Courage Chapter 15 Final Chapter

Susan looks at Greg as they stood before the preacher. She and Greg had been dating for a few months before he popped the question to marry.
She couldn’t ask for a nicer loving man. He treated the girls as if they were his own and he helped her out when she lets him.

The preacher finally pronounces them, man and wife. The two of them kiss and a lot of hooting and hollering followed afterward. They had the reception at Jake’s place. All her friends were there including her best friend Kelly. She paid the airfare for her and her family to fly out.

They party all night long. By the time everything dies down. Susan was ready for bed. She made sure not to drink too much alcohol, so she could breastfeed the girls. As she lays next to Greg, who was lightly snoring.

She gets out of bed and walks into the nursery where the twins were sound asleep. She just stands there looking down at them. She still couldn’t believe she was a mother and a married woman. She glances at her hand to admire her wedding ring. Maybe she was moving a little fast, but Greg proved that he was the right person for her.

She turns around and heads back to her bedroom finally feeling that life was going to be nice for now on.

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