys and men. He might have been around dozens of men but they were a caricature of masculinity. He needs to be active with sports or youth groups and enjoy time among the boys his own age. Start him on martial arts and have him indulge in his passion with the wrestling team at his high school. He has a lot of issues to work out, his dressing could be simply an outlet or it could be a need to please others or it could be his true self. Either way, he needs support, not scorn."

He dared them to say something, they were angry at being told off but Vlad countered with a firm "I know that you were hoping that I'd find something wrong with him but there isn't anything wrong. He needs to discover himself among boys. He could be a transsexual or he could be a crossdresser or he could be gay and confused. It doesn't matter, he needs help from you and if you can't give him that I think it might be in the best interest of Matt that he lives with his parents again or move on to his other grandparents. I know that they have had issues with their son, but they are open to helping Matt if he is in dire need of their help. And in my opinion, he is in need of help."

That hit them hard. Losing Matt would be a blow to them on multiple levels. Matt had to stay with the couple or they would lose everything that they had.

The couple agreed to his recommendations and was given information for youth groups and organized activities that Matt should participate in. Matt was told and agreed, with Vlad adding "I told them that I would insist on you moving in with your other grandparents if you couldn't live with your parents. I know it's clear across the country, but it's in your best interest to do so. It might not be ideal for your relationship, but Betty would understand."

At home, his grandparents laid out what they wanted him to do. Matt looked at some of the programs and refused the basketball, baseball, and football teams. He angrily told them "the guys on those teams are jerks and wouldn't hesitate to hurt me just for fun."

He pointed to the gymnastics and wrestling programs, telling them happily "the guys in those aren't too bad. Don't say they are gay because they aren't. Betty's friends date them, they got involved when they were younger and the girls love talking with them about it since they understand them."

Ned had to crack a smile, it was hard to insult them if they were doing a smart thing with girls at their age. Lois wasn't so sure and had him do something more athletic. Matt pointed to the martial arts pamphlet and refused to do anything else, telling them firmly "it's either this or I stay home. It's not feminine or masculine, it's equal. The girls are as good as the boys."

The stage was set for Matt to start doing masculine things and quench his need to dress as a girl. He told Betty about what he would be doing and got a sad response, but she understood why he had to do what he was doing. She was hoping to have a girlfriend more often but it was for the best, he was still her boyfriend even if neither would admit to being boyfriend/girlfriend in full.

Matt didn't dress up much after that fateful day, the desire was there but his mind would often be on whatever they had to do in school or whatever he was doing after school. Betty was nice enough to not push the dressing on Matt, but she did miss their quality time alone in her bedroom. Her parents were adamant that they stay downstairs now, especially as she started to blossom to the point of no longer needing her inserts to give her chest a proper shape and they had caught Matt noticing her breasts.

As Betty blossomed, Matt stayed small. The two were similar heights which drew a lot of attention to them as people thought they were siblings rather than dating. Matt took it in stride, he loved the Blacks and if he ever had to choose a sister Betty would be the one he would want.

Matt dressed as a girl during spring break as the Blacks arranged a small trip for the two. It took some convincing, but Ned and Lois agreed to allow him to go with them. There was one stipulation that the Blacks had, he was to be their niece and not Betty's girlfriend.

That hit them hard, but it was acceptable. Matt became Taylor Thomas again, spending the week as her and enjoying every minute of being the daughter to Carey in ways that Betty wasn't able or willing to be. Jerry fought hard and lost the struggle to quell Matt's growing femininity as he saw just how much of a girl Matt could be, Taylor was such a dream daughter and was a positive influence on Betty.

The trip was a one-off trip, Matt returned that Sunday and cried as he said goodbye to the Blacks. His grandparents didn't bother to ask about his trip, he wouldn't tell them the truth anyway. He would only say to them that he wasn't going to be a father in nine months and the Blacks were amazing people.

In his room, he cried some more. It was tough but he had the memories and pictures of the trip. He kept them hidden from everyone but the memory would endure. Taylor would come out again, it was only that he couldn't be her too often or else he'd be in danger from other people finding out.

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