"Where's my panties?"

“Where’s my panties?”

Or was it 'Wears my panties!" Certainly not. I wouldn't dare - they wouldn't fit anyway.

An AP-500 Introductory

“Where’s my panties?” was my question. A perfectly normal question in the average household.

“The left hand pile, next to mine. It’s pretty obvious, your’s are more colourful and mostly satin. Mine are mostly cotton.

A less usual answer – perhaps sisters, perhaps, er, very close friends. Not this time.

“Jeffrey, darling …”

“Yes, dear.”

“Why do you like panties so much. You’ve got more pairs than me. And so much more expensive than mine too.”

“I save money on not having to buy quantities of bras.”

“Huh, If you needed them, by golly, you’d understand why I have to have a reasonable variety. Most shops don’t talk about it but the average woman changes size at, erm, times of the month. So, I have all my bras in two sizes. Sometimes three actually. You’d never understand.”

“I promise you dear, that if I had to I’d do my best to cope. But as things stand, and don’t giggle because one particular item is, so to speak, standing at the moment, as things stand – if and I repeat I’m really not interested in more than panties.”

“Exactly what do you mean.”

“I like panties. Actually I love panties. I like their feel, texture, the snugness and the way they wrap and the way my trousers slide so nicely. But I don’t need anything else. I don’t need bras. I really don’t have the figure for it. And I don’t want to wear dresses, skirts, anything else. Just panties. Thank you.”

“But y’know, I’m thinking I’d like to see you wearing more of the satins and silks that you enjoy.”

“Really, what brought on that particular suggestion.”

“Well, I too like the feelings that materials like that give me. Although stockings are a particular favourite of mine. The way the taut material strains and stretches. I like that a lot. And I like the way you look at my legs all sleek and shiny. And you do, don’t you?”

“I can’t deny that I like the look of your legs. But that doesn’t make me want to put on stockings or whatever. And I’d have to shave my legs, wouldn’t I?”

“So you have done some thinking on the subject, hmm?”

“Oops, your legal mind detects my unspoken confession. Alright, yes .I have wondered. But that’s all.”

“Well, let’s bite the bullet. Here’s a suspender belt, and it goes round you like this. !!!!!!

“What!!!” I never agreed.”

“Hush, not a word. You’ve had long enough admiring panties and being enthusiastic about them. If the feel of satin and silk as underwear is your thing. Then here’s some more thing to experience. Now sit down, and I’ll roll this stocking up your mildly hairy leg.”

“See, that wasn’t too difficult, was it? What d’y’think.”

“It is very …. different, isn’t it?”

“Honey, I can’t really answer that well. I wear stockings often enough not to really notice. But, probably, yes. It is different. I like it. What about you? Like it? Yes?”

This is in a series of 500 word story-starters - if anyone wants to continue - please do with with my best wishes.

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