Getting Her Wish

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“Come on Carl, it’s just the two of us.” Kimmy pulls her cousin out of the house and over to the pool.

“Kimmy, I’m scared someone is going to see me wearing your swimsuit.”

“There’s no one here, except me and you. Besides, if anyone did see you, all they would see is a cute young girl.”

Carl stands there nervous in his cousin’s backyard. He was wearing one of her swimsuits she didn’t want to wear anymore since her breast were coming in.

“Okay, you win.” Carl follows Kimmy over to the lounge chairs near the swimming pool.

They put their towels, cell phones, and tablets near them. Kimmy walks over towards the shallow end and walks down the steps. She turns to face her cousin “come on.”

Carl walks over towards the steps and follows her in. He still felt nervous wearing her swimsuit and being in the water. They go deeper till; the water was almost up to his nose. He felt weird wearing the swimsuit and feeling the water.

After a while, Carl relaxes and just has fun with his cousin. He forgets that he is a guy and copies his cousin’s movement. He spends the day enjoying himself with his cousin. They were like twins. He was born only a few seconds after she was in the same hospital, but only for a few seconds. They shared the same crib for a while when his aunt lived with them. They were each other’s playmates.

He was living with his aunt and uncle because someone had broken into his house and killed his parents. His dad was FBI and his mother worked at the DEA. All the local police knew, was four hooded men broke into the house and shot his mother and father while they slept.
Afterward, they set the place on fire to cover up the crime.

The fire alarm had woken him up. He tried to get to his parents, but the fire was right outside his door. So, he climbed down the rope ladder from his bedroom window and called the fire department. After calling them, he called his Aunt and Uncle.

They took him in and was going to raise him as their own child. They hadn’t had a chance to go shopping to replace what clothes he lost. So, he was sharing his cousins’ clothes, until they could buy some for him.

Kimmy was the only one who knew he liked dressing as a girl. She would allow him to wear her panties and some of her clothes. She had known since they were little that he preferred girl clothes and playing with dolls and such, over boy things. He had a nice collection of Barbie dolls and a few others he had been collecting.

“Tag! You're it.” Kimmy tags her cousin as she swims off.

Carl chases after her. He smacks her on the butt “tag, you’re it.”

Kimmy felt her butt sting from Carl smacking it. She just smiles and swims after him. She chases him around the pool, before finally smacking his butt, like he did hers.

“Hey, that stings.” Carl was rubbing the spot on his butt where Kimmy smacked him.

“If you’re going to be a girl. You better get used to it. Come on, let’s go inside and order a pizza for lunch.”

Kimmy swims to the side of the pool and uses the ladder to climb up and out. She fixes her bikini bottom, so it wasn't creeping up her butt crack. Carl does the same thing and fixes his bottom like he saw Kimmy did. He grabs his towel and dries off, before following Kimmy into the house.

“You know Carl if you’re going to be wearing girl clothes and acting like a girl. You should have a girl’s name.” Kimmy had already placed the
order for their pizza.

Kimmy pours them some ice tea with pieces of peach floating around inside the glasses.

“What name do you think my mother would have named me if I had been born a girl?” He takes a sip of his tea.

“Mom said you would have been named Carol, after their mother. Instead, you were named Carl after great Uncle Carl.” Kimmy was named after her mom’s best friend.

“Carol?” Carl sits down on the stool in the kitchen and thinks about it.

He wouldn’t mind being called Carol or being a girl full time. He knew his aunt and uncle wouldn’t mind letting him.

“Alright, I’ll be Carol for now on.” He drinks his peach flavored tea.

When the doorbell rings, Kimmy was in the bathroom “Carol, can you get that please?”

Carol grabs the tip for the driver as she heads towards the front door to answer it. When she opens it, there was a cute young man wearing a Papa Johns shirt holding a pizza and a 2-liter Pepsi bottle.

Apollo couldn’t believe the young brown haired girl that opened the door. She had beautiful almond shaped green eyes. A perky nose and pouty lips. She was flat chested, but that didn’t bother him. The neon blue one-piece swimsuit she was wearing hugged her body.

“Hi, what do I owe you?” Carol stands there looking at the young man.

He wasn’t very muscular and had dirty blonde hair. He stood at least four or five inches taller than her. The name tag on his shirt said his name was Apollo.

“$12.50, ma’am.” Apollo couldn’t believe the girl's voice.

It was soft and sweet. He smiles at her as he watches her. He hadn’t seen her around here before.

“Here’s twenty dollars. Keep the change.” Carols hands the money to Apollo.

“Thank you.” As Apollo hands the pizza and soda to Carol.

She watches as Apollo walks back to his car. It was an older gray Ford Ranger. Once Apollo drove off, Carol heads back into the house with the pizza and soda.

“So, was he cute?” As Kimmy walks over to the table still in her bathing suit.

“He was alright. If he asked me to go out on a date with him, I would.” Carol grabs two glasses and put ice in them.

They eat the pizza and drink the soda. Just as they were about to head back outside to jump back into the pool.

“Come on Carol, let’s see what you look like in a bikini.” Kimmy drags Carol into her bedroom and starts stripping her out of the one piece.

Kimmy looks down at Carol’s groin area “has it always been small?”

“Unfortunately, yes it never gets big. I got teased a lot by the older boys in my class.” Carol tucks her small penis and testicle up inside of her body.

“Well, I think you shouldn’t worry about it, little sister.” Kimmy hands Carol a bikini bottom and shows her how to tie it. Then she puts the top on and makes sure it is tight.

“Hey, we're only a few seconds apart, Kimmy.” Carol copies how she walks out to the pool.

“Which makes me older, little sister.” Kimmy just smiles and heads out to the pool.

They swim and have a good time outside. Both fall asleep outside by the pool after putting suntan lotion on each other.

“Kimmy, Carl I’m home.” Stella had managed to sneak out of the office early and came straight home. She figures she could take the kids shopping and meet up with her husband Andy at Olive Garden.

She heads out back and finds Kimmy and some other girl asleep on the loungers by the pool. She was curious as who the second girl was that was wearing Kimmy’s second bikini.

Kimmy looks up at her mother’s voice. A smile appears on her face as she reaches over to wake Carol.

“Hi mom, I have someone I want you to meet.” Kimmy gets up and helps Carol up.

Carl looks towards his aunt to see what her reaction would be. He hopes she doesn’t think he was a pervert. He follows Kimmy towards her mother.

Stella looks at Carol and it dawns on her who it was. It was her nephew wearing a bikini. She couldn’t believe how much of a girl he looked.

Kimmy had a smile on her face “what do you think of my little sister?”

Carol stood next to Kimmy and was holding her hand. She watched her aunt as she stood before her, examining her. She wonders what was going through her aunt’s mind.

Stella examines Carl and couldn’t believe he could pass as a girl. She looks into his eyes and could tell he was nervous.

“How long have you been dressing as a girl, Carl?” Stella was curious.

“Since I was little. Kimmy uses to let me wear her panties and dresses when I spent the night.” Carol squeezes Kimmy’s hand.

“Well, that will make shopping easier. Why don’t we talk to your uncle first, before we make any decision and before I buy you a bunch of clothes? Let’s go and get you a few outfits to wear, so you don’t have to keep wearing Kimmy’s all the time. What name do you go by Carl?” Stella wanted to know more about her nephew.

“What mom would call me if I had been born a girl.” Carol watches her aunts face.

“You want to be called Carol Ann?” Stella knew that Carl's mother was going to name her female child Carol Ann after their mother.

“Yes, ma’am. Since I want to be a girl. I figure the name my mom would have called me would be appropriate.” Carol looks at her aunt with pleading eyes.

“Alright, go and change clothes and we’ll go and do some shopping for you.”

“Thank you, aunt Stella.” Carol hugs her.

Stella returns the hug “now, go and rinse off. Wear one of Kimmy’s dresses.”

“Thanks, mom.” Both girls head towards the bathroom and take a shower together.

Afterward, they head to Kimmy’s bedroom and get dress. Kimmy grabs a dress that would look nice on Carol.

“Here wear this dress. It will look nice on you.” Kimmy hands the dress to Carol.

“Thanks, Sis.” Carol puts it and slides a pair of Kimmy’s panties on as well.

The girls grab their purses. Carol was carrying one that Kimmy gave her a few years ago and kept at the house. She joins her aunt and Kimmy
out by the car.

Stella watches as Carol comes walking out of the house. She was wearing a dress she bought for Kimmy but looked better on Carol.

“I hadn’t realized how much your cousin makes a cute girl.” Stella looks towards her daughter.

Kimmy just smiles as she held the back door of the car opened for Carol. Kimmy watches how Carol Ann walks towards them. She spotted a few mistakes, that she’ll mention to Carol later.

They go to the nearest mall and to a store that catered to teenage girls. Carol was nervous as she browses through the rack of clothes.
Kimmy whispers in her ear “relax sis. You’re a girl. Let’s have some fun.”

Kimmy starts grabbing a bunch of skirts, blouses, dresses and a few pants and shorts. She didn’t grab the plain shorts, but ones that had sayings on it. Like ones that said Shake it or Break it, another that said bad girls always have fun.

Stella looks at her daughter and changed a few of them. She understood her daughter wanted to help Carol embrace her girlhood, but she felt it might be better to take it slow. Carol Ann felt a little nervous as she went into a dressing room by herself. She undresses and tries on a few of the outfits Kimmy picked out for her.

They pick out several outfits, underwear, nightgowns. The girls got matching nightgowns and a few outfits that were similar, but different in coloration or pattern. Kimmy made sure whatever she picked for herself, she got a duplicate for Carol Ann.

When they leave the mall, Carol was happy and skipping to the car. She was wearing a pair of brand new dangling hoop earrings. She had several bags in her hands, Kimmy had a few and so did her aunt Stella. They load up the car trunk and head towards Olive Garden.

Olive Garden:
Andy was sitting at Olive Garden waiting for his wife, daughter, and nephew to show-up. He has already had a few drinks and as he was drinking his third drink. He spots his wife walking in with two teenage girls. He didn’t see his nephew at all with her. He watches as the hostess on duty escort them over to the table he was sitting at.

“Where’s Carl?” He saw a cute teenage girl standing next to his daughter. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“There isn’t a Carl anymore sweetie. I would like you to meet Carol Ann.” Stella smiles as she looks at her husband.

Andy looks closely at Carol Ann’s face and then he saw who she really was

“I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.” He looks back towards his wife and watches as she nods her head.

He turns his attention back towards Carol Ann as she sat down next to Kimmy. He noticed Kimmy had a smirk on her face. He saw mischief in her eyes and in Carol Ann’s eyes as well.

Nothing was said during dinner except small talk. Andy couldn’t help to observe how Carol Ann was doing. He still couldn’t get over the fact that Carl looked cute as a girl.

As they are leaving the restaurant “Carol Ann, would you ride with me please, so we can talk?”

“Sure, Uncle Andy.” Carol Ann climbs into his uncle’s SUV on the passenger side.

They watch as Kimmy and Stella drive off ahead of them. Andy glances towards Carol Ann and notices she was sitting properly in her seat.

“So, how long have you been cross-dressing, Carol?” Andy wanted to understand, why Carl would rather be a girl, instead of a boy.

“I’ve been doing it since I was little Uncle Andy. Kimmy would let me wear her clothes when I came over to play with her or when I spent the night. I don’t think my parents knew.” Carol Ann looks at her uncle.

“Why did you decide to dress as a girl today?” Andy wanted to know why Carol did what she did.

“Because Kimmy and I talked about it and since the only clothes I had was what I had on from the fire. Kimmy and I felt it was time I went full time as a girl.” Carol was a little nervous as she spoke to her uncle.

“Did Kimmy force you to dress as you are?” Andy knew how close the two of them were and how Kimmy could be a little pushy.

“No sir, Kimmy didn’t force me to dress this way. She encouraged me to be myself and is teaching me to pass as if I have always been a girl.” Carol knew Kimmy was going to make sure she passed as a girl.

“Is this what you want Carol? Do you want to be a girl for the rest of your life?”

“Yes, sir. I want to be a girl for the rest of my life. I know that people might give me a hard time, but I have always felt like a girl when I was around Kimmy. The older boys at school would say I’m not really a boy because of how small my penis is. They also said I was too girly in my manners. You know I had a Barbie collection and I enjoyed playing with dolls over playing with cars and trucks.” Carol was never happy when she got truck, cars, football or anything manly for Christmas or for her birthday.

Andy glances one more time at Carol as he thinks about what to do. So, for his wife seemed okay with it. He pulls in next to her car.

“Go help your aunt with the bags, Carol.” Andy watches as Carol Ann goes and help carry in the bags from the store they went too. He notices
they were all from one store. He looks up the store and notices it was a store that catered to teenage girls.

Kimmy looks at Carol Ann “did dad sound mad?”

“No, he was just curious why I wanted to do this now.” Carol grabs some bags and takes them to the bedroom she’s been sleeping in.

Kimmy follows behind her. She plops the bags on the bed. She turns and looks at Carol “I think dad will let you be you.”

“I hope so.” As the two of them put the clothes, underwear, and bras away.

Andy looks towards his wife “what are your thoughts about Carl wanting to be Carol Ann?”

“I think we should let him be her. Kimmy and Carol Ann have always been close like they were twins. I think it would be healthy for Carol Ann
to be herself.” Stella had seen how Carol Ann came alive while they were shopping.

Kimmy and Carol Ann come out in their baby doll nightgown. Carols Ann had a baby blue one on and Kimmy had a purple one on. They walk up to Andy and Stella.

“Night daddy, night mommy.” Both girls kiss their cheeks and hug them.

They head off to bed afterward. Carol Ann goes to her bedroom and laid down. She hugs the teddy bear that Kimmy gave her.

Sometimes she wakes up with nightmares from the night of the fire. Sometimes, she could feel the heat and smell the smoke from that night. Kimmy gave her, her favorite teddy bear. The same bear she had since the day she was born.

Living Room:
Stella looks towards her husband “so, is it alright if Carol Ann stays?”

Andy looks back towards his wife “I don’t see why not. Carol Ann is comfortable being herself, but I think she needs to see a person who deals in this matter.”

“I agree with you on that part. I’ll make a few calls tomorrow at work and set-up appointment for her.” Stella stands up and starts heading towards the bedroom.

Andy follows behind her.

Around midnight:

Carol Ann wakes -up in a cold sweat. She just had a nightmare and didn’t want to sleep in her bed by herself. She gets out of bed and heads towards Kimmy’s room. She lays down next to her.

Kimmy had felt the bed move and knew it was Carol Ann. Since she has come to stay with them, she has crawled into bed with her a few times. Her parents didn’t sweat it, because the two of them were used to sleeping together. She wraps her arms around Carol Ann and holds her tight against her body.

Three Week Later:
“Tag, you're it.” Carol Ann runs away from Kimmy as they play tag in the pool with their friends.

Carol Ann was seeing a counselor about her gender dysphoria. She was living full time as a girl and was socializing with Kimmy’s friends.
Some of them knew her as Carl but didn’t care. Her aunt and uncle were allowing her to date Apollo. She ordered a few more pizza’s and they got to know each other.

She got a job at the same Papa John’s he worked at. She worked the cash register. The DEA and FBI were still investigating her parent’s death. So, far they had very little leads.

“Gotcha!” Apollo wraps his arms around her body.

Carol Ann just smile as she tries to free herself, but she couldn’t.

“I guess you do.” She wiggles against his groin area to distract him.

Once he loosens his grip on her, she is free and swims off.

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sugar_britches63's picture

Please let this be just the start of story I loved this chapter.

opinor ergo sum

Charlotte Van Goethem

Now I am waiting to see where

Now I am waiting to see where this heads off to. I do hope the Police can solve the murder of Carol's mother and father. I'm actually left wondering is she just might be intersexed, as she did mention having only one testes and a very small penis, and could put both inside of her. Makes one want to go hmmmmm?

Now I am waiting to see where

Now I am waiting to see where this heads off to. I do hope the Police can solve the murder of Carol's mother and father. I'm actually left wondering is she just might be intersexed, as she did mention having only one testes and a very small penis, and could put both inside of her. Makes one want to go hmmmmm?

This reads like the beginning of a series

I hope it is, I like it so far. I write occasionally but could not do a serial, a novel perhaps but not a serial, Some folks I might be be reluctant to start a serial due to a history of unfinished stories but I always look forward to your writing, Wonder if the bad guys will come after Carol?


An amazingly fast recovery for a child that just had her parents murdered and almost being burned alive. I would expect far more mental trauma than the little shown. While I can see Carol getting a boost in her spirits being able to dress as she wants, I would think it would be more like topping a pitcher's mound with the Grand Canyon before and after. "Oh, my mom and dad were just murdered, no biggie, I'm getting to wear dresses! Squee!!"


"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

Getting her wish

Some times wishes do come true

Girls rule

Wow a BERY CUTE story

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Sweet & sentamental I love it! I feel for poor Jessica, but in a way she is good for her self with the band. Nice thing about Jessica is she is an experienced ranch hand so if the music bubble bursts she can ALWAYS go back to ranching & maybe even at the ranch she was forced to leave.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.