Heroes For Hire Chp. 2

Jessie crawls out of bed, trying not to wake Peyton. Peyton had a rough time sleeping last night. She held her several times throughout the night. She rushes into the bathroom, just as her bladder release.

Once she was done and had cleaned herself, she grabs her Butterfly Kimono robe and covers her nude body. She was so tired last night after they got back from rescuing their client. That she didn’t want to look around for her night clothes. She peeks in on the mouse girl they brought back last night.

She was still sound asleep. Jessie knew because she could feel the girls electrical current the human body produces. She leaves the door popped open, just a little bit so, the girl didn’t feel she was locked in.

She heads down to the kitchen and notices that April was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Jessie heads into the dining room and spots Dr. Greene, Striker, and Larka sitting at the table drinking coffee and munching on some pastries. She spots the platter filled with a selection of pastries in the middle of the table.

She pours herself a glass of orange juice and grabs a small plate to place what pastries she wanted. She knew Larka and Striker weren’t in their right frame of mind until they had at least two cups of coffee in them.

“Morning Doc. How are the victims we brought back last night?” Jess tears apart a chocolate donut she had grabbed.

“Physically, their bodies are alright except for the tears and lacerations in their vaginal area and in their anal opening. Mentally, they are going to need to see a counselor for a few years to adjust to their new form. According to a person, I spoke to last night. Mr. Beckham turned them into women to collect on the money they owed him. Including the money, it cost to turn them into women.” Doctor Greene found what Mr. Beckham did to his victims vindictive.

No one should ever be forced to sell their body or be forcefully changed to pay the money back. Putting him in jail was too good for him. He should experience what it was like to be forced to do what his victims were forced too.

“What a bastard. He doesn’t deserve to live.” Jessie couldn’t believe Striker was letting him live.

“Don’t worry ladies, he’ll be getting his.” Striker looks at Jessie and Dr. Greene.

“How?” Jess wanted Striker to explain to her how he was going to experience what Beckham did to his victims.

“I had Jerry change him some. After what Dr. Greene told me what he did to his own son. He’s being sent to the roughish prison in California
where the prisoners haven’t seen a woman for a long time.” Striker felt that leaving that one little piece of flesh that makes a person a male alone, would remind him what he did.

“You had Jerry turn him into a girl? He’ll give women a bad name.” Jessie wanted to see how he would feel with 5,000 volts of electricity coursing throughout his body.

“He isn’t 100% a woman Jessie. He is still a male, but has everything else to make him appealing to the men in jail.” Striker takes a sip of his coffee.

“Good, I hope his ass is worn out.” Jessie still hasn’t gotten over what was done to her.

The pictures her step-father took of her, were still circulating on the web. No matter how many times they are removed, they always came back from the pedophiles who collected them. She would love to get her hands on all the pedophiles and burn their pricks off.

April comes out with the food she had been cooking and placed it on the table. Just as she got finished places the food on the table. Jerry and Peyton come walking in. Peyton sits down near Striker, while Jerry sat down near Dr. Greene.

Peyton still looked tired from not sleeping well last night. She pours herself a cup of coffee and drinks it black. She fills her plate up with scrambled cheese eggs, sausage, hash browns, and biscuit.

“Who is looking after the victims we rescued last night?” As Jessie stuffs her mouth with scrambled eggs and hash browns.

“They are going to be transported to a private California clinic. The staff there are going to get in touch with their family members. Anyone who doesn’t have a family will be given the option to stay at the clinic as staff or an apartment and job will be arranged for them.” Striker got an early call from Mr. King.

“Okay, what are we going to do with Mr. Beckham’s son and the young girl we came back with?” Jessie was the curious type of person.

“I think it might be best if the girl stays here with us. I don’t think she will be able to handle how she looks right away. As for Mr. Beckham son, he can call his relatives and see which ones will take him in.” Jerry figures Mr. Beckham son will adjust to his new gender.

Larka looks over towards Jerry “got the hots for the mouse girl, Jerry?”

“No, you of all people should know how people react to strange looks. How many times have you growled at someone for calling you spot or Fido?” Jerry knew Larka has had a few people call him names that pissed him off.

Larka just snarls as he finishes off his breakfast. He looks over towards Jessie “don’t forget you got sword training with me today, Jessie.”

A smile appears on Jessie’s face “you know, my electric discharge happens when I am scared.”

“I’ll wear my rubber gloves and boots.” Larka forgot last time he trained Jess. She zapped him and sent him flying across the room.

“I’ll make a plate for our guest and take it to them.” April had finally sat down at the table with Striker and them.

April could make any type of plant grow from seed to full plant in no time. She was also their house and business manager. Like Jessie, her abilities started manifesting when she turned thirteen years old.

She grew up on a farm and joined the military. That is where she met Striker and Peyton. She was the assistant to General Brooker. When her time was up. Striker recruited her to come and handle the ranch for him. Because of her gift, they saved money on groceries, because she could grow whatever they need.

“Jessie, Jerry you guys have kitchen clean-up.” Striker looks over towards the two of them.

“Striker, I’m just wearing my kimono.” Jessie wasn’t wearing anything else under her house robe.

“Well, go back to your room and put some clothes on.” Striker looks at Jessie as if she was his own daughter.

Everyone finishes up eating. Jessie heads back towards her and Peyton’s bedroom and changes clothes. She pulls on a pair of thong panties, black tights and a long dark blue muscle shirt. She doesn’t wear a bra, because when Jerry turned her into a girl, he didn’t enlarge her breast any. She had breasts, but they were A cups and not very big. She could get away with wearing no bra.

Once she is dress, she leaves her room and heads back to the kitchen to help Jerry. As she passes the room the mouse girl was in, she could hear Dr. Greene coaching the girl to eat some food. Peyton was in the room that Beckham’s son was sleeping in.

Striker and April head towards his office to discuss business. They had money coming in from her growing rare and unique vegetables and fruits. Plus, his, Peyton and Larka’s retirement checks from the military. She handles all the finances of the ranch.

Larka stripped down to a pair of shorts and his combat boots. He starts jogging with a 200 lb backpack strapped to his back. The property Striker owned was enough that Larka could get a good workout.

Jessie looks over towards Jerry “do you ever miss what you use to do?”

Jerry looks back at Jessie “to be honest, nope. I miss living in Alaska, but I don’t miss the environment I use to work in.”

“How about you Jess. Do you miss your old life?” Jerry only knew a little bit about Jessie’s past.

Jessie just looks at Jerry “if you knew my past, you wouldn’t ask that Jerry.”

Jessie dries the last dish and puts it away. She wishes her mother hadn’t died when she did. Maybe her life might have been better.

After they finished up kitchen duty “Jerry, tell Striker and Peyton I have gone flying please.” As Jess shrinks and flies out through the exhaust fan in the kitchen.

“I’ll never get used to that.” Jerry head to see how the mouse girl is doing.

Dr. Greene had taken a plate of food to the Beckham girl and the mouse girl. Peyton was talking with the Beckham girl. It took some convincing to get the mouse girl to eat. Dr. Greene proved to her the food wasn’t drugged or anything.

Charlie had woken up and discovered that he had been turned into a female mouse girl. He felt his tail when it moved when he thought about it. He couldn’t believe that the doctor’s that he had been taken too had managed to make him look so real. He had started crying when his new ears picked up a light knocking sound on the door to the room he was in.

A Native American woman enters her bedroom. She watches as she stands at the door with food on it. She could smell the spices that had been used, the scent of the food and how many people had handled the tray and plate.

Dr. Greene walks slowly into the room so, not to scare their guest. She moves closer to the bed. She noticed that the young mouse girl was watching her “I thought you might like some food. No one has done anything to it.”

Charlie just watches the lady. She had a kind face and a soft voice. She looks into her brown eyes and could see that she really did care about people. She didn’t move when she sat the tray down on her bed.

Dr. Greene sets the tray down on the bed and sits back in the chair she beside the bed. She watches as the mouse girl reaches for the food and takes a small bite.

“The juice is fresh. The cook squeezed it herself.” Dr. Greene knew April squeezed the juice herself for the girl.

Charlie eats some of the food on the plate and didn’t taste anything funny. So, he continues to eat the food.

“I’m Dr. Greene, what is your name?” Dr. Greene is hoping the girl will tell her.

Charlie looks at Dr. Greene “Charlie Fox.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Charlie. Can you tell me what happened?” Dr. Greene was wondering how Mr. Beckham managed to get Charlie.

Charlie looks at Dr. Greene and wonders if she can be trusted. After a few minutes, she makes up her mind.

“I was sold by my mother to Mr. Beckham. My mother owed money to her drug dealer and she sold me to Mr. Beckham for cash.” Tears leak down from her eyes.

Dr. Greene scoops Charlie onto her lap and holds her against her shoulder. She rubs her back “you’ll never have to worry about anyone doing that to you again, Charlie. I give you my word.”

Charlie just cries against Doctor Greene’s shoulder. She lets everything come out. She didn’t understand why her mother would sell her to a stranger. She cries herself to sleep.

Dr. Greene lays Charlie down and tucks her in. She leaves a spare cell phone she has with her on the nightstand next to the bed. She leaves a little sticky note telling Charlie to call her by pressing the number one. Once Dr. Greene finishes the note. She kisses Charlie’s forehead before she leaves her bedroom.

By Devoid Kiss


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