Travel Through Time and Space Part 2

Patricia followed Janet and Tammi back to Janet’s office. It hadn’t changed much since her time. There were a few things missing that Janet had in her office in her time. Once they were in the office.

“Please have a seat and tell me from the beginning how you ended up here, Ms. MacQuien.” Tammi stood by, as Janet sits behind her desk.

“Okay, I was out testing the new inertia dampers you installed in Ghost. When I get a message from Alpha Base about my flying and about a disturbance over the polar pole. When I got there, you could see the opening. I stayed a good distance away from the opening, but Ghost got pulled into the opening. The next thing I know, ghost is losing power and we get pulled into the opening.” Pat could recall feeling Ghost slipping away from her. She was losing all connections to him.

“Did Ghost record the event you are describing?” Tammi was curious if the Basketball size orb that was Ghost recorded everything that went on.

“Yes, he records everything I do.” Patricia knew Janet liked to keep records of every mission she goes on.

“Do you mind if we see what you experience?” Janet was curious about what sent this young lady and the fighter to them.

“No problem. Ghost replay events from earlier this morning.” Patricia sits still as Ghost replays the events that brought them here.

A detail hologram appears and replays the events that lead to them appearing in this time and dimension. The record disappears what seems like years, and then comes back online when Pat reestablishes a connection to Ghost himself. The recording shows Ghost hacking into a nearby satellite to find out where they were.

“Okay, Ghost can you replay the sensor readings you took of the rift?” Janet was curious about that.

“Affirmative.” Ghost replays the energy readings he took of the rift.

“What were the weather conditions during the time this occurred?” Janet was curious.

“Ghost brings up the weather conditions during that time.” Pat wonders what Janet saw that might explain what happened.

Ghost brings up the weather conditions for that day. He still had the weather readings from that day stored in his memory. He was linked in with all the satellites surrounding the Earth, including the early warning space beacons as well.

Ivy’s has been quietly watching all of this as her mother’s questioned Ms. MacQuien. She wonders which of her siblings had their hands in designing Ghost and the fighter.

“Patricia, you said my mother and three of my sibling’s design Ghost. How many of him did we construct?” Ivy was curious.

“Your company only constructed two of him. The reason is, so I can bring one in to be overhaul and I’ll have a replacement to fly. As for the
rest of the starfighters the defense force has. They are produced by Boeing with R&D conducted by Aero Flight Industries. Certain Congressmen and Senators don’t trust your mother. I don’t know the true reasons behind it and I’m not going to even try and guess why. All I know is, they don’t trust your mother, but they realized she is the only one capable of developing the technology that is used in the fighters and the Space Carriers.” Patricia knew why, but she wasn’t permitted to say anything about it.

“How much do you know about our family?” Ivy has been thinking about something and she might ask Pat about it.

“Well, considering I spend more time with your family then I do my own. I know a lot about your family.” Pat knew her own family wasn’t big on spending time with each other.

“I don’t think you shouldn’t ask her any more questions, Ivy.” Tammi figures the less they know, the least damage they could do to the timeline.

“Yes, ma’am.” Ivy knew better than to disobey her mother.

Janet was still studying the hologram of the event and all the information Ghost was displaying. She couldn’t believe all the information he had on display for her or the fact she could move the hologram around like they did in the Iron Man movie.

“Pat, you said that I develop the technology of space travel from an alien ship my son finds under an Egyptian temple?” Janet looks over towards Pat.

“Yes, ma’am. Actually, it’s a colleague of his that makes the discovery and sort of goes through a physical change.” Pat couldn’t tell them the
rest, because she couldn’t understand it herself.

“So, all my ideas are stolen from an alien craft?” Janet wonders why she would do such a thing.

“Well, not exactly. You seem to understand the technology better than most people. Also, you know what type of problems it would cause if you let the current government get their hands on it. It would cause World War III. So, you invite another scientist that share your concern and invite them to help you understand the technology better.” Pat wonders how much more she should reveal to Janet.

“I think this might be a good time to stop this. You said your parents are in the military? Do you know where they are stationed right now?” Tammi wanted to change the subject matter before Pat revealed too much information.

“My father is currently stationed at Fort Meade and my mother is stationed at the Pentagon currently. I won’t be born for another three years.” Pat was recruited early because of her gifts.

“Well, we will need to establish some sort of cover id for you.” Tammi knew she needed some sort of cover.

“That’s easy to do.” Pat links up with Ghost and starts creating an identity for herself in all the major databases.

She picks a few banks and transfer funds from a CIA slush fund account. She makes sure there are no tracks that anyone could trace back.
Ghost starts printing out the driver license, credit cards and everything she will need.

“It seems your ability comes in handy.” Tammi was impressed.

“As connected as this world is, I can pretty much do whatever I want too, but it wouldn’t be right.” Patricia knew her ability over computers gave her an advantage. That wasn’t including her other mutations either.

“Well, let’s go down and get some lunch in the cafeteria.” Tammi escorts Ivy and Pat to the cafeteria.

Janet stays behind to go over the data Ghost was giving her about the event. She was looking at all the information to determine what caused the disturbance in the first place. There was something that didn’t make sense and she was going to figure it out.

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