Mole Hunt Chap. 15

Julia looks at herself in the mirror in the room her and her sister were sharing. Bart and Anika had spoken to her and informed her that a police detective wanted to ask her about the events that happen at the club and at Dexter’s apartment. She notices her sister watching her from the bed.

“How do I look, Laila?” Julia smiles at her little sister.

“You look good sis.” Laila was happy that they weren’t living with Dexter anymore.

Bart, Anika, Hatter, Dakota, Terry, and Shigeko have been nice and caring towards her and Julia. She misses seeing Hatter because she was funny and nice. She hopes she comes by to see her before they head to their new home in Texas.

“Are you girls ready?” Shigeko comes walking into the girl’s bedroom and notices their beds were already made.

Laila looks at Shigeko, she didn’t know she was going anywhere. She had gotten dress as well. She had on a nice pair of tights and a dress.

“Where are we going, Shigeko?” Laila was curious.

“We young lady are going to the museum, while Julia meets with the police detective. Later, Bart and Anika are going to bring her back to us.
Then we are going to go and have dinner with a friend of Mr. Bounty’s.” Shigeko got an invite to bring the girls out to a family member of Mr.
Bounty’s. She has already verified with Mr. Bounty to make sure the invitation was real.

Terry picks up Julia, Bart, and Anika and takes them to pick-up Detective Cartwright. Terry watches Julia as she looks out the window of the Black Knight. She could tell that Julia was curious about the way the windows worked.

“Terry how is it that I can see people outside of the cab, but they can’t see inside the cab.” Julia looks towards Terry.

“That’s because the window is polarized to only allow one-way view. Now, I can depolarize the window so its filter’s out the light only or allow people outside to see us. I can also make the windows reflect the sunlight back out.” Terry had watched Julia on the monitor on her windshield. There were several small concealed cameras in the back that recorded every occupant that got into the cab.

Anika and Bart just watched Julia as they drove to their location. They finally pull in front of the townhouse and notices a woman standing outside waiting for the cab. Once the Cab stops, the door opens.

Detective Cartwright had gotten a text from Terry telling her that shew as bring the girl from Dexter’s apartment and her superiors with her. So, she went outside for Terry to pick her up. After twenty minutes, she spots Terry’s cab pull up to her. The doors on the cab automatically open for her.

As she gets in, she sees a man dressed in an expensive tailored suit. She could tell right away he wasn’t English. There was a certain look about him that, said he was American. Sitting across from him, was a woman that looked like she could be a model. She was dressed in an expensive tailor suit as well. Something about her put her on edge. She couldn’t say why, but that cop instinct cautioned her to be on guard around her.

Then there was the teenage girl with dark hair that matched the description she had gotten from the club and from a few bystanders. She was wearing a nice custom-tailored dress and expensive shoes. Detective Cartwright figure she should be in school right now.

Once everyone was in the cab, Terry pulls away and heads on a route they talked about. She knew that Anika and Bart would handle things in the back.

“Detective Cartwright, I would like to introduce you to my bosses and the young lady that was at the apartment that night. The lady sitting across from the gentleman is Anika Jagger, MI 6. The gentleman sitting across from her is Bart Hardy, MI 6 as well. The young lady is Julia MacGregor and the person I do believe you would like to talk too.” Terry engages the auto drive and watches everyone.

Detective Cartwright looks towards Julia “Julia, I would like to hear how you and your sister ended up at Dexter’s apartment.”

Julia sits down next to Bart and looks at him. She feels him hold her hand and give it a little squeeze.

“Our mother ran out on us. She said she was just going to the store and she never returned. I went down to the store she normally shopped at and the manager there said she never came in. I tried looking for her, but I never found her. So, I tried finding some work to buy food for me and my sister. Dexter said that he would take care of us. He saw how much I looked like a girl and started turning me out to have sex with men to afford the medicine for my sister. She is diabetic and needs insulin. If I sold my body for sex and brought home the amount of money he told me to make, he would take care of my sister.” She squeezes Bart’s hand.

“How about what happened at The Devil’s Chamber. Do you recall what happened there?” Detective Cartwright had her notebook out and was recording what Julia told her.

Julia looks towards Anika to see if it was permitted.

“Go ahead and tell her what happened that night, Julia.” Anika knew that Julia was asking permission.

“The young woman who stopped the diamond robbery that day worked at the Devil Chamber. Mr. Lennon wanted to get revenge for her
stopping the robbers. A fight ensued and as she was about to get seriously hurt from Mr. Lennon’s men, Mad Hatter Aylin and a MI 5 agent named Dakota showed up and beat the living daylights out of Mr. Lennon and his men.” Julia didn’t tell her that Hatter was ready to cut his balls off.

“Do you know who the woman was who stopped the robbery?” Detective Cartwright was curious.

“Mr. Lennon said her name was Leslie,” Julia remembered her name.

Detective Cartwright looks at Julia “are you sure?”

“Yes ma’am, I’m sure.” Julia wonders why she didn’t believe her.

Anika noticed that Detective Cartwright knew the person Julia was talking about. She wonders if she was the same person Terry, Dakota and Hatter wanted her to talk to.

“Do you know this person, Detective?” Anika watches Detective Cartwright body movements.

“Yes, I know her. She’s a street stage magician with a unique tattoo. “Detective Cartwright didn’t know that Leslie had something to do with eh events at The Devil Chambers.

“Is there anything else you need to ask Julia, Detective?” Bart looks at her.

“Yes, what are your intentions with Julia and her sister, Mr. Hardy? Because they are considered British citizens and you’ll need to go through proper channels to gain custody of them.” Detective Cartwright looks at Bart.

She notices a smile appears on his weathered face. She also notices how handsome he is.

“They will be flying back to the US with me when our mission here in England is taken care of. Julia and her sister are protected by a friend of ours and our associates. I believe you have already met several of our associates and know they are capable of taking care of anyone that tries to harm the girls.” An evil smile appears on his face.

Anika tries not to smile when she spots the look on Bart’s face. She knew anyone dumb enough to come after the girls, were digging their own graves.

Detective Cartwright looks at Anika and Bart and her instincts were right. These two people alone were extremely dangerous. She looks towards Terry and tries to figure out how he fits in with them. The other three people she met, she saw what they were capable of and heard stories and seen Hatter’s handy work.

“Is there anything else you would like to ask my daughter, Detective?” Bart was still holding Julia’s hand.

“No, that was all Mr. Hardy.” Ms. Cartwright looks at Julia and hopes her and her sister to have a better life now.

Terry drops Detective Cartwright off at her station. As she is getting out of the cab.

“Let me know when you want to be picked up.” Terry watches as she leaves.

“I will Terry, thank you.” Detective Cartwright heads towards her station.

As Terry is pulling away from the police station. Anika looks towards Terry “how much do you know about this Leslie?”

“Not as much as Hatter and Dakota do. I do know she is a street performer and has a few tricks up her sleeves. She is taking Martial Arts training from a middle age woman that I wouldn’t want to mess with her. She has extensive knowledge in hand-to-hand combat.” Terry has heard what the young woman is capable of.

“Go ahead and deliver us to Shigeko, Terry.” Anika sits back in the seat in the cab.

Julia just leans against Bart and couldn’t believe she was going to have a father and mom. Someone who will love her for her and love her sister.

Terry meets up with Shigeko and drops Julia off with her. After dropping Julia off, she takes Anika and Bart and drops them off at the house to get the Nobel. After she leaves Anika and Bart, she heads over towards the location where they figure the drone would attack. As she is waiting for a fare, she brings the specs up on the hud and examines them. There had to be something in them she missed.

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