Getting What She Wanted

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“Deeper Draco, I want all of you inside of me.” Reba was on all fours on the bed with her breast swinging back and forth dressed as a humanoid female mouse.

Behind her, pumping in and out of her ass was a humanoid Dragon man. Draco enjoyed pounding into Reba. The two of them loved being furries and wishes they were the actual animals they wanted to be like.

Reba hated she was born male and non-furry. She has wanted to be a girl since she was six years old, but her parents and foster parents wouldn’t let her. They bent a little when she got into the furry culture. They didn’t see any harm in letting her dress up as a female mouse person.

As for Draco, he wants to be a real dragon man. He loves dragons and anything to do with Dragons. He has already had some implants done to his body to make him look like a humanoid Dragon. He met Reba at a furry convention and the two of them hit it off. He didn’t care that Reba had been born a man, he swung both ways anyway. He just loved that he found someone that shared his desire and that wanted to be different.

Reba collapses to the bed with Draco still buried deep inside of her. She had felt him erupted inside of her, which made her come at the same time. She had a pleasant smile on her face.

Draco collapses on top of her and was about to pull out.

“Don’t. Stay inside of me, please.” Reba had clutched her anal muscles to hold him in.

“Alright.” as he kisses her. He wraps his arms around her body as he just lays on top of her.

Reba slowly falls asleep with Draco on top of her. She relaxes, so he can pull out of her. He strokes the spot where she allowed him to brand her as his mate.

Draco heads towards his studio where he makes all sorts of prosthetic animal parts for the Furry community. He used to work in the special effects department for a major movie company before he was let go. He walks over to his workbench to work on the tail he was making for Reba. She could wear it anywhere and it would respond to her muscle movements.

As he works on the tail trying to get its response better. As it stood right now, there was a delay of when the signal was sent to when the tail would move. He sits on his work stool and occupies his time working.

Several hours later, Reba wakes-up and look up at the ceiling. She was completely nude and sore from Draco pounding into her. She didn’t care, she loved having his huge dragon shape penis in her ass. She wishes she had a fake vagina so, she could feel what it was like to have it inside of her there as well. She strokes her huge breast.

She used the money she saved up working odd jobs to get her breasts enlarged to 44 DDD. It took her a while to save the money, but she managed. Now, she wants to get rid of her birth defect. She tried cutting it off, but her foster mother managed to stop her. She hated having it.

She did manage to injure herself so severely that they had to remove both her testicles and prescribe testosterone pills to her. She had a friend that worked at a local Pharmacy that traded her prescription in for the testosterone, for estrogen pills.

She wants to be a female mouse person so badly. She finally gets out of bed and head into Draco’s studio to see what he was up to. She knew he wanted to be a real Dragon man and had implants and tattoo art done to his body.

“Watch you doing sweetie?” Reba leans over and kisses Draco’s cheek.

“Working on some attachments for you. I’m surprised you're able to walk around.” Draco turns and looks at Reba.

She just grins at him “aspirin is a wonderful drug. Besides, how am I going to take you after I have my surgery? The opening they give you isn’t very big.” Reba had a friend that has already had her surgery. She had dropped back into the background as if she was never a transgender.

She had a wonderful husband and three young children.

“Well, we can always stretch you and prepare you for me.” He kisses her on the lips.

“Mmmm sounds like a good idea. I’m going to the store to pick up some groceries. Is there anything special you would like for me to pick-up?” Reba knew Draco like several different things that they didn’t keep in the house.

“Not that I can think of. If something comes to mind, I’ll text you.” He gives her one more kiss before she leaves.

Reba returns the kiss and heads back to their bedroom to change clothes. She leaves her mouse ears on and touches up the make-up that makes her look like a humanoid mouse. The people at the store and her neighbors were used to her unusual looks and that of her husband as well.

She walks through the store gathering items that she came to buy. She sees an old woman, trying to reach an item up on the top shelf of the aisle she was in.

“Here’ let me get that for you, ma’am.” Reba grabs it and hands it to the old woman.

“Thank you.” She looks at Reba and wonders why a nice young lady like her, had her face painted to look like a mouse.

“You’re welcome.” Reba just smiles at the old lady.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are you painted up to look like a mouse?” The woman looks into Reba’s eyes.

“I like mice’s, well humanoid mice’s. I and my husband are into the furry culture.” Reba didn’t mind answering the old lady’s questions.

“What is that dear?” The old lady looked confused.

“It’s where people dress up as different types humanoid animals. Some people feel they should have been born like they were dressed, and some do it because it allows them to relax. Me and my husband wishes we had been born like the creatures we like a lot.” Reba wanted it with every bit of her fiber.

“Sounds like you kids have strange ideas about things.” The old woman kept watching Reba’s eyes and could see that she really meant what she was saying.

“Maybe, but I and my husband would give anything if our wish to be the animals we want came true.” Reba knew Draco would love to be a real Dragon man.

“Maybe one day your wish will come true, dearie.” The old woman turns to leave.

“I hope, but I’m not going to hold my breath. You have a nice day, ma’am.” Reba watches as the old woman waves to her.

Reba finishes her shopping and was heading out to her car when a sign catches her eyes. There was a woman standing by an object that looked like it was an old fashion wishing well. She was sure that it wasn’t there when she went into the store. She walks over towards the display.

“Hi, I’m Reba Oscar. I didn’t see you when I went into the store.” The woman had long black hair tied back in a ponytail and looked to be around Reba’s foster parent's age. Like she was in her fifties or so.

“I just arrived while you were inside.” She gives Reba a pleasant smile.

“It’s a beautiful display, too bad wishes never come true.” Reba was about to leave.

“Actually, wishes do come true, it’s that every wish can’t be granted. If people always got what they wanted, they would become lazy or keep wishing for things. Sometimes you need to work for what you want.” The woman knew a lot of people in the world had things they would like to have or be. However, the universe was fickle about what is allowed.

“Maybe.” Reba just stands there. She was debating about making a wish.

The woman just watches Reba. She wonders if she was going to wish for what she and her husband wanted.

“Why not.” Reba reaches into her pants pocket and pull out a Sacagawea dollar coin and toss it into the well display.

She wishes that she was turned into a full functional woman that was a humanoid mouse. She also adds the wish for her husband to be turned into an actual Dragon Man and have everything Dragon men had. Plus, she adds on that all the people she knew in the furry community be turned into the humanoid animals they imagine themselves to be.

“Hopefully, your wish will be granted.” The woman was going to make sure it happened.

“I hope. Have a nice day.” Reba heads back to her car and loads her groceries.

She heads home and put the groceries away. She grabs what she needs to fix dinner. She hopes Draco doesn’t mind homemade beef stew for dinner. She works at dinner and let it cook for an hour and a half.

When Reba goes to check it after an hour and a half. She presses the intercom in the kitchen “Draco, dinner is ready,”

“Okay, I’m on my way up.” Draco finishes the job he was working on to have dinner with his wife.

They sit down and enjoy dinner together. Reba wonders how long Draco is going to be down in his workshop.

“Are you working long down in your shop?” As Reba clears the table and put the leftovers away.

“I have a few more things to finish up. I should be back up in a few hours.” He walks over and kisses her on the cheek.

Reba heads to their bedroom and gets undress. She takes a bubble bath. She would love it if her wish came true. She closes her eyes and enjoys the heat from the hot water surrounding her. When the water starts getting cold, she stands up out of the tub. Her head felt kind of fuzzy, so she dries off and slips her nightshirt on. She starts feeling sleepy and heads to her bed to lay down. No sooner does her head hits the pillows, that she passes out.

Draco was working on his project, but his eyes started getting heavy. The more he fought to stay awake. The more his eyes become heavy and he finally passes out. He starts snoring as he falls into a deep sleep.

While the two of them slept. Their bodies slowly started to change. Reba body had soft dark brown fur that covered her the top of her head and the rest of her body, except her chest area, groin area and below her eyes. Those areas were covered in light tan fur. Her hair turns black and a long tail sprouts from her tailbone area. Her nose turns pink and her mouth area elongates some.

Her hips become wider, while her waist becomes smaller, giving her an hourglass-shaped body. The silicone implants in her breasts, turn into real fat and tissue as they grow bigger. Her small penis is sucked up into her body, as her organs rearrange themselves to form her uterus and the rest of her female reproductive system.

Draco’s body slowly start to change as all the implants he has gotten is pushed out of his body and the ink from the tattoo is pushed out of his skin. His skin starts to turn into tough leather as white bone protrusion expands from his head to form horns. His head starts to reshape itself as his mouth elongates and his teeth are replaced with sharp alligator style teeth. His skin turns light green from under his jaw, down his chest area his groin area. His legs become thicker and more muscular. His feet reshape themselves to support his huge new frame. Huge purple leather wings protrude from his back. They come down about mid-calf and expand upwards towards his head.

Reba wakes first and wonders why her hair was covering her head. She gets out of bed and stumbles towards the bathroom. She feels movement behind her and glances back behind her. She spots a mouse tail. She rushes back to her bedroom and looks at herself in the full-length mirror. She couldn’t believe she had dark brown fur that covered all her body except the front of her body. Everything below her jaw and neck down to her groin area was covered in light tan fur.

Reba couldn’t believe how she looked. Her breasts were bigger, her hips were fuller and wider, making her waist smaller. She couldn’t believe how she looked. She looked just like she has always imagined she would. She runs naked down to Draco’s home office to check on him.

“Draco are you okay?” As she runs in and sees a sleeping Dragon man slumps over on the workbench. She loved how he looked and couldn’t believe that he was just like her.

She quietly walks over towards her sleeping husband and touches him. His skin felt like tough leather. He also had a thick tail with ridges on it. All the clothes Draco had been wearing were laying on the floor ripped up.

“Draco, wake-up, sweetie.” She gently shakes him, so as not to startle him.

Draco slowly wakes-up and felt strange. When he sits up and look towards Reba’s voice. He notices a female mouse lady that was as tall as Reba standing next to him.

“WWhho aarre yyou?” His mouth and face felt weird.

“I’m your wife, goofy. I was turned into what I always thought I should look like, just like you.” Reba had a smile on her mousy face.

“What do you mean, just like me?” Draco had a slight growl in his voice.

“Look at your hands and feet honey.” Reba loved her husbands’ wings. She wonders if they were functional?

Draco looks at his hands and feet. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he falls backward off his work stool onto the floor. He felt that he had wings when he hit the floor on his back. He tries to get up with his strangely shaped legs.

“Here, let me help you up.” Reba walks over and grabs his huge hands.

It takes both her petite hands and a lot of strength from her to help pull him off the floor. Once he was standing, she runs his hands down his
chest. His skin was very thick and felt like leather. She glances down towards his groin area and wonders where he kept his penis and how big it was.

Draco was looking at his hands and arms. He picks up a mirror from his workbench and look at his face and couldn’t believe what he looked like. It was how he would look like if he had been born a Dragon man.

He looks at his wife “how did this happen?”

“Beats me. I woke up looking the way I should have been born. Do you like what you see?” She lifts her breasts up and jiggles them for him.

A smile appears on his Dragon face as he steps towards her. He reaches out and pulls her to him.

“I love you no matter how you look.” As he tries to kiss her.

He manages, but it was awkward. He runs his hand down over her bubble butt. He was being careful of the claw on the tip of each finger of his huge hand.

She shivers from his touch. His hand felt like rough leather. She is lifted off the floor when he cups her butt cheeks and lifts her up with one hand.

She felt as one of his claws pokes into her skin “let’s go outside and see if your wings work.”

He puts Reba back down on the floor. He felt as she grabs his hand and leads him outside. They were both nude, but nothing on him would show his gender. However, everyone could tell what his wife was.

“Aren’t you going to put some clothes on?” Draco looks at his wife.

“I have nothing I can wear. My new body is bigger than my original body. Just as your body is bigger than your old one.” Reba knew nothing she had would fit her and nothing Draco had would fit either of them.

“So, what are we going to do?” Draco looks at his wife with a puzzled look on his face.

“I’ll ask Vivian to grab us some clothes. I wonder if all the people we know were turned into their furry counterparts?” Reba was curious if it was just the two of them or everyone she knew?

Draco thinks about his wings as he flexes his back muscles. They spread open.

“Wow! They are huge.” Reba walks over and looks at them.

The skin between each rib bone was though and thin. She strokes them “do you feel that?”

“Yes, I can feel your hand. I wonder how I'm supposed to fly?” Draco wonders if he needs to run off the cliff and glide first.

“Try flipping them and see if you lift off the ground.” Reba stands back, so Draco had plenty of room to flip.

Draco concentrates and manages to get his wings flipping. After a few seconds, he is lifted into the air. After a few crashes, he manages to get basics control of his flight abilities.

Reba watches and records his crashes, so they can laugh about it. Once he gets his flight control under control, she calls her friend Vivian.

Vivian’s house:
Vivian and her boyfriend woke-up and found themselves changed into the animal forms they always dressed up as. Vivian had turned into a female minx and her boyfriend turned into a humanoid wolf. She was startled by the fact she had been changed.

Logan was surprised that he had been turned into the wolf he had always dress up as. He couldn’t believe he was an actual wolf. He looks towards Vivian and notices she had turned in the minx she liked to dress as.

As he was about to ask her how they had changed, Vivian’s cell phone starts ringing. He picks it up since it was on his side of the bed. He looks at the name of the caller and notice sit was Reba.

“Hello, Vivian. This is a bad time right now.” Logan wanted to talk to Vivian about what happened as they slept.

“Hey Logan, I really need to talk with Vivian, please. It sorts of an emergency.” Reba was still watching Draco as he mastered his flight ability.

“What type of an emergency is it, Reba?” He sits up and watches Vivian as she checked out her body. She had short dark hair that covered her body and a nice tail. The hair on her head was dark red.

“I need for Vivian to grab me and Draco some clothes. We sort of went through some changes last night and we don’t have any clothes to wear.” Reba hopes Vivian would agree to help her.

The changes statement caught his attention “What type of changes?”

“Well, I turned into a humanoid mouse I always thought of myself of and Draco turned into a Dragon man. Here, I’m switching to video, so you
can see.” Reba switches to video, so Logan could see what she looked like and what Draco looked like as well.

She was surprised when Logan’s face appears, and it was a wolf face looking at her. She couldn’t believe the wish she made yesterday changed people she knew that was in the furry community.

“I see you know what I mean, Logan. Did Vivian change as well?” Reba watches as Logan shows what Vivian looked like.

“She changed into a gorgeous minx and I turned into a wolf man.” Logan didn’t mind.

“Wow, she looks gorgeous. I think we better contact everyone we know and have them join me and Draco here at our place.” Reba wonders if everyone was affected.

“How long do you want to give everyone to get to you guys?” Logan would see if Vivian had some clothes that might fit Reba.

“Let’s say an hour for now.” Reba figures that would give everyone time to get to their place.

“Alright, see you in an hour.” Logan ends the call.

Draco lands and walks over towards Reba. He was exhausted from flying and figures he’ll have to build up his endurance to fly longer.

“What did Vivian say?” Draco was loving how Reba was looking.

“Let’s just say we weren’t the only ones that had been changed. I told Logan to contact everyone we know and have them meet us here at our house.” Reba had sent a similar message to people she knew as well.

“Well, we have an hour to kill. Do you want to go inside and see if everything else was enlarged?” Draco wanted to see if his wife could still take a large penis with her new body.

“Sure, let’s go and find out.” She takes his hand as they head back into the house and into their bedroom.

An Hour Later:
Reba was sitting on a pillow on the sofa still in the nude. She felt so sore and raw between her legs and had a slight bulge in her lower abdomen. She was feeling so bloated after having sex with Draco. She couldn’t believe that he stretched her so much, and went so deep inside her body, that he had gone through her cervix and into her uterus.

He filled her uterus up so much, that she was bulging because of it. As for the rest of her reproductive organs, Draco stretched her so much, that he might have torn the lining of her vagina. She couldn't believe how primal he became when he was pumping in and out of her. Each thrust was so hard, that the little ridges on his shaft rubbed her vaginal lining raw.

Draco and her look at all their friends that had been changed. Some of them had been changed into humanoid animals like her and Draco. While others have been changed into a four-legged version of the animal. She even had people that resembled mystical creatures in her house. She had people that resembled gargoyles and creatures from the cartoon Gargoyles.

All of them were confused about how they were changed. Most of them didn’t care but wonder what they were going to do. They couldn’t work at their jobs like they were.

Reba had to adjust how she was sitting several times. She was still hurting, even after taking a few aspirins for the pain. She presses on her abdomen and could feel everything Draco deposit in her move around. She had claw marks that covered her back and butt cheeks. She had bite marks on her breasts and shoulder blades.

“Does anyone know how this happened to us?” Ralph who had been turned into a polar bear looks at everyone.

“It might have been a wish I made the other day when I went shopping. I don’t know if it was true or not, but it seems like it comes true.” Reba felt guilty about ruining these people’s lives.

“I’ve been wishing for a long time to be turned into my tiger form and I know Jessica has always wanted to be turned into a real tiger.” As Blake pets a real tiger lying next to him.

“Why did your wish come true?” A humanoid bunny girl looks over towards Reba.

“I don’t know why.” Reba wonders why as well.

“Well, the question that stands now. How are we going to survive? None of us can go back to our jobs like we are, and people will have problems with our looks.” Thomas knew how people felt because of the run-ins he had with bigots and the police a few times he went out dressed up.

He had been turned into a humanoid skunk woman. His partner, on the other hand, had been turned into a short raccoon male.

“I know a place we can set up our own little community. It’s an abandoned town in Elkmont, TN. It has a bunch of abandon buildings we can renovate and make habitable.” Gary, who had been turned into a humanoid bear. His girlfriend looked like Rebecca Cunningham from Disney TaleSpin.

“Alright let’s send a team to scout the area and while they are gone. Let’s figure out what we need to do.” Reba was trying not to move much.

“Sounds like a plan.” As Gary gets with the flyers and some of the others in their group and brainstorm.

A few Months Later:
Reba watches from the porch of the house her and Draco claimed as their own and restored it. They managed to buy the property and the buildings of the old town. They told the historical society of Tennessee that they would watch over the place and protect the land. All her friends that had been changed was loving the woods.

The ones that had been changed with wings, we're loving it as well because they could go flying whenever they wanted to. They had a river for those of them that had been turned into water animals. The engineers and mechanics in their group were restoring the railway that came to the campground, so they could use it to travel to the city for supplies.

There were restrictions on what visitors could or couldn’t do at the campground. They still allowed hikers and such to the campground. They didn’t allow trucks or cars to the area. They had a full-time veterinarian that lived in the campground.

She places her hand down on her stomach as she thinks about what her and Draco children will look like when they are born. She found out a few days ago, that she was pregnant with his children. Vivian had been the one to inform her over lunch. She had smelled a difference in her pheromones. According to the doctor in their camp, the pregnancy was already making her seem like she was in her third month already.

She and Draco have been having sex every other day. That was how long her body took to absorb what Draco deposit inside of her. It didn’t drip out like a normal man would. It stayed inside her, and her body absorbed it. She was finally getting used to his huge member. She was glad she was no longer taking it in the ass like she did. She did try twice to take him in her ass, but it hurt too much. So, they kept to her vagina instead.

She watches as Patty and Pat run down the street that ran next to the house. They wanted to be turned into hamster children. Brenda the centaur runs pass them as several other centaurs joined her. Her friends that have been turned into true animals, but kept their human intelligence were exploring what it meant to be animals and they had every type of animal under the sun in their camp.

They even had a few people that were from the BDSM group that was into being pony girls and stallions in their group. There were some normal humans that lived with them, that helped to take care of them. She just smiles as she heads back inside her new home.

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