To the Matt Part 18

Taylor leaves a huge mark on GCW and helps expose the world to bias against transgender people by several outlets. Sally and Betty give birth and show Taylor's maternal side, giving the push Taylor needs to take the final step. Boredom leads Taylor down a tangent path but one that she happily goes down to help a friend in need


The "women-only" event was a resounding success for the GCW, with Taylor getting high praise for her match-ups from the wrestlers themselves while Stacy being given credit by the media for pulling one of the most surprising stunts in the history of wrestling on such short notice. She was quick to give credit to "two kids who had a dream of that night years ago" without giving away just who were those kids but did reveal that the ladies were pleased to know that their new executive producer/VP of content was able to write an entire show in a matter of hours with only a few hiccups that were normal of live events. The only hitches that night being a few of the wrestlers acting out of character and showing their nasty side at times as they let it be known how they felt about having Taylor's direct involvement in the evening.

The dirtsheets being the bottom feeders that they were, sought out the upset ladies and got them to reveal a lot of the details of the night including who was involved, how much they were involved, and what was being done by them. They were scathing, going after Taylor for being a fraud who got her job by being a pity case while trying to claim credit for their own matches being their ideas. It was juicy gossip that was going to get a lot of clicks but had little actual support when you looked past the claims and into the actual claims by other wrestlers who didn't have an issue with Taylor's involvement.

The dirtsheets ran with the story and tried to get Stacy to admit that Taylor had no actual involvement. She just laughed at them then showed her ace in the hole: the script for the night complete with 18-year-old notes that she had dug up just for the night. Taylor's name was on the front page alongside approval from Vince, Stacy, and the known producers with each match having her name, date she created the idea, and who would produce it that night prominently displayed- with most of the dates being 18 years prior and also featuring Hank Black's name alongside Taylor's deadname.

She happily told them "it was no joke that two kids create the matches for this night. They plotted a few of these kinds of matches for the ladies back when they were in high school and only now did they get used. One of them was my niece Taylor Turner, whom you knew as Matt Simpson. The other is Hank Black, columnist for the Orlando Sun, who is also Taylor's brother-in-law and best friend. We saved their ideas and paid them for their creations. Just because it was 18 years ago that they were created doesn't mean they are not the ones who wrote and produced the matches. Hank had most of the ideas in the script, Taylor did most of the actual producing. Your sources were wrong in claiming any credit."

Turning to the legitimate media, she reluctantly admitted "yes, the show was written and produced by a transgender woman. We are not going to discriminate against her because of who she is. We will not let the views of a few bigoted and jealous people and a bunch of wannabe reporters trying to get a story out of nothing ruin a night of celebration of some of our best wrestlers."

Without saying it, she had just called out the dirtsheets for their agenda against Taylor. Smirking, she added "given how they have seen fit to try to cause harm to come to one of our employees, we will no longer allow access to certain publications and are restricting our employees from talking with them. We are fully prepared to accept their complaints as well as those from less than legitimate media outlets such as ASPN, however as for years those publications have done nothing except spread false claims and accusations by bitter, jealous people who had no involvement in the GCW and constantly see fit to run unsubstantiated rumors they have more than earned their banishment."

She walked out as the dirtsheets were put under scrutiny by their so-called colleagues. The past articles against Taylor were scrutinized and a pattern emerged of a longstanding run of lies and predictions that were not even close to being right emerged. Further scouring corroborated the long-held belief that their big source was none other than King Reigns and once he was arrested they had to look for new sources and until that night hadn't had a solid source of their own, instead they relied on other sites as sources with the dirthsheets ending up in hot water for plagiarism and potentially slandering Taylor.

Stacy and Vince sat back and watched as the dirtsheets tried desperately to mitigate the damage but saw most of their fanbase ripping them to shreds online over their clear biased opinions about certain people and the lack of credibility that they have shown without King Reigns. Taylor was seen as a producer who was doing well despite being transgender. She had her detractors but few could argue that she did not put together a great show with ideas that were a true fan's dreams.

Percy and his group left Tuesday morning, while Stacy and Vince stayed another night. Chase was tough to separate from Jerome giving Taylor the idea of letting the boys stay with her for a bit so they could enjoy some time among kids their own ages. Stacy agreed, provided that she kept them out of any trouble especially as they were prone to get into it without thinking. She smiled at that, she had no intention of letting them do much more than hang out with Jerome's friends at the Black home.

The boys spent two weeks with Taylor and were on their best behavior, with Ollie taking to his uncle Wally while Chase did the noble thing and got the clingy Ginny to move on to other boys by kissing her on the lips and telling her honestly that he wasn't interested in her that way. Ollie wisely kept quiet about the whole kiss but saw that Ginny was upset yet accepted his rejection.

When Stacy retrieved the boys, she had to hide her smile as Wally was acting like an uncle and enjoyed the attention that Ollie gave to him while Ollie showed reverence for Wally that he hadn't shown to Percy before. The more she heard about Wally's time with Ollie, the more she was pleased that her son had sought him out and tried to listen to what he had to say. Wally connected with Ollie in a way that he hadn't connected with Taylor, Ollie didn't care for the nuances of wrestling but did appreciate the hard work that went into putting on the show by his uncle and his crew.

Stacy was torn as she felt like she was failing as a mother. Wally's wife Nancy clarified things for her, telling her that the boy was finding an interest in something that none of the family understood as well as Wally and was trying to connect to someone in a way that he couldn't do with her or his father. It was a jump forward for him, the mischievous boy was starting to be replaced by the curious young man and he was using that curiosity for the right reasons instead of getting into trouble. It was tough to see it as a bad thing, especially as he tried hard to be the son that she wanted him to be but was now feeling the urge to do something that he actually wanted to do in life.

It was tough to do, but she talked with the boys and got them to want to spend the rest of the summer with their aunt and uncle so they could enjoy themselves without being stranded around the mansion in New Jersey. Wally agreed to keep a close eye on them, but most of the time Ollie was by his side while Chase was with Jerome over at his house making Wally's job easier. They gave Taylor and Betty a lot of space, really only interacting with them when the family gathered for Sunday dinner.

To the surprise of nobody, Richard Black and his girlfriend Nora's graduation turned into a local media sensation as the entire Black and Turner families attended the graduation. Nora invited them as guests as her family were either too busy to attend or refused to go due to Taylor's presence. She treated Taylor as a sister-in-law and happily stuck close to her, telling anyone who asked that she was her future sister-in-law and proud to have her as that no matter what anyone thought.

Much to their relief, Ollie and Chase didn't have to attend the graduation. Ollie went anyway, while his brother and Jerome went to Jerome's friend's house. The two made a fun duo as they cleaned-up the boys in every game that they played, with Chase happily telling them that he had a lot of time to get good at the games thanks to a lot of time spent playing it instead of going to school.

The graduation was a fun day for both boys so when they finally went north again, the boys were pensive but felt a lot better now that they had been "normal" for the first time in their lives. They might be the sons of a single parent, but they were in a loving home with multiple relatives who cared about them. They were content to do more things on their own and find their own niche now that they had enjoyed doing their own thing during the summer.

Taylor flew them north after she sent Davis and Vinny to school She endure the stares and whispers of the other parents while Wally and Nancy joined Taylor and Betty in dropping off the boys. They made a show of it, ensuring that Taylor was not ignored by the staff and their teachers and the fact that she may be changing gender was known but not allowed to be harmful to her. Betty was the primary for them but she was more than happy to have Taylor pick the boys up from school no matter how upset parents got about her being allowed to do that.

Taylor sparked debate among the parents as she looked like any other mother and was more feminine than multiple women there including several mothers in Vinny's first-grade class. She had sparked a lot of them to rethink what they thought about her as well as what being a woman was. She didn't speak to anyone, so few actually knew how feminine she really was in voice along with in body.

The whole school trip got the boys realizing that they were about to end up going back to school. Stacy had arranged for them to go to middle school in the borough near their New Jersey estate, giving them the chance to go home each night instead of being stuck in a private boarding school like they had been in since they started school. Stacy hated them being away from her but her ex-husband just wouldn't let them go to school closer to them especially as she learned he would have lost time with his mistresses due to watching the boys while Stacy was on the road with the GCW producers.

Taylor spent a week up in New Jersey as she worked on the Bash of the Summer pay-per-view as well as the Take On event the night before. She found her groove and worked hard at planning the matches and had a lot of fun as she found her knack for getting fans to keep interested while keeping the long feuds ongoing without them petering out. It was tough, but the week kept her busy with her only real time off being to eat and exercise in the GCW corporate gym.

When she returned, she was refreshed and relaxed, with Betty happily enjoying the change in Taylor. The boys were happy to tell her about school and the new friends that they had made and what they had done in school beyond class. She listened intently and smiled as the boys were finding themselves for the first time and starting to behave like any other boys their own age despite their social isolation.

By Labor Day, Taylor woke to her chest feeling irritated and finding lumps developing. It was tough to keep herself from cheering, it was the first signs of breast growth in her body. She looked at herself in the mirror and shed tears as her nipples had gotten larger and there was some fat around her hips and butt but not quite enough to call her "womanly" yet.

Betty felt the growths and was pleased that they weren't something serious, kissing Taylor deeply as she had reached her first major milestone on her road to becoming a woman physically. Taylor knew that it would be a long time before her breasts were able to fill a bra, but it was still a personal moment for her that she had to have. First came her breasts, next will be her surgery.

She smiled at the thought, then cuddled with Betty as the two rubbed Betty's baby bump with smiles on their faces. The little girl that they had both wanted was confirmed a few days later as she showed that she was large and developing nicely. The boys were happy to hear the news, with Davis giving both a cute "we told you so" look that belied his hopes that she would make them happy.

Fall was boring for the family but Taylor made the most of it by being there to help the boys with their schoolwork and enjoy time with them out on the town. They no longer tried to hide away, they sold their old house and having a permanent home at the Turner mansion gave them roots in the upscale part of the region giving them little chance of being harassed especially as the local police didn't want to run afoul of Vince Tuner nor his legal team. The boys played with other kids at their houses and made a few friends, with the boys not even caring one bit about Taylor's gender as none of the boys had known her before her change and the ones who did didn't really care about that stuff yet.

Richard was frequently at the mansion with Nora to give the couple an afternoon off as the couple put up with the boys' afternoon fun while also giving the couple a dose of hard reality regarding kids. Nora was happy to endure it as she loved kids and was eyeing a career in education while Richard was not in the least bit happy to hear her loving words regarding parenthood, especially at their young age.

Taylor and Betty made a trip out west to help with the arrival of the newly adopted Sally's twins. The boys stayed with their grandparents and had Richard and Nora drop them off and pick them up from school. They loved teasing the couple as they told their friends that Richard was their uncle despite him being so young compared with them leading to the parents asking if he was a surprise baby, getting a blush as Nora joked that he was a second honeymoon gift his parents gave to each other.

Out in California, Taylor and Betty did their best to make Sally feel better about giving birth, but it was tough to do with her school acting like she has a disease that needs to be isolated. Betty was vocal to the school's secretary when she called to insist that Sally switches to being a night school or home school student so the other students didn't get the wrong impression about the school allowing people like her to attend. Betty demanded that she explain what she meant and when she refused Betty happily told her that she had no right to insist on that and as she wasn't the one who makes those decisions she had no right in suggesting it in the first place as she wasn't even a parent of a student at the school- she was just a secretary and not a good one at that.

Taylor went one better, complaining to the school board about their treatment of a student and insisted that the woman is fired for her actions. Both Percy and his wife Faye stood by their daughter, taking the school to task in an open school board meeting and getting a full public apology while ensuring that the offending secretary was fired for her discrimination. It was a small victory but showed that Turners were not going to let anyone push their new daughter around.

Sally went into labor the last week of September and gave birth to beautiful twin boys. They shared strong resemblances to their mother with their father's eyes and hair coloring, giving Sally some relief that it was going to be easier on them as they escaped the Fairbanks family's big noses, large foreheads, and chubby cheeks. It was cute on a little kid but as they got older it looked odd, their sperm donor Charlie had undergone two plastic surgeries to change his nose and cheeks so he looked "normal" instead of cartoonish but it was still evident that he would need at least one more to fix his forehead.

Taylor ensured that Sally knew how to do everything possible for the boys as they were brought home from the hospital. Faye happily let the ladies get this out of their system, the mother in Betty was flaring-up and there was no way anyone was going to be able to stop her when she was on a roll. Sally listened intently and learned all of the needed skills then showed she could do them on her own while getting her brother and sister to also join in the "fun" so they had the necessary skills as well

Sally shed tears as she asked Taylor if she could name one of her sons after her deadname. Taylor was in tears as well, she couldn't deny the request and loved that she would have her name live on even if it was a name she didn't want to have. Sally was encouraged to name her other son after Percy but she refused to do so out of respect for her brother and sister, insisting that Bart and Kate be the ones to do so as they were biologically his children and deserved that right.

She settled on the name Wallace since her new uncle deserved a namesake in the family. Taylor nodded, he would be happy to hear the news. He was proud of her already, but Sally won her uncle Wally over that day in giving him a chance to happily tell others that he had his own namesake.

The babies were born in the early morning and after some washing and checks by the pediatrician, the boys were deemed healthy enough to meet their relatives. The time was such that Davis and Vinny had gotten out of school just as the family greeted the newborns, allowing Taylor to call her in-laws and have the boys meet their new second-cousins. The two were in awe of the twins, with their friends at a loss for words as the two cooed and tried in vain to get their attention but not being able to do so.

Taylor and Betty's being in California was explained and made sense as the two were able to go and be there for Sally while Percy worked and Faye oversaw the preparations for the twins' arrival. Their new aunt and uncle were there for her as well, getting her homework and ensuring that the school gossips were kept in check and made sure all knew that Sally was returning in a week as she had proper people to watch her sons during the school day while she attended classes. Faye and Percy hired a nanny to be there for Sally, with the nanny simply ensuring that the twins were fed, changed, and burped during the time Sally was away with Sally doing the work the rest of the time.

The trip west served to help sharpen Betty and Taylor's mothering skills, they hadn't realized just how out of touch they had gotten since Davis was out of diapers and got a crash course in "Baby 101" from the newborns as they helped Sally get acclimated at home. She was a quick learner and was a natural mother, giving the family a happy feeling as she had already outgrown her former parents' abilities as she had shown she was truly a better person without even trying. She took in the news and offered the couple their own praise for sacrificing time with their children to help her get a jump on motherhood.

When the duo arrived back in Florida, Stacy greeted them with a big smile while telling them that the boys had enrolled in a private school near their New Jersey estate so they were close to home and able to enjoy friends being over and have her and her father home every night. The two were enjoying their new school and had made friends with several boys their own age, with the boys having an interest in them instead of befriending them in hopes of getting access to their grandfather. The kids were locals, they may have gone to private school but their families were levelheaded and worked hard to send them to school so instilled in them the value of working over fleecing others to get ahead in life.

The way she described the kids was one of relief and genuine happiness, Taylor and Betty had to hide their own excitement as the mother in Stacy was shining brightly and showed in how she was acting as they walked around the property to burn off her excited energy. When she finally calmed herself, the duo just smirked while Stacy finally admitted "I've never been so proud of them. They have not only made friends, they are acting better in school and have started to shine in the classroom. Your nephew had a strong influence on Chase, and your dad made Ollie start to apply himself. I think he might start to do more in school especially in their theater program."

Stacy demanded pictures of her new great-nephews and was practically cooing over the images, as Percy was acting like the proud grandfather while Faye was trying her hardest to keep herself together as the two were curled in her arms. One picture had her laughing, the twins tried to suckle from Faye only to see her face turn red in shock and humiliation while the twins were handed off to their mother to suckle from their bottles. Faye took a while to recover from the humiliation, Bart and Kate had to stifle laughs until they realized the twins would do the same to them at some point as well.

Stacy got down to business and laid out Taylor's job for the next 12 months. Taylor was the VP now, so all she really had to do was oversee the way the wrestlers were progressing in their training and storylines, overseeing their health, and ensure the staff was creating quality shows and pay-per-views. Since Vince held control over the live events she was mostly doing the backstage work which could be done from home or the NEW complex.

She cleared Taylor's schedule in June and July as she would be undergoing her bottom surgery and needed time to recover fully. Taylor tried to fight it but Stacy knew best to force her to accept the time off so she underwent what she needed to do and ensure that she was no longer forced to accept a body that she didn't want to have. It was her way of giving Taylor incentive to be true to herself without having to pull the aunt card on her, which she was willing to do if Taylor didn't accept the time off.

Taylor spoke with her doctors about the surgery now that her bosses had essentially forced her to seek to undergo it, with all in agreement that she could have it once she had her needed year-long "real life test" and gotten a second opinion about her ability to undergo the surgery. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Vlad Acula, had strong feelings that Taylor needed to undergo the surgery as early as possible to give her a strong link to her feminine side but who needed the full year to show the world that she was who she is inside and not doing the surgery for attention. Taylor felt a sting as she read the report, with Dr. Acula giving her support but also telling her that she had to be absolutely certain without saying so.

She booked the surgery for the following June, two weeks after the kids got out of school and when the whole family would be together for the pay-per-view in Orlando. It was the best time she could get but also felt best to have everyone there for her. She wanted them to be there, if they weren't she believed that she may actually back out of the surgery altogether making their presence mandatory.

There was little for Taylor to actually do regarding producing and writing or even doing basic call-ups when the GCW was in the midst of their storyline runs and all wrestler contracts were up to date giving her free time to do as she pleased. She grew bored working-out at the mansion's gym causing her to seek out her one-time instructor, Killer Gagne, at his wrestling academy not far from the NEW complex. Killer was happy to have her there and offered her warm affection, hugging and kissing her making her blush deeply as the elderly man was genuinely pleased to see her.

The two talked while watching the new recruits train, with Killer lamenting that he had to let a couple of his top trainers go due to their over-the-top cold style of teaching methods clashing with his style of nurturing new recruits until they were ready to take on others in the ring. They were old school teachers who believed that he was coddling them while he saw that they worked best while under the positive reinforcement that had worked on him years before. Taylor had to snort at their idiocy, not one of them had made it big in the GCW and were fighting with a man with a Hall of Fame ring and two dozen world, continental, and tag team championship belts displayed on the wall not to mention photos with all of the top greats to set foot in a ring in the past 60 years.

Taylor sensed something was up and asked if she could help out for a while, telling him that she had a lot of time to do a lot of work and her skills were starting to diminish from lack of use and could use the in-ring action. He tried to refuse but she had a look on her face of utter boredom and was offering him something he desperately needs. She was a prized pupil, and one that he touted as being the first he trained who never needed any actual training but still sought it anyway.

He agreed to hire her as a favor to her but only as long as she wanted to be there. He laid down ground rules for her, letting her know that he wouldn't tolerate any nasty behavior by the recruits and would be upset at her if she allowed them to abuse her without showing them the door. He had it in their contract that they had a code of conduct to adhere to, discrimination was a major violation of the contract.

Taylor worked with him to gather the best students among his recruits and let her decide who was the most likely to make it as a wrestler and who would be just another wannabe toiling in the indies until they realized that they weren't advancing to the GCW or even Impact of Honor. He had a dozen who he felt highly about, including several who were known to Taylor through Richard and Nora being at one time friends with them. She immediately red-flagged them and told Killer just what they were like on the outside and got him to see that they were likely to mooch off of knowing the Turner family to get a jump on others in the indies especially as they did know the family fairly well.

She would ensure that they knew that they were not going to use her family that way, especially as the guys were the ones who got most of their class against Richard after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend over her infidelity with his best friend. Their character was in question, and until they showed they are in it for themselves and not coasting by they had an uphill battle. The might make great wrestlers, but it was going to be earned instead of handed to them by Killer and the independent promotions.

There were several women who were trying out for Killer's school as Taylor finished her assessments. She talked with them about their influences and had to smile as they mentioned four women who are near and dear to Taylor's heart: Mickayla Jace, Anya, Tanya, and Araña. She asked what they liked in the women, with all of them blushing as they mentioned their moves and beauty in the ring.

It was a good answer, especially as they were the most technically sound women in the GCW. Mickayla was doing her best to enjoy her new contract and playing the mentor to the next generation of women especially the trio. Having her do that was one of the most brilliant moves by Stacy to have her both act as Impossible's manager and give her a stronger role among the women as well as give the trip a boost in the pop that the crowd gave to them as they wrestled.

Taylor didn't notice him behind her but Killer happily explained to the women "Taylor is a VP at GCW and is responsible for those four being brought to the GCW." She tried to give the real credit but he cut in with a happier "Stacy hired her, but you suggested Impossible and he wouldn't come without her. And the three were brought up at your suggestion, you technically trained Araña on your own and the duo worked with you in both NEW and FWA so learned more from you than anyone else."

Killer realized that the ladies were in awe of Taylor and knew he had a good thing going by having her there. He proudly told the ladies "Taylor is going to be instructing you. She's been trained by me but is a longtime member of the GCW, NEW, IoH, FWA, GWF, and SWL. She is transgender and gave up a promising career in the GCW to become who she is so if you have an issue with that please leave as I will not let anyone discriminate against anyone. I saw enough of that in the 60s and 70s, I'm not about to let anyone hurt one of my instructors because they can't see past their own insecurities."

One left, the others stayed. She was going to find it tough to get another slot in a wrestling academy especially after why she left was known, but it was her choice to leave. Killer was known as the best for a good reason, if you were kicked out by him you had no chance of making it in Florida especially when he explained why you were booted.

An hour later, Killer had an angry man outside his office yelling and threatening him. Killer ignored the man and let him talk himself into an arrest by police as he was being overheard threatening Killer and the school over getting rid of his daughter. Killer waited then asked the man if this was the same young lady who refused to abide by his rules and chose to leave instead of being banned for her taking issue with his newest instructor, getting a visceral "that freak doesn't belong here and I sure as hell will castrate him when I see him again."

Killer just grinned, asked the officers if they heard that threat, then had him arrested for what he had just said about doing to Taylor. The man threatened Killer this time, claiming that he'd beat the snot out of the old man. Killer just grinned and happily told him "bigger men than you have tried and failed. I didn't get the nickname 'Killer' because it sounded cool. I've actually killed people in the military and won't hesitate to do so in self-defense to protect loved ones."

The man was dragged away kicking and screaming, threatening the officers and succeeding in kicking two in the crotches before being tasered by one. The recruits helped the officers subdue him, with the man getting his arm wrenched back in pain as he thrashed to get out of an arm hold.

Killer let the actions speak for themselves, he wouldn't allow people to act like that for a reason. The young lady might have had talent, but he wasn't going to let her attitude pollute his academy. He only wanted the best students, and that included personalities as well as in-ring abilities.

Taylor kept quiet during the whole ordeal and was happy that she wasn't noticed. The man would be back with help, but him not knowing who she is was a huge advantage especially as they couldn't go after her directly. She could handle them, but she didn't want anyone else hurt because of her.

The two plotted lessons and who was likely to be the aerialists, submission specialists, and powerhouse brutes. They were a mix and who was best at what moves was eye-opening to them as the smaller ones could do power moves while the larger ones could move fast and fly as high as the smallest ones. Killer was smiling throughout has she reviewed video of past lessons and spotted the diamonds in the rough especially ones that Killer hadn't noticed but agreed with.

Taylor worked with Killer for a month, and by Thanksgiving, they were able to put on a respectable set of matches with the ladies being the centerpiece while Killer's men watched with jealousy over the fast turnaround in the women. The show was a big deal for them as it was frequented by several of the large independent promotions with the GWF and SWL being prominently placed ringside. Taylor kept to the backstage area and coordinated as Killer did his promoter job and got the needed attention for each of his new recruits as well as his returning talent who hadn't signed with anyone yet.

The scouts for the independent companies were happy with the recruits and took a liking to the ladies especially the ones who Taylor had trained personally, with the ladies winning the crowd as they moved fast and flew high in their moves. They were still raw and needed more time to hone their skills, but they would have jobs waiting for them in the near future. She was proud of them and ensured that they knew how well they had done, especially as it was their own hard work.

The men, on the other hand, weren't as lucky. Several had regressed and were looking at not getting a job as a jobber let alone a chance to be a champion caliber wrestler. The few who had advanced their styles had done so with Killer talking to them one-on-one and telling them their faults, with the men doing their hardest to improve. The ones who didn't were the kind of wrestlers that he had fought hard to not advance as they were glory seekers and who believed that they were better than they really were and who took any kind of criticism harshly and refused to listen to any advice.

Taylor took a stronger role in the academy, much more so than she had planned. She worked with the four trainers and coaches, with Taylor doing the aerial work for both men and women as she had the best resume among them to teach the moves. Few were injured as she ensured that each of the wrestlers knew where to hold, when to hold, when to call off the moves, and how to react to a botch as it happens before she allowed any of them to take to the air in trial runs with dummies.

The only low point was the return of a huge problem for her in the face of Harry Waite and his sons, Maxim and Fuller Paine. They tried to bully their way into being allowed to train with Killer Gagne solely based on Harry trying to associate himself with Matt Simpson despite his being humiliated by Taylor for years in his one-man pursuit of ruining Taylor's wrestling future. They didn't know she was now working with Killer until it was too late, Killer strung them along and fought laughter as he quietly listened to Harry blatantly lie to him about his and Taylor's relationship.

When Harry finally stopped, Killer just grinned and proudly told the braggart "you have some balls. I am well aware of your relationship with Taylor Turner, the former Matt Simpson. I know just how little you actually did for her and what you tried to do. You lost to a 14-year-old fair and square and tried to run her out of the sport and got banned by this state for it. Save me the dramatics, you are a liar."

Harry tried to stand tall over the elderly Killer but he smirked and asked "so the true face rears itself as the truth comes out. You have actually hurt more careers than any other coach I have ever encountered. You are terrible at what you do, you haven't won a thing in 30 years in the sport and have sent more of your team to the hospital than to college. You have some nerve trying to use Taylor's achievements as a bargaining chip, anyone with a cell phone can search online and see just how little you have done. She is a treasure to wrestling, while you are why people avoid it like the plague. I don't need to have anyone tout their prowess, I let them show me what they can do on their own before deciding to take them on as a student or kick them to the curb. I'll look at them, but you are out of here this second."

He grinned and added "as Taylor is in the building, you need to leave. That restraining order that she has against you is still active and as you are now aware of her presence you must leave or be arrested. I do hope that you get arrested, her grandfather would love to have a crack at the man who made her life miserable both as her teacher and as her coach. He won't hold back, Vince Turner never does."

Harry got up to leave but his sons stayed behind. They glared at their father, clearly not happy with the stunt that he just pulled. He wasn't even supposed to be there, they told him they were going to do this on their own but he tried to worm their way into the tryout in the hopes of sponging off of them again.

Taylor entered when Harry finally left the building. Killer locked the doors and told the duo to show him what they knew and what they thought they knew. To her surprise the duo was good, they were fast and agile but had a lot of things to work on before they would be hired by the independents.

The duo went at it for an hour before Killer looked at Taylor for her opinion. She was blunt, telling him "they have moves and are a solid tandem but they have a long way to go before they are setting foot in a professional ring. They have the makings of champions if they stay away from whatever Harry Waite was trying to get them to take and actually focus on their moves instead of their strength and looks. And the funniest thing? They have perfect ring names and aren't even fakes: Max and Full Paine are great ring names. They are classics and not even made up."

The duo left, told their father to buzz off and leave them alone, then moved out of his apartment and in with their mother so they could be close to the academy. Harry took the brush-off hard and tried to go after Killer, only to get his ass handed to him by the elderly man when he tried to attack him as he was leaving the academy for the day. He ended up breaking his nose and losing several teeth to Killer's fists as he punched Harry square in the face without a second thought.

Harry's humiliation was even worse as the assault was caught on camera and played nationally by the media, with the Orlando media happily telling anyone who wanted to know that Harry was known to be a violent man who had previous arrests for similar behavior against his students. His sons came out to support Killer, with his ex-wife denouncing his actions as being nothing new to the lifelong bully. The poor guy ended up getting humiliated worse when Killer's history was told and Killer being a champion pro wrestler despite his smaller size and age got Harry shown to be picking on the wrong old man.

Taylor wisely kept out of the eyes of the media as Killer told them that his employees and students are not to be talked to as it was impacting his business. Taylor never got noticed, all of the footage used was file footage of the facility from previous visits to talk with Killer. Oddly, Taylor was actually in a few of the segments when she was still Matt, with Killer never telling the recruits they were there but happy to have the fond memory of the brief time that the video brought back.

Killer and Taylor worked hard until Taylor had to finally bow out to help with the impending baby. It was a tough day for her but she would be back after the birth, especially as it would give Betty a chance to bond with their daughter and give Taylor time to herself. Killer happily accepted her leave and was in a good mood anyway as the ladies were far ahead of schedule and the Paines were doing well too.

Little Bella Patricia Turner was born in late January after a long labor for Betty. The Blacks and Turners were at her side, with Vinny and Davis needing them to keep the duo from getting scared over the birth taking so long. When they saw their little sister for the first time they felt great relief, especially as their mother was exhausted and grandparents on the verge of collapsing from the anxiety of the birth.

Taylor sent out a mass text to the California and New Jersey Turners and got immediate calls from both Stacy and Percy then the dreaded phone call from Vince himself. He wanted to know why she hadn't told him before then that Betty was in labor, to which she tried to misdirect him only to have him give her a laugh and happy "you did the right thing. I'm not upset at you for doing that, we wouldn't be able to help you no matter what. We'd just be in the way and you needed to focus on the boys and Betty."

Vince made plans to head down in a couple of days since the "Monday Night Wars" was airing from Tampa allowing him to take a helicopter to the arena whenever he wanted. Stacy and her sons came along, with it being a holiday weekend and they were flying back after the show they couldn't resist seeing the new baby. The fact that they could also see their other cousin's twins was a bonus as well.

Bella and mom were released two days later, with Betty still exhausted but looking better. Bella never took notice of the family as they gathered at the mansion, she slept through everything and only seemed to awaken when the twins made their presence known and demanded attention from someone. Poor Vince ended up getting their attention and found himself on the receiving end of both spittle and load of unwanted releases from Matt, with Vince looking at the baby's namesake and shaking his head at Matt doing the same thing that his namesake had done when she was the same age.

The family gave the newborn all the attention she would ever want and she slept through it. She did allow each of the family members to hold her, with all four grandparents taking pictures with her while Richard tried his hardest to keep Nora from giving him her loving looks that he knew was going to lead to her biologic clock to start ticking. The family joked about that, with Nora playing him for a fool as she wanted to show him that he was a good father even if he wasn't ready for fatherhood yet.

Taylor got texts from the trio out on the road asking what happened as they heard that Vince and Stacy made a sudden trip to Orlando to see her. Taylor had to fight a smile as she texted the trio about Bella's arrival and the family gathering together to meet the little one for the first time. Tanya happily asked for pictures and giving her a big laugh as she added: "after you two freshen up that is".

She was happy to send a picture of Bella in her small cradle then of Vince holding her in his arms. It was bold to do that but she felt that it was worth it to show the softer side of Vince. The ladies all shared big smiles at the little one being the spitting image of Taylor, it was the best thing they could have said about Bella especially at that moment.

Taylor was crying at reading it and needed her mother to calm her as Tanya was telling the truth- she was what Taylor should have been born as, only with the Black family's hair and eye coloring. She was Taylor as Nancy Simpson remembered her, she could only see her daughter in her granddaughter. The family was in agreement, Taylor had her little girl and she was her mother's daughter in all ways.

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