SWTOR: The Wish of One Affected the Other: Coruscant

I was meditating in my cabin when my door chimed and I got up to open the door. "Can I help you?"

"I am sorry I didn't speak with you all, but I feel I have to say something at least to you." Ambassador Asara stated. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." I replied.

"Thank you. I do mean it. Lt Jonwood spoke with me later and told me what First Officer Haken wanted you all to do. I fail to see why he would suggest something like that, but I could see how he would have if things had been different. I have done somethings that I am not proud of and it has caused lives to be lost that later I saw could have been avoided. You took over and protected this ship without added risk to others. You cleared the ship nearly by yourself. The others did as well, but you faced the higher risk and took out as many Imperials as did the others combined."

"I did what I had to do. I regret the lives I took." I stated truly feel that way. "Any of the others could have done the same."

"Lt Jonwood doesn't think so, and he is Havoc Squad. I have also seen Jedi fall in less risky missions with full intel." she replied. "You never hesitated."

"I never do. I trust in the Force to guide me and to warn me. I am glad you stopped by." I stated. "In the future remember this and do the right thing even if it will be the harder road to follow. This will atone for some things that you have done poorly."

"I will." Asara replied. She hugged me and then left. I went back to my meditation. A few hours later my door chimed again. I felt the person on the other side was someone I knew, but I also felt that I shouldn't open the door.

"Come on T'aa. Open up. The ship is throwing a party." I heard Ingo through the door. I tapped the pad on the door and before it fully opened he tried to squeeze in. I held him gently with the Force. I shouldn't have, but it was good I did. He struggled for a second, confused that he couldn't move forward. "Hey you got a shield on your door?"

"No Lt Jonwood I don't. Jedi do not indulge in parties, so I am grateful for the offer, but I decline." I stated.

"It's a party sure food and dancing and drink, but hey you don't have to drink." Ingo replied. "Just hang out."

"Is Knight Hintal there?" I asked. I was sure he wasn't.

"No not now, but he was. Said he had to do something, but he did eat and talked some." Ingo replied. I felt he left when the drinking started. "You have to eat don't ya?"

"I do and I have food being brought to my room." I stated.

"Well you can cancel or have them bring it to the lounge. No need to eat alone, and a drink or two won't hurt ya." Ingo just wasn't going to give up. I sighed.

"Lt Jonwood, I am a Jedi, and your thoughts betray you. I am not interested. We can work together as professionals, that is all." I declared.

"Wait you think I am thinking... well I guess I could think that way, so how about it?" Ingo asked. "It would do you some good." I wasn't surprised he had shown he was interested in me. I suddenly felt a bit ill, and flustered. My hold on him weakened, and he neatly fell into my room. The small couch saved him from a complete wipe out. He got up embarrassed and saw my back as I left the cabin. If he wouldn't leave, I would. I heard him scream as the crackle of electricity was heard. I smiled as I realized T7 didn't like unwanted guests either. I walked the corridors for an hour before finding myself in the lounge.

"There she is, where is Lt Jonwood?" Sanusha asked.

"I don't know I left my cabin as he invaded. T7 shocked him as I left." Corso laughed louder than the others. Aric just shook his head.

"I told him, you didn't like him." Corso smugly remarked.

"And you don't have a chance either." Sanusha burned him. Corso blushed and looked down in his drink. I giggled and flicked a bit of his drink into his face using the Force. It was something a Jedi shouldn't do, but he sputtered while looking confused at his drink.

"So we have talked about forming a co-op." Aric explained. "We fought well together, and we agreed that it would benefit us all seeing as we are going to Coruscant. Cort said he would think about it."

"I am sure he will agree, if you think it is a good idea as well." Sanusha finished. "At least think about it."

"What would this co-op entail? The Jedi Order doesn't form attachments." I stated.

"Well don't think of this as an attachment. More like an agreement of support. The LT and I are the only ones left of Havoc squad, and the Captain here lost her ship. You two Jedi look too young to be off on your own. Not that you didn't take control during the attack, but having someone older around who backs up your authority doesn't hurt." Aric explained. "I am sure whatever mission you are on will go better with some support and the same goes for us. You don't have to ask for help, but it will be there. Plus I am sure there will be times that you can't help, but someone will the more that we have."

"Plus we have skill sets that you don't. I can slice and I have connections to the underworld. Aric and Ingo are in the military and carry big guns. You fight like a whirlwind and your friend has shown he is an excellent healer." Sanusha explained further. "Plus we can combine our resources, trade equipment, and information." I looked at the two. I smiled knowing this co-op would be another form of a guild. Plus I could see the two wanting to stay in contact and this would guarantee it.

"Fine but I will not take orders from Ingo." I agreed.

"No worry there even he said that you should lead when we fight together. If you were not a Jedi, I would ask you to join Havoc Squad." Aric stated. "What we just need to do is name the co-op."

"Guardians of the Galaxy." Corso seriously suggested. I paused in shock for a second then burst out laughing. The two Cathar looked at me funny as well. "Hey what's so funny."

"It is a nice name." Aric added. I laughed even harder.

"I don't see how that could be funny?" Sanusha added as well. I finally calmed down.

"Now that name is from a story I know about. I would feel wrong using the name." I disagreed.

"Well how about..." Corso started to suggest another.

"Stop, Corso. Justice League, the Avengers, and the X Men are out as well." I stated. The poor boy nearly had his eyes fall out.

"I was going to suggest the first one you said." He replied quietly.

"Balance." Cort stated as he joined us. "We join together to share skills to balance out our strengths and weaknesses."

"It works for me." Sanusha seconded.

"Yes it is not stupid or requires us to do something we may not do. I like it." I did like it as it was simple. We talked more, as I ate something and I eventually left with Cort. He walked with me back to my cabin and I shook my head as I opened the door.


"What is Ingo doing on your floor?" Cort asked.

"From the looks of it sleeping." I replied. "And I definitely don't want to be here when he wakes up."

"We could move him to his cabin." Cort suggested as we moved inside, so he could check him.

"No he is fine where he is. I don't need to sleep. I have something to tell you anyways. It is better I tell you in your quarters." I stated. Smiled a bit and I wondered what he was thinking. We got to his quarters and I sat down on one of his chairs while he sat on the bunk.

"What is troubling you?" Cort asked. "I have felt this a few times."

"Well being here for one. I never dreamed I could be here, or that I would be a Jedi." I started.

"You earned it, and I don't see any others doing what you have done." Cort replied.

"That is just it. Someone else was supposed to do all this.

I told you my body was changed into female, and that I am genetically male." I reminded him. He nodded. "Well I am mentally male as well. Now you would conclude that is natural considering what was done, but I was male on a different planet in a different universe as far as I know."

"I don't understand, but it feels like the truth." Cort replied. I smiled weakly.

"Cort my real name is Sean, I am thirty five, born on Earth a planet filled with just humans no space travel level technology. Sure we made it to our moon but no further. We have a game based of a holo drama called Star Wars. So far everything we have done is part of that game. You are hunting for the Sith Lord Vivicar or Parkanas who used to be a Jedi that was left behind on a planet called, Malachor 3." This seemed to get Cort's attention fully.

"I will face the son of Darth Angral, Darth Lord Eli Tarnis, also the design head of the Republics special weapons. He will steal the plans of all the Republics dirty weapons projects. I don't think I need to kill him, I hope to capture him from the start, but I am not sure I should. He will have stolen all the plans before I get there. I don't think I should stop him, cause if I do I may doom Coruscant or Tython to be trapped and burned, killing everyone there and the planets themselves."

"I find what you have said to be the truth, but it also brings to mind a quote I have come across in my studies. 'A Jedi sometimes has to start what he finished.' This looks much like one of those situations. You know the outcome, but if you don't start it or follow the path the end result may not come about." Cort explained as I sighed.

"Then I will not be able to face the Emperor and defeat him. Then again he is only his voice. Vitiate is controlled by Valkorian, or he lost control of him, so is the Sith Emperor, and not his voice. Hmm, you maybe right, but I don't want to see all the deaths that this journey will take, or turning to the dark side to do it." I stated.

"You turn to the dark side. I don't believe you could. Still, stranger things are happening." Cort replied. I knew he was thinking of the Jedi Plague his current Master, Yuon Par had. I got up and paced a bit before sitting down again. I thought I was sitting down on an empty space of the bunk and wound up in his lap. He didn't push me off or complain as he put his arms around me. I felt safe in his arms. Strange considering I was the one who kept him safe on more than one occasion. I looked at his face and shivered as we were so close. This time he kissed me first. My curiosity took over as our kiss continued. I turned as we kissed some more and even though my mind protested I wanted to know what it was like and to get it out of my system. Maybe that was the reason I continued, or that he did as well. I was safe for him as well. I didn't think we could become attached. Then again I wouldn't mind if we did.

As we quickly undressed going from simple hugging and kissing to exploration I thought of Doc and Nadia Grell. Both were love interests from the game. Would I ruin those chances by becoming involved with Cort or was this a stepping stone for both of us to use, to open us up for such a relationship? I was soon faced with his member and whether I really could do things a woman could. I couldn't stop as he moaned with what I started to do. I had this urge to finish him there, so we wouldn't go any further, but as we lay on the bed he did the same to me. I lost focus and just held him stiff as he brought on my first orgasm. From there I was lost to the feelings that thundered through my body. I felt what he felt through the Force, and I was sure he felt what I did. When we joined, time no longer mattered. Nothing mattered at that moment. I felt just like I did when I slept with Ranna, but having him inside taking me higher and higher was too much as he came inside of me, I exploded before I passed out.

The next morning he was wrapped around me. I looked at the time on the wall and corrected myself as it was midday. I didn't feel guilt, remorse, or disgust. I felt normal like nothing had changed, but that we had slept together. Would we do it again, I thought? I smiled and knew we could, but wouldn't. Could I do it with someone else? Yes I think I could, but I wondered. I liked it with Ranna and Cort. I could pick either. The urge to try to get Kira in bed made me giggle. I giggled a bit longer with my next thought that I was enjoying a base emotion, that I let it control me, and that I wanted it again.

I slipped out of bed sneaking into his refresher. This ship didn't use water, and so I turned on the sonics. I was instantly hit with a wave of pleasure. Not as strong as the one on Tython, but pleasingly soft. It built up inside me the feelings of last night. I took each in and then let it go. I had a small orgasm at the end before I blocked out what the sonics did. I came down from the high with total calm and clarity. I loved Cort, but not as a lover. I couldn't say as a brother, but as a friend who was once a lover. Someone with whom you both transcended the physical. We were soul bonded. Something very few could claim. I smiled as we switched places. He joined me as I meditated once he was clean. We needed no words as thoughts passed between us. I made him nervous as I thought about being pregnant. I wasn't pregnant, that was comforting that I could feel it. I balanced the days in my head and knew there was no chance of that happening. Facing the others would be interesting.

"T'aa, you have a scent about you." Sanusha stated later that evening. "I thought Jedi were not allowed to mate." I was shocked, but not overly so. I smiled and nodded.

"That is correct, but we are beings with needs or desires that sometimes are acted on just like any other." I replied.

"Ah, that is comforting to know. Are you and Cort now mates?" She asked.

"No, we will not let this happen again. We are closer than before. Almost beyond such desires now." I explained. She was hard to read, but I felt her approval. "How is it with Aric?"

"I could mate with him many more times. He pleases me. I am unsure I will want him as my life mate." Sanusha admitted. We hugged and giggled which made the next table over nervous as a Cathar giggle is more like a hiss. Corso and Ingo didn't ask, but they knew they had no chance with me now. Corso seemed to take it the hardest. He was mopping the rest of the trip. Ingo just shrugged it off as a lost chance becoming very professional when we talked. Then again if I gave him the slightest hint he would have started all over again. Hopefully he wouldn't be drunk around me anytime soon. At least not before he met Elara.

Coruscant Senate area

Coruscant was impressive. I couldn't believe a planet could be converted into an entire city. Then again I had to believe what my eyes were showing me far below as we moved along a corridor to get to the shuttle that would take us down to the spaceport near the Senate building. Everyone of us had to go to the Senate building except for Sanusha. We agreed to keep in touch as I knew we would be in the same areas. Walking into the Senate building was impressive. Much grander than the game. There was even a walkway that moved so you could stand and take it easy while it brought you inside. After talking to the dirty senator we parted ways as we each had different parts to go to. I took a deep breath and entered the office where I would find Var Suthra and Tarnis. The debate going through my head was troubling. I could let Tarnis go or I could reveal him as the thief. I knew how it would go if I let things play out, but if I confronted him I needed proof. That I got almost instantly as I entered the room. Unlike Masters Kiwiiks, and Orgus, or Padawan Kira, I tested Tarnis with the Force. It took all my willpower not to enter the room and cut him down right there. I took another deep breath and walked in.

"Tell me what's happening." I demanded already on edge, as I looked from each being there focusing on Tarnis last.

"You remember Master Kiwiiks and Padawan Kira. This is General Var Suthra and Doctor Eli Tarnis." Master Orgus introduced them. "We're discussing why the Republic secretly built a planetary scale weapon without consulting the Jedi."

"My work barely qualifies as a weapon. It is the most humane military technology ever invented. With a single activation the Planet Prison super charges a world's upper atmosphere. Turning it into an enormous ion cannon." Tarnis explained. "Any starship entering or leaving the planet will be completely disabled. Perfect enemy containment. Without casualties." I smiled as I saw he felt my mental touch. "We were about to begin field testing when this useless debate started."

"I disagree with you, doctor. Sure it will hold a population prisoner, but the ships that are disabled will crash to the ground most likely killing all aboard. Add in another weapon and it could be used to contain the population while the second weapon sets the very atmosphere on fire. No one could survive such an event. Then again I would expect no less from Darth Angral's son." There I said it. I could feel his hatred as much as the shock from the others. Tarnis backed up. I just think of what his mind was coming up with to get out of this. "The fact that you arranged the theft using the Black Sun is cleaver to protect yourself from exposure. Unfortunately I feel out any person I meet for the first time and you reek of the dark side, Tarnis."

"Knight T'aa you have no proof to think the doctor is a Sith." General Var Suthra countered.

"I would warn that you take that statement back, but I feel it as well." Master Kiwiiks added. I felt a bit lighter that she agreed.

"Again you surprise me T'aa. Even I was not expecting this." Master Orgus stated.

"You have already doomed yourselves." Tarnis hissed. This exposed him as the Sith he was more so than the little lightsaber he drew from one of his pockets.

"You are facing four Jedi, Sith you can't hope to fight free." Kira growled as her dual blades activated.

"Eli Tarnis you are under arrest." Var Suthra ordered. "Surrender now before they have to act."

"Never!" He pulled in the Force and I simply slammed him with the Force before he could let go of the lightning he was going to release. I held him against the wall and ripped the blade from his hand. He struggled as shock of my attack sunk in. Then he relaxed knowing he was defeated.

"How can you be so strong? Jedi are weak fools." Tarnis wondered. He started to struggle and I held him tighter forcing him to worry about his breathing.

"Ease off a bit T'aa you don't want to kill him." Master Orgus stated. I didn't want him to think about escaping.

"I called in my men, they will handle him fine." General Var Suthra stated. "He isn't going anywhere."

"Kira, stand down." Master Kiwiiks ordered.

"Yes Master." Kira replied putting her weapon away. I got up close to Tarnis and removed his belt and weapon flinging it across the room before knocking him out. Master Orgus placed a hand on my shoulder preventing a second blow.

"Easy, he is no threat now." He stated.

"General, he is more dangerous than you know. You better place more guards with him than just two." I warned.

"My men are veterans they know how to handle Force users." Var Suthra replied as they bound Tarnis before dragging him out. Then the script came alive again as Master Orgus spoke.

"Master Kiwiiks and I must speak with the Supreme Chancellor. I need you here finding those design files." He ordered.

"Understood." I replied.

"You stay as well Kira. Your security expertise may come in handy." Master Kiwiiks added.

"General, we have a lead on the thieves." Agent Galen reported as he ran in and saluted. I toned out what was said as I couldn't believe how fast this strange fate got back on track. I should have let Tarnis attack, so I could have dueled him to the death. His death more likely. I wonder what would have happened then? I doubted he would remain in captivity for long.

"... Nasty bunch of criminals." Galen finished his report. He waited for me to say something. I didn't as I looked to him and then Kira. Then he continued. "The guild is a violent, well armed criminal cartel. Invading their headquarters is something only a Jedi could pull off." I looked to Kira next before she began to speak.

"Agent let's use your fancy security network to distract those gangsters. Give my friend and the thief some quality time." Kira suggested.

"When you find Vistis, contact me. The data files are top priority, but try to recover anything else that was stolen from us. Good luck." Galen ordered.

"Agent Galen I would highly recommend that the general should put a military unit at the Jedi Temple. They will find plenty of reasons to stay as I know that Imperials are in control there." I suggested not that I felt it would do any good. My efforts had failed to change anything. My warnings gone unheeded. Now all that had to happen was that Tarnis would escape. When that happened, I would be stuck repeating the game in my real life until Taris. Maybe then I could change things up? I thought. Still, it was depressing that I had failed to change anything.

Old Galactic Market and Dock Area

"Knight T'aa have you changed anything?" Cort asked as we met up. "I informed my Master of who is behind this all, but she is not in her right mind. She didn't understand."

"I had Tarnis arrested and exposed. Then it went right back to what it should have been if I didn't know. I fear I haven't changed anything." I replied. "Next place to go for me is the Old Galactic Market."

"I have to go there myself." Ingo stated as he arrived. "Sanusha is already there in the area. She is in the Dealer's Den Cantina." Aric stated.

"Alright then it is best we stay together. I am sure we will be getting into a street battle soon after the cantina." I suggested. Ingo looked at Aric and he shrugged. That is exactly what we did when we got to the dual bridge leading to the shipping and receiving docks. The security officer waved us over.

"Glad to see you here." Captain Winborn stated. "It is a damn war zone over there and to top it all off they are trying to take over the network."

"Well between finding the girlfriend and some chips things are looking up." Ingo replied activating his cannon. "What's the Sitrep?"

"We're getting cut to pieces down here. We're not trained to fight an army of killers." Captain Winborn replied. "These gangsters are smart, organized. Clearly trained off world. They'll kill thousands. Might even destroy the Senate tower."

"Pull your men back Captain. Let us handle these criminals." I ordered.

"It's not that simple, they came here with a plan. The gangsters brought slicers to access every network node in the sector. They're trying to take over the automated speeder flight paths. They'll cause thousands of mid-air collisions. It'll rain debris on the Senate tower like a meteor storm. No telling how many will die."

"Don't worry Captain, Havoc Squad is here, and we'll cause Havoc. We'll take them down." Ingo replied.

"The gangsters have armed patrols guarding the network access points. You need to push them back, and manually lock down the terminals. Get enough terminals, and we might just pull this off. My men will back you up." Captain Winborn explained. "Good luck in there." He then saluted before he squatted back down.

"So how are we going to do this?" Sanusha asked.

"Simple if they are shooting at us we shoot back." Aric replied. That is what we did. We cleared both sides of the bridge. Aric and Ingo sprayed the area to keep their heads down, and when they stopped either Cort or I were there to take them off or Sanusha to hit them between the eyes. Flesh Raiders were a bit harder to fight than these guys, but they did have better aim. We locked down every terminal along the way. We cleared the entire docking area Most got cut down, a few ran, and still fewer surrendered.

"That is one big droid." Corso stated before then whistled.

"We can take it down." Ingo remarked as he checked his cannon.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Sanusha added. I looked at Cort and Qyzen.

"" He stated.

"Well it really isn't interested in us, and there are no people beyond it." Cort replied. "Let Coruscant Security Forces take care of it."

"Perhaps we could do that, but we just need to shut it down. An ion cannon would work or knowing where the shut off switch is." I countered. "Then again Cort you think we both could lift it? I know it is bigger than the rock on Tython. Once it is up in the air, we just drop it over the edge."

"We are strong, but we would have to get close, and it is moving around. Even if it doesn't attack us, it may have a way to stay put." Cort replied.

"Okay let's go back to Captain Winborn. He might have the shut down signal or know who would." I stated. I really wanted to take the thing out, but with not having a lot more people I doubt we could down SD-O. Plus healing worked a lot different in real life. Avoidance and deflection did as well. The most Cort was doing was keeping us full of energy. It also really helped that my blades cut things in half unlike the game. Even one hit knocked the fight out of someone. Most didn't wear armor like Ingo, Aric, and I.

"This is... I can't believe it. You cleared the docks of them all." Captain Winborn stated as he came up to us. He looked horrified from all the bodies. "What a mess. This is not going to go over well with command."

"You ask Havoc Squad, and two Jedi to clear the docks, what did you expect we do, hand out tickets?" Ingo asked. "We didn't kill them all at least." The Captain turned white.

"Maybe we should have used a bit less force?" Cort added. I wanted to laugh so bad, but it just wasn't the right moment not with a body lying in two a few meters away.

"Captain they fired on us, and we did what was necessary to restore the peace. They died because they wouldn't surrender. The only way they will understand is to make it too costly. That is what we have done." I explained. "With more intel we could have gone straight to the leaders who organized this threat. Not having that info caused part of this. We were equipped to handle this. Oh, do you have a way to take down that big Droid at the end of the docks?"

"SD-O? I doubt it." The captain replied. Ingo took out his holo comm.

"Republic Command I have a priority one droid rogue target." Ingo stated as another officer came in view.

"Havoc Squad? Damn must be a big one if you guys can't handle it." He replied. "Got the target coordinates. Ten minutes out."

"Thank you, sir." Ingo added. The officer nodded, and broke the connection. We slowly moved to the safest area near the droid. At nine minutes, two fighters came in, and four missiles launched all four hit the droid. There wasn't much left after that.

"Let's go we have the rest of the gang to clear out." I ordered as the captain tried to say something, but we didn't give him a chance as we moved off. It helped that he was being pestered by nearly everyone in his unit. If this world still used paper, he would be buried in it. We moved from the docks to go further in. Our group attracted too much attention, but it wasn't difficult. Not with the eight of us. By the time we made it to their leader's hideout at least a quarter of them ran.

"This is the door to the thief I was sent after." I stated. I hit the door control with my lightsaber, and it opened up. We walked in seeing Vistis Garn stand up.

"A jedi, that's all I need! Nothing personal, but I have to kill you!" he declared.

"Does he really not see us?" Ingo questioned.

"Get the guns before they come out." I ordered as I jumped on one stabbing straight down. It never got a chance to even shoot once. In fact not a single gun fired. I looked at Vistis and Corso had him pinned to the crate, and Cort had his blaster in his hands.

"What do we do with this guy. I am rather fond of trash chutes." Corso asked.

"Whoa, whoa, I gave up. I only work for the guild part time. I'm not dying for them." Vistis revealed. "You here for something special..."

"Cut the pitch I am here for the data files you stole." I demanded as I pulled out my holocom. "Agent I have our thief."

"Get the stolen design files, and hurry back. We've had a major security breach." Galen stated.

"I think I know what happened we will be there soon enough." I replied cutting the transmission. Damn, and double damn I even warned them of who he was couldn't they have held him? A bit of anger colored my cheeks as I thought he should just have died.

"Hang on, you're after those data files I lifted?" Vistis wondered. "I knew I should have charged more for that heist. Let's make a deal, huh? I have the data files, but the guild already decrypted them. I transmitted a copy to my clients. You want the people who hired me. I'll tell you where they are, if you promise to let me go."

"It wouldn't be too hard to get you to talk." Aric growled.

"And then in that time they get away, or he lies anyway." Sanusha countered. "Let him go, and I am sure we may have a contact in the area for the future."

"Very well Vistis, but I may forgive you but Sanusha is the dangerous one. She will find you." I warned. Sanusha grinned, and the Rodian cowered a bit more.

"Lie to a jedi? I'm not that dumb?" he replied. He then went on to explain who his contacts were, and his clients in the Black Sun. He pretty much stuck to the script. Except this time he wasn't as ruffed up as in the game as we stopped the fight before it started.

"He sure gave up quick." Sanusha stated.

"You would too if you are facing eight to one odds." Cort replied. "Let's go collect those bounties, and get out of this sector." I nodded, and we did just that. With most of the guild dead or on the run it wouldn't be too hard for security to reclaim the area. Now we had to do this to the Black Sun area after I went back to the Senate Building. Each of us had our own missions to work on. Sanusha stopped to talk to the Senator as Cort went to see his master, Ingo went to see General Garza as I went to talk to Galen. With Tarnis confirmed as a Sith I had hoped they would have him better secured. I walked in knowing I would hear otherwise.

"I got the files, but Vistis sent a copy to the Black Sun." I stated as I walked up. Galen didn't look happy, and I didn't expect differently. He turned to the approaching agent.

"Krand, Run a full diagnostic. Find out what was in these files." He ordered. "You found our stolen military hardware. Which is good, cause we need it. While you were gone, rogue agents grabbed Doctor Tarnis, I mean the Sith."

"I was afraid of that. What happened?" I asked.

"They were getting ready to transfer him over to a secure holding area to be transferred to Tython, but the guards never stood a chance. Whoever the agents are, they knew right when to hit us. Kira lead a security team in pursuit, but the kidnappers split up during the chase." Galen comm beeped. "Hang on, signal coming in." The first thing we see is Kira ducking a blaster shot.

"Agent Galen I got these creeps pinned down, but they won't surrender." Kira reported. T-7 beeped, and whistled.

"Padawan Kira – in danger // T'aa + T7 = must help."

"Don't know how long I can hold them." Kira continued.

"She's in over her head." Galen added.

"Okay, show me where she is." I requested.

"Kira's signal came from the spaceport. They may be trying to flee off world." Galen stated just like I knew he would. Though he did change it, a bit. You need to stop them before they escape. Hurry!" I took off knowing I couldn't wait for any of my friends. I took off out of the office at a near run with T7 just barely keeping up. We blew past Sanusha, and Cort as they were still talking to the Senator. They saw me, and ran after us.

"From the way you are running it is either from trouble or to trouble." Sanusha stated.

"To." I replied. I didn't elaborate, and she didn't need more than that as she picked up her pace to better match mine. Corso struggled a bit as he was wearing heavier armor. Getting to the spaceport it wasn't too hard to locate where Kira was from the level of blaster fire. The four of us made it to Kira as a few of her men went down.

"Just in time. These guys get points for courage, but we're a little outnumbered." Kira reported.

"Not any more sister. This just got interesting." Sanusha replied.

"Well there is more than a few trigger happy thugs in that docking bay." Kira reported. T7 beeped out that she was right. "The thugs are threatening to kill Doctor Tarnis, but I don't think they know he is a Sith. I'm not even sure they have him."

"Wait we are going after a Sith on Coruscant?!" Corso asked in wonder. "Damn."

"No matter we have to make sure. He may have the data with him, and we can't let the Empire get a hold of it." I explained.

"So how do we handle this?" Kira asked.

"Go in blasting the place. Fast, and hard." Sanusha suggested.

"Well I am not staying behind. I borrowed a stealth field generator from Agent Galen's office, and it makes me practically invisible. I can sneak in first, and when you three attack, I'll take a few thugs by surprise. What do you think?"

"Let's do this good plan." I replied.

"I can handle myself... Wait you agreed?" Kira questioned.

"Come on honey my trigger finger is getting itchy." Sanusha urged.

"Great now you see me now you don't." Kira stated. I giggled as Corso jumped.

"Whoa, now ain't that something." Corso remarked. We moved forward as Sanusha and Corso opened fire, as I blocked the shots coming to them. T7 rocketed forward a bit before I jumped to the nearest thug. These guys were a lot tougher than either Tython or the Merchant Guild, but with Sanusha and Corso picking them off like they were standing still made it go quickly. When we ran up the ramp, and turned the corner, Kira was already in action as she knocked over one with two hits, and then used a Force burst sending the second tumbling away. Only to get stunned by a third. I didn't even pause as I jumped to the third guy as he shot, and after cutting him down I slammed into the ground with the Force sending the other three in the air to get picked off by the others. It was over in seconds. One of them groaned.

"Agh, jedi scum. I'll kill you... Someday." Zeer threatened.

"He sure killed my generator." Kira added.

"Whoa, now that was fun. More than those gizka that called themselves a guild." Corso celebrated.

"We work well as a team, and you handled yourself well Kira." I complimented. I then looked at Sanusha as I continued. "Thanks for the assist guys."

"No problem always love a good fight." Sanusha purred. I rolled my eyes as Corso drooled.

"No sign of the Sith." Kira stated the obvious.

"Sith? I thought he was some doctor? Still, we were the decoys so you will not find him." Zeer stated.

"Give me a minute master I will make him talk." Kira requested.

"You have one minute." I granted. The man scowled then looked suddenly scared.

"Wait no need for that I may work for Black Sun, but I don't like Sith." Zeer countered. "The doctor is in the Black Sun headquarters! Salarr has him! Just leave me alone."

"Awe I don't get to read your mind." Kira complained.

"Well we will leave you alone, but I think you are under arrest." Sanusha stated as the security team caught up.

"That he is, come on scum." The security chief ordered as one of his men cuffed him.

"Galen is going to want hear what we found out. Plus we need to find out where this guy is at, and he might know." Kira suggested.

"Black Sun I have to go there myself. I think Cort and Ingo does as well." Sanusha added. She then went into thought before shrugging. We came back to the Senate tower, and Sanusha went off to explore. Kira, T7, and I walked into a meeting with both masters, and General Var Suthra talking to Galen.

"The Sith Tarnis is the least of our worries General. The stolen data files had details, not only on the Planet Prison, but every weapon prototype, and research facility in existence." Galen reported.

"Our most powerful experimental weapons, and Black Sun has access to them. How could this happen?" Var Suthra complained.

"I am not so worried about Black Sun as Tarnis is a Sith. Once his father gets a hold of those files, it is going to get ugly." I stated.

"We must act quickly to secure these other weapons. Where are they?" Master Kiwiiks asked.

"Three off world research facilities. Minimal defenses to give them a low profile. They're vulnerable." Var Suthra explained.

"Master Kiwiiks will split up, and protect two." Master Orgus Din stated.

"And I'll take the third one." Agent Galen volunteered.

"T'aa you get the fun part going after Tarnis, and retrieve the files from Black Sun." Master Orgus Din stated.

"As expected." I replied.

"Kira will stay behind too. With Agent Galen leaving, her computer talents will be needed." Master Kiwiiks suggested.

"She can be impulsive, but give her a chance. You'll make a good team." Master Orgus Din stated.

"We already do." I replied looking at her as she talked with Galen.

"She struggles with emotional attachments, as many young jedi do. Be mindful of that." Master Kiwiiks advised.

"We should go. May the Force be with us all." Master Orgus Din bid farewell.

"I'll escort you to your ships my friends." Var Suthra added. They started to walk away, and Galen came back over as I walked away.

"Master, may I have a word in private." I asked.

"You have your mission, and time is not on our hands." Master Orgus Din replied. "Make it quick."

"I told you that I knew things, and as with knowing that Bengal Morr was on Tython, and that Tarnis is a Sith you have not really believed it. I don't expect you to believe me now. However, you will do what needs to be done, so I will warn you that once you get on Darth Angral's ship you will not leave it alive." I revealed. "Plant your tracker, and leave as that is all you will accomplish on that ship."

"I don't know how you believe you know what is going to happen, but yes I will keep that in mind if I do get on his ship." Master Din replied. He looked worried, and angry which I didn't expect. However, he still walked away. Tears formed as I knew more than ever that this was the last time I would see him alive if he didn't believe me. I hoped he would, but I knew he wouldn't until it was too late.

"Knight T'aa are you okay?" Galen asked. I quickly wiped my eyes, and saw the surprising concern in Kira's eyes.

"Yes I am fine. Just... even Jedi can't hide their emotions sometimes. I find it is better to let them out when it is too much. Maintains my focus better." I explained. Then I whispered to myself. "Emotions, yet peace. Death, yet the Force." Kira looked even more confused before she left.

"I understand. Before I leave, I am putting all my resources at your disposal. There is a special tactical unit in Black Sun territory. Experienced security officers who have been fighting those gangsters for months. Go to these coordinates. Talk to Sergeant Nidaljo. He can help you get to Tarnis, and get those data files." Galen explained.

"I will use those resources wisely." I replied.

"I'll let him know you are coming. Don't underestimate the Black Sun. They enjoy killing, and they're good at it." Galen warned. "Kira is on her way. I'll get her plugged into our security network before I leave. Good luck."

"Galen you be careful on Nar Shadda." I warned. "May the Force be with you." He didn't even bat an eye at me knowing where he was going. T7 followed me out as I checked my datapad as it beeped at me. There was a message to meet in the cantina under the Senate plaza from Ingo. My stomach decided to grumble at the thought of food. It had been a busy day, and I didn't want to stop as I felt the faster we got this done the better.

"Hey you are here." Ingo greeted. "I took the time to order, and it should be ready soon." I sat down nodding to Cort and the others. The food came almost as if they knew when I would get there.

"So where do have to go next?" Cort asked. I smiled at him as I bit into my Nerf burger. Juices ran down the sides of my face as this was the best burger I had ever had. As I wiped my face the others were waiting for me to answer.

"Black Sun territory, Kira has already moved on ahead. I really shouldn't have stopped to eat. I feel we are running out of time." I replied.

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