Cursing Curse

Evan cursed a lot. A lot as to the point in scared his friends. His mom was fed up.

One day, when Evan came home from school, his mom decided to put his plan into action.

“Hi Evan! How was your day?” she said.

“Fucking boring, bitch,” he replied angrily. His mom was fed up.

“That’s not very ladylike,” she said.

“Yeah, I’m a fucking guy, of course it’s damn not.”

“Not for long,” his mom muttered. “It’s hot outside, have a drink.”

“Okay, it was pretty fucking hot.” He drank it, wishing it was alcohol. “Why the fuck does this water taste so sweet?” he asked. As he did this, his mom watched him shrink an inch.

“I wouldn’t know,” she said, smiling. “You should go to your room and change, you’re covered in sweat.” He went to his room, and his mom quietly walked behind him, pretending that she was going to her room. When he got in, he couldn’t believe what he saw on his bed.

“What the fuck! Why are hell there girl’s clothes on my bed?!” He stared at the black tanktop and the maroon skirt while he shrinked 4 inches, to 5’4. As this happened he realized something was wrong. His mom entered his room.

“Well sweety, you drank a potion, and now every time you curse your transformation into a girl takes another step. Now how about you put on the clothes, there is underwear and a bra for you in that drawer.” Evan began cursing his mom off. About five curses in, he stopped, as some changes had set in. His hair had grown to shoulder length and became straight. His hands and arms became more feminine, his nails becoming long and perfectly manicured with a baby pink polish on them, and he began thinking about the clothes.

“I guess I’ll wear them, they do seem fucking nice,” he said, his penis shrinking slightly.” He put the bra and panties on. “Shit these feel nice.” His chest filled the cups and his butt expanded. He began crying: “Mom, this is fucking awful.” His hips widened and waist narrowed. “Is there any fucking way to reverse this? Am I going to lose my damn memories?” His face became feminine, with perfect makeup, and his penis finally became a vagina.

“There’s no way of reversing this, but you’ll not lose your memories. If you curse again your thoughts will become much more feminine. You’ll almost never curse again.”

“Fuck,” she said, eyes widening. “I mean I’m sorry Mom!”

“Shh, it’s fine. Welcome to your new life, Eve.”

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