Being the Second Wife

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Jessica still couldn’t believe that her favorite aunt and uncle didn’t freak out when she came out wanting to be a girl. If nothing else, they already knew she was different. Her aunt had picked up on her mannerism and had tried to convince her mother to take it easy on her.

She would find sexy lingerie, panties, and bras in her drawers with a note telling her to keep it secret. Even some of her clothes were gender neutral or made for women. Her mother treated her as if she had been born a girl. As for her father, he accepted that she was gay and liked to cross-dress.

However, he drew the line at transgender people. Why she didn’t know, but he hated transgender people. When her father retired from his job and her parents moved to Florida like they have always talked about. Her aunt and uncle offered to let her come and live with them. They also told her that she could dress as she liked and if she was willing. They would pay for her to have the operation, but they would like to choose how she looked.

She didn’t see any reason not to trust her aunt and uncle. They have always been supportive and nice to her. So, she agreed to the terms. They had taken her to Switzerland to a friend of her aunts that specialized in gender reassignment and plastic surgery.

She couldn’t believe the doctor she met had once been a man because she was a knockout. She had long blonde hair, an hourglass body and the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen. Her breasts were what you would find on models.

She had introduced herself as Doctor Nova Hellström and took measurements of her body. The last thing she heard before she was put under was “I’ll make sure she is everything you are looking for.”

When she woke up a few days later, every part of her body was hurting. Her eyes felt strange and her chest felt heavy. She was in a room that had a nice view of snow covered mountains. A nurse had walked in a few minutes later to check on her. Her name had been Ruby, and she was a nice person. She had a nice body and the longest silver color hair she had ever seen. Her eyes were bright green and had upturned eyes. They were kind of almond shape.

She learned that Ruby had been working for Doctor Hellström for two years. She had seen a lot of people come through her office to have special cosmetic surgery done to them. The surgery they had wasn’t as extensive as what was done to her.

She was the Doctor’s masterpiece. Her aunt and uncle had everything done to her from changing her hair color down to her toes. Some of it was experimental and still under research. Ruby tended to her along with a huge male nurse named Art. He was a retired marine and worked for the Doctor as well. He was a gentleman and when she had trouble walking. He would support her. Her aunt and uncle had her crooked and hammerhead toes corrected and shortened.

The scar she had from when she was in a bicycling accident had been reduced a lot. You couldn’t tell it was there anymore. Her legs were silky smooth, and her pubic hair was growing back like a heart.

Her aunt and uncle visited her every day. When she asked what had been done to her, they told her she would see when she able to move. They didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

When she could get out of bed, they were there and helped her stand before a full-length mirror as they revealed what had been done to her. She knew about her neon pink hair, but she wasn’t prepared for her new figure. Her eyes and face had been reshaped. She looked like a live action anime girl.

She had straight neon-pink hair that reached her shoulder, big almond shaped eyes like Ruby had, except a little bigger. Her breasts were bigger or about the same size as her aunts. She had been turned into her favorite anime girl or made as close as possible. Even her eye color had been changed. They were as blue as Doctor Hellström’s eyes.

When she looked at her left hand, she notices she was wearing an identical wedding ring that looked just like her aunts. She had looked at her aunt and uncle for an explanation. They had said that they had fallen in love with her and they knew had she felt about them. So, they decided to make her their second wife. That was the reason they agreed to make her over and take her in. She could leave if she wanted to, but they would love for her to stay and be part of their family.

So, she agreed to become their second wife. It felt strange the first time both her aunt and uncle made love to her but after a while. She got used to it and loved it. She loved it even more, when both her aunt wearing a strap-on took her at the same time her uncle took her. It blew her mind at the sensations she had felt from both.

Her aunt did inform her, that Dr. Hellström made her clitoris more sensitive than most natural women’s. So, whenever she had sex, she would experience more sensation than normal. Also, the reason her breasts were as big as her aunts. Her aunt liked big breast like her own, plus her uncle loved big breasts as well. Her aunt told her he found them alluring.

She found out that her aunt loved dominating others during sex. Her uncle was a dominate person as well, so it was hard for her aunt to submit to him. They tried bringing other people into their sex life and found that as much as they liked those people. It didn’t feel comfortable or right.

So, when she came of age, they decided to include into their life. Her aunt had noticed in her that she was more of a submissive type of person. Also, when she was around them. She fitted into their life perfectly. However, they wanted to wait until she was old enough and when she no longer lived with her parents.

She finishes making the bed and clean-up in the Master bedroom. Her aunt and uncle said she could get a job if she wanted one, but her job at the house as the second wife was to keep it clean. Both said that they would give her an allowance for taking care of the place. She wasn’t their maid and she was to consider their home as her own.

Jessica was wearing the sheer black lacey bodysuit her aunt had given her. She finishes cleaning the rest of the house and heads to the changing room to change out of her bodysuit. She was going to take a swim in the pool. She loved what her aunt and uncle had done to her body. The Doctor had written instructions on how to keep her body like it was. Which meant, she was too exercise for two to three hours a day.

She had done her morning jog and liked the looks she got from some of the men in the neighborhood her aunt and uncle lived in. It was an upper-class neighborhood. Her aunt worked at City Hall and was the assistant mayor. Her uncle was a high-class lawyer and was a partner in the law firm.

Jessica walks out of the changing room and out to the poolside naked. They had a ten-foot fence that surrounded the property, and no one could see through the fence. She takes her towel, iPhone and lays them on a nearby lounge chair.

She jumps into the pool and shivers as the cold water surrounds her naked body. Her neon-pink hair floated around her. Dr. Hellström told her, that her hair would remain neon-pink till she dies. Even her pubic hair was neon-pink and would always grow in the heart shape she had seen.

She was informed that the process the good Doctor used to do what she did was still considered experimental. Even the process she used to change her eyes from brown to blue was still experimental.

The coldness from the pool stimulates her nipples and caused them to stiffen just like a normal woman. She swims a few laps to keep her body toned and fit. As for the living arrangements she has with her aunt and uncle. She slept in the same bed with them and was always treated as their wife.

She loved the fact that she was their second wife. She was still kind of shock that her aunt had used a strap-on on her. It felt weird and excited as her aunt took her from behind. She never thought her aunt was that type of person, but she enjoyed it. She even liked it when her uncle took her hard from behind, after trading places with her aunt. She kept her aunt busy, while her uncle took her.

After Jessica finishes her laps, she pulls herself up onto the floating lounger and rests for a while as she drifted around the pool. She closes her eyes and takes a short nap. She just enjoys the peacefulness in the backyard.

“Jessica, I’m home.” Lizabeth was looking for her niece.

She checks around the house and finally found her out back floating on the lounger. Lizabeth notices her skin was slightly red from being outside. An evil thought crosses Lizabeth’s mind as she reaches for the water hose and turns the water on. She aims it at Jessica crotch area and hit it with a cold stream of water.

Jessica jumps up off the lounger from cold water hitting her in the groin area and lands in the water. She cough and splashes as she resurfaces and looks over towards her aunt with the water hose still in her hands.

“Why did you do that?” She notices her aunt had a smile on her face.

“Because you were asleep, and I couldn’t resist. Did you use suntan lotion before you fell asleep?” Lizabeth walks over and helps her naked niece out of the water.

“Uhm, no.” Jessica forgot to apply suntan lotion.

“Come on, let’s go and spray your body down with some Solar Caine.” She escorts Jessica upstairs to the Master bathroom and sprays her body down.

Jessica felt some relief as the spray hit her sunburned body. She was stupid for not putting suntan lotion on.

“You never said how you liked your new figure.” Lizabeth looks into her niece’s blue eyes.

“I love my new figure, Lizabeth.” Jessica steps forward and kisses her.

Lizabeth returns the kiss. She couldn’t believe how Jessica was responding to her and her husband. She also insisted that Jessica stopped calling her aunt and calling her Uncle Carson, uncle. They end up in the bedroom and on the bed.

Carson comes home several hours later and looks around for his wives. He finally finds them upstairs in the bedroom. Jessica was asleep on top of Lizabeth. It looked like Lizabeth had her way with Jessica. She was still wearing her strap-on.

He strips his pants off and walks over and has his way with Jessica. He couldn’t believe how she felt as he entered her. He also couldn’t believe how she clutched onto his shaft.

Jessica was woken-up when she felt someone enter her. She had glanced over her shoulder and notices it was her Uncle Carson. He was stretching her, so she clutches her muscles to hold him. He was driving her crazy as she felt each stroke against her sensitive G spot. She was lost when he finally erupted inside of her. Her eyes had rolled up into her head as she blacked out from the experience.

She wakes hours later nested in between Carson and Lizabeth. She felt stuff in between her legs and noticed Lizabeth had fallen asleep with her strap-on buried deep inside of her. She removes Lizabeth from between her legs and starts kissing Carson. He slips into her and Lizabeth wakes-up from her rubbing against the front of her and slides her strap-on into her ass. They continue for a while and finally all three-fall asleep.

Jessica doesn’t know what time it is when she finally wakes up, but Lizabeth and Carson are missing. She gets up and runs towards the bathroom. Her bladder was ready to empty itself and there had been a few leaks she had to clean-up. Once she is done and freshens herself up. She heads downstairs. She could smell fresh coffee brewing and smell food cooking.

Jessica heads into the kitchen and spot Carson drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper. Lizabeth was over at the stove making an omelet.

“Good morning Jessica. Would you like some breakfast?” Lizabeth notices Jessica was still naked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Jessica walks over to the refrigerator and pulls a bottle of orange juice out. She preferred juice over coffee.

“I’m surprised you can still walk, Jessica?” Carson looked at Jessica as she stood near the counter drinking the juice.

The breasts job Dr. Hellström did to Jessica giving her 44 EE breasts were amazing. It went well with her 5’ft. stature and slim waist. He loved
the bubble butt the doctor did as well. It filled her curves out perfectly. While they were there. Lizabeth had some work done so, she could share clothes with Jessica.

After Lizabeth had served her and sat down to eat her own omelet. Jessica looks towards Lizabeth and Conway “do my parents know what I have become?”

As Jessica takes a bite of her omelet.

Lizabeth looks at her “all they know sweetie, is that you decided to become a woman. Your father has said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. As for your mother, she told me to keep her up to date about you. She wants to remain part of your life.”

Jessica knew how her father felt, but she wonders if her mother knew about the relationship she had with Lizabeth and Conway.

“Does she know I’m your wife?” Jessica still found it weird, but she was enjoying it.

“I haven’t told her yet and I don’t think she would mind. Your mother knows about our lifestyle. Hell, I invited her several times to take part in our bedroom. I think she enjoyed it as a matter of fact.” Lizabeth was thinking about the times she had sex with her sister.

“You committed incest with my mom?” Jessica couldn’t believe Lizabeth had sex with her own sister.

“Yes, I did. However, I and your mother aren’t related by blood. Were related by name only. I was adopted by your grandparents. My birth mother abandoned me and left me with your grandparents.” Lizabeth found out about her birth after her adopted family died and they found her original birth certificate before it was changed.

“Does it bother you, Jessica?” Carson looks towards his second wife.

“No. It was just weird that my mother did what I am doing.” Jessica finishes off her juice.

“Oh, trust me, sweetie. Your mother is a dominant as well, but she can be submissive as well.” Carson remembers how much fun she had with them.

“What are we doing today?” Jessica looks towards Carson and Lizabeth.

“Well, our first stop is a tattoo parlor to have your tattoo saying you are our wife. If you want a tattoo for yourself, you can get it, but we must approve it. Then we are going to get you fitted for an event we need to attend in a few weeks. They were going to the jewelry store and buy you some jewelry. Then we have dinner reservations at VIP’s. We also need to buy you some dresses and a few custom-made business suits.” Carson and Lizabeth had talked about it and they decided that any special functions or fundraisers they went to. Jessica would be going with them.

After breakfast, they head upstairs and take a group shower. There is some lovemaking in the shower between them. Afterward, Lizabeth makes Jessica dress flirty, but nice in some clothes she picked out that showed off Jessica’s curves and assets.

The shoes Lizabeth makes her wear were a nice black pair of Sylvie with an open toe and a 4-inch sexy stilettoed silhouette. They fitted her feet perfectly.

Jessica walks around in them to get used to them. She looks over towards Lizabeth “what is my shoe sized?”

“The doctor managed to trim and reshape your foot. So, now you wear a woman’s size 5.5.” Lizabeth remembers talking with the doctor about her feet and how they wanted her to be smaller.

Doctor Hellström told her that there was only so much surgically they could do to her feet. She did what she could to Jessica’s feet. She could wear a size 5.5 or a size 6 in women’s shoes.

They go to a friend’s fancy tattoo parlor. While Carson and Lizabeth are talking with a fellow whose body was covered in different tattoo’s. She spots a nice red flower that she wanted for herself. She wanted it coming up from her ass to the small of her back. The Tattoo Carson and Lizabeth have a tattoo on the top of her right breast, said WIFE TO CARSON AND LIZABETH. The letters were done in big bold letters, so it could be seen.

Lizabeth and Carson make her sit through the whole process of getting the flower completely done. It started between her butt cheeks and came up till it was in the small of her back. The flower itself was big and could be seen from a distance.

While Jessica got her tattoo done. Lizabeth had the same exact tattoo of WIFE TO JESSICA AND CARSON done on her breast and Carson had a tattoo done said HUSBAND TO JESSICA AND LIZABETH done on his chest.

After they leave the tattoo shop, they go to a dressmaker that Lizabeth dealt with and had Jessica measured for several custom-made dresses. The person measuring her felt her up a few times. Lizabeth and Carson had just smiled when they saw her reactions.

“So, how did you like getting felt up by Clair?” Lizabeth has known Clair for a long time and had even had sex with her.

“Does she normally, feel people up?” Jessica was curious.

“Only people she knows that wouldn’t mind it. She knew if I brought you in there, then she could do it. It was a test to see if you wouldn’t mind another person touching you.” Lizabeth was thinking maybe inviting her over a few times and let her dominate Jessica.

They take Jessica to a store that said Ye’Ole Leather Shop. She looks at the sign and some of the items on display in the huge front window of the place. It had all sorts of normal style leather products on display.

When they walk inside, there was all sorts of fetish style leather items on display. They stop in front of a workbench with an old man with white hair standing there. He looked like someone from an old Western movie.

“We would like to see the special selection, Ralph.” Lizabeth smiles at the old man.

“She can’t go back there, dressed like she is.” He points towards Jessica.

“No problem.” Lizabeth looks at Jessica

Jessica wonders why he said that. Why was it necessary for her to be undressed.

“Jessica, you need to remove your clothes, before you can see the special selection.”

Jessica looks at Lizabeth and Carson and wonders why she should expose herself to this old guy. She turns to face both “why?”

“Because, the special selection is for special clients and Ralph knows we are dominated int eh BDSM culture, which means you are our sub. Only Dom’s can wear clothes in the special selection. So, be a good wife and undress.” Carson places a kiss on her lips.

Jessica starts undressing and as she goes to remove her shoes. She feels a slight pressure on her right shoulder.

“You can leave those on sweetie.” Lizabeth had placed her hand on her shoulder to stop her.

Ralph accepts the clothes and hands a leather collar and leash to Carson. He places Jessica’s clothes in a special basket.

“You can get your clothes back when you are about to leave.” He liked what he was seeing. The girl looked like a live action anime girl.

Carson attaches the collar around Jessica’s neck. He made sure it wasn’t too tight.

“Walk slowly Jessica.” Carson gave the leash a little snap.

“Yes, sir.” As she starts walking forward.

A hidden door had opened and there was a long corridor. They walked down the corridor to another door. Lizabeth knocks on it and it opens.
Carson escorts Jessica through it and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Men and Women dressed in all sorts of leather outfits. There were some women in cages hanging from the ceiling in very skimpy leather outfits.

As they continued she could see some men and women being whipped by leather whips as they were being held chained to the wall. She glances towards Lizabeth and Carson but didn’t see any reactions from them. They come to another door and walked into a huge store. Where the front had ordinary leather items on display. This place had all sorts of leather restraints, clothing, whips, paddles and other items on display. Jessica couldn’t believe a place like this was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She was looking around to see what they had.

“Do you see anything you like, Jessica?” Lizabeth had lean forward to whisper in Jessica’s ear.

“Yes, I see several items.” Jessica spotted a nice leather harness and a few bustiers she wouldn’t mind wearing.

“Show me.” Lizabeth directs Carson over to the items.

They buy a few items for Jessica to wear home under her clothes. They head back towards the front through a different path they took originally. Jessica gets dress still wearing the leather harness they bought for her.

“We better hurry.” Carson had glanced at his watch for the time.

They make their dinner arrangement and when they get home, Carson and Lizabeth has their fun with Jessica again.

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Interesting idea

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Not exactly legal but I don't care if it is consensual.

morality laws and such

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Funny yopu should mention the legal thing. If you were to truly look and dig into the various local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations, you would find that ALL of us are breaking all sorts of laws. Yes even small children. It is sad sick and twisted.

Above all else to thyne own self be true!


44EE breasts would not go well on a woman 6' tall. I shudder to think how grotesque they'd look on somebody 5' tall.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

life can be interesting

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certainly a nonstop pleasure