Marrying My Next-Door Neighbor

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Sara wakes-up and felt strong arms holding her. She looks down at the hands holding her and smiles. She was finally his wife. Her ass was sore from all the love making her and Dave did last night. She glances at her petite hand and smile as she admires her wedding ring.

Her breast and hips were still a little sore from the plastic surgery she got to look more feminine. She has always loved Dave since she was a child. He and his wife always seem to be deeply in love with each other.

Then one day when he came home from making a long haul. She had packed up everything she owned and left. It had to be sometime during the night when she left. Because no one knew she was gone. Sure, her car was missing, but that was common. She normally left early to go to work.

He knew she was transgender. Her parents had let her grow-up as a girl since she was six years old. Sure, she had problems in school because people found out that she wasn’t a real girl, but there were people that protected her and helped her become a better girl.

The cheerleaders had invited her to join them and she accepted. The coach for the cheerleaders treated her like she would any girl under her. She had a few boyfriends in High school, but the relationship always ended nastily.

As she became older, she started looking at Dave. She loved how he looked and acted towards his wife. She wanted to know more about him and found ways to spend time over at his house doing odd jobs or helping him with jobs he was working on. Her parents felt she should spend more time with people her own age, but she wanted to know more about Dave.

When his wife left, it left him broken and he couldn’t figure out what he did wrong. He tried to be a good husband and did everything he could for her. He couldn’t get over the fact that she left him.

He knew that the girl next door had taken an interest in him. Sometimes she would flirt with him, but he never thought she was serious. It kind of bothers him that a young girl half his age was interested in him. He knew her background and it didn’t bother him that she wasn’t a genetic girl.

Sara would come over every day and do things for him around the house when he was home. It got to the point that she was spending so much time over at Dave’s house. That he gave her a key to his place to look after when he was out on the road.

One day he came home and found her cleaning the place in a lacy bra, skimpy black thong underwear and black garter belt with black hose wearing seven-inch clear pumps with silver glitter straps. She had her headphones and was dancing to the music as she cleaned the place.
He just watched her as she wiggled her ass and dance in the high heels. Her long dirty blonde hair swung back and forth as she danced. He just watched as she danced.

Sara had turned around and noticed Dave watching her. She just smiled and started dancing a little bit more seductively. She had watched some YouTube videos to learn how to dance like a stripper and to seduce a man. She practiced them when she came over to clean the house.
She walks up to him and starts running her hands over his body while removing his shirt and dropping his pants. She kisses him and kneels to give him a blow job. Sara has only practice on a cucumber before, so she takes things slowly.

Dave couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he came in. He had watched as she turned around and slowly and seductively approached him. When she got closer to him, she kissed him. It wasn’t just a chaste kiss, but a deep sexy kiss. She let her tongue explore his mouth and felt when he responded to her.

Then when she kissed down his body and took his penis in her mouth and started sucking on it. He didn’t want her to stop what she was doing and just let her please him. He finally erupts in her mouth.

Sara swallows what Dave deposited in her mouth. When he goes limp, she stands up slowly licking her lips. She looks into his brown eyes and kisses him.

She feels his hands grab her ass and lift her off the ground. She wraps her legs around his waist as she continues to tongue wrestle with him. She feels him squeeze her butt cheeks.

Dave stops kissing Sara and looks into her hazel eyes “are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, I have dreamed of this since I was thirteen years old. I saw you sunning yourself in a pair of shorts without your shirt on.” Sara kisses him again.

Dave carries Sara to his bedroom and lay her down on the bed. He flips her over till she was on her stomach. He walks into the master bedroom and grab the jar of Vaseline and lubes up his cock and her butt hole.

Sara shivers when she feels Dave lube her anal hole up. She wiggles her ass at him and moan when he smacks her ass. Once she was well lubed, she felt him at her anal entrance as he slowly and delicately enters her.

Sara wakes up hours later snuggled against Dave with his arm wrapped around her waist. She was laying partially on his chest. And felt the wetness between her butt cheeks. Her ass was sore from him entering her for the first time. She moves carefully up his body and starts kissing him.

Dave wakes to Sara kissing him. He returns the kiss and holds her close to his body. After a while, he breaks the kiss.

He looks into her hazel eyes and could see lust and love in them for him. He felt her small penis laying on top of his.

“How do you feel?” As he strokes her spine.

“Like I have gotten what I have always wanted.” She kisses him on the lips.

Dave has never been into transgenders before, but Sara has always been nice to him. He could see that she was in love with him. He wants to make sure she really loved him.

Sara wiggles her crotch against his to grab his attention. She wonders what he was thinking about.

“What are you thinking about?” Sara looks into his brown eyes.

“Where we should go from here.” As he squeezes her ass.

“I could move in with you and see how things go from there.” Sara has already started moving some of her clothes and shoes in while he was away.

“Your parents might object to us living together.” Dave knew her parents and didn’t think they would approve of her living with him.

“Actually, since I’m eighteen years old. I can do what I want to do. I don’t think my parents will mind, as long as I am happy.” Sara kisses him again.

“Well then, let’s see how things go then.” Dave returns the kiss and flip her over and start making love to her.

Which brings her back to the present. She gets out of bed and runs towards the bathroom to empty her bladder. The plastic surgery she had to make her breast bigger and hips curvier were paid for by Dave. He knew how she felt about her small breast and small hips. So, he paid to
make them better. The only condition he had was, he got to determine how big her breast and hips were. Sara didn’t care because she loved him.

They went to Las Vegas for their honeymoon. They had a small wedding and she wore her mother’s wedding dress. They had the reception at a meeting hall they rented. Since arriving at the hotel they had booked, they haven’t left the room.

She finishes her business and walks back into the bedroom. She notices Dave was awake and watching her as she walked in.

“Good morning my husband.” As she climbs onto the bed and straddles him.

Dave just looks up at Sara and looked how her new breast protrudes from her chest. They were perfectly round and as big as cantaloupes. The plastic surgeon did a good job of making her areola fit her breast and enlarge her nipple to the proper size for her breast.

They make love for a while after Dave got up and went to the bathroom. After their little sex episode. Sara gets dressed in her sexiest clothes and head down to the casino.

Since she was under twenty-one, she couldn’t play. So, she just watches as Dave played. He was doing pretty good. He manages to walk away from the craps table with sixty thousand dollars.

The two of them go back to their hotel room to celebrate. Now Sara could get the other surgery, so she would be a semi-real woman. She’ll never be able to carry a child of theirs but would be able to have sex like a normal couple.

When they get back from their honeymoon. Sara gets her CDL license but can’t drive across state lines. She travels with Dave when he goes out on the road. Some of the truck stops they stop at, the other truck drivers mistake her for being his daughter. It was funny when they find out she is his wife.

Sometimes, she rides in just her bra and garter belt wearing either fishnet stocking or just stockings that matched her bra and garter belt. Sara liked doing things to entertain Dave or just being silly sometimes. She loved when Dave pretended he was upset or tried ignoring her.

She looks over towards Dave “so, where are we going this time?”

“Florida. We are taking a load down there and picking up one that is going to Richmond, VA.” Dave glances towards his wife and notices she had on a pair of tight pair of shorts and just a baby blue camisole.

As for her surgery. They talked about it and she was going to have her it in October. That was when Dave normally took some time off from driving. She had the letters she needed, and she had picked a surgeon that specialized in MTF in Charlotte, NC.

“You know the size of the breasts you picked out for me, suits me. I thought you were going to make me as big as Mrs. Johnson down the street from us.” Sara was running her hands over her breasts. She loved how big and round they are.

“Mrs. Johnson’s are too big for your body type. Plus, I don’t think you want to have back problems she is going to have in a few years.” Dave knew Sara wanted him to pick out her breasts since she wanted to please him.

Late that day, while they were parked at a truck stop. Sara is snuggled close to Dave with his arms wrapped around her body, holding her close.

“Dave did you and your ex-wife ever talked about having children?” Sara was curious why he never had children.

“My ex-wife was never the motherly type, Sara. She got jealous because you were spending time and flirting with me.” Dave and his wife had a
few words about Sara coming over and flirting with him.

“You knew?” Sara watches her husband’s facial expression.

“Yes, I knew you had the hots for me. At first, I thought it was just your hormones causing you to act like you were acting. Then, I overheard you talking to one of your friends about me. You told your friend, how you would love for me to take you and do all sort of sexual things to you.” He smiles when he says that.

“Now that I’m your wife, what is stopping you?” A playful smile appears on her face.

“When we get home, you’re going to regret saying that.” Dave couldn’t believe how Sara was willing to try a few things he had in mind.

She snuggles closer and falls asleep. She felt Dave as he caressed her breasts. She was enjoying having an older husband that didn’t care she was transgender. He treated her as if she has always been born a girl. Well, she was raised as a girl.

The next morning, they dropped their load off and pick-up their load going to Richmond. Sara had slipped on a pair of shorts like always and a muscle shirt, but no bra. She didn’t feel like wearing one. Besides, she loved the looks her husband gave her when they bounced.

Once they were on the road. She relaxes and watches how her husband handled things. She wanted to join him, so they could be a team driver. The drive to Richmond wasn’t too bad. They only ran into a few traffic accidents along the way.

They get a hotel room for a night and take a shower together. Sara moans and shivers as Dave ran his hands down her body. They order take out and enjoy each other in bed. When the delivery driver knocks on the hotel room door. She slips on her robe and answers the door to pay for the food.

The young teenager delivering the meal, eyes were wide when he saw the woman. She was young and cute. He also noticed she naked under the robe and could see the top of her breasts.

Sara noticed where the delivery driver’s eyes were. A smile appears on her face.

“How much do I owe you?”

The young man jerks up to look at the young lady “$12.50 ma’am.”

He notices the woman was watching him. He gulps because she caught him looking at her breasts.

“Here’s a twenty-dollar bill, keep the change. Also, for future reference, you might want to be a little more discreet when examining a woman’s breasts. I don’t mind, but my husband might take an offensive.” Sara steps aside so the delivery boy could see Dave.

The delivery driver noticed a well-built older man with short black hair looking at him from the bed in just his boxers. He looks back at Sara “sorry about that ma’am.”

“It’s okay.” Sara accepts the food they ordered and watch as the driver takes off.

Sara shuts the door behind her and walks over towards the bed. After they have finished eating the food and Sara was straddling Dave’s waist. She looks down into his eyes, while he was massaging her breasts “Dave, you never did say why your wife left you?”

He takes a breath as he squeezes her breasts “she thought I was having an affair with you. No matter what I told her, she still believed me, and you were doing have sex and such behind her back.”

“Well, she was partially right. I was flirting with you trying to get you interested in me. If you had asked me back, then to have sex with you. I would have in a heartbeat.” She squeezes her anal muscles tighter around his penis.

“Why aren’t you interested in boys your own age or close to your age.” As he squeezes her breasts. He had them enlarge from 34B to 34DDD.

“Because I love older men and I have always been attracted to you.” As she leans forward and kisses him.

She rides him till he erupts inside of her and when they are done. She falls asleep on his chest. He had his arms around her.

Sara stands before the full-length mirror in the bedroom and just look at herself. She couldn’t believe how natural she looked now since having the operation. She trimmed her pubic hair to look like a heart and just above it. She had a tattoo that said, “Please Enter at My Pleasure” with an inch-wide pink arrow pointing down towards her vagina. She knew Dave loved it.

She also had another tattoo that covered her right shoulder and went halfway down her arm of Orchids. She had to talk Dave into it, but afterward, he liked it. She finally felt like a true woman now.

Since she has recovered, they have been going at it like rabbits. As she is examining her vagina, Dave walks up behind her naked. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck.

“It looks pretty.” As he kisses her neck.

“I know, and I finally feel like a true woman.” As she turns around in his arms.

She kisses him and wraps her arms around his neck. She jumps up and wraps her legs around his waist.

“Let’s go and practice making babies.” As she kisses him and feels as she is carried back to bed.

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Practice making babies

sugar_britches63's picture

I think in large part that is what most transitioned women miss if done early in life, not being able to have one. but the practice is fun young or old, so practice on I say.

opinor ergo sum

Charlotte Van Goethem

This story pretty much

Wendy Jean's picture

describes the dreams most of us have, I think.