Tales from the Closet book 01 Candy Cane Part 3 of 3

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Tales from the Closet One: Candy Cane

Chapter Four: Family.

It had been a couple of months now since Karen had been freed from her slavery and things were going pretty well for her. She’d had a clean bill of health from Dr Walker, but she was given a stern telling off when Dr Walker found out Karen was now in a relationship.

“You should have waited for the test results to come back Karen.” Prudence had snapped at her. “You had no idea if you were clean and healthy with what you were put through.” She went on to explain.

Karen had been upset with herself for days after that, but Hazel finally made her get over it and Karen was soon using her amazing tong to bring Hazel to a number of earth shattering orgasms.

“That was amazing my pet.” Hazel said one afternoon as the two of them lay cuddled up together in Karen’s bed. Hazel suddenly looked worried when she felt Karen go stiff just before she started to shake in Hazel’s arms. “What’s wrong Kaz?”

“Please don’t call me that.” Karen said in a shaky voice. “He used to call me his pet all the time, so please don’t ever call me that.” Karen buried her face in Hazel’s chest as she started to sob.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry.” Hazel said as she pulled Karen closer while she let her cry herself to sleep.

Hazel had gotten use to these little outbursts from Karen every now and then as she learned the things Karen didn’t like to do, or the things Karen didn’t like to hear anyone say to her. Karen was normally fine when she woke after one of these sessions, and Hazel never brought them up again once she knew what not to do or say.


“Penny for your thoughts?” Hazel said one afternoon while they were sat in the park enjoying the sunshine.

Karen had taken to spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying the sun, and the rain as it turned out. After not getting out much over the past six years, Karen was making up for lost time Hazel thought, and she was happy to keep Karen company while she did.

“I’m thinking that I should make contact with my family and let them know I am still alive, well kind of.” Karen chuckled as she looked at her long pink finger nails and her legs sticking out from under the pale blue dress she was wearing today.

“Maybe it would be best if you called them first, and explained everything to them.” Hazel advised.

“Normally I would agree, but they would never see me if I told them about this over the phone.” Karen sighed.

“Do you really think it’s going to be that bad?” Hazel asked with a pained look.

“No, it will be far worse.” Karen admitted. “But it has to be done face to face, but I will call and let them know I am alive, and I will be going to see them.”

“We’ll be going to see them.” Hazel corrected her. “I’m not letting them attack you on your own, and I can always arrest them for you.” Hazel added with a grin.

“I’m not sure that’s going to help matters.” Karen pointed out. “The arresting them part, I would love it if you would come with me to see them.” Karen added when she saw the hurt look on Hazel’s face.

Thanks to some help from Carl, Karen was now sat in the dining room at Mable’s while she looked at all the contact information for her parents and her sister Kimberly. All Karen needed now was the back bone to make the call to her parents, but she hadn’t found it in the past thirty minutes.

Taking a deep breath she finally punched in the number and then waited for someone to answer on the other end.

“Hello, you’ve reached the Kane residence.” A posh sounding female voice said on the other end of the line.

Karen thought it was like stepping back to a time before any of her nightmares began as she heard her mother’s voice on the other end of the line. “Hi mum.” Karen said as she tried to fight back the tears.

“Kimberly...?” Her mum asked.

“No mum, it’s me, Kevin.” Karen said as she tried to make her voice sound more male, which she found hard to do thanks to Brian having her throat operated on to make it sound more female.

“Kevin...!” Her mother shouted down the phone with shock in her voice. “Where have you been all this time, and why does your voice sound so funny?” she asked sounding excited to be hearing from her son.

“I’ll explain it all to you when I come up to see you in a couple of days, if that’s alright?” Karen asked in a gruff sounding voice which sounded weird to Karen, never mind what her mother was thinking.

“Of cause it’s okay you silly billy.” Kevin’s mother scolded her over the phone.

“I’ll see you in a couple of days then.” Karen frowned.

Kevin’s mother tried to get more of a conversation out of Karen, but she said she had to get to work so she could end the call without saying much more.


“I’m not sure this was such a good idea now.” Karen said as she sat in Hazel’s car parked up outside her parent’s house. “Maybe telling them over the phone would be a better idea.”

“You’ve come all this way, so you might as well get it over with.” Hazel said as she got out the car and walked round to Karen’s side and opened the door.

Karen looked up at Hazel with pleading in her eyes, but Hazel just took hold of Karen’s hand and pulled her from the car. Hazel then slipped her arm through Karen’s and marched her down the path to her parent’s front door and rang the bell before Karen could think of anymore reasons not to do this.

The front door opened and Karen found her mother stood on the other side smiling at them while she waited to find out what they wanted.

“Mum...” Was all Karen could think to say at that very moment.

Karen’s mother just stood looking puzzled for a couple of seconds before she looked more closely at the woman that had just called her mum, and then a look of shock spread across her face as she realised who this woman was. “Kevin?” She asked.

“Yes mum, it’s me.” Karen sounded nervous.

“You better come in and explain all this.” Her mother said as she stepped aside and let Karen and Hazel enter the house.

Once Karen’s mother had closed the door, she led them into the living room where Karen saw her father sat watching TV and reading the paper at the same time.

“Who’s this?” Karen’s father asked when he saw Karen and Hazel following his wife into the living room.

“This is, or was our son.” Karen’s mother said as she sat down and waited for her husband’s reaction to this news.

The man just sat looking at his wife and then the two girls before looking at his wife again. In the end he got to his feet and stepped closer to get a better look at each girl.

“Hi dad.” Karen finally said when she saw that her dad was about to blow a fuse from trying to work out whether or not his wife was just playing some sort of weird joke on him.

He took a closer look at Karen now she had spoken and called him dad, and he suddenly had the same shocked look on his face as his wife. He fell back down into his seat as he looked Karen up and down.

“Kevin?” He finally asked like he still didn’t believe it.

“No, it’s Karen now, but yes it’s me dad.” Karen said as she helped Hazel take a seat before she sat down herself.

“What happened to you?” her mother asked after looking Karen up and down herself for some time.

Karen started to explain about being kept as a prisoner for the past six years while some psycho slowly turned their son into what they were now seeing. Karen glossed over most of the bondage torture for the time being while she let her parents get use to the fact their son was now another daughter.

“Can’t you just stop dressing like this now then?” Her father asked once Karen had finished explaining what had happened to her.

“None of this is padding or pretend dad.” Karen sounded frustrated. “These things are real, as is all this.” Karen added as she stood up and turned around so her backside was in her father’s face while she slapped a hand on each one of her but cheeks and gave them a little shake before turning back around and sitting down again.

“How could you let someone do all this to you?” Her father asked like he hadn’t listened to a single word Karen had just said.

“I didn’t have much of a choice...!” Karen snapped. “I was tortured until I did as I was told.” Karen said slowly like she was talking to a small child.

“You always have a choice.” Her father said gruffly, sounding like a man’s man.

“Try living through what I did, and see if you can still say the same thing.” Karen snapped.

“I’m not going to put up with this.” Her father suddenly snapped. “You either go back to dressing like our son, or you can get out and never come back!”

Karen looked at her mother to see if she felt the same way, and all she saw was shame in her mother’s eyes. Karen got to her feet and helped Hazel to stand before the two of them left the house and got back in the car.

“Are you okay babe?” Hazel asked once they were in the car.

“I’m fine, let’s just get away from here.” Karen sighed as she let her head fall back onto the headrest.

They drove in silence for some time before Karen spoke again. “That was about what I expected from them. Now you can see why I wanted to do it face to face.”

“Your parents are a lot like mine.” Hazel frowned. “My parents kicked me out when I told them I liked girls over boys.” She added with a grin.

“Do you not speak to them anymore then?” Karen asked.

Hazel had never spoken about her parent’s before, and Karen thought it was nice to finally be hearing something about Hazel rather than them always talking about her.

“No, my dad got me transferred to a different area so he wouldn’t have to see me at work.” Hazel said angrily.

“So your dad is in the police force as well?” Karen asked, shocked to find this out.

“Yes, he is, but he never wanted me to join. I should stay at home and find a good man so I can give him plenty of grandchildren.” Hazel said the last part in a deep voice trying to sound like her father.

“So you don’t think he would be happy to see you with me then?” Karen smirked.

“Not for a single second.” Hazel giggled.

“I hope that’s not the main reason for you being with me?” Karen looked a little worried now.

Karen got her answer by Hazel pulling over to the side of the road and slamming on the brakes, forcing other motorists to use their horns as they went past her.

“After all this time, do you really think me to be that shallow...!” Hazel snapped.

Karen slid further away from Hazel and started shaking, as she still withdrew into herself when people shouted at her. “Sorry Mistress.” Karen said in reflex as she looked down at her lap to scared to make eye contact with Hazel.

Hazel let out a sigh as she realised she had scared Karen into playing the slave like she tended to do when someone shouted at her.

“I’m sorry Kaz.” Hazel said as she hooked a finger under Karen’s chin and made her look up into Hazels smiling face. “I love you because of you, not to get back at my father.” Hazel smiled, “That’s just a bonus.” She laughed, which also made Karen laugh with her. “There’s the girl I love.” Hazel said as she leaned over and stole a kiss.

“Sorry about that.” Karen said once they were driving again. “You must be getting sick of me doing weird stuff like that.”

“I don’t mind.” Hazel made it sound like Karen’s little moments of weirdness were nothing to worry about. “You’re just a work in progress.” Hazel added as she reached over and took hold of Karen’s hand.

Karen relaxed as she enjoyed the feel of Hazel’s hand wrapped around hers while they sang along to some old song on the radio.


Karen had told Becky how badly things had gone for her when she finally let her mum and dad find out about what had happened, and Becky had given her a hug saying that she had a new family to rely on now, which did cheer Karen up a little.

It had been a couple of weeks since Karen had been to see her parent’s, and she was over them by now, and just focusing on her new life with Hazel whom she was waiting for on this Tuesday morning when the doorbell rang and Karen opened the door expecting it to be Hazel, but was shocked to see her sister stood there looking at her.

“Kimberly?” Karen blurted out.

“Kevin? I mean Karen.” Kimberly corrected herself with a pained look on her face.

“Yes, it’s me, but what are you doing here?” Karen was still shocked to see her sister stood on Mable’s doorstep.

“I wanted to come and see my new sister.” Kimberly smiled. “Well aren’t you going to invite me in?” She asked.

“I’m sorry sis, please come in.” Karen said as she shook her head and stepped aside to let Kimberly into the house and then lead her through to the dining room so they could sit and talk. “Would you like a drink?” Karen asked.

“Not at the minute, I would just like to sit and talk for a while if you don’t mind?” Kimberly asked.

“Sure, but I guess mum and dad have already told you most of it.” Karen said as she looked down at herself, or her large breasts and her knees.

“They told me some of it, but I wanted to get the whole story from you.” Kimberly said looking worried. “I got the feeling you didn’t tell our parent’s everything.” Kimberly frowned.

“Don’t you mean your parent’s? They disowned me the other week.” Karen grumbled.

“I heard what they did, and I had a go at them for it as well.” Kimberly sounded angry with her parents for this.

“You were mad with them?” Karen looked shocked. “Why would you stick up for me over your parent’s?”

“I know we never really got on as kids’ sis, but that doesn’t mean I am going to just turn my back on you now, when you could use all the friends and family you can.” Kimberly said sounding a little hurt.

“I’m sorry Kimberly, but I’m still trying to deal with who I can and can’t trust.” Karen sighed.

“So spill the whole story and don’t leave anything out.” Kimberly said as she sat back ready to hear what her new sister had to say.

Karen was just about to start when she heard the door bell and remembered that Hazel was coming around to see her. “That will be Hazel, just give me a second and I will tell you everything.” Karen promised as she jumped up and ran off to get the door.

“Hi Kaz.” Hazel grinned as she stepped into the house before wrapping her arms around Karen and giving her a kiss.

“Hi babe.” Karen purred when they broke the kiss. “I have someone I want you to meet.” Karen grinned as she led Hazel into the dining room where she had left Kimberly sat at the dining table. “I’d like you to meet my sister Kimberly, and Kimberly this is my girlfriend Hazel.”

“Your sister?” Hazel looked a little worried, as she could remember how depressed Karen had been just after the meeting with her parent’s.

“Your girlfriend?” Kimberly asked with a raised eyebrow. “Easy tiger, I’m not here to hurt my sis.” Kimberly added when she saw how protective Hazel was towards Karen.

“That sounds so cool.” Karen grinned as she referred to the fact Kimberly kept call her ‘sis’.

“I’m sorry if I seem a little hard towards you, but your parents weren’t very nice towards Karen, and I don’t want to see her hurt any more than is needed.” Hazel said as she let Karen seat her at the table before taking her seat again.

“I’m just here to find out what happened for myself, and let my sister know that I still want to be part of her life.” Kimberly smiled over just how protective Hazel was.

Karen started telling her story, but this time she told Kimberly everything she could remember, and by the time Karen got to the point where she first met Hazel, Kimberly was wiping her eyes.

“She hit you? And you fell in love with her for that?” Kimberly looked confused.

“It was a little later that I found myself wanting your sister, but it did start with her hitting me, but I was trying to handcuff her at the time, and given the story she’s just told you. I can’t blame her for lashing out.” Hazel said as she took hold of Karen’s hand.

“I must admit sis, you do look amazing, if not a little top heavy there.” Kimberly said as she pointed at Karen’s chest. “I’m just sorry I never tried looking for you when you went missing, but mum and dad got an email saying you couldn’t cope with college, and you were off to see the world.” Kimberly explained.

“That was all Brian’s doing.” Karen shuddered at his very name. “He already had me locked up in his dungeon by then.”

“He paid for all this work to be done to you?” Kimberly asked.

“He paid for some, traded other bits as far as I know, but he kept me drugged most the time, so I just did what he wanted.” Karen shrugged. “If he hadn’t been foolish enough to get me the job at the club, and then stop giving me the drugs keeping me more docile. I would still be under his control.”

“Don’t go down that dark road again baby.” Hazel warned as she saw the look in Karen’s eyes change like they did when she started to relive parts of her past six years.

“What do you mean when you say he traded you?” Kimberly looked worried now as to what she was about to find out.

“I was a sex slave, so he loaned me out to clients so they could get off doing all their kinky shit with me, and they either paid him, or if they were surgeons, then he got some work done, like my boobs, and my voice.”

“That’s your real voice then, not just you altering it?” Kimberly had no idea people could get that sort of thing done. “And you were forced to have sex with anyone with the right amount of money?”

“Yes, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell your Parent’s that I was repeatedly raped for six years.” Karen said in a dead tone of voice.

“They are still your parent’s too sis.” Kimberly argued. “What about your health, are you...?”

“I have a clean bill of health sis.” Karen smiled at the worry in her sister’s eyes.

Karen was shocked when Kimberly got up from the table and then pulled Karen up out of her chair before wrapping her arms around Karen and started to sob. “I don’t want us to fight anymore, and I want to be a bigger part of your life as well.” Kimberly snuffled on her sister’s shoulder.

“Hazel and I were going into the city to do some shopping, if you want to join us that would be great.” Karen looked hopeful as she broke the hug and looked Kimberly in the eyes.

“I’d love to join you, if that’s alright with your girlfriend.” Kimberly said in a teasing tone which made Karen blush.

“Shut up sis...” Karen whined.

“I’d love for you to join us Kimberly.” Hazel smiled when she saw a new side to Karen she hadn’t seen before as she let her sister tease her playfully.

They took Hazel’s car into the city because Hazel knew her way around and where the best places to park were. Karen spoke more about her past six years and the fact Brian had turned her suffering into a business which she was now enjoying the profits from as well as the wages she got from the club where she worked.

“How did he turn it into a business?” Kimberly asked.

“He started a web site while we were back in college charting the changes in me, and then it got more serious when he locked me up and took it even further by actually having surgery done to me and posting the images online so people could pay to be members.” Karen explained.

“Are you telling me that your last six years of hell are up on the net for anyone to see?” Kimberly looked shocked.

“Yes if they are willing to pay to see it.” Karen shrugged.

“Can’t you get it taken down?” Kimberly asked.

“Carl has a team of people trying to do just that, but without all the proper pass codes; they are having trouble with it all.” Karen frowned. “Carl was able to alter the price of being a member though, so there aren’t that many new members willing to pay the price.” Karen added with a grin.

“The last time I checked it, she wanted a thousand pounds for a month’s membership.” Hazel giggled.

“And you still have people paying that?” Kimberly asked with her mouth hanging open.

“Candy Cane was a very much sort after fetish she-male model.” Karen said looking proud of herself before she started giggling.

“She-male?” Kimberly looked confused having never heard this term before.

“A person that looks like a girl, but still has a little boy hidden away.” Karen explained.

“Oh I see.” Kimberly nodded. “If you still have that part, couldn’t you go back to living as a man then?” Kimberly asked.

“Not really an option with all the other surgery that was done to me and the flesh over my chest would never go back to looking the way it did before I had these puppies.” Karen said as she stuck her chest out. “And I kind of like being Karen.” She smiled as she looked at Hazel stood grinning next to her.

“As long as you’re happy sis, then I can live with who you’ve become.” Kimberly grinned when she saw how much her new sister and her girlfriend were in love with each other.
“Those are words I never thought I’d hear you say to me sis.” Karen said as she wiped away a tear before throwing her arms around Kimberly and hugging her.

The three of them spent the rest of the day shopping and having a laugh before they all went back to Mable’s so Kimberly could meet the new family she had found. Kimberly and Hazel were both invited to join them all for dinner, which turned out to be more of an order as Mable wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“How long will you be in town for Kimberly?” Mable asked while they ate.

“I was only planning on stopping the day and heading back tonight because I wasn’t sure how the meeting was going to go with Karen.” Kimberly started to explain. “I think I’ll find a hotel to book into though now, so I can spend a couple more days getting to know my new sister a little batter.” Kimberly added with a smile when she saw how happy this bit of news made Karen look.

“You can stop here for as long as you want, I have a couple of spare rooms.” Mable said. “I’ll get the bed made up for you after dinner.” She added.

Kimberly was about to argue she couldn’t put Mable out like that, but Karen cut her off. “I wouldn’t bother trying to argue with her sis, you won’t win.” Karen grinned as she looked at a smirking Mable.

“Thank you for letting me stop here Mable. How much will the room be?” Kimberly asked, taking Karen’s advice not to argue with Mable.

“Two hugs a day for your sister should cover it, but feel free to throw in an extra one here and there if you feel like it.” Mable smiled.

Kimberly was about to say that was silly, but Karen cut her off again. “You won’t win sis.” Karen giggled.

They finished the meal and Kimberly helped David to clear the table while Karen walked Hazel to the door so she could get back to her apartment at the police station barracks. Only police personnel were allowed in the barracks, so that is why Hazel always came to Mable’s.

“What do you think of my sister?” Karen asked as she gave Hazel a hug before she left for the night.

“I really like her, and I’m glad she’s not turned her back on you like your parents did.” Hazel said just before she stole a kiss. “I hope she’s up for some more shopping fun tomorrow, because today was a blast.” Hazel added just before steeling another kiss and making her way out to her car where she gave Karen one last wave before she left.

Karen went up to her room and got her things together ready for when Brad and Becky picked her up for work. She had offered to make her own way to the club, but Becky had said no way, as picking her up was on the way, and Brad wanted to keep an eye on Karen just in case anyone was out there trying to grab her.

“Do you think you might stop long enough to come to the club and see where I work?” Karen asked when she found Kimberly helping David wash the dishes in the kitchen.

“I’d love to, but I didn’t bring anything to wear on a night out.” Kimberly pouted.

“Take a look through my stuff later, I’m sure you’ll find something to wear, and failing that we can look for something tomorrow.” Karen grinned.

“I never thought I would be looking through your stuff so I could find something for a night out clubbing.” Kimberly giggled.

“Up until earlier today, I never thought we would be speaking again, so I can live with that being weird for you.” Karen smiled.

Karen heard the door bell and she knew it would be Becky and Brad, so she ran over and gave Kimberly a quick hug before she ran off so she didn’t keep the two of them waiting.

“Hi Becky, Brad.” Karen said after jumping in the back of Brad’s car.

“You look super happy tonight.” Becky said with a raised eyebrow as she looked at Karen sat in the back seat behind Brad.

“I am because my sister turned up today, and I just spent the day letting her get to know me, and she is fine with who I am now.” Karen said, sounding more like a teenager than a grown woman.

“You should have called me Karan; you could have taken the night off to spend some time with her.” Becky complained.

“I’ll be spending the day with her tomorrow, and I am hoping to get her to the club tomorrow night if I can sort her out with something to wear.” Karen said waving off Becky’s worries.

“I’ll make sure she gets VIP treatment.” Becky promised, but Becky was already beginning to form a plan, and she planned to give Chrissy a call and see if she wanted to help make it work.

“You don’t need to Becky, but that would be amazing if you would. Thank you so much.” Karen said in a pleading tone to show just how grateful she was.

Once at the club Karen ran off to get ready and was soon helping the other girls serve tables and keep the customers happy, but she looked a little worried when she saw Becky and her wife walking towards her a couple of hours later.

“I need you to come with me.” Becky said as she slipped her arm through Karen’s and Chrissy did the same on the other side.

“What’s wrong?” Karen asked worriedly.

“Nothing is wrong Karen; we just need your help with something up in the VIP section.” Becky smiled to let Karen know she wasn’t in any trouble.

Karen was soon up in the VIP section where she saw Carla stood with a tall redhead and another woman who was looking around like this was her first time here. Karen’s mouth fell open when she saw the woman’s face and realised it was Kimberly.

“Kim...!” Karen shouted as she came to a sudden stop next to where her sister was stood.

“Hi sis...! Wow, you look so cute in that little uniform.” Kimberly gushed as she looked her sister up and down.

“Look at you.” Karen argued. “Where did you find that dress, and your makeup looks amazing.” Karen said as she looked her sister up and down.

“I was sat having a cup of tea with Mable when these two burst into the house like a couple of extra’s from a ZZ Top video and started turning me into this beautiful creature you see before you. Kimberly pointed at Becky’s wife Chrissy and another woman who Karen found out was Chrissy’s sister who was called Amy.

Karen wanted to ask more questions, but she was soon being taken into the back office by Chrissy and Amy so they could do a makeover on her that would match her sister’s.

“Don’t worry Karen, we won’t hurt you.” Chrissy smiled as she started to undress Karen while Amy sorted out a case full of makeup and the dress Karen would be wearing this evening.

Karen had been dressed by loads of different people, and she had always hated it, but for some reason she didn’t feel that way around these two women. Karen just did as she was told as she let Chrissy take off the uniform and place it on one of the sofa’s in the room.

“Where did you buy your underwear?” Chrissy asked when she saw what Karen was wearing under her uniform.

“One of the chain stores in the city.” Karen said as she tried to work out what was wrong with her panties. She wasn’t wearing a bra due to the corset she wore for working in.

“Don’t tell me you actually gave someone money for those things?” Chrissy looked mortified.

“Yes I did.” Karen mumbled like she was in trouble.

“We’ve got to get Becky or someone to bring you over to the shop so we can get you into some proper underwear.” Chrissy said with a look of horror.

Karen couldn’t help bit giggle when she saw the way Chrissy was acting over her underwear. Karen was now stood in the middle of the room wearing nothing but her Panties with an arm across her chest trying to hide her breasts, but they were a little too large for her to hide with just one arm.

“She needs to lose those panties sis.” Amy said as she pointed at Karen’s groin. “They are going to spoil the line of the dress.”

“Very true,” Chrissy said as she tapped a finger on her lip while looking deep in thought. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Chrissy said just before she left the room. Chrissy was soon back with a new pair of panties in her hand for Karen to put on.

“Where did you get those?” Karen looked confused as to where Chrissy could get a new pair of panties from on such short notice. Karen had a vision of Chrissy mugging a customer and stealing their underwear.

“Don’t worry their new.” Chrissy said as she stood waiting for Karen to take off the pair of panties she was wearing at the minute. “The club keeps a stock of gaffs for the staff to use when they are needed, so I just took a pair.”

“I think you both should turn around, or leave while I do this.” Karen sounded worried. “I’m not like normal girls.” Karen tried to warn them before they saw her penis and ran off screaming.

“We know all about you Karen and you don’t have anything we haven’t seen before.” Chrissy said as she waved off Karen’s worries.

“We were once just like you.” Amy smiled.

“You were both born different?” Karen looked a little shocked to find this out. “But you both look so beautiful.”

“Have you looked in a mirror lately?” Amy asked. “You look pretty hot yourself sister.”

“I never asked for any of this though, not like you two did.” Karen said sounding a little bitter.

“That maybe so, but you seem to be making the most of it from what Becky tells us.” Chrissy grinned. “How is Hazel?” Chrissy asked.

“She’s amazing.” Karen blushed.

Karen was soon taking off her panties and then putting on the new pair which fit her much better and hid the small bulge between her legs. Karen then let Chrissy slip a little black silk dress over her head and pulled it down over her body. Amy grabbed a pair of pumps in black and she helped Karen slip them on while Chrissy started work on Karen’s makeup.

“You have very beautiful skin Karen.” Chrissy complemented her as she worked her magic.

“I was forced to look after it as it was my money earner most the time.” Karen explained as she relaxed and let Chrissy work on her.

“That’s a good thing because you need very little makeup.” Chrissy praised her.

Chrissy was soon saying she was done and then Chrissy and Amy helped her to stand on the four-inch heels and let her take a look in the long mirror on the back of the door in the office.

“Wow, I look amazing.” Karen grinned as she turned from side to side in the little black dress that only just covered her breasts up to the nipple and covered her round plump ass.

“Your legs look stunning in that dress.” Amy admitted sounding a little jealous.

“Thanks Amy, but you don’t look to bad yourself.” Karen returned the compliment.

Chrissy and Amy led Karen back out into the VIP section and over to the sofas where Kimberly was sat talking with Carla and the tall redhead, who Karen later found out was Victor, or Vicky as she liked to be called when she was out and about.

“Wow sis.” Kimberly said when she saw Karen slink up the steps and sit down next to her. “I can’t believe you were ever my bother looking like that.” Kimberly said as she looked her new sister up and down.

“Thanks sis.” Karen smiled, taking it as a compliment like Kimberly had intended it.

Chrissy and Amy joined them for a drink, and Becky was soon sat on Chrissy’s Lap stealing kisses from each other.

Amy was soon jumping up and running off squealing when she saw a woman step up into the VIP section. They met in the middle of the room and were soon kissing each other like they were the only two people around.

“That’s Amber, she’s Amy’s wife.” Becky pointed out when she saw Karen and Kimberly watching the floor show.

“They must really love each other.” Kimberly said as she watched them kissing still. “Do they ever come up for air?” She asked.

“Only when they have to.” Chrissy giggled.

Karen and Kimberly were soon being dragged down onto the dance floor with Chrissy, Amy and Amber when a song came on they liked. Karen was a little nervous about trying to dance, but she was soon having fun, and she got stopped on the way back to the VIP section when Em’s, DD and Di saw Karen and what she was wearing. They loved the outfit, and they all greeted Kimberly with a hug before letting them make their way back up to the VIP section to get a drink.

They all hit the dance floor a couple more times and had some more drinks which meant Karen needed to go pee, so she split off from the others up in the VIP section and went to the restroom. Once she was done in the toilet, she washed her hands and then dried them using one of the hand dryers. She didn’t hear the two women come into the restroom behind her while she was drying her hands.

“Well, well, well. How is my sweet little candy cane doing these days?” A silky-smooth female voice asked as she placed her lips up against Karen’s ear.

Karen froze in fear as she knew that voice, and she didn’t like the woman it belonged to. The voice belonged to an evil Dom that had hired Candy for a whole week once and made her life a living hell for seven days straight. Karen had been forced into a cat suit complete with ears tail and paws for both hands and feet, she was then forced to eat real cat food and drink milk from bowls on the floor. Karen had also been tied up and hung from her feet for hours at a time while pleasuring both the mistress and her personal maid, who Karen realised, was also in the restroom with them.

“I’m not any bodies slave anymore.” Karen said as she tried to walk around the pair of them and leave the room.

“You will be whatever I want you to be my little kitty cat.” The Dom purred as she stepped in front of Karen to stop her leaving, while her maid stepped behind Karen and forced her wrists into a set of handcuffs. “You need your collar now.” The woman pouted as she was suddenly holding up a steel collar that she quickly closed around Karen’s neck with a click. “I was hoping to buy you from your master, but the bidding got to high, and then the sale stopped when your master was shot by the police, but I was lucky enough to track you down, and here we are.”

Karen was losing her battle with her fear as she tried not to look as terrified as she felt, but she couldn’t stop herself following the Dom and her maid out the rest room and through the VIP section, not until she saw Kimberly coming into view and she suddenly stopped walking, which made the Dom stop and turn to face Karen.

“Take these fucking cuffs and collar off me now.” Karen growled as she found some strength from deep down inside.

“You don’t tell me what to do slave, or I will gag that pretty little mouth of yours and then punish you until you can’t speak ever again.” The Dom said as she stepped in closer to Karen.

“It’s not my mouth you should be worried about.” Karen said just before she swung her head forward with as much force as she could and let her forehead make contact with the Dom’s nose. Karen was seeing stars, but she could still make out the woman’s nose had broken with a loud crack and her face was now covered in blood.

“You little fucking whore...” The Dom screamed as she tried to stop the blood gushing out her nose.

Karen’s vision cleared enough to see that the Dom had pulled a riding crop out her knee-high boots and was just about to take a swing at Karen’s face. Karen had no chance to protect herself with her hands still cuffed behind her back, so Karen just closed her eyes and prepared for the sharp sting of the crop to contact the side of the face. She heard a loud thwack, but the pain never came. Karen slowly opened one eye and saw a large hand just to the side of her face where the riding crop was going to hit, and she followed the hand up to a large muscled arm that led up to Brad’s beautiful face that looked ready to kill someone at that minute.

Brad snatched the crop out the woman’s hand and then snapped it in two before throwing it back in the woman’s face. “Take that fucking collar and those handcuffs off her before I snap your neck just like I did that crop.” Brad said as he got right in the woman’s face.

The Dom quickly looked at her maid and nodded for her to remove the collar and cuffs. The maid did as she was told and Brad snatched them off the maid and put the collar on the Dom, and then he used the handcuffs on both the Dom and the Maid.

Kimberly had run over when she saw Karen head butt the woman, and then she saw Brad block the riding crop that the woman swung at her sister’s head. “Are you alright sis?” Kimberly asked as she pulled Karen into a hug.

“No...! That bloody hurt.” Karen whined as she rubbed her forehead.

Kimberly was trying not to laugh as she watched Karen trying to rub the pain away from the head butt she’d just landed.

“It’s not funny.” Karen whined, but even she was trying not to laugh at it all.

“I want that woman arrest for assault.” The Dom said, sounding very nasally due to the broken nose she now had.

“I never saw her assault you Miss.” Brad said with a grin. “I did see you trip and face plant into the floor.” He added in a tone that said she didn’t stand a chance of finding anyone who would back up her story.

“I will get you for this you little bitch...!” The Dom snarled as she looked at Karen.

“If I wasn’t the manager of this club, I would smack you silly right now.” Becky snarled.

“It’s not my club.” A voice said from behind Becky as she saw a fist come flying past and make contact with the woman’s nose again, but this time the punch knocked the woman off her feet and flat on her back out for the count, taking the maid with her as they were still cuffed together.

Becky turned to see Kimberly with a face like thunder shaking her hand. “God that hurt.” She said with some pain in her voice as she kept shaking her hand hoping it would stop the pain.

Brad was soon placing an ice pack on the back of Kimberly’s hand while he used the back of it to cool the sting he had on his palm from where he stopped the crop from hitting Karen.

They were all sat on the sofas recovering from the excitement when they saw a couple of police officers enter the VIP section. Karen smiled when she saw that one of them was Hazel. She ran over to where Karen was and stopped when she saw what she was wearing, but she soon recovered and sat down in the empty spot next to Karen and pulled her into a hug that led to them kissing each other.

“I just knew it was going to be you in the middle of it all when I heard the call over the radio.” Hazel said between kisses.

“I’m fine, but I’m not sure we should be doing this now.” Karen warned as she saw Hazel’s partner looking at them with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t care.” Hazel said between kisses.

Becky and Brad distracted the other officer by giving a statement that explained the woman still looking dazed as she sat on the floor with a cloth over her nose, as she had tried to abduct Karen from the club, but she tripped and fell when Karen started to struggle.

The officer had a feeling it didn’t go down that way, but he also knew that he would never get to know the truth, and he didn’t really care just as long as he could get out of this weird looking place.

“Hazel had to leave, but she said she would come over to Mable’s when she finished work.

Karen was looking forward to that, but she wasn’t looking forward to explaining who that woman was and why she had been able to handcuff and collar Karen in the first place. Karen explained the story behind her being held captive for a week by that psycho bitch and her maid, and how she was planning to make Karen her full-time slave now she had found her in the restroom without a collar. Karen told them some of the things she was made to do, and everyone looked shocked, but none of them judged Karen on what she had to do to survive.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble I keep causing, Becky.” Karen said as she hung her head in shame. “I’ll work out my notice and look for another job someplace else.” Karen added close to tears now because she loved working here at the club, but she couldn’t keep bringing her problems through the club doors.

“I don’t except it Karen, and we can cope with anything life has to throw at us, just as long as we do it together.” Becky said as she got nods from everyone sat around on the sofas.

“I think you make life a lot more exciting, so I vote for you to stay where I can keep an eye on you.” Brad grinned.

“Thanks for saving me back their Brad.” Karen found herself grinning at her protector, as she saw the deep red welt across the palm of Brad’s hand. She wondered just what sort of damage that would have done to her face had he not stopped it.

“Any time Kaz.” Brad smiled; using the nickname he had heard Hazel use earlier. Word soon got around the club and then everyone started calling Karen, Kaz.

Brad dropped Karen and Kimberly off at Mable’s, and Karen smiled when she saw Hazel get out her car, and then walk up to the house with the two sisters. Everyone was already in bed. So the three of them quietly made their way up stairs and parted ways at Karen’s bedroom door. Karen waited for Kimberly to walk down the hallway to the room Mable had let her use, so she knew where her sister would be sleeping. Karen waved to Kimberly just before Hazel pulled Karen into her room and Karen set to work on Hazel’s private parts with her tong.


Karen was lying in bed smiling as she watched Hazel sleeping. Karen had had the best night’s sleep she could ever remember due to Hazel being cuddled up to her all night, and now Hazel was still asleep while Karen watched her.

“Hi sleepyhead.” Karen said when Hazel’s eyes finally fluttered open a little later.

“Hi.” Hazel smiled a sleepy smile as she slid closer and gave Karen a kiss as she enjoyed the company. “How did you sleep?” Hazel asked as she knew Karen normally had bad dreams.

“I slept really well, and I don’t remember having any bad dreams, which I am shocked about, given what happened at the club.” Karen said between kisses.

“Maybe I should stop more often.” Hazel purred.

“I would like that.” Karen agreed.

They were soon sharing a shower and Hazel got a morning wakeup call when Karen made her climax while in the shower together. Once they were both dressed they went down to find Kimberly already down there enjoying a cup of tea with Mable while she ate a slice of toast.

“Kimberly was just telling me about last night, are you alright?” Mable asked as she looked at Karen.

“My forehead is still a little sore, but well worth it.” Karen grinned.

“What did you do to your forehead?” Hazel asked.

“I may have head butted that woman last night.” Karen mumbled. “Then Kimberly punched her because Becky said she would like to, but couldn’t because she was the manager of the club.”

“I knew she didn’t fall over.” Hazel looked shocked, but glad that Karen found a way to work through her issues.
“Are you going to tell on us?” Karen pouted like a school child.

“No because the bitch was asking for it, and far worse.” Hazel grumbled. “She will get off with a fine anyway.” Hazel shrugged.

Karen and Hazel enjoyed a slice of toast and a cup of tea before the three of them left the house to enjoy another day of shopping. The day was cut short when Hazel got a call asking her to go into the police station because the chief wanted a word with her.

“Do you want us to come with you and wait?” Karen asked, sad that their day was being cut short.”

“No, this could take all afternoon, so I can drop you back at Mable’s if you want?” Hazel asked.

“No, I think we will carry on shopping, even though it won’t be as much fun without you.” Karen pouted.

“I’ll call you later before you go to work.” Hazel promised before she left them and went to the police station.

Karen had no idea she would become so close to her sister know she was a woman, or nearly a woman, but the two of them just clicked, and it was like they had always been sisters. Kimberly helped Karen pick out designs that looked good on her, and Karen did the same for her sister. Karen explained the reason for her being so good with fashion, and how she had been tort to be more feminine by women like the one Kimberly had met the night before at the club.

They flagged down a taxi later that afternoon and returned to Mable’s so they could help sort out dinner for the rest of the house hold. Karen was setting the table when she heard the doorbell, so she went to see who it was, and was shocked to see an upset Hazel stood there with tears running down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” Karen asked as she led Hazel into the house and into the dining room where she Sat Hazel in a seat at the table.

“I’ve been suspended pending an investigation.” Hazel sobbed.

“What did they suspend you for?” Karen asked as she tried to hide the shock in her voice.

“The chief saw a video of me kissing you last night at the club, and he said that I shouldn’t have done such a thing while wearing the uniform.” Hazel hiccupped out. “I’m going to get fired over this, I just know it.”

“You don’t know that.” Karen made it sound like Hazel was being silly.

“My father will use this to finally get me kicked out of the force, trust me on that.” Hazel laughed, but it wasn’t a happy laugh.

“You still have me.” Karen said as she tried to cheer Hazel up, but not sure anything would do that at the minute.

“You’re the one good thing in my life at the minute.” Hazel smiled a real smile just before she pulled Karen closer for a kiss. “I was hoping for a favour from you?” Hazel asked when they stopped kissing.

“Anything, just name it.” Karen said as she waited for Hazel to ask.

“I was wondering if I might be able to stop here with you until I find out what my fate is going to be, as I can’t face going back to the barracks and looking at all those other officers looking at me like I have some sort of disease.”

“You can stop here as long as you need.” Karen smiled as she thought about cuddling up to Hazel every night.

“Don’t you think it best to ask Mable first?” Hazel asked.

“I can if you want, but you know as well as I do what she is going to say.” Karen smirked.

Mable wandered into the dining room from the kitchen just then and smiled when she saw Hazel, but she stopped smiling and rushed over when she saw that Hazel had been crying over something.

“What’s wrong my dear?” Mable asked as she sat the other side of Hazel to where Karen was sat.

Hazel explained what had happened and then she asked if she could stop there with Karen, and she offered to pay for room and board, which Mable waved off as being silly, and she could stop for as long as she wanted.

“Do you need to go and get some of your stuff from the barracks?” Karen asked.

“No, I have all my stuff in the car, as I was going to find a place to stop if Mable said no.” Hazel smiled.

Mable forced Hazel to join them for dinner, and Hazel was just picking at her food until Mable told her off, then she made more of an effort to clear her plate, and Hazel also managed some desert to go with it.

“I’ll give Becky a call and tell her I won’t be in tonight.” Karen said once they had Hazel’s things in her room.

“No you won’t, Becky and her family have been too good to you, and I will be fine here with Kimberly and Mable.” Hazel argued. “It will be nice finding out some more things about your past from your big sister.” Hazel added with a grin.

“I’m not sure what good that will do, as I’m not that boy anymore.” Karen frowned as she cupped her large breasts to prove her point.

“You are still you, even if the packaging is a lot prettier.” Hazel purred as she slinked across the room and wrapped her arms around Karen before leaning in for a kiss. Hazel then started kissing her way down Karen’s neck, then Karen’s left breast until she pulled down Karen’s t-shirt and bra cup so she could suck on Karen’s nipple.

Karen let out a gasp as a pleasant electric shock ran through her body. Hazel kept teasing Karen’s nipple for a couple of minutes before she did the same with Karen’s other breast and repeated the whole thing again. Karen was soon riding out some form of orgasm that she never realised she could have. Her penis never got hard, but she still felt an amazing feeling deep in her belly and she felt something leaking out her penis.

“What was that?” Karen sounded confused.

“We call it an orgasm.” Hazel smirked. “You’re not the only one good with her tong.” Hazel added, grinning this time.

“I need to get cleaned up.” Karen said as she screwed up her face due to the wet feeling in her panties.

Karen slid off the bed where they had ended up when Hazel started playing with Karen’s nipples, and she went into the bathroom with some clean underwear. Karen smiled when she remembered what Chrissy and Amy had said about her underwear the night before. Karen slipped out of her jeans and then slowly slipped down her damp panties so she could wipe up the small mess she found before slipping out of them and putting on the clean pair. Karen looked at the liquid she had produced, and she saw that it wasn’t quite sperm as it was clearer, and there was only a small amount of it, but Karen wondered what this meant for her in the long run. She decided to have a talk with Dr Walker about it at her next check-up.

“You okay?” Hazel looked worried when Karen walked into the room.

“I’m better than okay.” Karen smiled back as she felt like she was walking on a cloud. “That was amazing.” Karen sighed as she wrapped her arms around Hazel and kissed her. “How did you know that would work on me?” Karen asked.

“I didn’t until you let out that gasp when I first sucked on your nipple.” Hazel grinned at the memory. “I’ve had girlfriends in the past that would respond more to having their nipples played with than other parts of their body, and it looks like you are one of them.” Hazel proved her point by pinching one of Karen’s nipples and getting another gasp out of her.

“I hope you will do a lot more playing around with my nipples then.” Karen grinned.

“You can count on it baby.” Hazel grinned back.

Karen looked at the time and realised she needed to get her things together because Brad and Becky would be there any minute. Karen left the house with Hazel sat at the dining room table where Kimberly was telling them stories of Karen as a child, or more to the point Kevin, but Karen wasn’t bothered about that, she was just happy to see Hazel and Kimberly getting on so well together.

The club was busy and Karen didn’t have much time to think about anything as she was kept busy all night, and she was glad to get home and crawl into bed. She smiled as an arm draped over her just after she got in, and she was soon spooning with Hazel as she fell asleep wrapped in Hazel’s warm embrace.

It was a couple of days later that Hazel got a call from her father and she answered it. “Hello dad, I wondered how long it was going to be before I heard from you.” Hazel said in a board tone.

“I’m in the city and I want to see you today.” Her father barked down the phone.

“I can’t do today, I’m out shopping with my ‘GIRLFRIEND’” Hazel shouted down the phone at her father.

“I’ve been hearing all about that freak you’ve hooked up with.” Her father said with disgust in his voice for Karen.

“I’m hanging up now daddy.” Hazel said with venom in her voice as she punched the end call button on her phone. “That man is such an asshole.” Hazel growled as she was tempted to throw her phone.

Karen raised an eyebrow and took Hazel’s phone off her before she did throw it at the ground. “I like to text you when I’m on my break at the club.” Karen pointed out as her reason for saving the phone’s life.

“Sorry, but he called you a freak, and I got a little mad about it.” Hazel blushed.

“I am a freak, and proud of it.” Karen grinned.

“You are not a freak...!” Hazel snapped back.

“Freak is the new normal if you ask me.” Karen said as she tried to fight off the slap attack coming from Hazel now.

“You’ve always been a freak baby sister.” Kimberly grinned.

Kimberly was still stopping at Mable’s, and she had no plans to head back home anytime soon due to her being between jobs at the minute, and she was seriously thinking of moving down to London, so she could be closer to Karen and Hazel.

Hazel’s phone kept ringing on and off all day, but whenever she saw it was her father or mother, she hit the cancel call button and put the phone back in her pocket.

Karen was waiting for Brad and Becky to pick her up later that night when the doorbell rang and Karen answered it expecting to see Becky, but it was a couple of police officers.

“Hello, miss, can we please speak with a Miss Candy Cane.” One of the officers asked after looking on a piece of paper in his hand.

“That would be me, but I don’t use that name anymore, it’s Karen Kane.” She corrected the officer.

“Well Miss Kane, we have a warrant for your arrest, so if you would please turn around and place your hands behind your back.” The officer said as he pulled out his cuffs and stepped towards Karen.

“No, no, get away from me with those things.” Karen screamed when she saw the cuffs.

Karen was face down on the hallway floor with the two officers cuffing her hands behind her back when Hazel, Kimberly and Mable came running around the corner.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Hazel screamed as she went to pull one of the officers off Karen, but Kimberly pulled her back before she could.

“Don’t be foolish Hazel; you will just get yourself arrest as well.” Kimberly said as she wrapped her arms around Hazel while she fought to get loose.

“What’s going on here?” Victor asked as he and Jenna came out of the living room where they had been watching TV.

“We have a warrant for this woman’s arrest, and now we will be adding resisting arrest to the charges.” One of the officers said sounding out of breath as he got to his feet and pulled a still struggling Karen to her feet before turning and walking out of the house towards their police car.

“What are the charges?” Victor asked as he followed the officer’s out.

“Prostitution, assault, and obtaining money under false pretences.” The office said as he pushed Karen into the back of the police car before slamming the door shut.

“Don’t worry Karen, we will get this sorted out...!” Victor shouted as the police car pulled away.

Hazel was still freaking out and being held by Kimberly when Victor walked back into the house and went to get his cell phone so he could call Carl.

“Hazel, you need to calm down.” Kimberly said. “Karen needs you to be calm and in control right now, if we are going to help her.”

“Carl is going to meet us at the station, as well as some of his lawyers.” Victor said as he was putting on his jacket and pulling out his car keys.

Hazel and Kimberly were quickly following Victor out to his car so they could all go and help Karen. Carl was waiting for them when they got to the police station, as were four men in very expensive looking suits, who Hazel took to be the lawyers Victor had mentioned.

“Don’t worry Hazel, Kimberly; we will get this sorted out.” Carl said as he gave each woman a quick hug before they all entered the station.

Hazel and Kimberly let Carl’s lawyers do all the talking while they waited to find out just what had happened. It was some time before the lawyers returned and spoke with Carl off to one side. Carl didn’t look happy when he made his way over to Hazel and Kimberly.

“We can’t get her released tonight, but my team have all the information now and they will be looking into it tonight, so we can get Karen out on bail tomorrow.” Carl promised. “It’s all got something to do with that woman from the club last night.” Carl frowned. “For some reason she has suddenly decided to try pressing charges while also making a load of stuff up about Karen approaching her and selling her services.” Carl shrugged.

Karen had been booked and then placed in a cell. They had taken the cuffs off, but Karen was still freaking out over being locking in a small room. She crawled into a corner on the bed and pulled her knees up under her chin and spent the rest of the night sat there rocking back and forth while she withdraw into herself like she did when Brian or the other people tied her up.

Hazel and Kimberly were doing pretty much the same thing back at Mable’s as they watched the hours tick by while they waited for Carl to return so they could go and get Karen out of Jail.

Carl arrived at Mable’s just before eight the next morning, and he was smiling, which Hazel and Kimberly took to be a good thing. “My team worked all night and finally found out what was going on.” Carl started to explain once they were in Victor’s car and heading over to the police station where Karen was being held. “This is all to do with your father Hazel.” Carl added.

“My father...!” Hazel sounded both angry and shocked.

“Yes, he spoke with this Miss Holly Granger yesterday and talked her into pressing charges against Karen to get her away from you, and he also talking her into saying that Karen approached her asking for money and then she was attacked after Karen was paid.” Carl sounded angry now himself.

“But that is all a lie.” Hazel pleaded.

“We know that, and the police will now because I had a word with this Miss Granger and warned her what I was willing to do if she didn’t go to the police and tell the truth.” Carl grinned an evil grin as he looked over his shoulder at Hazel and Kimberly. “It seems she had a break in last night, and a large number of home videos were stolen, that Miss Granger doesn’t want the world to see.”

“Remind me never to get on your bad side.” Hazel sounded nervous.

“I want to ask you something, and I will do things another way if you don’t want me going at your father directly.” Carl asked.

“You can bury the bastard for all I care.” Hazel growled.

“I was hoping you would say that.” Carl grinned again. “I need you to meet with your father and try to get him on tape admitting to setting Karen up.”

“With pleasure, but I want to get Karen out of jail first.” Hazel said.

“My lawyers should be taking care of that as we speak.” Carl said as he looked at his watch.

Victor was soon pulling into a parking space outside the police station, and Hazel jumped out the car, quickly followed by Kimberly when they saw Carl’s lawyers walking out the station with Karen walking just in front looking scared and a little spaced out. Hazel knew this is where Karen went when things got too much for her. Karen snapped out of it when she saw Hazel and Kimberly, and she broke down in sobs of tears as soon as they were all hugging each other.

Karen was put in the back of Victor’s car between Hazel and Kimberly, but Karen never spoke all the way back to Mable’s and she just went up to her room and curled up under the covers where she fell asleep.

“Has she said anything to you?” Kimberly asked when Hazel walking into the dining room where Mable was pouring them all a cup of tea out.”

“No, not a word, and I am worried she might have given up.” Hazel sounded worried over the way Karen was acting at the minute.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine once she’s had some sleep.” Kimberly said as she pulled Hazel down and wrapped her arms around Hazel and sighed.

“I hope you’re right Kimmie.” Hazel sighed herself.

“Are you ready to get things moving with your father?” Carl asked.

“You bet yu.” Hazel growled as she got her cell phone out and called her father’s number.

“Hello dear.” Her father said on the other end of the phone, sounding like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. “I thought I might be hearing from you now that little freak is behind bars where he belongs.”

“What do you want daddy...?” Hazel asked with venom in her voice.

“You called me remember.” He replied.

“You know what I’m talking about.” Hazel growled down the phone.

“Dinner and a little chat.” He said smugly.

“Fine, you can treat me to a nice dinner at the Wayne Towers Hotel, I’m sure you can afford it.” Hazel snarled. “I’ll meet you tonight at eight.” Hazel said before ending the call.

“That was perfect Hazel.” Carl grinned at the fact the meeting would be taking place at Carl’s hotel where he could better control the surroundings. Carl then went on to explain what would happen and all hazel had to do was get him talking about his plans to set Karen up and what he had done so far.

“I’ll see you tonight at the hotel then.” Hazel said before she got up and went to check on Karen after agreeing to do what Carl wanted.

Karen was still asleep, and she only moved to go to the bathroom, then she would go back to bed and hide under the covers. This went on all day, and by the time Seven o’clock came around, Hazel wasn’t sure she wanted to leave Karen, but she needed to get the evidence they needed to clear Karen once and for all.

Hazel had opted for a simple evening dress to show her father that she could still look feminine when she chose too. Carl was stood at reception when Hazel arrived, so he walked her into the restaurant and played up his flirting so Hazel’s father wouldn’t think they were planning anything.

“This is my table, but thank you for the offer.” Hazel said when Carl stopped at the table her father was sat at.

“Maybe some other time then.” Carl looked sad as he helped Hazel take her seat before going to talk with some other guest’s.

“You see what happens when you dress like a girl?” Hazel’s father smiled. “He looked like quite the catch.” He added.

“He is also married, and happens to own this hotel.” Hazel pointed out. “I have no desire to become another notch on his bedpost.” Hazel huffed as she started looking through the menu for some of the most expensive items on it to order.

“Even a married man would be a step up from that freak you were seeing.” Her father grumbled.

“Don’t dare call her a freak, and I am still seeing her.” Hazel said through gritted teeth as she fought the urge to get up and leave.

“He will soon be in a male prison where I am sure he will be a big hit with all the other guys in there.” Her father looked smug over what he had done. “I’ve been reading how he likes having large things shoved up inside him.”

“I know you had something to do with Karen getting arrest on those made up charges.” Hazel said in an angry whisper. “What is it you hope to achieve by doing all this?” Hazel asked.

“I want you to stop fooling around and come back home. So you can settle down and find a good man to marry, so your mother can finally have some grandchildren to spoil.”

“You’re being serious, aren’t you?” Hazel laughed. “I’m a lesbian...! I don’t like men...!” Hazel shouted, hoping her father might understand her better if she did.

“Keep your voice down.” He growled as he looked around at some of the other people in the restaurant who were now looking at his table. “Yes I had everything to do with this Karen getting arrested, and I will do far worse if you don’t do as I want.”

“You can’t undo what you’ve already done daddy.” Hazel growled. “Karen has already been charged, you can’t just un-charge her.” Hazel snapped.

“I’m not the only one in the force sick of all these gays and Lesbo’s joining the force and spoiling its good name.” Her father blabbered on.

“All this coming from a man that has gotten people to lie, just so he can get a woman locked up, you’re the only one that should be kicked off the force.” Hazel huffed.

“That little queer belongs where he is.” He growled with pure hatred in his eyes.

“You don’t know yet do you?” Hazel looked smug as she asked this.

“I don’t know what?” Her father asked, losing some of his cocky attitude for a second.

“You don’t know that I pulled some strings and got Karen released without charge.” Hazel grinned. “I spoke with that bitch Karen head butted the other night, and she cracked under pressure and said she was lying, and you put her up to it.” Hazel edged her bets on her father wanting to gloat about having more irons in more fires, and he did.

“I knew that bitch was all talk.” Her father grumbled. “Some Dom she turned out to be.” He huffed. “I’m sure I can get him caught with some drugs on him, which will get him locked up for a long time.”

“Why don’t you just piss off and leave us alone.” Hazel was having trouble keeping her cool now.

“Come home and do what I want, and I will leave your friend alone.” Her father shrugged.

“You’re nothing but an asshole...!” Hazel spat out as she got up from the table when she saw Carl making his way back over with some very high-ranking police officers following.

“I trust you have everything you need to press charges against him?” Carl asked as he stood next to Hazel while some plain clothed officers pulled Hazel’s father from his seat and cuffed his hands behind his back.

“You can’t do this to me.” Hazel’s father barked out as he tried to get his hands out the cuffs. “That little fagot belongs in prison.” He added.

Hazel went to take a swing at her father, but Carl was quick to stop her before handing her over to Victor, so he could take her someplace else to calm down.

“I can’t believe that sexist asshole.” Hazel growled as she got loose from Victor’s grip once he had taken her to Carl’s office.

“He’s finished now Hazel, and he won’t be able to hurt Karen anymore.” Victor said as he kept removing breakable object from Hazel’s hands as she walked around the room looking for something to break.

“Please let me break something.” Hazel pleaded with Victor as he took yet another ornament off her.

“I know just what you need, follow me.” Victor smiled as he led Hazel out Carl’s office and down the hallway to a private gym where he and Carl worked out. “Take your jacket off and put these on.” Victor threw Hazel a pair of boxing gloves before he went and stood behind a punching bag.

Hazel grinned as she slipped the gloves on and then set to work punching the life out of the bag, while getting pointers from Victor on how to get the most impact out of a lighter punch. Hazel was having a blast as she pictured her father’s face in every spot on the bag where she landed a punch.

“Are you feeling better now?” Carl asked from the doorway where he had been leaning, as he watched Hazel vent her anger on something other than her father.

“Yes... I do.” Hazel panted as she took the gloved off and walked over to join Carl and Victor. “Sorry about almost blowing everything in there.” Hazel sighed.

“I wanted to punch him myself, so I can’t blame you for wanting a shot at him, but we got what we needed and Karen isn’t going to be charged with anything.” Carl smiled as he walked Hazel back to his office. “How was Karen when you left her?” Carl asked sounding worried.

“Not good, it’s like part of her has just shut down.” Hazel said worriedly.

“You just need to show her that life is going to be better for her from now on and she will slowly come back to you.” Carl promised.

Hazel hoped Carl was right as she drove back to Mable’s hoping to find Karen sat chatting with Kimberly, but sadly Karen was still hiding under the covers when Hazel entered their room. Hazel took her clothes off and took a quick shower to get rid of the dried sweat from her work out. Then she slipped on a night shirt and slid under the covers with Karen. Karen pulled away from Hazel to begin with when she tried to cuddle, but as time went on, Karen slowly slid back a little, and soon she was spooned right into Hazel’s front with her back.


Karen didn’t leave her room for the next couple of days, and she didn’t eat, but Hazel was able to get her to drink little sips of water every now and then. Mable finally called Prudence to come and look at Karen because they were all worried about her health after two days of not eating.

“She’s withdrawn into a sub space.” Prudence explained. “I’ve read about this, but never seen anyone do it before now. It’s a place where a submissive goes when they are put into bondage for a long period of time.”

“But Kaz isn’t in bondage, so why has she gone into this sub space?” Hazel asked.

“I think the fear she felt when she was locked in that Cell the other night, forced her to try and cope with it, so she went to the one place she could feel safe.” Prudence made her best guess.

“How do we get her back out of it?” Hazel sounded worried.

“I’m not sure we can.” Prudence said honestly. “I’ve heard stories that some submissive’s never come out of these states once they get trapped in one.”

“There has to be something we can do.” Hazel pleaded.

“I’m shocked that Karen lasted six years of being forced and punished without this happening, but the one hope is the fact Karen is still getting up to use the bathroom, that means she is still in there someplace.” Prudence tried to give Hazel and Kimberly some hope, if it was only a little bit.

Prudence left and Hazel went back up to Karen’s room and slid under the covers where she burst out in sobs of tears as she cuddled up to the woman she loved.


Karen was lying in bed looking at Hazel as she slept while she tried to work out why Hazel would want to be with her due to all the trouble Karen seemed to be. Karen wanted to giggle when she saw the little puddle of drool on the pillow under Hazel’s cheek. Not able to hold back any longer, Karen moved closer and started kissing Hazel, and she was soon rewarded with Hazel sleepily kissing her back.

“Hi...” Karen smiled when Haze; finally opened her eyes and smiled at Karen.

“Hi...” Hazel grinned back.

“Sorry for scaring you.” Karen said as she sat up and slid to the edge of the bed with her feet hanger over it while she looked down at her chest jiggling around like it had a mind of its own.

“Don’t worry about it.” Hazel sighed as she sat up and rested her head on Karen’s shoulder while letting out a sigh. “How are you feeling today?” Hazel asked as she tried to stay calm over the fact Karen was her old self and acting like the last couple of days never happened.

“A little better, but I don’t know if I’ll be leaving the house anytime soon.” Karen frowned. “I’m sick of being locked up and handcuffed.” She pouted.

“It’s not as bad as you make it sound, if you think about how much you’ve been locked up since you got free, compared to how many times you’ve been out having fun.” Hazel said as she tried to use maths to make Karen feel better.

“True, but it is still three times too many.” Karen pouted.

“Look on the plus side.” Hazel grinned. “If I hadn’t arrested you that night, we might never have met.”

“Why do you have to use logic as a weapon?” Karen whined.

“I’m sneaky like that.” Hazel giggled as she kissed Karen on the cheek. “Come on, let’s go find some food.” Hazel added as she stood up and then pulled Karen to her feet. Hazel was a little shocked to find it was nearly nine in the morning.

“That sounds like a great idea. I feel really hungry for some reason.” Karen frowned.

The two of them made their way down stairs and found Mable and Kimberly sat at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of tea, but Kimberly was quick to jump up and give her baby sister a hug, and then she gave Hazel one as well.

“Hi sis. It’s good to see you up and about, and I even see a smile.” Kimberly beamed as she looked at Karen stood with her arm wrapped around Hazel’s waist.

“Hi Kimmie.” Karen grinned. “Sorry about yesterday, but I was in a dark place after spending all night in a cell.” Karen shuddered.

“Don’t worry about that now; you’re home safe and sound.” Kimberly said looking serious as she looked at Hazel trying to work out why Karen had lost a couple of days. “And thanks to Hazel setting up a sting for her father, he won’t be trying anything else.” Kimberly added with a grin towards Hazel.

Hazel frowned at Kimberly for letting the cat out of the bag because she wasn’t going to say anything to Karen until she knew Karen was feeling much better, but Hazel could see from the look Karen was giving her now, that she would have to sit Karen down and explain what happened.

“You father set me up because he thought you would return home with him and find some guy to settle down with?” Karen asked when Hazel finished explaining what had happened the other night at the hotel, and how her father had gotten the Dom from the club to make up the charges against her.

“I’m not the sharpest knife in the draw and even I can see the floors in that plan.” Karen frowned. “How did Carl get that bitch to change her mind and tell the truth?” Karen asked.

“Carl said her house was broken into and her rather large collection of home movies was stolen.” Hazel grinned. “It seems she had something’s she didn’t want anyone seeing.” Hazel added.

Karen got the idea that Carl had found someone to steal all the woman’s home movies, and she wasn’t going to be getting them back until she came clean. “I’m glad Carl’s on my side.” Karen smiled. Hazel and Kimberly both agreed.

Later that morning Karen found herself being dragged from Mable’s house and being forced into the back of Hazel’s car, so the three of them could go over and see Chrissy and Amy at their lingerie store. Karen had tried several excuses to get out of leaving the house, but none had worked, and she was now sat in the back of Hazel’s car with Kimberly and Hazel in the front.

They had no problem finding the shop, and Karen had to giggle when she heard Chrissy and Amy squealing as they ran down the shop and both hugged her at the same time. Chrissy and Amy both grilled Karen for all the details of her getting arrested, and Karen found herself spilling it all while they looked around the shop and tried things on.

“Wow Kaz...” Hazel said when she saw Karen step out the changing room wearing a black corset, panties and stockings. Hazel wanted to take Karen right there and then because she had never seen Karen looking so sexy before. “Your waist looks so tiny in that thing.” Hazel said as she walked over to Karen and could almost make her fingers meet.

“I used to wear a corset almost all the time, but I am a little out of practice these days.” Karen admitted in a breathy tone as she struggled to get enough air into her lungs due to the tight lacing on the corset. “They did come in handy when Brian got mad with me though.” Karen added as she tapped on the corset to show how strong it was.

“He used to punch you in the stomach?” Kimberly looked shocked.

“Yes, all the time, but it didn’t hurt as much as I use to make out.” Karen smiled.

Karen spent a small fortune in Mystiques, but all three girls left with smiles on their faces as they thought about all the sexy new underwear they now had.

They stopped at a bar and had a drink and something to eat before heading back to Mable’s so Karen could get some sleep because she wanted to get back to work.

Karen was angry with Hazel and Kimberly later in the day when she found out it had been nearly three days, not just one, since she was released from the police station.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” Hazel said in her own defence.

“I don’t remember any of it.” Karen sounded worried. “But I do remember hearing you crying for some reason.” Karen added as she tried to remember anything from her past three days.

“I was scared I’d lost you forever and it all got a little too much for me, so I cried myself to sleep last night.” Hazel said with some shame in her voice.

“I think it was hearing you crying that helped me to come back.” Karen smiled just before she started kissing Hazel, while Hazel started playing with Karen’s nipples.


Life soon fell into a more normal pace and Karen didn’t have anyone else trying to handcuff her. And she had a wonderful group of friends helping her deal with anything that cropped up.

Hazel was offered her job back, but she turned it down saying she wanted to do something that meant she could stay close to Karen and help keep her safe. Hazel also wasn’t happy that her father had avoided doing any jail time due to him giving the names of the other officers on the force who were willing to help him frame Karen for other crimes. Her father was forced to retire, and neither he nor Hazel’s mother ever contacted Hazel again after what she did to get her father kicked off the force. Hazel’s job problem was solved one Saturday night when the club was heaving and Karen and another girl got in some trouble with a couple of very drunken men, and Hazel was there to sort it out. Word got back to Carl and Becky, and after that Hazel was part of the security team, but Hazel was dressed like one of the girls as she wandered around the club keeping an eye on everything. Nine times out of ten Hazel could sort out any trouble before it got to the point where someone was being dragged out by Brad and his team.

Kimberly never did leave to head home, other than to go and collect her stuff so she could move in to Mable’s and keep a close eye on her baby sister. Kimberly finally found a good job and met a nice guy who just so happened to be dressed as a nun while on a stag night out with some friends in The Closet.

Karen finally thought it was time to go under the knife, so she had a word with Dr Walker and she arranged all the details and Karen was finally going to be a woman from head to toe. Karen was sick of looking in the mirror and seeing the male part that kept reminding her of what she had been through and lost over those years she was locked up. She knew she could finally lay Candy to rest once her penis was removed. Karen was in a lot of pain and she hated the dilation she had to do every day, but she soon got used to it and her sex life with Hazel got a thousand times better.

The biggest shock Karen got was when she got back from a shopping trip and she found Kimberly sat in the dining room at Mable’s with their parents sat there chatting with Kimberly and Mable.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise your parents were here.” Karen said as she turned and went to leave the room having just referred to her not being any relation to the man and woman that she had once called her parent’s.

“Karen...?” Her father said, which made Karen stop dead in her tracks as she fought a battle with herself as to whether she should turn around, or just keep walking. Hazel was just stood looking at Karen’s parent’s and then back at Karen to see what she was going to do. Karen did finally turn to face her parents with tears in her eyes. “We’re sorry for how we acted on that day you first came to see us looking like this.” Her father started to explain.

“It was just so much you were expecting us to take in.” Her mother said taking over the conversation.

“I never asked for any of this, but it happened, and you two turned your backs on me when I needed you the most.” Karen said as she finally broke down. Karen got a shock when she suddenly found herself in the middle of a hug with both her parent’s. Karen finally let out over six years of pain and heartache as she felt like she belonged again, and all the pain she had lived though was worth it in the end because she had an amazing girlfriend, a wonderful sister and two parent’s that did still love her.

This is the end of the story, but the beginning of a new life for Karen and her family.

THE END (But keep a look out for more tales from The Closet.)

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