Avenging Angel Chap. 5

Gypsy slowly wakes-up and realize she wasn’t in her own bed. She felt an arm holding her around her waist. She tries to remember what happened last night. She had gone to a bar Pat liked to go to and had a few drinks. Pat had met up with a cute female Police Officer.

She, on the other hand, was approached by a handsome gentleman in his forties. He asked her to dance and she accepted. One thing led to another and they ended back at his house and in his bed. He didn’t even care that she was transgender. She feels him move behind her.

“Good morning, Gypsy.” As he kisses her cheek.

Gypsy felt his hardness resting between her butt cheeks. She also felt the wetness between her legs. She felt a little pain and soreness from her anal opening.

“Good Morning, Prosecutor Ralph Cox.” Gypsy turns around to look into his eyes.

He had silver eyes, which she has never seen before. He was twice her age and worked for Lycoming County. Plus, she loved older men.
There were a few men around her own age she liked, but she preferred older men.

Gypsy kisses him and moves closer to him. She didn’t want to get out of bed, but she had a meeting with the Sergeant Major at noon at the gun range Frank owned. They decided that would be the perfect place for their meeting. She was also bringing the Gauss rifle to test at the range.

As she laid in bed next to Ralph “so, is this going to be a one-night stand, or will I see you again?”

“I would like to see you again, Gypsy.” As Ralph kisses her on the lips.

He pulls her against his body and kisses her passionately. They end up making love again before she had to get up and get dress. They take a shower together and fool around in the shower. Later, Ralph drops her off at the college to get her car.

Gypsy watches as he drives off. Once he was gone, she heads to her research lab to grab the prototype Gauss Rifle. As she approaches the lab, the door was unlocked. She knows she and Pat always lock their research lab. She opens the door with her foot slowly and walks in. She grabs the pepper spray from her purse and looks around the lab.

Nothing seemed out of order, but she is curious why the door was unlocked. Gypsy walks over towards the vault they keep the hard drive, the prototype exoskeleton and the body armor in. She pulls the prototype Gauss Rifle out and the spare ammo magazines.

Gypsy closes the safe and spins the knob three times to confuse anyone who tries to guess the combination. She had blocked the combination with her body if there was a camera hidden in the room watching her. She knew she could hide one and no one would find it.

Gypsy takes one more look in the lab to make sure nothing was out of place. As she is walking out of the lab and towards her car. She hears the revving of a car engine. As she starts to walk to her car. She spots a gray car coming towards her.

She brings the Gauss rifle up and flicks the power on. Just as the car gets closer to her, she pulls the trigger. A rapid-fire of rounds leaves the gun. She forgot to take it off full auto.

The engine of the car starts smoking as several rounds hit the engine. One of the rounds from the rifle goes through the windshield and into the driver’s shoulder. The car veers away from Gypsy. She couldn’t see who the driver was, but she knew they must be in pain.

She flips the switch from full auto to single shot. She takes aim and fires at the car as it speeds off. It swivels as the driver gets hit.

“Dam! I missed.” As Gypsy watches as the car drives off.

She walks over towards her Mustang and set the gauss rifle on the trunk of her car. She looks at the charge and noticed it had only gone down a little bit. She pulls her cell phone out and calls them to report a hit and run. She gives a description of the car. Gypsy didn’t spot any license plates on it.

Gypsy searches her car to make sure no one tampered with it. Once she was done checking, she gets in and heads towards the gun range.
She now knows the gun works. As she passes a familiar block. She spots the car that tried to run her down. It had hit a parked car. The driver’s side door was opened.

She calls the police back and informed them where they can find the car. Gypsy wonders why someone would try to run her down. She wasn’t anyone important or rich. She heads towards the gun range.

Nathan was standing at the gun counter talking with his friend Frank and drinking coffee. The people he had promised to meet haven’t arrived yet. Frank told him about the girl named Gypsy. How she and her lab partner Patrick were building powered body armor for soldiers to use in combat and an exoskeleton for soldiers that lost their limbs or have nerve damage.

“You’ll like helping Gypsy and her partner out, Nathan. Those two kids have worked very hard to build their body armor and exoskeleton. They must have gone through ten or more design and formula for the body armor alone. Gypsy brought the latest body armor up here last Sunday for us to test. It did pretty well.” Frank remembers everything they did to it.

“Oh? How, well did it stand up to your testing?” Nathan wanted to know more about it.

“Let’s put it this way, Nathan. If a person had been wearing it when we tested it. They would have had welts all over their body. However, knowing Gypsy as I do. She’ll come up with a way to protect the wearer from and make it so, they don’t get any welts.” Frank knew that Gypsy was the type of person who always looked for a solution to a problem.

Patrick and Gypsy arrive at the gun range at the same time. As Gypsy is getting out of her Mustang, she looks over towards Pat.

“Hey Pat, did you go by the lab this morning?” As she opens the trunk and takes the gauss rifle out.

“No, why?” Pat looks at Gypsy as she pulls the gauss rifle out.

“The door to our lab was unlocked when I went to retrieve the gauss rifle. Also, someone tried to run me down in the parking lot where I parked the Mustang.” She walks around towards Pat.

“Are you alright?” Patrick was worried about Gypsy.

“Yea, I got a chance to test the gauss rifle.” A smile appears on Gypsy’s face.

“I bet you did. How did it do?” Pat walks with Gypsy towards the entrance to the gun range.

“The motor was smoking, and the driver might have gotten hurt. Whoever tried to run me over, found out what happened when you get hit by the gauss rifle.” Gypsy and Pat spot an older well-built man with black hair that was cut military style, wearing blue jean, black t-shirt, and combat boots. He was talking to Frank at the counter.

“Hey, Frank, like my new gun?” Gypsy knew Frank loved exotic weapons.

Nathan turns around when he hears a young female voice and spots a five tall, ash blonde teenage girl. She was wearing black leggings, tennis shoes and a black oversized t-shirt that had I’m Your Huckleberry with two six-shooters cross underneath the words.

She had some sort of high-tech looking rifle in her hand. Walking next to her, was a brown hair young man, that stood a good eight or eleven inches over her. He had some build to him. Nathan figures if he trained up some, he would be a formidable person. He watches as they approached the counter.

Gypsy sets the gauss rifle on the counter “here you go, Frank. One working prototype gauss rifle.”

Both men look at the hi-tech weapon sitting on the counter. It looked like a rectangular rifle. It had an energy charge indicator, shots remaining, selector switch for full and single shot. A magazine release in the butt of the rifle. There was a laser pointer built into it, right above the firing chamber.

“Gypsy, how many rounds does the magazine hold?” Frank looks at Gypsy.

“Sixteen rounds.” Gypsy designed the magazine herself.

“How come your counter says you have ten rounds left?” Frank wonders what Gypsy used the rifle on.

“Well, I had a little bit of trouble on my way over here. Someone tried to run me over in the parking lot where I park my mustang. So, I fired the gauss rifle at them when they came towards me and then again when they left.” Gypsy had a serious look on her face.

“Do you know who it was?” Nathan looks at Gypsy and wonders why someone would want to kill her.

“I have no idea who it is. I called the police and they are handling this matter. Now, Mr. Washington. We need a test pilot to test this suit and the accessories that go with it.” Gypsy pulls out her laptop from her purse and shows Nathan the suit and the proposal they had used to get the grants from DARPA.

After he finishes looking at the proposal. He looks at Gypsy and Patrick “do you have a working prototype yet?”

“Yes, but we would need to custom fit the pieces to your body measurements.” Patrick knew each piece of the enhanced body armor would need to be fitted to the wearer. They were working on a universal fit, but for testing purposes, it needed to be custom fitted.

Nathan looks at the image of the enhanced body armor and back to the gauss rifle. He liked what he saw so far.

“Do you mind if I pick up the rifle?” Nathan wanted to see how heavy the rifle weight.

“Go ahead. This is just the prototype; the full finished model will be a little lighter and slimmer.” Gypsy flicks the safety measures on. She had a security app on her phone that kills the power to the rifle.

Nathan picks the rifle up and felt how heavy it was. It had to be at least twenty pounds and was bulky. He wonders how much the rifle would weigh and function in the power body armor.

“In your demonstration video, you said the body armor will have jetpacks. How high up will the jetpacks allow a person to fly and for how long?” Nathan puts the rifle down on the counter.

Frank looks at Gypsy “may I?”

“Have I ever said no to you before, Frank?” Gypsy thought of Frank as a big brother.

Frank picks the gauss rifle up and examines it as well. He loved the fact that the rifle only needed metal rounds. He ejects the magazine and looks at the rounds themselves. They were made of aluminum & titanium.

“To answer your question Mr. Washington, the jetpacks have a 10,000 feet ceiling height, and one jetpack has a 10-minute fuel supply and the other has a 20-minute fuel supply. We're working on giving you a longer flight time with the jetpacks. Each jetpack has a backup parachute in case you run out of fuel while you are flying. The second jetpack has wings to allow you to glide and a one-time booster to extend your flight range.” Gypsy wanted to give the wear a safety net.

She was considering putting a flexible emergency fuel tank on the pack. That way if the operator needed it, they could land safely. The only other thing she could do was design a suit meant just for flying.

“Has any of the jetpacks been tested yet?” Nathan liked what he was hearing so far.

“Bench test only and the second jetpack with wings is a production model. Our jetpack is based off a 1938 model that I came across the plans of.” Gypsy was glad she found the plans in the old steamer trunk.

They take the gauss rifle to the outdoor gun range. Frank fires it first and couldn’t believe how accurate it was. The rounds for the rifle went straight through the material and buried itself in the mound of dirt behind the target.

Frank looks at Gypsy “I’ll pay you to make me one of these.” He loved it.

"I'll see what I can do for you, Frank." Gypsy didn't mind building one for Frank.

“Let me try and put an armor plate up.” Nathan wanted to see how it fired.

Gypsy hands him a freshly charged battery pack and a fresh magazine. She watches as Pat and Frank brings out an armor plate and set it up. They bring a second one out and places it in front of the first one.

Nathan waits until they get back to where they were standing, before firing the weapon. Once they were safe, he pulls the trigger and fires at the armor plates. He fires a single round first and watches as it embeds itself into the armor plating. He switches to full auto and watched as the rounds go right through two plates of ½ inch armor plating.

“Dam! That was an inch of armor plating.” Frank couldn’t believe the rounds just slice through the armor.” All of them walked up to the armor plating to examine them.

The rounds went right through the armor plating like it was butter. He had a tight pattern and a hole where the rounds opened it.

“Impressive, your prototype rifle is powerful. I didn’t see this rifle in the proposal you submitted.” Nathan liked how the rifle handle.

“It was a last-minute idea that Gypsy came up with.” Patrick was loving the new weapon for their armor design.

Nathan looks towards Gypsy and then at Frank. He turns his attention back to Patrick “how soon can you have a suit ready?”

“You’ll need to come to our lab so we can take a measurement of your body. After that, only a day to build the suit and get you familiar with how it works.” Gypsy knew the department of defense wanted the process to be simple and easy for soldiers to use.

So, they got the process down to a day of fitting the suit to the solider. That’s why they were working on a universal fit suit, where the suit adjusted to the wear. They had drawings and plans for other styles of suit for different purposes.

“Well, give me a day or so to make a few arrangements and I’ll get back in touch with you guys.” Nathan has already decided he wanted to help these two young people out.

The rest of the afternoon, they play with the gauss rifle on the range.

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