Heroes For Hire Chp. 1

Greg was on all fours with his new fake breasts swinging back and forth as two huge guys fucked him in his ass and mouth. He was wearing his mother’s crotch-less teddy and a dirty blonde wig that blended in with his hair. He was so stoned out of his mind, that he had no idea what he was doing.

He was kneeling in front of some guy, sucking on his cock in the living room. On the living room table behind him were the remains of the cocaine he found. His father had gone through the roof when he came in and saw what was happening. His father waited till he was done sucking the guy off and left before knocking him out.

When he woke up, he felt strapped down and a weight on his chest. Not only did he have a weight on his chest, but his face felt swollen and sore. His whole body was hurting.

A few hours later, his father’s face came into view. He could only see him through the eye slits of the bandages covering his face. He had no idea where he was or why he was where he was.

“Since you like acting like a whore. You’re going to be turned into one and will be selling your body to pay me back.”

His father disappeared from his view. Tears slid down his cheeks as he wondered why his father was doing this to him. He heard his father leave. Just as his father left he heard, “Make sure no guy can turn him down.”

He blacked out as he felt a needle inserted into his arm. Greg didn’t feel anything as the doctors operated on him turning him into every man's wet dream. The doctor’s cut into his skin and molded him into what their clients would want.

Once Greg came to, he knew he was in a room, but he couldn’t see anything on the ceiling. His body was hurting all over and he couldn’t speak.

For the next several months, he was trained to perform any sexual service a client wanted. When he didn’t perform to the satisfaction of his trainer. He was electrocuted from the shock collar and dildo they made him wear in his vagina.

His father had stopped in a few times to see how his training was coming and how he looked. His father made sure that he saw that he was there. His father took pleasure in shocking him. Later he was taken to a room in the nude where his father was waiting for him. He was angry about what his father had done to him.

A smile appeared on his father’s face when he looked at her. He approved of how his son had been turned into every man’s wet dream.

“Since you liked acting like a whore, I have turned you into one. So, from this day forward that is what your purpose in life will be and believe me you will service a lot of men. To get you started, I brought a few men for you to have fun with.” Greg’s father looked over towards a door.

As it opened, fifty nude men of various build, size and nationality came walking in.

“Have fun, whore.” As Greg’s father left the room to his son’s screams.

Several Hours Later:

Greg slowly came around. Her body and throat were hurting her. She had been slapped, punched, and forced by every man that came in to please them. If she refused to do what they wanted, she got punched or forced, with the other men helping them.

She looked around and noticed she was still in the room she had been brought to. She was covered in the men’s fluids that used her. A couple of men in wetsuits came in and used a fire hose on her. Her body hurt even more as they sprayed her with the hose.

After they finished spraying her down, they took her to a room with no windows and only a bed. As they were leaving, one of the men turned around and looked at her, saying,

“Expect company throughout the night, whore.” As he walked out.

Greg fell to her knees and cried. He just wanted to see what the cocaine felt like and one thing just led to another. She never had sex before with men and wanted to see what it was like. Now she had been turned into a girl and her father was making her service men. She just cried as she sat in the middle of the room.

Henry watched his son on the monitor with an evil smile on his face. He was going to get his money back from the cost of the surgery he had done to turn his son into a beautiful woman. He got a boner every time he looked at her and got top dollar from every man that wanted to fuck her. All he asked was for them not to strike her face. That was her redeeming feature, along with her tits.

“Send in the next group of men.” As he looked towards one of the other men in the room with him.

“Yes, sir.” Charlie felt sick to his stomach with what his employer was doing to these innocent people.

He couldn’t believe his employer turned his own son into a girl and was selling her body to repay him for what he had done to her body. There were at least twelve other cells that had men and some natural women being sold like his employer’s son. All of them had either gotten on his employer bad side or failed to pay him back the money they borrowed from his employer.

The women and girls that they had, were given birth control methods so they didn’t get pregnant until his employer wanted to sell their womb. Then they were made as fertile as possible and impregnated by the doctor and his staff they kept here at the compound.

Jess flew through the vent opening after hitching a ride on one of the personnel that worked at the building. She and her team had been looking for this place after the husband of one of their clients went missing. She flew in the air ducting. She stopped to peek through the vent to see what was going on and where she was.
What she saw shocked her.

There were women here getting raped or being gang-raped by a bunch of men. These women tried to fight back, but when one of them did, she saw them shake as if they had touched a hot electric wire.

She finally found the control room. She noticed, that there are several men in there enjoying what they are watching on their monitors. She did notice that one of the men in there was trying not to watch what was going on.

She managed to sneak into the room and tag him with some dust from her wings. That way, her teammates wouldn’t accidentally kill him or hurt him too badly.

She flew back up and out of the air ducts towards the outside of the building. She flew over towards a tall muscular guy with short white and black hair dressed as Rambo. She resumed her normal height of five foot.

“The information was correct Striker. This is where our client was taken along with eleven others.” A lock of Jessie’s long reddish hair flew loose and fluttered in the wind.

“How many guards did you see?” Striker looked down at their newest scout. It was luck that had delivered her to him. He had found her stealing money from drug dealers.

She would track them down and shock them with her ability to steal their money. The reason she did this, was because she was homeless. She ran away from home and was living on the streets.

“There are eight guards and seven medical personnel. They were in the process of operating on a girl who they were turning into some sort of animal. Her face was like a mouse and her ears had been changed into mouse ears. They were attaching a tail to her.” Jessie couldn’t believe what she saw.

“That complicates things, Striker.” A woman wearing a red cloak looked at Striker.

“Can you help her?” Striker looked at his medic. She had served with him over in Afghanistan in his unit when an IED exploded. The explosion scarred her face and hands. They tried to use plastic surgery to restore her looks, but it couldn’t take away all the scars. They tried an experimental drug on her hoping it would speed up her own natural healing.

Instead, it gave her the ability to heal people, but it didn’t do anything for her own injuries. The components they needed for the drug rare were extremely rare and the doctor who created it had gone missing. No one knows what happened to him and his assistant.

“Not me, but Jerry over there might be able to heal her or change her.” Peyton figured Jerry’s ability to change things might be able to fix any surgery they did to the poor girl.

“I’ll see what I can do for her.” Jerry looked towards Striker and Peyton.

He still couldn’t get over the fact he could change things just by thinking about it. Who knew the radiation coming from the meteorite he found in the wilds of Alaska would affect him like it did? He was working for an oil company as a geologist in Alaska, when he came across the weird meteorite. It wasn’t very big after he dug it up. It was the size of a soccer ball and very dark in nature.

Hunting for meteorites was a hobby of his. Since Alaska had been struck several times and no one ever bothered to hunt for some, he figured, his luck of finding one would increase.

“Are we going to stand here talking all afternoon or are we going to go in there and help people?”

Larka was getting tired of all the talking. He just wanted to go and kill some people. The prick they were after had a list of crimes a mile long and always found a way out of the charges. He wanted to bring justice to his victims and make the prick pay.

His impetuousness and temper have always been a problem, but ever since he left the hospital from an injury he received while serving overseas with Striker. It had gotten worse and he had undergone some changes as well. He no longer looked human but like a cross between a wolf and a human being.

Larka knew the doctors wanted to try an experimental grafting to restore some muscle tissue and tendons that he had lost because of the injuries. He didn't start changing into what he is now, until he left the hospital and rejoined his unit. That was when he discovered that he was stuck looking like a wolfman.

Striker chambered a round in his Fn Scar. He looked towards Jessie. “Lead the way, little firefly.”

Jessie saluted Striker as she shrank and flew ahead of her team. She loved that she could shrink down and fly. She had butterfly style wings, instead of insect style. The veins in her wings lit up when she was flying.

She led them to the front door and took the camera watching it out. Jerry used his ability and turned the door to paper. Larka jumped through first and took the guards out fast. Jess flew past him leading her teammates down the corridor.

Greg was in her room with her mouth filled by a huge black guy. There was another one behind her, pumping into her from behind when the alarms in the place started going off.

The next thing she knew, the doors to her room burst open and a wolf-like creature came charging in. The two men shoved her aside hard and went for their guns, which were laying on the bed beside her. She was knocked unconscious from hitting her head on the side of the bed.

Edited By: Catherine Linda Michel

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